Your Elder Counterpart

Urantia, January 10, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Your Elder Counterpart.”

Message Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Wait before Me in the Silence and listen. Although at times no words may come — only an indescribable feeling of togetherness. The keeping of your daily appointment with Divinity within represents a growing hunger for Me.

“This insatiable hunger I have placed in you, for it is to entice you back into My presence for further learning. However My child, it is also for you to become satiated with My love.

“It seems to you that you can never get enough of Me. Your thirst is so great, that you keep coming back for more. In doing this, your capacity to receive becomes greater, and this pleases Me because I have so much to give. And yet, you can digest only miniscule amounts at a time.

“Let us enjoy each other’s presence. I am happy because you want to spent time with me. This satisfies Me too.

“It is not only you who benefits, dear child. It is your Elder Counterpart who rejoices in your awakening consciousness of Me.

“We shall travel Eternal Life together, you and I, as one. And this bears repeating, as I want you to remember this always, in all ways.

“This is also meant for all the humans on this planet, who are likewise indwelt with an Elder Counterpart, and make the supreme decision to choose eternal life by doing the will of the Universal Creator God by sincerely trying to love one another.”

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More on Urantia’s Magisterial Mission

São Carlos -- SP, Brazil, December 21, 2018.
Teacher: Avonal Son, Monjoronson.
Subject: “More on Urantia’s Magisterial Mission.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Monjonronson: “It is I, or as you call me, your Avonal Son of God, answering your concerns. One thing that many still do not realize is that I will not appear ‘in glory and power’. I will appear as a ‘male of your realm’ and in this condition during my mission to Urantia I will serve for about 1000 years. My Avonal identity will at first be known by comparatively few. The ministry of a Magisterial Son on a world such as yours is gradual and progressive. A Son of God coming to a world reveals Himself to those who believe. Even when Christ Michael returns to your world in power and glory, as He promised, many still will not believe it, but faith is never optional or unnecessary. The divine plan for your world will be fulfilled according to the will of the Father and as executed by Michael. However, it counts and depends on faith reception from the majority of its inhabitants, but not all.

“When soon I fully manifest, it will be more on the fashion of when Machiventa Melchizedek bestowed himself upon your world in Abraham’s days. His was a short mission to not let the truth about the true God ‘wither’ beyond recognition. Mine is an extensive project to continue the proclamation of the real Gospel of Jesus of Nazareth, restating it to another day and generation, mostly to strengthen the now embryonic Fraternity of Man and Women on Urantia, and to finally reverse the social and political effects of Lucifer Rebellion which installed such a detrimental and dangerous nationalism in the governmental system of your world.

“From the three-part aspects of my mission, the brotherhood of man and woman, the establishment of a global government, and the global ‘diffusion’ of one language, none is easier. The spiritual aspect (brotherhood) is the most challengeable, due the evil remnants of Lucifer’s folly. The political aspect (one government) already has its starting point on the inter-nations markets recently created, and the social aspect (one language) also is promising since the best candidate for that, the English tongue, is not linked to just one nation as happened to global languages in the past. None of this will be successful if there won’t be a methodic, efficient way to reduce the genetic maladies now encrusted into the Urantian races, with individuals wholly incapacitated for the expression of noble and spiritual values that really improve human civilization and boost it towards the ideal of the Kingdom of God.

“The fact that my ultimate presence here is already known and believed across the globe is, no doubt, an important help for when my full manifestation occurs. However, besides understanding the gradual and progressive aspect of my mission, it is important to know that, although my performance will be strictly according to the principles of a Magisterial Mission and to the mandate and wise directions of Michael, the diverse and even adverse reactions of people, institutions and religionists are not unexpected and certainly will generate problems for the course of my mission, especially in the beginning, while the brotherhood of man and women won’t assume major proportions and greater influence. One problematic assumption is to expect that I will be seen as the ‘Antichrist’ mentioned on your apocalyptic records. But do not worry, I have met similar difficulties in previous magisterial missions and the experience is, as you know, ‘the truth will liberate you’. As it was before with Jesus, it will be in my time too. Spiritual pressure, however, produces unexpected and progressive changes.

“Very well my child, it is important to emphasize these aspects of my mission because there are many, even among my students, who still do not realize that I am really a Son of God, but my manifestation will be as a male of the realm, and I will not linger on all kinds of mysticism, but I will work on teaching, leadership and action. Remember, my mission has three aspects: spiritual, social and political. You should expect I will be influential in these three areas.

“I am very happy for this renewed opportunity to interact with you. Again, I assure you that my full manifestation is ahead. I will start small and slow, but not unnoticed. Pay attention to the news.”

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Why Does It Take You so Long?

Oregon, US of A, December 20, 2018.
Trinity Teacher Uteah.
Subject: “Why Does It Take You so Long?”

Message received by Anyas.

“The progressive comprehension of reality is the equivalent of approaching God.” [UB 2094:02]

Teacher Uteah: “You worry that you may put words in my mouth. Let go of such concerns. Anyone of us could transmit the words of truth that you receive through your mental process. Indeed, all beings of light are ‘truthful’ and would approve of the gist of the loving guidance provided to the children of time and space.

