A Maturing Population

Illawarra District, Australia, April 4, 2012.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “A Maturing Population.”

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “The time-space universes, as well as Paradise, allow for an infinite number of personalities. Amazingly, whilst to our eyes and minds there clearly are groupings of personalities, certainly, no two identical individuals exist anywhere among the trillions and trillions of our Creator’s offspring, not even among so-called identical twins. Whereas the mind endowments allocated to a certain species are of standard bequests in every instance, the impact of mind on the personality, his or her thinking, conclusions to come to, imagination used, and problem solving capacity acquired, will ever vary from one individual to another.

“And so it is with the way you care for others, the way you love others. There is a great difference between one parent and another loving their very own newborn, between any spouse loving ‘the other half,’ and how anyone feels about the remainder of the population on your world, those on other worlds, yes, those spread throughout the universes. And to this point in time, and on this planet, the great love most parents feel for their child cannot be criticised in any way. In virtually all instances the love undefined which a spouse feels for the other party cannot be criticized.

“It is when it comes to your feelings for other populations, other tribes, other nations, that much, much still needs to be learned. And it is by and large a learned behaviour reflecting the distrust instilled by those few with a dark and different aim, a different plan and purpose to the vast majority of your peace-loving masses. It is by your nature that you share, assist and nurture, and do what you can to progress others, for you are a rapidly maturing population.

“You have in years past made progress, taken great steps. Is it then not correct that the majority of you are protective of the whales and the great apes? Does it not make sense to you that the scarce, or endangered, resources of your trees and shrubs should be protected, for as yet they may perhaps contain priceless, so far undiscovered ingredients of medicinal importance? How much more important to value the lives of all your human brothers and sisters of whatever color or creed, since they all house the presence of God? Consider. Contemplate.

“I leave you at this time, my friends. This is Orion. I am one of the Life Carriers that brought life’s nuclei to your planet. Till we meet up again I wish you Adieu.”

George: “Thank you Orion.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


Care for Your World!

Chicago, US of A, March 29, 2012.
Teacher: A Life Carrier.
Subject: “Care for Your World!”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Life Carrier: “I want you to know that I am pleased about your having contacted me this morning. There are not many Urantians calling on us Life Carriers, although all of you benefit from our ministry.

“We have great interest in your so-called ‘ecology,’ for we are the ones who fostered the evolution of these ecosystems in which life is sheltered today. It pains us to see many of these ecosystems, which we carefully projected and nourished, being destroyed by human ignorance and neglect in your dealing with waste materials. It is time for ecology to become more than a mere school subject, an advocate cause, and ethical discourse. Let it become a daily practice for everyone.

“Recycling and safe disposal of pollutants must no longer be seen as optional, but a duty and regular practice from established habits. Pollution is a weapon handled daily by millions around the world that are unaware of its destructive power to your home planet and the home of your offspring, by your neglecting to take proper care.

“I have been with you since true free-will emerged in your race, and I look forward to staying with you up until your full entry into the Light and Life era, if you do not before this time destroy yourselves by your neglectful ways. You should be aware of the fact that right now extinction is in the process of happening on your planet. Species are passing away, either because of their inability to further adapt, or by decimation caused by humans in many ways. Your race, just because it reached personality status, is not exempted from extinction. In fact, this very factor may endanger your future, since you, unlike any other species, do things purposely, not merely by instinct.

“Just think that of the six human racial strains we planned for, and which in fact came into being, only four survive in numbers to this day; the other two became almost completely extinct through wars. With your present neglect of the environment and constant pursuit of wars, you are heralding the future extinction of your species, and all other species on this world.

“We, Life Carriers, long ago stopped making decisions on behalf of your world. It is now up to you to care for this home we created for you. Yours is the power, either for destruction or survival of your species. Your world is now so interconnect by media and communication devices, you can use your everyday advancing technology to effectively promote education, peace, equality and freedom among you.

“However, if you as a race continue on this path, your destruction is certain. That is why much spiritual help from on High has been provided to you during these last decades -- to help you turn away from this destructive course. Let every human be aware of the great power within their reach for good or bad, for life or death, for survival or extinction. The choice is yours entirely.

“I am a Life Carrier; I bid you goodbye for now. My love is with you all, as indeed it has been even before any of you existed.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.


Difficult Decisions

Michigan, US of A, February 19, 2011.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Difficult Decisions.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The lesson for today is about accepting the things you cannot change while remaining firm in your determination to live by a high moral standard -- to strive for the good and how to recognize the destructive behaviors in others while you navigate the waters of maintaining relationships with those who remain asleep in the illusion of worldly troubles.

“Many of you reading this message have started out on a path to seek for truth and to change, or desire to change, the way you live, think, and feel about life, your place in it, and your relationship with deity and with those in your ‘life circles’ (family, friends, and associates). Many of you also have awakened out of the slumber of illusion alone in your circles and have had to deal with the pressures of those who choose to stay in darkness and ignorance, who disagree with the direction you have taken with your life.

“You are torn between the relationship and the path, and sometimes you have to make a choice whether or not that relationship is salvageable or is one that needs to be ended. Trying to convince others that your truth is the truth they should embrace is likely to fail miserably and you will end up feeling hurt, frustrated, and rejected. You do not have to conform to the pressures of others who do not see your truth, you only need to state your position and what you will accept and what you will not. They will have to choose whether their need to be right is greater than the value you bring to the relationship and to accept you for who you are. If they choose pride over love, the relationship is shallow, and holds little value for you.

