Urantia, March 13, 2015.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “One Origin, One Destiny”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Another day has broken upon this beautiful orb in space. What shall this day bring to its inhabitants? Will it be another day filled with sorrow and despair for so very many of you or shall it finally be a day when more mortals remember their origin and point of return so hope may spring in the human breast? This is the one and only Truth that matters and ought to ideally influence the daily life of the entire planet’s citizens, from the highest evolved to the lowest-evolving human creature with a brain to think. How does everything fit together in mortal life; which is geared towards an immortal future? Hopefully there will be a thought or two among you of how this day could contribute and function with a greater love for self and others.

“Rather than sighing over having too much on your plate, do you ever wonder that often the burdens are self-imposed? Yes, I see a thought arising in your mind, that often these full plates with worry and concerns are not always the individual’s making as it usually takes two to tango. Human relationships are intricately intertwined and sometimes a relational knot gets so tangled, that seemingly there is no end to the misunderstandings, the worries and agonies — especially when the responsibility is shunned, abrogated or even deserted by one party.

“Let me be clear about the irrevocable fact that this is the one life during which you can clean the slate of all your yesterdays, today’s and tomorrow’s as everyone is responsible for their own life; includes behavior, attitudes, thoughts, decisions and actions. ‘The devil made me do it’ is never an excuse.

“Put on your thinking caps and entice your minds a notch higher to ‘what if’ I could train and discipline myself to accept an attitude of gratitude towards the Origin and Destiny of my life? Or maybe ‘How do I set my shoulders to the wheel and contribute to the overall progress of the planet where I am and how would I do that? For so would you bloom where you have planted yourself in the present day circumstances in the history of your planet.

“Life would be far more interesting if each person played their God-given role in the destiny of this beautiful orb in space. Looking back later from the celestial heights of glory, you would discover to your delight how your individual efforts helped raise the planet a notch along her path to Light and Life.

“It’s very important to pass on into the beyond with a minimum of regrets so you do not have to bemoan the fact of your life and say: ‘Oh, if I had only known this I would have lived my life so much differently.”

“This, my friends is my message today: for you to make it a habit to remember your Origin and Destiny.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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