“Indeed, teamwork has been conceived as the modus operandi of the spiritual realms — yours included. What do I mean by that? Human beings also live on a spiritual plane, even though it is unbeknownst or neglected by many. During your human infancy, much focus is placed on your physical reality, as you need to ‘activate’ your carnal vehicle to find your bearings in this material reality. Even your Master Jesus had to undergo such a formation stage.

“Your body is meant to be the instrument fostering the development of your soul. Jesus quickly came to this understanding, and this was the access door to His amazing spiritual evolution — blending His humanity with His divinity, thus setting the tone for each one of you.

“What are you waiting for to follow His lead? Stop procrastinating and coming up with weak excuses for delaying your spiritual activation. By doing so, you are working against yourself. As well, rather than entertaining doubts as to your spiritual nature, why don’t you investigate it? Do you think that Jesus misled you? Then, why not stand 100% behind His words and live according to them? Why refuse yourself the joy of yielding the rewarding fruits of the Spirit during your human incarnation?

“By turning over the many stones paving your material reality, you will come to discover the spiritual treasures buried under them. Your spiritual antennas will get deployed and start picking up on the other dimensions of your existence, bringing you ever closer to God. Soon, this at first intangible and mysterious Being will start revealing Himself in a very personal and intimate way. You will then get ‘hooked’ to your spiritual nature and never again shall you rudely turn your back to your Inner Beloved.”

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Becoming an 11:11 Midwayers’ Messenger

Becoming an 11:11 Midwayers’ Messenger
From the Desk of George Barnard -- January 9, 2019.

It’s the human “thing to do” to live in a home, have a partner, children and perhaps a dog or a cat. Some may well keep a snake, a frog or a rabbit. Inevitably people “reach down” to find their non human companions, possibly to avoid back-talk. In the future — it is hoped — people will be “reaching up” for celestial work-mates and companions.

On the part of the celestials, well, they have been giving us hints for many decades in the hope that we will reach up to them and accept them as spiritual teachers. Usually they are the ones who will make contact first and by making you look at your clock at precisely 11 minutes after 11. It’s then truly up to you to find out who they are (1,111 Midwayers), what is meant by them (Join us, work with our platoons), and what do I need to do to be able to hear you or see you better (meditate and get your metabolism way down).

So, in the same way you send your four-legged “servant” on a chase after a Frisbee with the words, “Go get ‘em Rocky!” you might hear, “Get into your car. Go to the bluff and pull the guy off the rock before he jumps. And what’s taking you so long?”

In all fairness, this is the most urgent and most drastic and most unsettling message I ever did receive. Most messages are quite tame, just to let you know you are now in charge of the entire platoon for maybe an hour or likely even less.

Most times, also, you are merely asked to be a messenger for and on behalf of the immediate group of Secondary Midwayers and likely one Primary Midwayer plus assisting Angels of all kinds.

If your heart’s desire is to make this world a better place, “adopting” a platoon of Celestials is one way of going about it. So, what’s taking you so long?

And it’s just a stray thought from George Barnard.

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We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

Innate Curiosity

Alabama, US of A, March 21, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Innate Curiosity.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings were created with the purpose of their starting a long journey to reach perfection. This is the reason why all of you possess in variying degrees an innate curiosity and longing for adventure and for the chance to explore the unknown. Many times the difficult experiences of life make some people go against their nature and deny their impulses to explore, trying to keep themselves within the comfort zone they have built for themselves. However, the soul is saddened and withers in the face of forced monotony.

“The true joy of living can be found in this life when the individual learns to see every new day with hope and as a new opportunity to achieve greater spiritual progress and move a step closer to the eternal goal. All energy emanates from the Creator Father and will unavoidably return to the Father. If a mortal manages to become part of that universal flow he or she will eventualy and surely reach the Father and experience the highest satisfaction of the personality.

“The safety line you can hold onto that flows in the current of the river of divine will is your Thought Adjuster. This presence of God in man constantly reveals to each soul and human mind the most high and beautiful realities. When a mortal becomes more sensitive and spiritually aware she will start to experience the deep satisfaction of coming increasingly closer to the Father and having a better understanding of His will.

“This is how those who search for the Father with curiosity and with the desire to know more about Him become increasingly more like Him. Their souls are filled with love and they spontaneously start to develop a keen interest in their peers, because they begin to realize that all are involved in the same adventure of self-discovery and advancement. With time, a creature illuminated by this unconditional love starts to see the Father within each of her peers, and for these fortunate ones humanity becomes the best resource for establishing the divine will. For those who are motivated by the love of the Father, human beings are the most valuable thing that can be found during their careers on the material worlds.

“A soul enlightened by truth, beauty and goodness is capable of noticing these attributes in her brothers and sisters in this world. The love of the Father cannot remain locked or limited in a single personality. Once it has been experienced, the desire to share this love arises naturally. This way, the enlightement of one becomes the motivation and the guide for the rest. The best thing you can do to change this world is to change yourself and strive to reach perfection. Let your light shine with increasing intensity so that your ability to illuminate the path for your peers will be greater.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store