You Are Unique

Quebec, Canada, January 5, 2021.
Teacher: Monjoronson.
Subject: You Are Unique.

Message received by: Michel Levasseur.

Monjoronson: “Hello my friends. Monjoronson here, and on this day, I want to convey to you some information which has never been conveyed to you in the past.

My friends, open your hearts and imagine the greatness of the eternity around you, a vast eternity without beginning or end that is filled with love.

Urantia is part of this reality, of this eternity, and this planet was the planet of the last bestowal of your Creator Son, Michael.

My friends, Urantia is a decimal planet and as you know, decimal planets allow the creation of life in a different way compared to other so called normal planets. It is a fact that on Urantia the life that has been created has produced what no decimal planet has been able to create in all of the eternity of the universe.

The rebellion has caused great harm and evil and that has led to a different evolution of life and evolutionary race: humanity. The human is a totally unique race in the universe, you are unique as an evolutionary being and this is mainly the result and the cause of the rebellion.

You may be surprised to learn this, but indeed, the human race, YOU, are unique. Despite the fact that the evolution of the human race has never known true spiritual life, it has been able to become greatly spiritual without ever having been able to live spirituality in a completely rebellious world.

You are now facing a world of darkness and despite this we are able to see the light in most of humanity. You are unique, my friends, and you are a part of this universe and eternity. Now you know that the rebellion also had positive sides that came out of it.

Good bye my friends.”

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According to Your Faith

Urantia, December 17, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: According to Your Faith.

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: The great truth is that I never give you more of a burden than you can bear. The reason why so many mortals buckle under the strain of daily living, is because they do not lean on the Rock of Ages who can be their savior. They persist in carrying their load with their puny strength, because they have not yet found Me.

You know the better way because I told you when you came to Me that I am always with you. So why would you go through life without My loving comfort and strength? All you have to do is to turn your heart and attention in My direction. The more time you spend within with Me, the easier your load becomes because you can hand it all over to Me and then carry on with a lightness of being.

The greatest barriers that exist between mortals and God are fear, doubt and unbelief – unbelief in My mighty Presence within them. I, who hail from Paradise, am a Fragment of the One who sent Me to indwell you – a tiny mortal on a tiny planet in the depths of space.

The One, who placed all the stars in the heavens and knows them all by name and number, is also aware of and knows all hearts that sincerely seek for the Creator of all.

Let go of fear and doubt. Banish this forever together with unbelief. Would the hand of the One, who ministers so lovingly to the stars and everything else in creation, forget to strengthen you? I am here to remind you that Something far more powerful resides in you, and is truly at your beck and call as long as you come to Me with an open and trusting heart.

Pray for this and believe that you will receive, for, according to your faith, it will be done unto you. Then, pray for more faith and trust, so together we can make the most of your beginning existence here on planet earth – the start of an ages-long ascension journey towards perfection.

And please, don’t forget that I love you.

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Peacefully Successful and Successfully Peaceful

Oregon, USA, August 18, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Peacefully Successful and Successfully Peaceful”

Message received by Anyas

“The human mind does not well stand the conflict of double allegiance. It is a severe strain on the soul to undergo the experience of an effort to serve both good and evil. The supremely happy and efficiently unified mind is the one wholly dedicated to the doing of the will of the Father in heaven.” [UB 133:7.12]

Thought Adjuster: “Unlike animals, human beings are spiritual beings who experience inner turmoil when they pursue morally conflicting agendas. Ambition devoid of moral values is toxic to the soul, as it clips its wings.

Inspiration comes from Spirit. It is the inner guidance that ever points to the better way in times of turmoil and insecurity. After consulting with your inner Informant, you are in a better position for making judicious decisions, having weighed out the pros and cons of your predicament.

By acting impulsively despite the cautioning of reason, you end up inflicting a painful blow to your self-respect and issuing yourself a dishonorable discharge, since you betrayed your higher self.

One could liken the Father’s will to a detailed and reliable owner’s manual that vouches for the entire creation's smooth operation, as he conceived everything intelligently and purposefully. The Father is in the cosmic service industry—a highly efficient undertaking where operational wastes and losses are kept at a bare minimum. If it were for the Father, there would not be any wastes at all. However, because he made the fulfillment of his vision co-dependent on the free will decisions of imperfect creatures, there is room for human error—and for emergency countermeasures.

Those who are at peace with themselves operate optimally. It is in the acquirement of inner peace that lies your success. It is the reason why Jesus preserved his peace of mind and heart at all costs—always opting to implement the steadfast will of Spirit while resisting the fleeting urges of the flesh.”

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A Process of Balancing

Illawarra District, Australia, December 23, 2009.
Secondary Midwayer Sharmon (MNO-6).
Subject: “A Process of Balancing.”

