Love-Fueled or Hate-Fueled?

Oregon, November 1, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Love-Fueled or Hate-Fueled?”

Message received by Anyas.

“All too often, when we battle for the right, it turns out that both the victor and the vanquished have sustained defeat.” [UB 1778:02]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us ponder the above statement that is mind-boggling at first. Why would it be so that often both the victor and the vanquished have sustained defeat in their battle for the right?

“Your world abounds with events that support that statement. First of all, what many perceive as the ‘right’ is based on their very subjective and often conditioned take on other’s contrary opinions. So many wars waged in the name of righteousness have actually been at the root of much injustice and unrighteousness — the most striking examples being the so-called holy wars of these days and the Crusades of centuries ago.

“Indeed, if one battles for the right while resorting to unrighteous means, both parties experience setbacks, as no soul can thrive if the heart is consumed by hatred, rather than being fueled by love.

“As well, coercion never results in the soul’s liberation. How could it be so when the Father has issued an eternal decree that, in all cosmic decisions, the free-will prerogative of the creatures has to be respected — never to be violated.

“If you are confused as to how to promote what you consider to be the truth, look at the way Jesus promoted Divine Truth: He was loving and humble; he was patient and discerning as to how and with whom He shared Truth. At times, especially in His private ministry, He focused on the immediate needs of His participants in discussions. At other times, when addressing a crowd, He focused on the level of the crowd consciousness. The Truth He meted out was always commensurate with the need for revelation and their ability to process it.

“Dear ones, when in doubt as to how to share your ‘good news’, go within and ask yourself how Jesus would handle such a situation in your place. He always turned first to His Heavenly Father for advice except for when He was spontaneously driven to act upon the loving leadings of His wide-open heart. Love is indeed the safeguard that ensures that your actions are righteous, as Love is in perfect alignment with the Divine Heart.

“Until such times as your heart can take the outright lead, refrain from being at the beck and call of other powerful emotional triggers, as many of them are not rooted in sound foundations. You are not divinely assigned to ‘terminate’ those you deem to be erring. Rather, you are assigned to shine your light and become a living inspiration — not a living deterrent.”

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Ascension towards Perfection

Chicago, US of A, November 10, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Ascension towards Perfection.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Perfection is a divine value meant by the Gods to be shared with their creatures, even with those of the lowest evolutionary origin, like you on Urantia. The ascension scheme spread throughout the seven super-universes is the means by which you can become a perfected being and finally reach Paradise. However, while on the ascension path — which you have only started on Urantia — perfection is a goal and living is the technique by which to process it, step by step — if you have indeed chosen to live by the will of God. This process includes the desire of a pure life — to be like God — by the practice of certain purging attitudes in life.

1 . . . Understanding and Tolerance. “Mind helps you to understand things in life, but it is conditioned by your ‘wisdom frame’ which can be distorted or even nullified by selfishness, prejudice, and intolerance. Understanding is more than simple assessment: it includes an attitude of acceptance without defiance. That is not necessarily to agree with it, but tolerance when it is against your views. Intolerance prevents a real comprehension of others’ views and an interaction towards peaceful, caring and productive relationships. Purge your reactions with understanding and tolerance.

2 . . . Restraint and Respect. “Your evolutionary origin poses many life challenges dealing with your inherited evolutionary animal traits, such as survival, bellicosity, selfishness, as well as pleasure and easiness seeking. All this calls for the necessity of restraint if one wants to progress on the ascension path. Animal urge restraint is to apply self-control both in consideration to your spiritual growth, and the well-being of others. Respect comes from the sense that your neighbor deserves as much consideration as do you. Respect sees you as a partner in life among others and others as fellow humans with a will, rights, and choices which must be respected, although not always necessarily condoned.

3 . . . Peace and Goodness. “Urantians still have a civilization status far removed from their being considered peace-loving human beings. However, as individuals on the ascension path, you can cultivate this love for peace and goodness which does add to your efforts for spiritual progress. Peace comes from the practice of loving your neighbor as yourself, combined with the realization you all belong to the same humanity and share the same spiritual status as children of God, brothers, and sisters in the Father’s household. Goodness towards creation and fellow humans springs from a peaceful and caring regard for nature and your neighbor. Loving peace and goodness are beyond the obligation of duty, it's a progressive attitude of those who want to grow in perfection on the ascension path.

“So, my pupil, purity of heart is neither magical nor mystical. Rather, it is the result of spiritual attitudes towards a living marked by a desire to spiritually progress on the path of ascension which culminates in the Paradise perfection. Understanding and tolerance will help you to build a peaceful and productive relationship with your fellow human beings. Restraining evolutionary animal urges coupled with genuine respect for others will make you a fair and considerate person. Being a peace-loving individual along with promoting goodness to others is your personal contribution to the world to eventually make it a planetary reality, I am glad to contribute to your growth in your ascension towards your Paradise perfection; I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Peace!”

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The Borderland of “Human/Spiritual” Waste Products

The Borderland of “Human/Spiritual” Waste Products.
From the Desk of George Barnard.

Frequently, although hardly at regular intervals, Docs magically leave their archives and turn up on the monitor. So did this one. It’s right here looking at me and it was, years ago, addressed to a 11:11 Progress List member and others. Here it goes again.

