Reality Hack — Bring the Power of the Universe through You

Asheville, NC, US of A, September 29, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Reality Hack — Bring the Power of the Universe through You.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “Taking time to visualize what you desire to see in the world is important to construct a framework for co-creationism. Without your active participation, your vision, your will to move, there can be no action by Spirit. You are the vessel for the expression of Spirit — it is your will and personality that provides the basis for conscious creationism. You are a partner with Spirit and therefore are you a necessary part of the process to bring light to your world — to see the change and to become it. When you become conscious of there being a co-creative process — that you are working together with Spirit — you become powerful and more powerful than projecting a vision as a lone actor. The more you believe and understand this, the more expression do you give to Spirit to bring the power of the universe through you and into your reality.

“There are many human teachers that are very effective at teaching visualization techniques and these are all very good practices that work indirectly at the sub-conscious level of mind where your guides can then create opportunities for you to experience the steps and events needed to lay the groundwork for manifestation. However, when you are consciously aware and intentionally ‘see’ Spirit working with you in the unseen realities around you — this type of visualization is what some would call ‘a reality hack.’ This is nothing more than understanding the metaphysics of creation — this is not secret knowledge meant for adepts and sages, but for every Spirit-indwelled soul to exercise as their right as a universe citizen and child of the Creator.

“In addition to this way of visualizing in partnership with Spirit there are even more effective ways to fine-tune the process of co-creationism. This involves not only ‘seeing’ the vision but also going deep into your mind where the deepest thoughts lay waiting to emerge into ideas. It is in this domain of mind where Spirit meets you half-way. This is where the great ideas come — where the ‘ah-ha’ realizations spring from. This deep mind state often creates a ‘flood’ of related ideas and thoughts that may seem disjointed and unorganized — these are the ‘seed ideas’ pulled from your library of experiences that are needed for Spirit to then begin the process of putting them in place according to your propensities and habits of conscious thought — to make sense of the deep mind ideas.

“It is then important for you to follow through and put these ideas into action. Here again may you include Spirit in the process to assist you in the action steps — always ‘seeing’ Spirit working with you. It is not necessary to have all the pieces of the vision worked out, but rather ‘jump in’ and immerse yourself in the journey. This is the ‘faith part’ of your work with Spirit as a co-creative partner — you believe these things are being acted on by Spirit as you work at the human level of the plan — to do your part waiting for the next opportunity to manifest. This is you leading the vision, for it must be this way to see that the experience is yours and not something Spirit is expressing of itself — you take the first step, and Spirit takes the next.

“In like manner, the fine-tuning process of the idea would include questions and answers. This is where the details are worked out. Once the seed ideas are planted and watered by the faith-action of your belief and intention, the care for the seedling ideas can be nurtured by asking Spirit how to proceed efficiently and how to maintain the momentum for the completion of the vision. This is the ‘how-to’ for co-creationism — the partnership in action. This way of working with Spirit strengthens the relationship with Spirit — it builds a confidence in trusting that your guides ‘have your back.’ Trust and faith feeds the effectiveness of your ability to manifest your vision. When you learn to recognize the fingerprints of Spirit in the synchronicity of the process — this brings more confidence and assurance that you are in alignment with the universe and you truly are the captain of your reality.

“Always ready to meet you half-way,
“I AM Uteah.”

Receiver’s note: Uteah expressed the importance of the relationship with the Indwelling Spirit in the co-creation of the vision — that your intention and desires to see the intention manifest be according to light — meaning to bring light to the world in a way that manifests love, growth, and progress for those that are affected by the manifestation of the vision.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

About Pathogens and Antibodies

Oregon, US of A, August 4, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “About Pathogens and Antibodies.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Make no apology for evil; make no excuse for sin. By your efforts to make amends for past sins you acquire strength to resist future tendencies thereto.” [UB 1446:05]

Teacher Uteah: “Sin is a moral sickness, a state of estrangement from your highest good and the highest good of humanity, of which you are a part. It acts like flesh-eating bacteria, cannibalizing the connective tissues of your soul, thus scrambling the signals emitted from your spiritual magnetic North to guide you back Home. As well it makes you turn a deaf ear to the urgent and sensible prompts of your Divine Indweller — the personal Ambassador dispatched from On High to be with you.

“Sin takes place when, against all wisdom and reason, you decide to engage in playing on the downward slope of sensual self-gratification. How will you find your way back up once you hit rock bottom? Will you be able to humbly admit the error of your ways once you realize how your iniquitous initiatives jeopardized your eternal career?

“How do you turn things around? You cannot ‘justify’ what is unjust, for making excuses cannot yield the saving grace of genuine remorse. Repentance is heartfelt. After intellectually and objectively surveying the damage caused by your faulty decisions, follow the impulses that bring you down to your knees, bowing your head in total surrender and humility.

“Your knees are the place from which you will regroup and resume your ascent. Led by your contrite spirit, you will re-enter the life scene, determined to subjugate the negative propensities that led you down the path of iniquity.

“The unwavering mind – and heart – set to make good for your misdeeds will help you produce the moral antibodies needed to destroy these deadly pathogens and make room for the development of their healthy counterparts.”

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Once The Veil Is Finally Lifted

Urantia, September 29, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Once The Veil Is Finally Lifted.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “As long as there remains a shadow of doubt about My existence, you still lack faith and trust in Me. It is not just a joy and a privilege to come into the Stillness with Me, but an absolute necessity.

