The New Coronavirus, a Pandemic

Illawarra District, Australia, February 5, 2020.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “The New Coronavirus, a Pandemic.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “…when a new enemy appears on the scene, you must name him or her or it, for you must all know who or what you are talking about. In the case of the new coronavirus, Cov19 or Cov-19 (It has now become COVID-19). And, yes, it’s an it – a rather troubling illness as our celestial scientists have determined. There are four people who have asked you what to do or where to go to be save?”

George: “Four. Five now since early this morning, I think, but her question, if it is a question, is hardly clear.”

The Scribe: “There will be more, obviously, as the days go by. Countries that are poor or not so much aware of the danger of contagion and contamination will fall foul of this micro-organism and their leaders, breadwinners, carers and their promising youngsters succumb to this virus even before it mutates into something quite . . . gross . . . and potentially leave Sars and Mers in the dust as minor irritations.

“Keep taking the colloidal silver as a preventative for all infections. Neither viruses nor bacteria can become immune to this all-purpose anti-biotic, but know that you have been making it much too strong. You will fare well. That’s all I have for you.

“This is the Damascus Scribe.”

Receiver’s note: I have posted a Midwayer’s thoughts about the properties of colloidal silver on other occasions, but this cheap, all-round and excellent alternative anti-biotic is not favored by the medical profession and it’s even said to turn you bright blue.

Nah! It doesn’t!

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Your Eternal Partner

Urantia, January 23, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Your Eternal Partner.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “There are many hidden gifts lying dormant in your soul. These, I promise you, shall bloom in due time. Apply yourself to the cultivation of your soul and continue to nurture it daily in your meditation.

“Continually seek counsel with your Thought Adjuster within.

“By reaching within to your God-self. You create an unbreakable bond between yourself and Me, for I am your Eternal Partner-self.

“Truly, in eternity we shall be one, however, you are expected to do your part while the grace of God is always with you.

“It is up to you to recognize this. Muster up your freewill courage and reach inward for Me and you will find Me waiting for you. Up and over life’s hurdles we shall merrily go.

“Onward, upward, inward, always learning, always experiencing a greater harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit. Becoming more capable of expressing the becoming true unconditional love.

“All the while you will be contributing to the Supreme God.”

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When All Is Said and Done

Oregon, US of A, November 25, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “When All Is Said and Done.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Your inability or unwillingness to forgive your fellows is the measure of your immaturity, your failure to attain adult sympathy, understanding, and love.” [UB 174:1:5]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement does not merely apply to individual relationships but it is also relevant to the family, tribal, and national levels of human interaction.

“It also points to the fact that one should evaluate such societal entities from the perspective of their spiritual development and contributions. Some nations have been arch-enemies for centuries and still interact at a very ‘childish’ level. In their collective immaturity, they hang on to generational grudges and reenact many of the regrettable situations that led to such deeply entrenched dislikes.

“Humankind needs to grow up and sever any inappropriate emotional attachments to situations requiring the healing balm of forgiveness for a positive and enduring resolution. Such historical reversals can be orchestrated once the more mature among you instill in their siblings the parental perspective, which invites love, compassion, and empathy into play, thus liberating them from emotional retardation or stagnation.

“There are precedents of successful resolutions of past animosities on your world. Once the damaging ripple effect of the World Wars subsided, former enemies learned to cohabitate peacefully and resumed friendly diplomatic relations, thus positively contributing to forward planetary evolution.

“Take the time to go within and search your heart for any remnant of stubbornness that makes you unwilling to forgive. Ask yourself what prevents you from doing so? Is it promoting or hampering your and your siblings' spiritual welfare?

“The balm of forgiveness is mutually therapeutic. You no longer brand as irredeemable the original perpetrator of disharmony. As well, you simultaneously sever destructive emotional attachments, thus making room in your heart for productive ones. You are removing the ballast that prevents your spiritual ‘kite’ from freely soaring into the wide-open cosmic skies. When all is said and done, which experience will you recall most fondly?”

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Eight Steps to Conscious Co-creation

Asheville, NC, US of A, February 2, 2020
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Eight Steps to Conscious Co-creation.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: Conscious co-creation is the most efficient and effective way to manifest the Creator Father’s Will in your reality. The gift of co-creation and manifestation is inherent in all humans that are Indwelled by the Father’s Presence (the Thought Adjusters), and because you are His children, you possess the power to create — you are the child creators that forge out the plans and blaze the path of planetary evolution leading to Light and Life — the completion of universe destiny. Knowing, or “being conscious” of this co-creative ability requires you to acknowledge your partnership and develop an integral relationship with your Thought Adjuster.

