Active Members

Alabama, US of A, October 24, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Active Members.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Currently the world is experiencing a true revolution. The great discoveries that are being made about the world around you and about yourselves are being multiplied. These discoveries will become true and permanent advancements for civilization as long as your spiritual progress keeps up with your progress in science and philosophy.

If you learn to consider each other as true siblings, as partners in the adventure of a common enterprise of growth, learning, and co-creation, you will be able to freely enjoy the benefits of your intellectual advances. However, if you let selfishness be the “law of the land” the few progresses you achieve will remain in the hands of a few lucky ones and will always be in danger of being lost again.

A civilization can advance permanently when the new generations can stand upon the shoulders of the previous generations and reach even further. The results of selfishness, untrust, and fear is that society will be condemned to always repeat the same mistakes and continue searching for those discoveries that were made before but were hidden from all. This has happened before in this world, particularly during the last centuries, and it is a tendency that must be overcome if you hope to reach the status of a true advanced civilization.

Science and philosophy advance because of the contributions of many, true cooperation, and the interaction of individuals and groups. These are, in essence, group developments. In contrast, religion – that must make an effort to sustain the same progress momentum – is always a personal endeavor, a function of individuals. The mases can be content with enjoying the scientific and technological advances that are produced by a minority, but you cannot remain waiting for others to discover the Father for you. Only you can do it and when you start to enjoy the benefits of a personal relationship with God – the fruits of spirit – you will become an active member of your civilization and your creative potentials will manifest for the benefit of the entire world, and even beyond it.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

Emotional Stability Goes in Pair with Spiritual Mastery

Oregon, USA, December 1, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Emotional Stability Goes in Pair with Spiritual Mastery”.

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “How do you recharge yourself, energetically speaking? It is a matter well worth pondering. Without the constant influx of divine life force—your most basic life support — you could not function as an animated being.

God’s vital force is inexhaustible. Yet you are subject to severe energetic disturbances. One moment you are soaring high, lifted by a positive emotional current, but as soon as it subsides, you hit rock bottom. It demonstrates that instead of mastering your emotions, you let them manipulate you, robbing you blind of your precious energies by their hostile take-overs.

Often, a small incident triggers devastating emotional tsunamis, acting as the symbolic drop that causes your emotional bucket to overflow in a nasty spill of unprocessed festering emotions that have built-up to their dangerous tipping point of implosion.

Your lives would be far more productive and enjoyable if you conducted diligent emotional course corrections. You always have a say in how you operate. Own to it! Instead of advancing lame excuses when you flunk a pop-up test, remain unwavering in your resolve to live mindfully, which is highly transformative.

Intense emotions — high or low — run havoc on your adrenal glands, draining you energetically. Emotional stability goes in pair with spiritual mastery. By remaining self-aware, you mitigate your unruly emotions with your cool-headed brain-power.

Since stormy emotions catch your human vessel unprepared, which safety measures have you set in place to ward off for such debilitating occurrences? When tidal waves relentlessly pound on his boat, the captain has to stay the course, remaining calm and collected to keep panic at bay while presenting a reassuring commanding presence to his crew.

Indeed, by swiftly regaining your emotional equilibrium, you are inspirational to your mates. You successfully role-model a dynamic maneuver of how to keep all your operative systems in check.”

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You Will Never Be Alone

Urantia, April 24, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “You Will Never Be Alone.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “It is good to strive and become cognizant of your passing judgments on yourself or others, even if only in thought, for these are just as real as if they were spoken in jest.

You are now beginning to notice that I am answering the questions that keep your mind so very busy.

My aim is to elevate your contemplation to a higher level, away from the humdrum of the world, so you become more conscious of the way you think.

In this manner you will increasingly realize which thoughts are weeds, so you can eliminate those ‘unwanted plants in your soul-garden,’ and leave more room for thoughts of truth, beauty and goodness during your progression towards attaining the real purpose in life.

