The Vital Understanding

Asheville, NC, US of A, March 31, 2019.
Trinity Teacher Uteah.
Subject: “The Vital Understanding.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “There are many of you reading this message that are truly dedicated to bringing Light to your world and there are many ways that you do that — through messages of light, through healing modalities, or teaching others how to understand spirituality from your own point of view (experience). Some of you are effective in your light work at helping others overcome dysfunction in their relationships and in building self-worth, and these are all good and needful approaches. However, there comes a time when a bridge is needed to bring people to a place of knowing about the most vital of understandings — that they are living vessels for the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator. Without this vital understanding, all the healing, channeling, and spiritual teachings of a lifetime will not ensure eternal life. To bridge this gap requires that the teachers themselves have an effective understanding of their own Inner Guide — the Indwelling Presence of the Universal Father — the Thought Adjuster.

The human example of an exemplary spiritual teacher can be found in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth. If ever you would hope to be an effective and life changing teacher of spiritual truth, healing, and experience, would be to study the life and teachings of Jesus as portrayed in the Urantia Revelation. These narratives give a unique insight into the life, the man, and the relationship He had with people and with the Universal Father through his Indwelling Spirit. His non-judgmental approach in understanding the nature of men and women living in a world of darkness and rebellion is paramount to bridging the gap to the vital understandings that can change the path of the soul from uncertain survival to everlasting life in eternity.

Your dedication in service to others should be your focus — to ensure the survival of your fellows. It’s not about you, your knowledge, or your unique set of skills and insights that will save men and women — it will be how you use these tools to build a bridge to the Vital Understanding — the very reason for their being. It’s not about proselytizing — its about “effective gardening” — the seed planting that grows of its own volition after your visit. As effective teachers and healers you shall be given new tools that shall help in this “effective gardening” if you are willing to dedicate your time and service to others.

If you are to be my students, there are certain things and understandings that I require of you. To omit any one of them is to dilute your effectiveness in changing the path of the soul. You may continue with your own recipe of teaching and perhaps lead others to teachers that can plant the seeds of the Vital Understanding, but to be my students you are to follow my instructions as I give them.

1. Read the Life and Teachings of Jesus as portrayed in the Urantia Revelation. This will bring many insights to your mind about effective teaching and the understanding of human nature as it relates to the challenges of life on a world in rebellion and how to apply spiritual principles.

2. Understand your Power Trio — your Indwelling Presence of the Father (Thought Adjuster) and your Destiny Guardians as your main go-to source for insights, healing, and communication with all other spiritual sources. This “Personal Trinity” (you, your Destiny Guardians, and your Thought Adjuster) have been an untapped power potential for many on this world because of darkness and ignorance. Your attention to this relationship is paramount to being an effective teacher and student.

3. Become a Vessel of the Holy Spirit — The first two requirements will lead to the understandings on how to become a vessel of the Holy Spirit, which I will teach you. This is the battery that shall power all the tools in your teacher’s toolbox. Healing at every level can be achieved using this powerful spiritual reality.

4. You are to continually question your own understandings with discernment — always applying the principles of Light and the golden rule — eventually developing the teachings that Jesus implored his own Apostles to adopt about loving your fellows with a “fatherly love.” With this comes the perspective on seeing others as the living hosts of the Universal Father and understanding the importance of planting a seed that will grow exponentially in light and become a factor in the equation of Light and Life — universe destiny. To be an effective teacher requires you to also be an avid student — teaching and learning never stop — it is an eternal pursuit.

These Four Requirements are the initiation for being a student of a Trinity Teacher. Your choosing to adopt these edicts will start you on a path of acute spiritual guidance that you shall come to understand as you “walk the walk” and “talk the talk” of someone who is guided. Humility must become you. As Jesus once taught: “I’m sending you out as sheep among wolves.” “Be as wise as serpents, and yet as harmless as doves.”

To take up this path — the path of a spiritual teacher is the most rewarding of all experiences. The growth potential for such unselfish service is beyond measure. Never is it easy, but never will you regret the journey.

In love and dedication,
I AM Uteah.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

What Are You Waiting For?

Urantia, March 24, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “What Are You Waiting For?”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “My dearest wish is for you to open up more to My leadings, for you to become more conscious of what it is that I desire for you.

“Your greatest work is the cultivation of the inner self, to weed out all negative thoughts toward self and others. You really do not need to have the physical temple of your budding spirit turn against itself through auto-intoxication, whereby it becomes prone to aches and pains, and premature aging.

“The quality of life in the physical is essential, and its importance by far outweighs the duration of life. So often on this planet life is prolonged without there being any real experiential value for the aged, whilst the body-mind is in a vegetative state.

“Spirit functions best in a body of clean habits of thought, food and environment. The inner life always reflects the outer, and the outer life reflects the inner.

“Spend more time with Me to become balanced in serenity, especially when something or someone ruffles your feathers. To maintain an inner calm, also means fewer disturbances in the outer self. You may be sure that this creates a beneficial effect on the outer environment.

“Think of it this way; the more often you come to Me, the more often I can express Myself through you. Even though this may not be apparent to you, a marvelous healing calm shall pervade your surroundings, and all who enter into your energetic space will feel calm and refreshed.”