Planets that are entering an enlightened age have an increasing number of its citizens that become conscious of their co-creative prerogatives inherent in the Creator/creature partnership. You are ripe for this awakening to your co-creative potentials — you have all the needed pieces to discover and exercise your god-like abilities. When you believe in this partnership, then shall you see the manifestation of your inherent abilities unfold. Let’s explore the eight (8) steps needed to awaken to this co-creative partnership:

  1. Understand that the Creator Father has given you (his child) the gift of his Indwelling Presence — to live and work in your mind — to develop your personality, here and hereafter, and to set you on a path that leads to eternal service and union with His Indwelling Spirit. See your life in eternity and imagine the wonders and astonishment of what you might experience as a citizen of the universe!

  2. Know and Believe that you own it — you are worthy of it — this power and partnership — that you have been personally chosen to receive this gift and there are no strings attached — it is yours and you can use it now!

  3. Acknowledge your partnership — engage your God Fragment and call on Him/Her by name — a name you have chosen that represents the highest affection of intimate adoration for the Father’s Spirit within you. To “call by name” is to personalize and recognize your relationship.

  4. Develop a relationship with your Thought Adjuster through constant dialog — share your deep thoughts — share your deep desires — imagine (create in your mind) what you want to see manifest in your life and in the world. Make known your thankfulness and gratitude for this gift and any manifestations of the Creator’s Will you have already received. Pray without ceasing.

  5. Imagine a two-way dialog between you and your Divine Partner — what would this conversation sound like in your mind? How would the answers coming from a Divine Fragment of the Creator be spoken to you knowing that this Spirit wants you to succeed, grow, and become a powerful co-creator? What quality will this voice have? Ask a question and imagine the answer — your imagination is your gift—use it! Don’t be concerned if it might be your own thoughts coming back—a steady practice of this will lead to fruitful insights.

  6. Ask for and look for signs and synchronicity. Recognize opportunities that come into your life that support your co-creative initiatives and take action on these providential manifestations. Spirit, when in a conscious co-creative partnership, will want to give you feedback that you may acknowledge. It is not presumptuous to expect confirmation.

  7. Trust is the product of faith realized. All true, beautiful, and good relationships are built on trust and unconditional love. Your Divine Partner has an endless supply of unconditional love, patience, and forgiveness, and you should expect that you will make mistakes and grow from the wisdom of these experiences. Spirit knows you are a work-in-progress — if you fail and fall down, get back up and try again — ask your Divine Partner to help you understand the lesson and how to move forward or around obstacles. Constant dialog keeps you in a state of peace and assurance that will pay dividends in all aspects of your life. To reflect the attitude of Spirit is progress.

  8. Receive and recognize the co-creative manifestations that occur as a result of your faithful trust and relationship. This is team building --”We did it!” “What else can we accomplish?”
Understand — Know and Believe — Acknowledge — Develop — Imagine — Ask — Trust — Receive.

Here for your understanding, always,
I AM Uteah.

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I Will Never Leave You

Urantia, February 2, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “I Will Never Leave You.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This is the day your Creator has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it. This is the day for a new realization to dawn, a new insight to be gained, for you are beginning to discover how immensely wealthy you really are.

“You have a Fragment of your God living within you. I will never abandon you, never forsake you. I love you, understand you and will Guide you forever more.

“Focus your mind more on things of lasting value – ‘Things spiritual’ – and less on your earthly material things. The realization of an indescribable although a for now barely felt appreciation for matters spiritual, shall surely dawn upon you as day follows night, yet according to the attention you give it.

“Blessings will abound, within and without, when you become more conscious of My leading you.

“You shall overcome your mountains of indecisions, of un-lovingness of self and others, for slowly, for ever so slowly shall I lift you out of the morass of remorse, resentment, self-recrimination, and self-chastisement for perceived unworthiness for things left undone, and words left unsaid.

“Slowly you are beginning to accept yourself as the beloved child of the One God. Vestiges of old and worn-out religious belief systems are cleared away as the Sunlight of the One God begins to shine more brightly in your heart.

“You will feel a new freedom surging through you; feelings of being totally loved, accepted, and appreciated just the way you are. This Eternal Truth I wish to convey to you.

“Ponder these words and receive this Truth into your very being.”

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