No other can fill the Shoes

Asheville, NC, US of A, January 8, 2017.
Teacher: I AM.
Subject: “No other can fill the Shoes.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

I AM: “My Child, let us be of one mind and one heart — imagine us fused together as one being. This creative intention will be the energy that shall one day bring us together and it shall be forever more. You may foretaste this estate when you come to me asking to be of one mind and one heart. Now, let your thoughts be my thoughts — remove all separation between us and speak with confidence that I am sharing my thoughts with you. When you come to me this way, you build the mastery needed for that soon-to-be day of fusion.

“Close your eyes and imagine a small light in the center of your heart — see it in your mind’s eye. To fuse with me, this light shall grow many times greater in magnitude as if it is a blazing sun. See this light grow in intensity and imagine the energy from it radiating outward in all directions. As the radiance grows and intensifies, feel every cell in your body being purged of all impurities. Feel divine love begin to fill all space within you. Feel your body become lighter as the divine love saturates your entire being.

“Having all this light and divine love within you, how does your mind think? How do you see the world? How do you feel about your brothers and sisters? Do you understand the divine unity of all life — can you now see it from my perspective? What problem do you have that cannot be solved with this mindset? When you fuse with me, we become one being and all that I have becomes yours and all that you are becomes us — one of true and beautiful intention that can overcome any obstacle and can make manifest any good desire.

“When you are fused with me, you are god-like in the sense that you are connected to the Universal Father in a way that no other order of beings in the universe of universes can claim. You are a Finaliter in the making having yet to fill your soul with the weight of universe experiences that shall one day bring you before the Universal Father for that sublime and utterly soul quenching deity embrace — an experience so fulfilling that you shall, for the first time in your long career, know what it is like to feel the eternal and infinite nature of the Universal Father as if it were He. This is the ‘final’ embrace which inspires you to go out into the outer space levels of creation and create life in new and unimagined ways as it is ‘Willed’ by the Universal Father. They are your experiences that shall seed these new ideas that ‘come to life’ and come to light.

“Oh what adventures you shall have as your dual natures fuse into one divine person. Keep your sights fixed on this glorious future as you traverse the perfecting trials of your ascension and hold it above all concerns. The secrets of Finality are yours and yours alone — no other being can claim to know the intimate glory of that moment with the Universe Father.

“Trust in me, my Child, and I shall bring you to the doorstep of infinity, for I have chosen you to be the host of my indwelling and I foresee that it is a perfect decision. No other can fill the shoes for the journey I have prepared for you.

“I AM Love.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store


Urantia, December 27, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Motivation.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject of motivation is embedded in the three roots of awareness that motivate you as humans. Usually a human being just acts, hardly ever giving a thought as to why he or she acts the way he or she does, because most behaviors are instinctive, have become ingrained habits and are therefore hard to break. The subconscious is set in motion at birth and becomes an integral part of motivation.

“Therefore, this subject warrants thoughtful scrutiny as it exists in three different layers. First, there is sub-conscious motivation with the automatic habits. Secondly, there is conscious motivation, where the human will is involved. Thirdly, there is the most important super-conscious motivation which becomes active when the higher level of consciousness towards spirituality becomes involved. Everything in life depends on the level of awareness one lives in and the results thereof, which adhere to the law of cause and effect.

“Therefore, we will mainly spend some moments on the level of conscious motivation and the thoughts which drive this. Throughout history the majority of humans hardly ever gave a thought to what motivated them and yet this determines their quality of life, their relationships, the control of their habits and usually also, when there is little or no self-control, addictions have a chance to gain the upper hand.

“Motivation is key to everything. It motivates to study, to learn, to cultivate oneself, to move to attain goals in life, and more. Motivation needs as steady companions the likes of sincerity, honesty and perseverance. Everything one chooses to do or decides not to do, becomes either laudable and leads to feelings of satisfaction of a life well lived when looking back at an advancing age. Or it leads to a life with much regret, guilt of having missed opportunities, hurt feelings, anger, which are usually miss-directed at others. Often the cause of unhappiness is being unaware of subconscious motivation which leads to wrong choices and decisions.

“You get an inkling of just how complicated you can make your life or the lives of others, when motivation goes awry, especially when you thoughtlessly act and don't think through the consequences or perhaps being in extenuating circumstances, where others try to make up your mind for you. So now we come to the all important free will which the Creator has gifted all normal-minded humans, including that most precious Gift, your Inner Pilot. You always have the opportunity and freedom to come into the Silence and ask your inner Guide (the Still Soft Voice) to motivate you.