“There are many more reasons why it is good for you to come to me in the Stillness. These results will you discover in due course. So come. What are you waiting for?”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Keep Moving Forward

Alabama, US of A, April 2, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Keep Moving Forward.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The purpose of material life at this stage is to get as close as possible to the eternal aim, to the achievement of perfection and the likeness to the Father. This task is going to take ages, but the foundation is established here, in this world. It is now when, as a creature, you can begin to get closer to the Creator and establish a working relationship with the Father through His Divine Presence: The Thought Adjuster within your being. This is the priority for those who aspire to achieve an eternal life of loving service and endless discoveries.

“It is expected from human beings that they find a personal way to approach their Inner Master and take advantage of this resource to realize their potentials. Human awakening occurs when a person understands that he or she has been born for a purpose and knows how to start working to achieve it. This is enlightenment, but it is still far from the achievement of perfection. When a human being has the experience of knowing through faith that the Father gives us everything we need for our spiritual growth and for the achievement of the goals of eternity, an awakening that mobilizes all the resources of the personality for increasingly higher achievements takes place. Then a lasting peace begins to manifest itself in the lives of those who are no longer victims of trivial animal fears and trust that everything is always under perfect control.

“This is just one of the first steps towards achieving perfection, but it is an important step, because you would know from now on where you should walk to reach the goal. True human maturity now manifests itself and the creature begins to strive more and more to follow the guidance of its Inner Master. This effort achieves a progressive harmonization with the Will of the Creator and facilitates spiritual growth.

“Do not be discouraged by your mistakes and by your apparent lack of spiritual insight. All you need at this stage is the intention to be better, at doing the Will of the Father, to be increasingly closer to perfection. You are walking towards the true goal of time. If you stumble or deviate from the path, you simply must go back to it and continue. It does no matter how often your confusion takes you down a path that leads nowhere. Just have the courage and firmness to do whatever it takes to get back on the true path and carry on.

“The Father has no preferences or distinctions among His creatures. It does not matter when you get to enjoy the banquet that has been prepared for you in the house of your Father in Heaven. What has been prepared for you will always be at your disposal and the only way to lose this glorious opportunity – this unconditional gift from God – is to stop walking and consciously refuse to move on. This is the great risk for those who feel so far away from the Divine Presence, that they forget that the Father Himself walks by their side on the paths of life. Do not allow this self-deception, this imaginary great separation, to discourage you so much that you remain paralyzed on a corner of the road. Always keep moving forward since each step gets you closer to your own divinity and the glorious goal of eternity.”

Translated from Spanish by Silvia Adriana Cohane.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust

Oregon, US of A, February 20, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “From Self-Doubt to Self-Trust.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Trustworthiness is the true measure of self-mastery, character.” [UB 315:06]

Thought Adjuster: “This short statement provides much food for thought. Am I trustworthy? Are you trustworthy? Those are very significant inquiries. How so?

“As a Divine Fragment, I dwell within you. It is not a form of ‘Spirit possession,’ as I would never trespass on your decision-making process, which is why My Presence goes unnoticed by many. I am a Father Fragment — His Personal Inner Ambassador of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness — Love in Action. Yes, I AM 100% worthy of your trust, as I only have your highest good at Heart.

“What about you? Isn’t it amazing that, even though you start on your life’s journey as an immature and imperfect creature of time and space, I am eager to come and indwell you in your state of untrustworthiness? So many of you fall prey to self-doubt. Nevertheless, I trust in your potentials, as I hold dear the blueprint of the perfected you.

“As you continue to overcome challenging situations that strengthen your character, you are growing in trustworthiness, and your self-doubt gives way to self-trust. As well, the positive sense of selfhood that you come to exude leads others to trust you as well.

“Indeed, confidence and trust go in pairs. It is by subduing your unruly tendencies that you become a Master in the martial arts of life — both feet remaining firmly planted on the ground no matter what. Such a Self-Master also qualifies as a ‘trustworthy’ and dependable Sensei for wannabee Masters. It is how Jesus led His exemplary life, and numerous were the fruits of Spirit adorning His magnetic personality.”

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Listening to and Hearing from On High

Urantia, March 3, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Listening to and Hearing from On High.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is when unbelief changes to steadfast faith that miracles begin to happen. As long as mere shadows of doubt remain, you will wholly live in the physical, material world. Only when your doubts turns to total conviction, do you walk with your God through whom all things are possible.

“This is what I endeavor to teach you; that through complete willingness on your part to listen in the Silence within, where I, your eternal Complement reside, no information will be misconstrued by you.

“Yes dear one, I know that the achievement of true listening skills is a most difficult craft to master. When this is achieved, no misunderstandings will arise, so no misinformation will be passed on by you.

“This has happened countless times in the ages past, when men imposed messages upon others what they had ‘heard’ from on High. Much grief and sorrow has come from this, as they misconstrued messages and made those into laws for others to obey.

“Especially women and children have suffered most, and suffer even more now than ever with supposed inequality and in servitude to men, when young girls are often denied proper care and education on par with boys.

“Your Master Jesus, His disciples and the true prophets of old never taught such things and very few even now know that Jesus also had 12 women apostles, who ministered to the poor, the sick and the dying. Yes, the women have always been the caretakers on the planet.

“This is all to be rectified in this new time of Correction, instituted from on High.

Meanwhile My child, practice listening to the divine Voice within.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store