The noxious weeds of judgment towards self and others are pervasive, and have their roots in all areas of behavior, and perception of outward appearances.

My beloved, this is an advanced level of training during which you can ask Me or our heavenly helpers for assistance in mastering the technique of becoming non-judgmental.

Judgments can be very insidious, so this truly needs careful attention. For this you have an excellent example in your Master Son Jesus.

It also stands to reason that this training brings about a more successful living in present-centered awareness.

And yes, many times you will ‘fall by the wayside,’ but many more times there will be celestial helpers, to encourage you to walk this path of non-judgment in your life.

You will never be alone in your struggles towards self-mastery. I will be with you to empower you with My energy and strength.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 2

Asheville, NC, US of A, July 25, 2021.
From the Desk of Chris Maurus.
Subject: “Experiencing Conscious Contact – Part 2.”

Dear Friends and Light Workers,

In this series, I would like to share with you the “framework” for Conscious Contact. The framework is only a skeleton to support the co-creative experience of personal religion — the experiential reality of human and divine partnership — you and the Paradise Thought Adjuster.

My Friends, this is the most extraordinary experience a human can have. Are you prepared to experience Conscious Contact with the Creator of all through His Fragmented Nature? Truly this would be a watershed moment in your life, for your soul, and for all times, now, and in eternity — this unveiling moment. Are you willing to follow through and seek this Conscious Contact, even in the face of repeated failures — to keep the faith that you shall experience contact having demonstrated to your Thought Adjuster that you truly desire, above all temporal desires, to reach out to know without a shadow of a doubt, that you are a child of the Universal Father?

This is not a casual endeavor — a curiosity to take lightly, but a most serious and sacred decision to establish a true human and divine partnership from this point onward — one that you shall keep holy, sacred, and cherish as the most precious relationship you shall ever know? You may not feel that way now, having no experience with Conscious Contact, but you certainly possess the potential for developing great faith in the vision for this human and divine relationship — and that is all you need to start — to reach out.

Blessed are you that enter the hallow ground with great faith, for you shall know the true meaning of transcendence — to climb beyond self-imposed limitations. I believe many of you reading this are feeling like you have reached a plateau in your understanding of what a human and divine relationship looks like. I certainly have, and this has been the driver for my greatest desire to intimately experience actual Conscious Contact with the Creator of all through his Fragmented Nature — the Thought Adjuster. This is not about reading more revelation, but about rolling up your sleeves and engaging in the act of two-way communication — to express and to receive feedback, guidance, and the revelation in understanding of your own needs to progress as a Spirit led soul.

Ultimately, your goal in using the framework of Conscious Contact is to awaken to the realization that there is no separation between what you perceive to be “you” and the Indwelling Presence of the Paradise Father within. You are to discover that there is only the “I AM.” Your waking consciousness is the sleeping child of imperfect awareness of the I AM. Your child consciousness is the interface with the veiled reality of this planetary theater where it is that the I AM experiences life as the imperfect child consciousness.

This perception that you are an individual is, by design, the expression of the I AM through the imperfect child consciousness. The only demarcation in the quality of consciousness is the personality and the diversified experience of each child. Each Fragment of the Creator carries the evolving experiential understanding of the imperfect but growing child consciousness. As you progress and evolve your child consciousness, you become more and more aware of the I AM — that perfect marriage of consciousness that is both the child and the Fragmented Nature of the Universal Father — the Thought Adjuster. That is why people who become more “spiritual” become more unified in the way they see reality. They become more aware of the unity of Spirit (unity consciousness) and the lines become more blurred between the child and the I AM. Full (relative) realization of the I AM leads to fusion with the Thought Adjuster. The I AM is this shared unified realization in waking consciousness that you ARE the I AM!

