The Love of God Shall Triumph

Urantia, April 19, 2019.
Teacher: The beloved One.
Subject: “The Love of God Shall Triumph.”

Message received by Lytske.

The beloved One: “The daily exercise of seeking me in the Stillness is the inescapable attraction of Paradise, latent in every evolving soul.

“It is the faraway echo of the Eternal; the origin and the destiny of every created being and evolving creature.

“Even when your faith wavers, and you slip because of unbelief. It takes true courage to march on in this uncertainty as to what is beyond the veil.

“I can assure you that the Master Planner and Architect is also the Builder and Artist who, painstakingly and patiently in His great love and wisdom, will see to it that every stone, every color and hue is laid down in a most perfect pattern.

“It is His will that each descending being and each ascending creature evolves toward its perfect design that is held in this great Being.

“Simultaneously with this infinitely great decision, in the eternal past, the Creator also decided that He wanted to experience himself through all the created beings and evolving creatures of His time and space planets.

“He therefore gave each creature free will to make their personal choices and decisions to co-create this ideal pattern of evolving perfection and He gave each a Spark of himself for help and direction, should they so desire.

“He also gave them free will to choose between good and evil. All the evil you see and experience is of humankind’s own making.

“Humankind is inherently good, but on this planet and some others, great upheavals have occurred, that have caused gene mutations leading to mental aberrations. Here you see the law of cause and effect in operation.

“However, the Call of Spirit shall ultimately prevail and the love of God shall ultimately triumph.”

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About Animation and Re-Animation

Oregon, US of A, April 6, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Animation and Re-Animation.”

Message received by Anyas.

Animus — Latin word: the rational soul; life; the mental powers, intelligence; vital principle.

Thought Adjuster: “Your planet is a soul nursery. In each normal-minded human being the Father plants a spiritual seed of tremendous potentials, thus distinguishing them from the animal kingdom.

“However, this soul seed has to be tended to for it to germinate and reach full bloom. There are a few essential prerequisites for a successful process of soul maturation.

“The first one is the quality of the natal soil. The second one is an appropriate climate. The third one is attentive monitoring. As Jesus explained in one of His parables, some seeds fall on rocky grounds that make it impossible for them to develop a root system. What is then necessary is either to painstakingly remove the stones that make the terrain ‘uncultivable’ or to hope that winds or winged creatures will airlift the seeds and relocate them to more fertile soils.

“A seed will forever remain a seed if held captive in the dark vault of frozen ground. It will hibernate until warm sunrays defrost the soil, liberating them from their comatose state. The benevolent influences that contribute to the defrosting of your soul and its ‘animation’ are the substance of Light and Life and their fertilizing agents of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness.

“Truth acts as the growing light of your soul, boosting its metamorphosis into a thriving seedling and keeping it evolving according to its matrix of perfection.

“Do not neglect to expose your soul to the light of truth it craves. It is what makes it grow fuller and weightier — ever more beautiful and replete. You are the landscaper of the Holy Ground of your soul. As well, through sharing your gardening tips, you can help remedy to the stunted growth of other late-bloomers.”

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His Fabled Legions - Part 1

Illawarra District, Australia, April 17, 2019.
Teacher: Life Carrier, Orion.
Subject: “His Fabled Legions.” Part 1.

Message received by George Barnard.

Orion: “ . . . let me put it to you this way: We, all of us listening in, are well and truly ahead of you all. And that is why I want to take you up on the offer of working with you and with your friend. You see, very much in the vein of which you worked with Midwayers, Cherubim and others during all these years, ‘this friend of yours’ may have the opportunity to work with me or one of my extended family. Just as your Teacher, Samuel, collaborated with the chief of Panoptia’s Live Carriers in the re-design of fruit, so your friend can work with one of my brothers or with me.

“Let me tell you now that you all and as a population are on the cusp of monumental changes and one of those changes, improvements, and most wonderful developments will be a work ethic that will soon as a matter of cause include a Celestial among your work teams as well as with individual workers. And, no, they won’t simply tell you what you want to know or what to do. In almost all instances you will come up with the potentials, but your ‘spirit helpers’ will be able to affirm your theories or say if you are on the right track. As you personally did on many occasions before the turn of this century, your friends and students will come to belong to one of ‘His Fabled Legions’ of operators.

“It is well understood by both sides, my son, by both human and spirit, that you are a purely evolutionary breed and that you are responsible for your own progress, entirely, but for a scant little bit of important guidance. As well, it is clear that your spiritual deftness lingers far behind your wordly and mechanical progress. However, should your inroads into the secrets of eveyday life come to blossom extraordinairily, your spiritual outlook will hardly wilt in such circumstances. Remember this for all time; there is a limit to the degree a civilization will progress whilst this civilization’s spirituality lags behind.

“Truly, my student, it is so that the Father wins every time. It may be sooner, it may be later, but inevitably the Father wins. And so His Fabled Legions of men, women and Celestials of diverse kinds will all win with Him.

“I greet you for now and advise you to encourage the student to seek cooperation with us in her taking on such a challeging task.”

George: “We thank you, Orion, and all of your friends listening in.”