I think you have that just about right, Sammy.

The borderlands do not contain any souls, or Thought Adjusters, or egos, or even anything that has the awareness of the passing of time.

The borderlands contain thought forms, ghosts, what the Midwayers call packets of misinformation, grudges and unresolved human mindal debris.

Once resolved, through the passing of time, or negotiations (progress) by former humans on Mansonia, this (now settled) information then belongs to the evolutionary deities, but they are still evolving, they are vulnerable, and they do not need our dirty washing until such time as it has been laundered… resolved.

Much as you need to keep kids away from power sockets, you need to keep grown-ups away from mature salt-water crocodiles, blue-ringed octopuses, Ouija boards and the borderlands.

Those who get themselves involved run the risk of acquiring some unwanted packets, attachments, or some ghoolies disrupting the home, and there is no guarantee that once the attachment has been gotten rid of, that person’s utterly disrupted mind is going to be any better for it.

I don’t get my meals from a trash bin, and I see no reason why I should get my spiritual nourishment from the borderlands.

Cheers yall . . . George.

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True Forgiveness

Alabama, US of A, November 27, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Forgiveness”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “You can only truly forgive others when you have learned to love them as you love yourself. True forgiveness is possible, but only when you can ‘walk in their shoes’ to consider other people’s motivation and reasons. This is the kind of forgiveness that truly removes the damage a person considers to have received through his or her experience, by opening the heart to accept the love of the Father.

“When you say you forgive without really feeling it, the grudges remain with you. The idea that you were right and that your siblings were wrong will still persist with you. Only when you take the time to consider the intent of others you can understand that maybe there was a perfectly valid reason why the other person acted in such a way that made you feel bad.

“Even when you are certain that somebody hurt you on purpose you should still consider the reasons behind that attack. What is that person afraid of? How could you affect her in such a way that she had to defend herself that way? Most of the time you will discover that you are partly to blame for what happened and learn from this higher understanding in order to improve your relationships with others.

“In the case of those who simply hurt others without apparent reason or motive, just remember that everything in this life has a reason. You can’t judge your siblings without having lived their lives and felt their suffering. There are a lot of confused people languishing in the dark. It would be more beneficial for you and others to forget your grudges and become the light that shows them the way out of their labyrinth of selfishness and fear and bring them to the threshold of the Kingdom of God, and then let then decide if they want to enter or not.

“On those occasions when you face the mistakes of your past and remember those times in which you have been the one who has hurt others, do everything you can to mend those wounds. Any price you have to pay for this will be an investment that will transform into freedom and spiritual treasures for your eternal life. Forgive yourself without reservation because your Father has already forgiven you. Start living like a true child of God, aspiring to the highest righteousness and the true freedom that the perfected creatures of our Creator experience. Your reward in this life will be real and lasting peace, independent of your situation. Your reward in eternity will be a life discovering the secrets of the universes and participating in the enterprise of manifesting the divine will in Creation.

“When you sincerely forgive those you perceive as somebody who has hurt you, you are accepting that they have a soul as well, capable of making mistakes and being hurt just like yourself. It is then when you start to consider others with the same regard you consider yourself and this is one pre-requisite for real love. This is more meaningful because those who have hurt you are not included in your list of ‘people you love’ — friends, family, and others — but when you consider them at the same level you consider yourself, you are putting them back on your list and you stop being a respecter of persons — a prelude to unconditional love.

“Would it be possible for you to include all human beings in this world on your list of people you love, as those to whom you offer your trust, your friendship and your affection? In truth I tell you that if you have already done this with those whom you once considered estranged from you because of the lack of understanding of the past, then you would have rid yourself of a heavy load and you would have started to enjoy the true freedom of the children of God.” v

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An End to All Confusion

Urantia, November 13, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “An End to All Confusion.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, the way of all love, all patience and understanding is through practice, practice, practice. I know that you crave these values for yourself but these can only be gained through experiencing these values many times on the road to perfection.

“This is the ultimate goal and destiny each soul craves and yearns for. There is no other way.

“The easiest way to attain these qualities is to at all times, practice unconditional love and forgiveness, not only with the ‘lovely’ ones but more specifically for the ‘unlovely’ ones, who need forgiveness even more; without any harboring of grudges. Resentment towards anyone and harboring bitterness retards the soul’s progress.

“It is especially important to pray for those, whom you perceive to have insincere souls. In this manner you open a door for healing light to come unto the planet. God and humans need each other. Much healing can be accomplished when more mortals wake up to the fact that they are active participants in the human drama, as it is played out against the purity of eternity.

“The only way to allow more healing Light onto the planet, is to have more sincere people waking up and willing to become the human torch bearers through whom the healing light can shine. To accomplish this means that you need to cleanse yourself of all selfish tendencies and hidden agendas. There is no favoritism in Heaven; for God is no respecter of persons.

“Nevertheless, there are humans here on this tiny orb in space, fearful of being engulfed by the ‘powers of darkness’ who need to urgently awaken and see that the Light of the eternal God is all around them.

“They need to put all divisive philosophies, opinions and belief systems behind them, to grow into the realization of the one Creator God, in whom all things exist.

“This would put an end to all confusion raging on this planet.”

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