This idea of the I AM is nothing new — it is the genius of divine paradox. It is the “question” imbued upon the human soul — the question that the imperfect human mind cannot complete, but seeks for the answer. Your continued attempt to solve this paradox is what leads to growth and progress in the realization of the I AM. The framework of Conscious Contact is the application for developing the awareness of unity consciousness with the I AM.

Please stay on this journey with me and together we can contribute to the rising tide of souls that awaken to the human and divine partnership — raising the bar of human understanding and ever closer to the dawn of an enlightened era.

Peace to you,
Chris Maurus.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering,
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

Tolerating The Differences

Illawarra District, Australia, November 21, 2003.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22)
Subject: "Tolerating The Differences."

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: "When you consider the ‘endowment’ of extraordinary patience, you might automatically and unreservedly think, ‘midwayer kin.’ And when you consider the wholesale lack of patience, you must first and foremost contemplate your very own species, my dear friend and brother.

"At times, we are amazed by how very impatient your nevertheless lovable lot can be. We midwayers, among the most held-back, and long-suffering of His progeny, and I most certainly and first of all include our primary midway cousins, would almost be justified in being the most bigoted of creatures on the planet.

"My discussion with you at this early hour thusly deals with tolerance. You humans have a great need for acquiring a broadminded acceptance regarding your fellow men, for so very few of you have come to realize that you are tuned into the same loving bandwidth that emanates from On High as are we.

"You deal with language difficulties, colloquialisms, and greatly varying mindsets, as there are so many places and cultures where you are coming from, in upbringing and education, with the touchiest part of all being your belief systems that are almost universally based on the fear of extinction of life beyond physical death.

"So often do we find that the best of friends and companions of long standing cannot tune into the same "channel of thought," on but minor matters, and for too long their lingering upsets remain to seemingly await a compromise that may never come, ‘as they fail to reach beyond a disquieting, mere bagatelle.’

"Right at this time, in our world, there could hardly be a greater chasm in the philosophy between what your western rulers consider the way to ‘peace and freedom for all in the world,’ and what the Mohammedan freedom fighters see as a necessary isolation of their kind from the ‘extreme decadence of your ways of life.’

"Not surprisingly, between these opposing views is a growing multitude of your siblings - a vital third population ingredient - that sees the aggressive way in which the two parties are vying for control as swiftly steering our planet towards decades of unrest, if not towards a final demise of poverty, hunger and contamination.

"Outlooks will polarize. There is at work in our world today a great polarization of philosophies, and for us midwayers this is a wonderful time of much activity, because when huge mistakes are made, the world will generally put itself on a more positive path ‘as the pendulum of history slowly swings the opposite way.’

"At this time, we have our job cut out for us. Yes, very much so, but we also look forward to being able to in the not too distance future involve ourselves with our real task of spiritizing this world with a vengeance, and in a generally more peaceful, restful setting.

"We see this present (worldwide) situation as an important turning point, and from which we will be able to move forward at a pace, leaving behind the many centuries during which we languished on this earth, keeping busy, yet seeing few, scant high points of spiritual progress to edge us on to joyful activity as we assisted the few outstanding men and women among you in their work for the betterment of our planetary home.

"Right at this time, ‘the cauldron is being vigorously stirred by an unthinking few determined ladles, and the inedible broth is coming to the boil for more and more of you to reject its unappetizing taste and smell,’ and surely search for new ways to make this world go round in peace and harmony for all.

"At our level, we are safely predicting that in the foreseeable future great forward strides will be made. They are these rough and tumble times that quicken the populace into a spiritual searching mode. They are these difficult moments in history that allow you, our mortal cousins, to detect your divine future.

"These restless moments allow you to discover a better way of being, and to engage in a cooperative effort with us all, your servants high and low, to arrive at a greater tolerance for your human differences.

"I thank you, my dear cousin, for giving me your attention, for recognizing my presence, and for being our steadfast co-worker. Do not be discouraged if you do not find me in the stillness, for it is in these days that I have much on my slate.

"I send my love to all. This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu."

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.