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Two Extreme Thoughts

Alabama, US of A, April 9, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Two Extreme Thoughts.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There are two extreme thoughts regarding religion. At one extreme, you find those who don’t believe in anything. They are the ones who have rebelled against the deceptions and manipulations of the institutional religions of the past and, for this reason, they reject everything that sounds ‘spiritual’. Many of them have a materialistic vision and refuse to use faith as a way to overcome the limitations of their human perception.

“At the other extreme you can find those who are trapped in traditional religions. They are the ones who believe in everything half way and do not question anything. Their religious leaders easily manipulate them and they hold to their beliefs sometimes with violence, without leaving any room for doubt or for new and improved considerations and interpretations of the truths they so earnestly defend.

“Neither of these extremes will ever provide a complete vision of reality. Those who do not believe would see how their lives, their mental health, their relationships and the way in which they see their world, could benefit from a little faith. They obstinately reject any possibility of discovering something beyond matter and they deny their own experiences of spiritual awakening. Those who are victims of religious fanaticism would find that some of the skepticism of their non-believer peers would be helpful, because they would get an opportunity to question those traditions and beliefs that, even being a part of their religions, are not an adequate expression of divine goodness.

“However, many people in your world are somewhere in the middle between these two extremes. They are the ones who must decide to dedicate their lives to the search for truth or simply let their days pass into oblivion without growing or progressing in the understanding of their lives, their true being, and their destiny. For all light workers, this segment of the population represents the best opportunity to exert a positive influence with their examples and their lives. We are not suggesting that you should forget your siblings in the extremes, but once a human being has made a decision about their beliefs and what is considered to be the truth, this decision cannot be easily changed, unless that person has an open mind to accept changes and make adjustments to his or her concept of reality. Neither eloquent persuasion, nor force can effectively change a mind that has been set.

“When the Master walked among you in your world, He did everything in His power to answer the questions and satisfy the yearnings of those who showed the slightest interest in their spiritual salvation. He gave himself generously to all who asked, giving them even more than what they asked for. However, He never made the mistake of trying to convince anybody who did not ask for salvation. He knew very well that life and human experiences are the best anvil in which a dynamic and saving faith, that can lead a person towards God, is forged.

“Light workers, your job is not to convince and gain adepts to your movement. Your work is to present a way, show where the gates to spirituality are, and then let everybody do what they need to enter and start enjoying the spiritual fruits that are produced in the battles of faith. In the end, the salvation of a soul is always the responsibility and the task of that soul in particular. A person can destroy or build herself depending on her decisions. Those who achieve perfection will know without a doubt that the glorious enterprise of transforming an almost animal being into an original and faithful expression of God is, and forever will be, a personal achievement, a goal reached by their own efforts by unwavering commitment and the cultivation of an intelligent faith.”

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Be on Standby

Oregon, US of A, March 27, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Be on Standby.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Whet the appetites of your associates for truth; give advice only when it is asked for.” [UB 556:16]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us revisit this concise and very pertinent statement by looking at it from My perspective. I sense it perks your attention.

“Truth is associated with Light. The name Lucifer meant ‘bearer of light’ and refers to his former splendor. Truth acts as the backbone for any sustainable creative endeavor. However, the light of Its Eternal Flame has been much obscured by the adverse effects of the Lucifer rebellion. Lucifer initiated spiritual dark ages by knowingly assembling a dense cloud cover of deception and ignorance, aimed at subjecting your world to a total ‘solar eclipse’ — a brazen attempt at ousting the Light.

“Be assured that it is a lost battle. Darkness may hide the sun, but it cannot make it extinct. As well, in His Whole-Wisdom, the Father ignited His Pilot Light of Truth right within you, giving you unhindered access to it no matter what.

“Moreover, Jesus revealed the access code to the vault of Truth: ‘Ask, and you shall receive!’ It is as simple as that. A sincere question is all it takes to magnetically attract its corresponding answer, acting as bait at the end of your fishing pole.

“You may feel as if you were fishing in muddied waters. Nevertheless, your question acts as the most effective bait to ‘fish for answers.’ Think back on your life and identify those moments in time when you got a hit on the solicited answer. Such an occurrence is always paired with a deep feeling of joy and gratitude because it did not strip you of your God-given free will prerogative.

“As a Divine Fragment of the Creator, I will never breach that fundamental agreement. I will remain in a mode of standby until you ‘activate’ Me by soliciting My Input. By initiating such a process, you demonstrate that you have evolved to the point where such a question is relevant to you.

“The same goes for interhuman relationships. Questions arise on the foundation of previous answers. What is currently relevant to you may not be to others at their current developmental stage. Therefore, it is unproductive to force feed them your morsels of enlightenment, as it would not please their taste buds — landing way over their head or far below the radar of their interests. Such unsolicited input would amount to trespassing on their free will, generating resentment on their part instead of hoped-for gratitude.

“Yours is to articulate your desire to be of service to others. Such a voluntary enlistment will be duly noted On High and, whenever an adequate situation arises, you will be prompted to speak words of truth that will hit the bull's eye of some question your brothers may have raised in the silence of their heart. Indeed, the network of the Thought Adjusters is silent but highly effective.”

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