An Improved Reflectivity Circuit – Part 3

Quebec, Canada, November 1, 2019.
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek.
Subject: “An Improved Reflectivity Circuit” – Part 3.

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Machiventa: “Hello to all of you with access to this message. For some time now I’ve been mentioning the importance of having new individuals receiving our communications, so you need to know that not many have applied to become receivers to date.

“As many of you know, changes are on the horizon and we would be happy to have many people who would be able to pass on information of great importance to the people in those difficult times ahead.

“To become a receiver you must make that request because it is not done automatically or by chance. You must make it known and present yourself for it, either by a prayer or by simply requesting it to your Thought Adjuster (TA). The process is simple. Know that each of your requests or prayers is heard and following your desire, we will make sure that you can become receivers as many others have become over the years.

“The new Reflectivity Circuit allows us to facilitate communication between Spirit and you, so it is now easier for us to communicate with each other. My friends, we would like to be able to count on people who can communicate in different languages and not only in English, because it will be important for us to be able to reach the general population wherever they are located on the planet.

“This message is a call to all. Realise that we know you; each one of you. You are not alone, my friends, and you will be helped by the strength of Love, Brotherhood and Friendship.

“This is Machiventa.”

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Take the People to the Spiritual Starting Gates,
to let them run their own Race – Machiventa, 2000. 11:11 Store

Are you Still Picking up Seashells?

Michigan, US of A, December 21, 2014.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Are you Still Picking up Seashells?”

Received by Chris Maurus.

Ophelius: “The message we have for you today is about exploring the unknown. There are far too many souls that are splashing around in the shallow waters of life where it is safe and warm — never knowing what it is like to be completely submerged in the cool deep water where danger, mystery, and treasure lay buried. Whole lifetimes are spent picking up seashells, which are only the dead and washed up skeletons of creatures whose time has passed. They become like the empty shells they seek strewn about the surface of the sand because they themselves remain on the surface of life and never seek to have a deep thought about where they are going after they leave their own skeletons behind. You, my dear friends, were created for adventure — to seek and explore the unknown — to open doors; to create things of beauty; to scale mountains; to discover the deepest part of who you are — to challenge yourself to overcome the self-imposed limitations that were conditioned into you by a world that hands you a shovel and bucket.

“This life you have on earth is but a single heartbeat in the adventure that awaits you in eternity. You are the eyes, the ears, the hands and feet of the Creator in your universe — you are the explorers and the experiencers that move through time and become a part of the whole equation of universe reality — you are a part of the answer that completes the Creator’s question: ‘Who Am I?’ As a co-creator and partner with God, you decide what experiences you will have as you live and so the quality of those experiences affects the outcome in the whole equation of universe completion.

“The Creator desires to have ‘all-experience’ and therefore does He require diversity of experience. If the whole world is picking up seashells every day, how diversified is that experience for the Creator? Can a universe move into completion (Light and Life) when one planet in a system refuses to change — to stay cemented to old ideas that instill fear of the unknown? It only takes one person to move into the deeper water and find a living shell that is beautiful, animated, and interesting, and to hold it up to the crowd and say, ‘Look what I found!’ Then will they all gather around and marvel at it and begin to move out into the deep water to find their own beautiful living shell, and then they will go even deeper. This is how a planet can move from the darkness of fear and ignorance to light and life — someone has to be courageous and peer into the darkness to shine a light onto the path.

“There is a saying on your world, ‘As above, so below.’ Just as the quality of your childhood experiences shape who you are as an adult, so too does the quality of your entire life in this world shape the disposition of your afterlife. This is not to say that the limitations of opportunity imposed upon you in this life limit what you may become in eternity, no — you will be given every opportunity to explore those adventures you need to feel whole and complete, but if you are curious by nature, and not afraid to look into the unknown, those personality qualities will serve you well and will afford you the greatest of adventures and the grandest of experiences. This is what the Creator wants for you — to see beyond the horizon of your current view and to have as many of those ‘ah-ha’ moments and astonishing surprises as you will allow. The universes were created to provide you those contrasting experiences and to fulfill your desires to know.

“I wonder what it is like to experience _______.” Fill in the blank, my friends, and it shall be so.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” — Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

The Present Task

Alabama, US of A, May 21, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Present Task.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The human ego is based on false expectations and lives with a mistaken evaluation of its own importance and the importance of others. To be the leader of a movement, a human organization, or simply being a dedicated laborer, has nothing to do with your importance and your value as a human being. All are equal in the eyes of the Father in Heaven.

“However, in this world each one of you, due to your origin, your culture, your experience and your individual tendencies, will have different and unique talents or abilities. It is possible to determine if a person has the skills to perform a specific task and when a person can be placed in a position in which her talents will be better invested, providing a growth opportunity for that person. However, these determinations are complicated in this world by the human egos when everyone seeks to exalt themselves above their peers – looking for recognition instead of focusing on the present task.