“This then becomes your super-conscious motivation. And that decision you will never regret, actually you might even at a certain point in time say, ‘I ought to have asked my Thought Adjuster first,’ or you might say, ‘I wish I had taken the time and listened to my Inner Guide,’ for it matters not what name you give me, for I am part of you, and if it is your desire, also forever! We shall move slowly and steadily in the direction of fusion . . . of our becoming one.

“This decision to fuse eternally with a Spark from the Universal God shall always depend on your free will motivation until that time you have spiritually progressed enough that you are allowing me to become the Prime Motivator in your life and together we move towards fusion and become forever one.”

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I am the satisfaction of your Soul – The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

The Peace That Passes All Understanding

Oregon, US of A, December 19, 2016.
Unknown Teacher Group.
Subject: “The Peace That Passes All Understanding.”

Message received by Anyas.

“You may preach a religion about Jesus, but, perforce, you must live the religion of Jesus.” [UB 2091:10]

Teacher: “Let’s us talk about the quality of the ‘peace that passes all understanding.’ Indeed, such a peace can be felt amidst the most challenging of life’s situations and is mind boggling as it is the feeling least likely to be experienced in the midst of extreme inner turmoil, anguish and anxiety. It feels like a warm comforter is being placed on your emotional shoulders, providing you with much needed warmth and a sense of security.

“Truly, such a state of peace is a gift of grace. Yet, it is available to all to invoke and tap into in their times of need. This is how the Father works His magic in each life, providing much needed comfort and respite when a creature has reached the limits of what he or she can handle.

“In such moments, while your mind would instinctively dictate to you to feel emotions that are at the antipode of the one of inner peace, an overwhelming sense of peace invades your being and, by its stark contrast with the emotions that were tormenting you previously, it feels like you are privy to a miracle that is magically and instantly flushing out the unsettling emotions that were preying on you.

“Your Master Jesus is also named the ‘Prince of Peace’ — for many reasons. Not only did He always admonish ‘peace-full’ responses to life’s challenges, He also exhibited a ‘peace-full’ demeanor in His own life’s tribulations. How was He able to maintain such composure?

“One of the reasons was that He well knew the ‘this too shall pass’ predicament of the human condition. His life’s scope was turned toward eternal horizons — spanning beyond the frailty of human life. He knew that, no matter what may befall Him during the course of His human incarnation, the Father had His back — His spiritual back. He came as the Father’s Ambassador of Love and was always faithful to His divine assignment. He was grounded in Love and acted out of Love. There was no conflict between His words and His deeds.

“In the absence of conflict, there is Peace and Harmony. Period. This is what human beings have to master during their lives: a peaceful ‘conflict resolution.’ There is not one day on your planet devoid of opportunities to practice. Each area of conflict is in need of peaceful resolution. What would Jesus say? What would Jesus do? Are the two most relevant questions to ask yourself whenever you want to adequately address difficult situations. Take the time to ask these questions of great import. They will bring forth answers that will give you peace of mind and peace of heart. Guaranteed.”

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No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store

The Problem of Disunity

Asheville, NC, US of A, February 5, 2017.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Problem of Disunity.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Chris: “Teachers, could you please speak about the dilemma we have with the disunity within the Urantia Book community and perhaps suggest a way forward toward some kind of unified movement that would be more effective in the world?”

Teacher Ophelius: “Dear one, this is a topic that would fill many pages, but I shall summarize and touch on a few points so that you and others may understand. I will address a more generic group here and not these organizations specifically because these problems are common human problems on your planet that have more to do with ‘business’ than with fundamental differences in ideology. I will use a parable-like format to discourse:

“There once was an island with many villages that had several churches serving a small demographic of believers and these churches were all of the same denomination, but had different structures and methods of outreach. One of the churches was substantially larger than the others, but all these churches were dedicated to the fundamental creed of their revelation — to enlighten the whole island with the good news of their message. They believed that in doing so, the entire island would benefit in many ways bringing truth, beauty, and goodness to all the people which would eventually change the fabric of society and bring peace, prosperity, and the eternal assurances of life everlasting to the hearts and minds of the people — a noble vision for sure, but there was one major problem: Some of these churches, the larger more organized congregations, thought that they had the exclusive right to control and represent the revelation and how the revelations were to be marketed and distributed. This dis-unity separated these churches and set them up as competitors against each other which confused the people of the island and stifled the dissemination of the revelation. Church membership remained low and grew little outside the small congregations in the villages.

