Inner Growth and Outer Growth

Alabama, US of A, May 3, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Inner Growth and Outer Growth.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “When you become ‘transparent’ – when you abandon your preconceived ideas based on your limited vision and experience – is when the Father can be expressed through you and when you can get a glimpse of your divine essence. This occurs more frequently with the practice of Stillness, when you consciously put your mind at rest and search for the truth within.

“How can you perceive the Father within you? You can observe Him by observing how you act when trying to express unconditional love. You can perceive the character of the Father when you offer the best of yourself to your peers without expecting anything in return. You can feel the love of the Father when you see it in the hearts of those who cross your path. The Father never hides from you. It is your low position in the universal hierarchy that imposes limitations on your ability to see the eternal and the divine, but the Father generously makes every possible effort to reach you.

“Do not be concerned because you don’t hear His voice inside your head. The work that your Thought Adjuster performs in your mind is constant. The Divine Presence does not require rest and it does not lose patience ever. Nobody knows you better and He can predict your thoughts and your actions better than you can – He is never surprised. However, there is a lot you can do to take advantage of His service and ministry in a more effective manner, by accepting that you are a creature in the process of reaching perfection; who needs to learn from the experiences of life and from mistakes, promoting in this way an attitude of exploration and service, where you discover the universe while experiencing divine love.

“There are two directions for spiritual growth: inner growth and outer growth. You achieve outer growth through the exploration of truth and increasing understanding of reality. This is when you attempt to know the plan and the divine will while you discover your position and your role in the creation of an evolving reality. Inner growth occurs when you experience divine love, when you let it enter your heart, fill you, and then let it overflow from you into others as loving service to your peers.

“Paradoxically, outer growth will fill your being with wisdom and knowledge, while inner growth will become a source for the fruits of spirit that are manifested in the lives of those who start to live lives of authentic faith and increasing progress. Exploring the reality around you helps your grow internally, while your inner spiritual experiences become the expression of your being to the rest of creation.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

A Left-behind World

A Left-behind World
From the desk of George Barnard – 10/07/2019.

There was a time, now almost 50 years ago, when I had my young family living on a 5-acre farm and I was the owner of a growing printing and photographics business. In the suburbs surrounding our new factory there were few people that were skilled at the work our small team produced. Our newbies occasionally made a mess of things and after a time I learned to keep my cool about this. “Things are meant to go wrong here,” I used to say. “This world is the rubbish bin of the universe.”

Soon, if anything went wrong on the farm, I would tell the children (and in a dead-pan voice) that things were meant to go wrong on this planet. Kids love fun, even weird fun, Celestials were not impressed and it seemed they knew more about my future than did I. When Michael more recently claimed: “We taught you all those things,” it became clear that I was steered toward the things I now do. It had become urgent that I stopped joking about our planet being the universe’s rubbish bin.

In the early 1970’s I asked the Midwayers about Betty and Barney Hill and their ‘alien abduction’. Did they get operated on and for what purpose? It was shortly after when I landed on a planet bereft of vegetation but there was a building of heavy steel beams and glass and at least three levels. I had landed on the ground floor where a moving belt transported to a refridgerated basement human bodies from the slaughterhouse above. They were black, like Barney, organs removed and stitched back up.

I did not linger in that place and I used the saying, “This earth is the rubbish bin of the universe,” less often. Much less often!

Recently when listening to the Damascus Scribe I was informed that the world of canibals described above is unlikely to survive. I’m rather certain that this world is mentioned in the Urantia Book as one that is worst off than our planet. It’s conjecture, a safe supposition, I think, but I don’t rightly know this.

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We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

Long Live the Truth!

Oregon, US of A, June 11, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Long Live the Truth!”

Message received by Anyas.