“Yes, this occurs even in religious and progressive groups, regardless of the quality of the ideas they promote or how close these ideas are to the truth. In fact, in these groups egos greatly inflate due to the perceived importance of the group’s purpose and the role each person plays in it. Humans demonstrate such confusion about the love of the Father when they let themselves be carried by their selfish tendencies! In the end, the task of elevating the spiritual level of this world towards an age of Light and Life is a task appointed to each one of you, and each one of you can derive great pride from your individual efforts to make the will of the Father a reality in this world. No effort is greater, more important, or more valuable than is another. Each contribution is a step forward towards the goal of eternity and all contributions are necessary.

“How can you overcome the lies of the material ego? Just focus on your personal missions and consider everything from a point of view based on eternity. Your importance and your value as a child of God was never in doubt. However, your usefulness and the things you can achieve when you dedicate completely to the divine will depend exclusively on your decisions and the actions they produce. Be concerned only with doing the best wherever you are and leave the outcomes in the hands of the Father. Do your task in the best way you can conceive, aspiring to perfection, and you will be doing what is expected of you in this world. In this way you will experience true satisfaction and a sense of achievement when you look back from the Mansion Worlds to evaluate the performance of your material adventure.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

God’s Law over Human Decree

Illawarra District, Australia, July 12, 2014.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Samuel of Panoptia.

Subject: “God’s Law over Human Decree.”

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “You have now let your Teacher wait long enough, so brighten up, please.”

Samuel: “Aaron and I will answer the question posed on the subject of reconciliation. It has at other times been covered in a more general sense, you will recall. Here, however, we will discuss with you the repercussions of the taking of a human life, or the taking of multiple human lives, as such deeds impact upon the perpetrator as well as the victim.

“Firstly, it is important for you to understand that there is only one law, which fully applies to every thinking creature. No one, no matter who, or what they have placed themselves in charge of, can claim that they are not subject to this law – God’s Law – and it is clear that taking a life is one of the unacceptable infringements upon His Law. We will not cover the obvious circumstance of harm done to another in the case of real self preservation. We here consider the ending of another’s life in the case where one sets out to do so.

“Your world is in turmoil, unmistakenly so. In the years since World War Two, millions upon millions have been murdered in deceitful attacks for imagined reasons, exaggerated rationale, and newly invented pre-emptive pretexts, yes, all these without validity whatever. On the other side are those whom you may conveniently describe as militants, yet they may be doing no more than defending their patch, their town, their country. The untimeliness of their death is the point we make, for physical death is a mortal’s given ending.

“One needs to consider that a shortened mortal life equates with a reduced experiential input – the very reason why their space-time existence was of the utmost importance – irreplaceable, really. In the case of an infant, early death now has as its result an inability to ascend to Paradise. By it missing life’s experiences, the child’s potential has likely been reduced. For the perpetrator of the crime it means bad karma, perhaps failure in his or her own Paradise journey, and wars of aggression are not exempted from all-round karma here.

“For those who have fallen, life experiences may well be inadequate. For those who killed on orders, there is near endless reconciliation to bring about on Mansonia One and beyond. Among those who gave the evil orders, many become discouraged by the enormity of what they now owe, and they decline to persist, for next to God’s Law, their human decrees never had any grounds. None, none at all, for thou simply shall not kill. See it so clearly now that those who can kill their kin have little at all left to offer their Father Creator.

“Aaron and I leave you now, and we leave you our love. This is Samuel the Panoptian.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22. 11:11 Store

About Matches and Sparks

Oregon, US of A, September 14, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Matches and Sparks.”

Message received by Anyas.

The head of a safety match is made of an oxidizing agent such as potassium chlorate, mixed with sulfur, fillers and glass powder. The side of the box contains red phosphorus, binder, and powdered glass.

Thought Adjuster: “The entire creative process has been meticulously and methodically engineered. The formation of space cannot be dissociated from the introduction of the element of time. With the onset of time management, ‘chrono-logical’ events took place in ‘logical’ sequences.

“The Life Carriers imported the ‘starter-kits’ for the vegetal and animal kingdom which acted as Petri dishes or test tubes for the emergence of the first human beings. Each progressive development could only take place upon a ripe foundation — neither prematurely, nor belatedly.

“The same applies to your spiritual evolution. You all grow at your own pace. You may be exposed to similar catalysts for spiritual awakening or growth. Yet, if the time is not right in your personal development, these catalysts won’t act as such. What do I mean by that?

“By striking a match against the side of its box, a spark is generated that yields a light- and warmth-generating flame. You are like matches. What prevents them from lighting up? Are they deficient in one or more of the elements that make them fully operational as matches? Have they collected moisture? Are they estranged from their boxes?

“Who is going to strike the match against the side of the box? It is the catalyst I am hinting at. Life’s circumstances will aim at bringing these two elements into contact. As well, at times, a match may be lit by direct contact with another ablaze element.

“The Father never rushes the pace of evolution. Through His Indwelling Presence, He monitors the growth curve of each one of His children of time and space closely. Your Divine Thought Adjuster works at prepping your mind to be ‘flammable’ — to be lit and enlightened by the sparks of truth it comes in contact with. Once set on fire for God, it will become another independent catalyst for spiritual rebirth.”

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