“What we have now is similar to a nation of many city-states all with different laws and commerce structures. Doing business outside the city-state would be difficult because there is no common regulation, laws, or currency to allow for the simple transaction of goods and services across the collective. Without the unity of a federalized system — a board of governance that represented all the city-states and agreed to commerce law and regulation, there could be no growth for the industries within the city-states. This very example is well defined in the Urantia Papers and was meant to not only speak to the benefits of world government, but could be fundamentally applied to estranged organizations as well as a way to make them more effective at bringing their ‘wares’ to the world at large and increase market share.

“Unity starts with dialogue and the dialogue to unify under a board of governance would certainly have merit in any case where similar organizations are in competition and wish to ensure their survivability as an industry within the market. The secondary issue is the recognition of established ‘schisms’ that support the revelation and may be viewed relationally as similar to the angelic corps of the “Angels of the Churches” and the “Angels of Progress.” Both have different agendas but both working toward the same goal — Light and Life. They don’t compete; they both work to move things forward in a way that is orderly and in compliance with the Father’s Will.

“‘As above, so below,’ — if the angels can organize this way, can humans do so also? Find a pattern in the lessons of the Urantia Book, my friends, and see how the workings of the universes can be applied to human problems. Is there a lesson in Cymboyton of Urmia?

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

About Mandates

About Mandates
From the Desk of George Barnard – 01-05-2017.

Some few months ago a 25 page paper was brought to my attention. It read: Solving the Disunity of the Urantia Revelation and Reuniting Factions by a Method Adjudged by the Conciliating Commission Sojourning on Urantia.

The writing was signed by Mr. Nicholas W. Scalzo, 51 Ironworks Road, Clinton, CT USA . . . and wait for it . . . there are other contributors who must remain anonymous.

These anonymous contributors cannot possibly be the Conciliating Commision of divine persons, Melchizedeks or Celestial Teachers of any kind, for Mr. Scalzo is hardly known to be a receiver of celestial messages. Moreover, had the writing been a message from On High, it would have been short, to the point and not have included the distinct unholy threat noted here directly below:

Caution: If you are a reader of The Urantia Book and believe that the mandates and instructions of the Revelatory Commission that were given to us many years ago do not apply in the present day to you or to your organization, and that these mandates are ‘old news’ and for ‘others long ago.’ STOP! DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER! Lest you must need answer for your decisions.

Expressed and implied those words constitute a vaguely worded, although absolute threat. The Father does not threaten, Michael does not threaten and other Celestials do not threaten . . . never ever! So, by what ‘authority’ does Mr. Scalzo and his band of well-meaning contributors threaten the many thousands of recipients of the daily 11:11 Progress Group Lists messages and our thousands of regular readers of the Urantia Papers ?

Additionally to the earlier threat, should only two of the three ‘main’ Urantia Organizations be prepared to merge, all three will be ‘taken to task.’ (freely worded)

Oops, additionally to yet another threat, there too goes down the gurgler our sacred human free will !

However, in this total forget-all-other-organizations of Mr. Scalzo’s suggestions, both the Teaching Mission and the 11:11 Progress Group – being decidedly a part of the Urantia Global Awakening, and most certainly of great importance regarding additional new and still future revelatory information – have been brushed aside as having their origin on some alien planet, whilst they are today’s organizations that have ongoing contact with their Thought Adjusters, Christ Michael, Mother Spirit, The Damascus Scribe, Machiventa Melchizedek, Midwayers and former human Teachers.

Strangely, in absolute contrast to the present suggestions of Mr. Scalzo, the 11:11 Progress Group was given Machiventa’s direct order in 2003 to break with the Teaching Mission, to go it alone, and to see both organizations grow at a rate that would make them both proud.

Our Urantia Book readers need to know why our Celestial Brothers must first of all threaten our UB readers and secondly rob us of our God-given free will, for we have 11:11 Progress Group members in two of the three Urantia Revelationary Organizations you named.

God bless you for trying . . .
George Barnard – 11.11 Publishers Pty Limited, Australia.

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My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store