Come and Confide in Me

Urantia, November. 21, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: Come and Confide in Me.

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: Your heart, mind and soul will grow more in a greater understanding of Me. The better you understand Me, the more you will grow to love Me. This also means that that you will have more love for yourself. As a child of the most High God, you will also increasingly understand that I am becoming a greater part of your higher consciousness.

The more you yearn for Me, the more room you make for Me to be in the totality of you. My spirit needs a clear channel to flow through, so whenever you feel out of sorts, you are blocking me. Oh, I know all the struggles you as a human go through! However, you could make your life so much easier if you would come more often to Me and include Me in your daily comings and goings, not wait until more trouble looms, or another hurdle needs to be overcome.

Truly, dear one, the more time you spend with Me in the earth-life, the greater the benefits you will reap in your life hereafter. Be at peace, dear heart, and be not so troubled by your physical aches and pains, but recognize that they are there for a reason, that perhaps the mental and emotional energy fields in the meridians need clearing. In these, all your thoughts, emotions and experiences are stored.

I am more than willing, for you to come and confide in Me, as I am your most willing Listener and never in a hurry. Of course, I know all about your hidden sorrows and grief, but it is excellent for your peace of mind to unburden your soul, to free yourself up and lighten the load you carry, when you feel My comforting touch and loving presence.

It is also a good idea to obtain some 'hands-on' therapy to move things along, as long as it is with an understanding person, who has the life-experience to be of true assistance. One can only help others, when one is willing to go into the human psyche, which is everywhere in the physical system, as no system exists separate from another.

A simple loving touch can evoke blocked and hidden memories of long ago, which can then be looked at and let go of, so tears of release and relief can flow. This is a freeing, which enormously benefits the mental and emotional realms. Long held pains will dissipate and spirit can thus move forward to do the rest of the healing.

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store


Oregon, January 13, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Agents-of-Grace”

Message received by Anyas

“The experience of loving is very much a direct response to the experience of being loved.” [UB 2:5.8]

Thought Adjuster: “Nobody ever covets hate because it has no emotional appeal whatsoever. It is callous, hurtful, violent, harsh, and unappreciative. It gangs up with anger to source the energies needed to carry out their destructive agenda.

“On the other hand, the smallest act of kindness travels straight to a love-thirsty heart. It is so because love—not hate—is the reason for your being. Please take the time to ponder it, as it is a signpost toward your alignment with your innate purpose.

“Those who operate in a hateful mode chronically find the targets of their emotional dysfunction at fault. They are quite obsessive and vocal about their discontent.

“Only love in action can remedy such a sorry state of affairs. You cannot give what you do not have. Therefore, it is crucial for your coming to emotional maturity that you go on a treasure hunt for love. Each one of you has lovable attributes—laying fallow or in various phases of disclosure.

“In and by itself, the desire to experience genuine love is the proof that it is accessible, no matter how elusive it may appear to be at times. Love is tightly linked to Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Why then not follow their lead? By doing so, you will experience their transformative alchemy deep at your emotional core.

“Love is the spark that sets your heart afire. Exuberance is its telltale ‘smoke signal.’ Once your heart is filled with this joyous driving force, you experience a mighty upgrade in the quality of your life.

“Strive to see the good, the true, and the beautiful in yourself and others. It will shift your entire perception, acting as a beautifying filter. Those of you who have been at the receiving end of much love are called to be precious links in its chain of custody—'pollinating' other hearts, thus providing them with a much-needed activation. They become Agents of Grace—Love Activists.”

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Trust. You are not Alone

Metepec, Mexico, May 12, 2020.
Teacher: The Divine Inner Voice
Subject: “Trust. You are not Alone”

Message received by Bettina.

The Divine Inner Voice: “Humanity is going through an evolutionary process. Observe nature. Observe the natural processes of evolution and growth. They are inevitable. Things transform to complete their cycles and these cycles cannot be stopped or changed. They just happen.

“You don’t have to fear these processes. When you remember who you are and accept your spiritual nature you live through these processes with trust and confidence. Have you seen a caterpillar concerned about its transformation? Have you seen it trying to avoid the change? If so, we would have never seen the beautiful butterfly.

“Trust in the perfection of creation. What is happening to humanity is not an out-of-control plan. To doubt implies your belief in the fallibility of the Creator and this is not right. Our Creator is infinitely wise and perfect. Therefore, it is important that during these times of transformation you put your trust in the infinite wisdom of the Father. Do not be concerned if you cannot understand everything that is happening because you are limited by your human mind. Trust, not from your mind, but from your inner spiritual self that is connected to divine wisdom. Only there you will be able to completely understand everything that is happening, knowing that you are not alone and that there is nothing to fear.