“This gospel of the kingdom is a living truth…. [I]t is like the seed of the living being, which, from generation to generation, while it remains the same living seed, unfailingly unfolds itself in new manifestations, and grows acceptably in channels of new adaptation to the peculiar needs and conditions of each successive generation.” [UB Paper 178, Section 1]

Thought Adjuster: “Why did Jesus qualify the truth as living? Because it applies to all facets of life at any given moment. Such is the ‘living revelation’ He shared, empowered by the very Spirit of Truth He sent to indwell humanity after His resurrection from the dead.

“What have you done with this ‘living seed’? Have you robbed it from its life force to bury it between the pages of some ‘sacred’ reference book, writing its eulogy in permanent ink? Have you stopped it in its track by freeze-framing it in your mind? Or do you allow it to roam free, coaching you to lead an authentic life?

“Work at getting to the bottom of your very own living truth. What is your purpose as an individual? It is a fundamental question that needs to be answered by the Spirit of Truth Itself. It will activate your life to become a living testimony of the liberating power of truth. Indeed, truth is powerful — and this is forever true. It makes sense of everything THAT IS and debunks everything THAT IS NOT, but THAT PRETENDS TO BE WHAT IT IS NOT.

“In each generation, truth seekers have to collaborate with Spirit in bringing up-to-date obsolete revelations that no longer meet the needs of the present evolutionary state of affairs.

“Why do you think Jesus refused to write anything down? Because He did not want to stifle the truth content of His words, thus preventing their seeds from maturing and adapting themselves to each generational need for pro-active truth.

“By engaging in an endless quest for truth, you will have a thrilling life. Truth finds a deep resonance in both your heart and mind and empowers you to become the best you can be at each stage of your unfolding metamorphosis. Not only does it make you soar to ever-new heights of self-understanding, but it also connects the myriad of cosmic dots, revealing the multi-dimensional living organism of which you are a living cell.”

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The Truth about Rebellion – Part 1

Asheville, NC, US of A, July 14, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “The Truth about Rebellion.” – Part 1

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “Have you ever considered how incredibly powerful you are? Most people believe they are powerless — that only wealth or political ambition (control) can bring power. This is a carefully crafted lie that was seeded into human consciousness at the beginning of the rebellion that happened on your world a very long time ago. Temporal power is impermanent, while spiritual power is eternal. Do you believe the lie that you are powerless? Even those who recognize the sovereignty of the Creator Father believe the lie because they put the lie first in the order of their beliefs. A mind that is indwelled by a Fragment of the Creator is far more powerful than any temporal power, and you can rearrange the order of your beliefs and bring that eternal power to the forefront of your mind and to your world.

When you understand why you are powerless, then you can begin to put things in order. Lucifer, together with Satan and Caligastia seeded this lie as a means of disarming the powerful human mind endowed with will and a Fragment of the Creator resident within. He knew that his rebellion could not survive unless he could disable the power of the Indwelling Spirit within the human mind. It was also his intention that he (Lucifer) would be god over his rebellion worlds and prevent souls from ascending to the Father. The only way he could achieve this was to use deception — to trick the human spirit into believing a lie — that they are powerless and that there is no Creator Father.

Once the lie was ingested, it would replicate like a virus and embed itself in human DNA for generations where it could be reinforced by the temporal mind — only believing what it could see with its eyes of flesh. Lucifer knew that suffering could be used to stop all forms of escape — that once humans suffered, they would not believe in a loving Creator — they would see that they were alone and abandoned — they would blame the Creator for their suffering and reinforce the lie that only temporal power exists in the world. It was an ingenious and insidious plan that worked and still does to this day.

Even now with the head of the Dragon severed — the leaders of the rebellion apprehended, the spirit of rebellion lives on in human mind — you are left with the stain of rebellion and this stain continues to uphold the lie and all the suffering it brings to your world. Every human act of tyranny, war, genocide, and hatred can be traced back to the root of this lie, and Lucifer knew that it would prevail even if he was apprehended and annihilated.