Received by George Barnard.

Sharmon: “Well here I am, my lonesome human buddy, thinking you would appreciate some feminine company of the most charming kind – me! I see a glimmer of a smile below that furrowed brow. We can begin. Firstly, however, I must warn you that not all the questions that have arisen in your mercurial mind will be answered. They will not. You are an evolutionary being, not a created being, and for you the input of revelationary information is wisely curtailed.

“We have established so far that time has many segments, most of which are never noted by you, whilst one or two may be noted, just occasionally. We have managed to explain that everything in time-space has physicality – your mind, your soul, your thoughts, your emotions and more. Truly, how else could you walk into a room and sense ‘a right old barney’ of an argument having just been concluded there? Always there are exceptions, though, yes?

“For you it is most easily to understand that time-space is transcended by eternity, or rather that time-space has its foundation in eternity. And so it is possible for pure spirit – Thought Adjusters and others of pure spirit make-up – to be located within all pervaded space, nearby you, even within you, yet without their impinging on the time-space realm all of you humans, as well as us of morontia make-up, as well as all of Mother Spirit’s daughters (the angels) occupy.

“Now to specifics: On a planet of this nature, with a human population of great diversity, it is frequent that through circumstances of human birth, or even during the growth period to maturity, certain unbalances may occur. There may be an inborn, or developing, propensity for psychic ability, or there may be an inclination towards, or growth towards, spirituality. Indeed, these are not the same. Indeed, these can create a great unbalance in need of correction.

“With all of your lives, from the terrestrial start to your entry into Paradise, pre-known in infinite detail, adjustments are made to allow the individual to be that bright and shining ‘stone’ in his or her meant-to-be location of his or her mosaic of time, environment, and associations. Conveniently, the soul may be lifted out of the body, and spirited away for this real operation conducted at the Archangels’ circuit of the planet by those of great expertise, who temporarily dwell there.

“Here you see that in such an instance a ‘modicum of creation’ is frequently applied to the process of evolution, and is this a form of enlightenment? Call it what you will, my dear student, but see it as a deserved balancing of the human soul when a boost in psychic ability may help enhance great spiritual progress, or when a boost in spirituality may augment great psychic ability. Often it is yours for the asking, more often it is recommended by us, who so care for you all.

“This is Secondary Midwayer Messenger, Sharmon, signing off, and darting away to her next task, leaving you my love and best wishes.”

Receiver’s note: Sometimes there is (human) resistance to this process of having the soul taken from the body for balancing. It can be left in memory, as either vaguely uncomfortable, or a veritable nightmare of hugely distorted memories that just won’t go away. Let me know if you want to read about this. It’s about 5 pages long, called “The Vice-Regent.”

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Only Love Can Set Souls Afire

Oregon, USA, August 14, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Only Love Can Set Souls Afire”

Message received by Anyas

Thought Adjuster: “For the most part, your likes and dislikes dictate the decisions you make—what you perceive as gratifying versus what is placing you in a state of emotional resistance.

Whenever you pick from a restaurant’s menu, you are drawn to the dishes whose description and attractive presentation make you drool in anticipation.

The same applies to relationships—some are appealing, while others are repulsive to you. You naturally wish to spend time with individuals with whom you have spontaneous affinities.

Your tastes and passions are your primal motivational agents. However, things are far more complex, as life calls you to make difficult choices driven by reason, not by impulsions. It is where the element of wisdom comes in, leading you to ponder: “Which way has a brighter future?”

It is undoubtedly the one that promotes unconditional love. Love is the ultimate satisfaction of your soul, as it goes with its grain. It has a divinely sublime quality.

Due to its limited emotional capacity, the human species only gets to sample it—always longing for more, as you have been conceived with love, by love, and for love.

Jesus exuded a love tinged with the prerequisites of empathy and compassion. “Relate yourself to every man as if you were in his place.” [UB 131:8.4] Such an approach is a win-win situation. It unleashes the synergy of love-in-action and its far-reaching ripple effect. The magical touch of love enlivens your soul, uplifting it instantly, and, because love cannot be self-contained, your first impulse is to reciprocate in kind.

The Father is love, and nothing you do or don’t do will rescind the love he feels toward you. Why then should you fear never-to-eventuate divine wrath? Patience and mercy are two more reassuring attributes that vouch for the safety of love.

Emulate these various facets of genuine love. They will shape you in godlikeness while fulfilling your innermost calling.

Paradoxically, to get there, you have to use your dislikes as the ‘middle man.’ What triggers them? Are they rational or fear-driven? How can you get to love the hard-to-love? Only by getting to know them better, thus developing a genuine appreciation for the light flickering under a bushel—the gold nuggets of their persona that lay buried under their rough exterior. Your genuine interest in them will act as a primer, setting their soul afire.”

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