“Of course, I totally expect you to entertain doubts, for after all you are only human, but one who can be made great through faith, because of a mighty Indweller — a Fragment of the living God.

“I expect you to be totally overwhelmed at this grace and mercy, once the veil is finally lifted, and the true realization dawns in you like a glorious light that you have an actual Fragment of the eternal God living and struggling with you so your soul can become free.

“I am to free your soul’s earthly limitations, disappointments and disharmony, free from everything that seemingly holds you back from having a closer relationship with Me, for only doubts are the great separator keeping you away from Me.

“I desire from you to have unreserved faith and trust in Me and in the unseen. Great are the joys for such a one who dares to hope, who dares to believe, who then grows such an unshakable faith in things eternal and unseen.

“Think about the Creator, who fashioned all the stars and the planets seemingly upon nothing. The mortal mind is incapable of fully comprehending that the Creator, who is all love and understanding, can at the same time represent all energy and gravity. However, in the Creator, all things live, move and have their being.

“There is nothing beside the Creator God, and there is absolutely nothing that God does not know, or is not aware of. Since God can rule a vast creation, should He not be able to see and know what is going on in the hearts of His creatures everywhere?

“I tell you, that He is most intimately involved and available to each of His mortal children and their infants. He knows their location, and protects all with His unconditional love and devotion.

“It is with His gift of free will to all humankind, and in partnership with your Indweller, that you decide how you live, and when you eventually return to Him, having become perfect along the way. This mortal life is only the beginning during which you lay the foundation for eternal life by your choices and decisions.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Higher Thinking

Alabama, US of A, May 15, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Higher Thinking.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The way in which you use your mind – your way of thinking – is based mostly on the habits you have cultivated during your lifetime. Your personality has a lot to do with your way of thinking, but the way you react to events in your life and the thoughts you have given preference to are what determine the way in which your mind functions today and therefore also determine your reality.

“When we talk about your way of thinking we mean the way in which you create your thoughts in your mind and build the conceptual framework of your reality. This is the way you normally react to the input of your senses, the way you face difficulties, and the way in which you see yourself in relationship to the rest of the universe. It is the way in which you use the resource provided by spirit that is your human mind.

“During your life you have accustomed yourself to prefer certain kinds of thoughts and to react to situations in a certain way. These habits are reinforced to such a degree that they often happen unconsciously, almost automatically. These habits are very hard to change, especially since they have been nurtured for years. However, the human brain was designed to be dynamic, with an unlimited capacity for adaptation. You can consider your brain to be like an antenna, which you can use to connect with the Mind Spirits that function in this world. Your habits determine the frequency with which you connect to and the type of signals you receive. How can you change your frequency and connect to other frequencies that may be more productive?

“This is most difficult if you rely only on human resolve. You cannot change your radio station if you do not know the frequency of other stations. The analogy of a radio ends here, since in contrast to a normal radio our brains cannot simply connect to other frequencies and listen. The thoughts you receive are attracted by you. Your ideas allow other ideas of the same kind to be available to your mind, but if you always have the same kind of ideas, how can you promote different ideas, higher ideas?

“This is one of the main functions of your Thought Adjuster – the presence of God in your being. This Divine Presence is constantly revealing the spiritual realities to the human mind, stimulating the mind with ideas of increased beauty and truth so the mind can produce higher thinking, improving your ability to receive the best transmissions of truth and light available in this world and beyond. The way a human being can overcome her limitations is by allowing her Thought Adjuster to work with her, by the intent of doing God’s will – collaborating in the plan to becoming a creature of increased perfection – leaving the doors open to fill her life with truth and to let her mind work the most effective way. Only with the help of the Father can a human being rise above the animal nature and the key for this achievement lies in the personal decisions of each individual.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

The Noble Authority of Absolute Values

Oregon, US of A, July 31, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “The Noble Authority of Absolute Values.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Thirty prejudiced and tradition-blinded false judges, with their false witnesses, are presuming to sit in judgment on the righteous Creator of a universe. And these impassioned accusers are exasperated by the majestic silence and superb bearing of this God-man. His silence is terrible to endure; his speech is fearlessly defiant. He is unmoved by their threats and undaunted by their assaults. [UB 184:3]

Teacher Uteah: “Iniquity will never be comfortable in the presence of righteousness. Such is the supreme authority of absolute values over their total disregard. The so-called trial of Jesus was a travesty of justice. The corrupted judges’ bias against Jesus led them to render a guilty verdict before any semblance of due process.

“Little did they know that they were the ones sitting in judgment. Jesus' majestic presence and eloquent silence greatly disconcerted them. They slapped Him in the face, spit on Him, treated Him with abject irreverence without getting a rise out of Him. Jesus remained in full Self-control. His contrasting peaceful and kind demeanor acted like a magnifying mirror, making the exposure of the lack of self-restraint of His tormentors.

“How would you react under similar circumstances? Would you let the teasing and bullying of malevolent individuals rob you of your peace and self-control, thus officially partaking in the hostilities? Or would you remain steadfast in your righteousness, depriving your enemies of the satisfaction of making you stoop to their level?

“Life continually tests your level of self-mastery. When you remain in self-control, you are the one controlling the situation. As Jesus did, you favorably impress your tormentors in spite of their reluctance to admit it. Do strive to remain grounded in the absolute values that were the makings of Jesus' irrefutable spiritual victories.”

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