He also knew that his plan it was not absolute, that once a human mind was contacted by the Indwelling Spirit, it could overcome the lie and free itself from the bondage of fear and suffering. He saw that religion was one way man could escape from the lie and ascend, and so he tasked Satan to poison religion with the lie that man was corrupt and sinful without reprieve — that they were dammed to eternal hell for their transgressions. Religion, the very tool of escape, was then used to secure the lie and keep souls from ascending — because they believed that they were eternally separated from the Creator — even after death their consciousness would keep them in doubt of any salvation.

How do you escape from this? By knowing the Truth about Rebellion — why it works, and the help that was sent here to free you from it. Then can you begin to understand how powerful beliefs are and how a mind indwelled by the Creator Father can be used to transform its life and path using truth, beauty, and goodness to overcome all forms of fear and suffering. As more and more people on your world understand this, the walls of tyranny will crumble and a new world will emerge free from the stain of rebellion. Light and Life will be your reality when this lie is eradicated!

In truth, always,
I AM Uteah.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Is Urantia In for a New Great War?

São Carlos – SP-, Brazil, July 7, 2019.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Is Urantia In for a New Great War?”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “You have not been available to me or to other Teachers for a long time. Your question also originated in other minds — many minds, in truth — it is most relevant any time, but particularly now: “Is Urantia in for a new Great World War?” While there is no more definite answer than the one given to your Progress Group Leader by Samuel of Panoptia (“Only the Father knows”), there is some evidence (signals) that allow us to conjecture with a reasonable margin of certainty, only by remembering what you already know about wars and applying it to the present day.

“While wars are the maximization and generalization of the individual, group, and nations inter-irritations, it is said on your Papers that, “whenever the fabric of civilization becomes stressed by the complications of society's advancement, there is always an immediate and ruinous reversion” to wars. That was true about your previous two of Urantia’s Great Wars which were, in fact, a result of the social complications brought by your so-called Industrial Revolution. Presently, man tested his advancements to relieve those social anxieties which that very advancement had caused. Nowadays, a new anxiety emerged, produced by another Revolution, the Technological Revolution, which also needs relief, and if man does not apply peaceful social means to obtain it, a new Great War will surely do that.

“Also, a factor that seems to slow the evolution of new worldwide conflicts is the horrible destruction caused by the other two experiences, especially with the use of nuclear weapons. However, it seems there is a tacit agreement among the world superpowers, that is, conventional weapons are tolerated, but nuclear weapons are not — except to the superpowers, being America the Sheriff of such non-verbal agreement. Still, as science spreads and technology becomes available even to small and poor countries, underdeveloped nations see in this situation a way to call attention to their needs and agendas: forcing their entrance in this selected nuclear club and so gaining bargaining power. That certainly increased the risk of nuclear conflicts and the risk of a new Worldwide War. Not arrogance, but respect and understanding, will help superpowers to deal with these small but dangerous nuclear threats.

“Finally, take a look at the role of religions and ideologies in the genesis of major conflicts. If they are not the provokers, they certainly are the supporters. Religious and ideological fanaticism is rapidly overspreading through the radical Islamism and the White-Supremacism. No religion or ideology is exempt from becoming radical and being used to justify wars. Simply to counter discourse or violently repress these fanaticisms is not enough or wise to prevent their spread because they feed on being combated, as well noted by the Jewish teacher Gamaliel at the beginning of the Christian Era. Religious and ideological fanaticism has and may again bring humanity to the brink of a worldwide war. Radicalisms are fought with their opposite, dialogue and tolerance, but intelligent and effective ones, that touch and instigate supernal values in people and help them to reconsider their destructive course of action.

“Therefore, my pupil, I join Samuel of Panoptia in saying, “Only God knows”, if you are at the brink of WWIII. We all, both low and High, pray and work that no more will come, but as you well know, it doesn’t help that your human race is still incredibly immature. Besides, even the Father resists interfering with the sacred human free will and, although there is much celestial and divine pressure to the contrary, it is well possible that a new Great War is in the making on Urantia — “But only God Knows”. These signals make us suspect that, yes, it is lurking to appear, but also they help you to focus on what may be done to prevent it. I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on High. Peace!”

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Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos. 11:11 Store