“Your human mind may question the suffering, the illnesses, and the pain that afflict many during these times. Know that nobody suffers pain and disease in their spirit. All these situations happen only in the human dimension. It may be the time for some to continue their evolution in higher dimensions as part of the personal process each one is experiencing.

“Maintain the connection with your spiritual self, the infinite wisdom, the absolute and perfect creation, and trust; from that vantage point, be the light for others so they can find their own path. If you live from your spiritual being you live in light. If you live in light, you live in peace. If you live in peace, you life in eternal and absolute happiness. If you life in light, you live in faith. There is no fear and no darkness. There is light, faith, peace, and eternal life.

“Trust. You are not alone. Live.”

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If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

It May Seem Simple

Alabama, US of A, August 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “It May Seem Simple.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You are an ascendant child of God living a mortal experience. This experience is the foundation of your future career toward perfection. The achievements you make in this early stage of your life will stay with you for eternity. It is expected of you that you develop enough faith to overcome the natural material inertia and start your spiritual journey. This is only possible when you start to understand the will of the Father. Then you will wish to know more about this divine will and you will be attracted by the truth, beauty, and goodness expressed by it, consciously deciding to dedicate your life to His will.

“This is what is expected of human beings in this life. It may seem simple, but this represents an effort to become the best a human being can aspire to be – the achievement of the hidden potential. When a creature has ‘fallen in love’ so deeply with her Father that she wishes with all her heart to be like Him and to offer her service to the entire creation, a creative impulse is produced that is capable to transform that creature regardless or her background, culture, intelligence, or any other limitation.

“Many confuse human glory with eternal glory. Often you look with admiration the great men and women of your world, jewels of great intellectual or artistic achievements. However, for the Father, each creature who makes a sincere effort to grow and be better each day is really demonstrating true human greatness. Yes, it is possible to be in the worst circumstances and to lack all motivation for spiritual progress, and yet be able to develop a devotion capable of overcoming all obstacles and provide a good opportunity of survival for the soul.

“Do not underestimate the achievements of those who seem to languish in traditional religions of fear and petrified truths. Every belief, hope, or idea that elevates the mind and the soul of a mortal to a place closer to the Father has eternal value. Those who speak directly to the Father are not greater than those who repeat verbatim the same primitive prayer with faith and hope. The method, the beliefs, or the apparent limitations are not important. The important thing – that which can save a human soul – is the sincere desire to find God and be like Him. Each path you find that leads you to the Father will be the right way, because when you extend you hand to heaven the Father will hold it and bring you closer to your eternal destiny, revealing higher and more complete truths as you become prepared to accept, understand and use them in a positive way.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

About Peaceful Activism

Oregon, USA, July19, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “About Peaceful Activism”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “Peace and love are the optimal driving forces behind a flourishing civilization. Therefore, they need to be exalted. The Son of God came to dwell among you, and His message was pacifist and compassionate. The Prince of Peace was also the Prince of Love. He sincerely loved the shunned ones, awakening them to their intrinsic value.

Love is colorblind. So was Jesus. Love is a free spirit that blesses all with its sublime essence. Jesus’s peaceful activism tackled emotional hotspots. He always stood on the side of righteousness—tempered with mercy and compassion.

In His private and public ministry, He catered to what He identified as the most urgent needs of His interlocutor. He debated with the philosophers and the religious figures, planting seeds of enlightenment. He was attentive to the underprivileged, tended to the sick, defended the oppressed, and stepped in as a Public Defender. It was what made Him unforgettable.

In your world, right now, many vent highly volatile, toxic emotions. They keep alive or resuscitate personal or historical grudges, going as far as denying many of their positive contributions to humankind.

A sound evolution uses what is salvageable from the past as a scaffolding for a brighter future. At least, it is what should happen in the divine right order. Instead, we witness widespread outbursts of Chronic Offensiveness Disorder—the Poor-Me-Syndrome—where many operate in a constant mode of fault-finding while refusing to assume their share of responsibility.

It stands in stark contrast to Jesus's progressive attitude of instant forgiveness! Instead of developing an unsound fixation on life's dark elements, He focused on its bright potentials. He did not allow the relentless character assassination waged against Him by bad-faith protagonists to ‘gaslight’ Him and destabilize Him. To their disarray, He plowed ahead undeterred, turning these malicious attacks to His soul’s advantage, thus gaining self-mastery.

Masters are keenly discriminative as to what they allow in their inner sanctum. They turn a cold shoulder to the degrading, destructive temper tantrums of hate, anger, and disrespect, as such low-grade, toxic emotions cannot heal the very dysfunctions they caused."

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