“Those on a destructive path will make the relationship difficult for those on the path to truth and light. Family and close friends who choose this unwise path have chosen the hard lessons of life and despite your good intentions and interventions, you may have to accept that they will have to walk that road alone and work out their own salvation. You need to stay on the path to truth and light and shun the darkened influences of those whose minds are set on self-destruction. No good can come from such an influence.

“These relationships having history and blood relations are the most difficult to deal with and each is unique having many heartstrings attached. For these, you should seek the council of the Father’s presence and lay your troubles there and ask for guidance and opportunities to change who you are so that you may grow and do the inner work necessary to take charge of your own life and make right decisions.

“Spirit is always available and waiting for your asking that we may set in motion those petitions that are in alignment with the Father’s Will. Be aware of the synchronicity that follows a sincere petition that you may see the marker that points the way. Be brave and stand firm in your faith, for the Father sees into the heart of everyone, and those with good intent will always have His ear.

“Peace and love to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” — Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


The God-Particle

Urantia, March 29, 2012.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The God-Particle.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you, child, for answering my prompts about writing down a few words on my behalf. This is a sure sign that your listening skills are improving some more. You are now becoming my mouth-piece, never mind what time of day it is. For me it is a joy to note a dawning clarity in your mind, together with more in-depth listening.

“As I have told you before, all healing starts within, regardless of what traumas have gone before, were they mental, emotional, physical or even psychical. The truth is that, with increasing listening skills directed at your God-Particle within, you are at the same time connected to all healing within. All cells, right down to the tiniest of cells that make up your physical temple which houses all your precious components, have my God-energy flowing through them. This can be so very healing, depending on your faith and trust involved.

“This is the secret of all healing which starts within. Of course it also takes for granted that proper maintenance is practiced with clean habits of thinking and living. Ponder how it is that you are alive – who the Instigator/Creator is of this life -- and furthermore, how you can honor that living temple of yours which houses your precious Spirit?

“Surely, you must know by now that you have been given the responsibility of caretaker of your body, which has no duplicate in all of creation with its myriad creatures inhabiting the worlds of time and space. All humans have their own individual personalities never to be duplicated, and each has their God-Particle’s energy flowing in and around their being.

“How awesome this all is! Think about this, and enjoy the experience of this healing knowledge.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“Encourage your Children to Learn about God,
Your Scientist to Discover His Laws,
Your Travelers to Admire His Creation.
Now teach your Gifted Ones to hear His Words—
I am Celestial Artisan Athena, who loves you.”


Love Is…

Michigan, US of A, February 12, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Love Is…”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today we would like to reiterate the recitation of your visit of last night on Love. Love is all important. It is the one most valuable commodity there is in the universe, for all things, truths, and life delineates and distills down into the simple compound we call Love. Without love, nothing would exist. With Love, all things, all beings, all joy, all truth, all worlds, all planes of existence, all of creation comes into the now and is upheld to the pleasure of the one true Source, the God of all things. Love is the fabric upon which the universes are made. Love is the perfect intention of the Creators Will for all beings in the universes to experience, give, and receive and to co-create with. It is the reason for being.

“Love is the meaning of life. For all your struggles, heartaches, joys, and wonders, this life given to you out of Love, by the Source of Love, was given that you may, by free will, as an individual, rediscover this Love, learn how to Love, and experience Love to the greatest extent of your potential while living a life that begins on the worlds of time and space, and return to the Creator those unique experiences that only you can have. To find utter joy in the pursuit of truth, the appreciation of beauty, and the experience of goodness, is Love.

“Where are you going in such hurry? What is it that keeps you up at night? What worries do you really have? What fears do you harbor? What hurt or injustice have you suffered that cannot be healed by Love? What insurmountable problem do you have that cannot be solved by Love?

“Love is the answer my friends, Love is the antidote to the self-inflicted poisons of life. To be apart from love is to be in darkness, for Love is the Light that shines in the dark and illuminates the truth of reality. Wake up from your slumber and open your eyes to Love! Do you not see? Are you so blinded by pride and the material illusions of life that you cannot feel Love? Nothing will satisfy the want of the soul -- no jewel, no diamond, no gold, or riches can fulfill the longing heart for that thing that is missing. Love is the missing piece, my friends. Love is that thing you have been searching for all your life!

“Go now into your room, alone, in the quiet of your mind, reach your arms up into the heavens and ask the God of all creation to fill you with Love -- to teach you to Love, to seek and to find real Love, to experience the true Light that lights every soul and calls it home to completion, to perfection, to unity with the one true Source. You are love, we are love, and all is love. You are loved so dearly, so preciously, nothing can separate you from the Love of the Father’s presence, for it continually rains down upon you. Only you can let that love in, and let it soak you to the soul of your being. Open up to Love and feel the greatest joy you will ever know.

“All is Love,
“The Circle of Seven.”

Receiver's note: The night before the morning this message was received, I was visited by a being of light that recited the most beautifully touching poem on love I have ever heard. So thoughtfully crafted, simple and true, it was music to my ears, and nourishment for my soul.

Thank you Spirit for gracing me with your song.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” — Teacher Ophelius, 2009.