The Elements of Stability

Chicago, US of A, December 5, 2016.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “The Elements of Stability.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “On the evolving worlds of the universes of time and space, there is a stage when these worlds reach physical, social and spiritual stability called ‘an Era of Light and Life.’ When these worlds gain this desirable stage they are able to sustain that stability for a long, long time until their systems, constellations, local universes, the super-universe (never reached yet) and finally the whole grand universe reach this stability concomitant with the complete personalization of the Supreme Being, installing the Age of Supremacy in the seven universes. Evolution constantly reaches out for stability, not only about the macro-cosmos but in all dimensions, even in the dimension of human life. Here are some elements to achieve human stability.

“Conservation — Stability presupposes a level of conservation as opposed to destruction. The successes of a stage become the foundation to the following and so forth. Evil does not conserve: on the contrary, evil is destructive, because evil has nothing in itself that is permanent. Permanence is predicated on goodness, truth and beauty. As these values are progressively conserved in human existence, stability establishes itself and remains for ages and ages. In your world, the main factor that prevents stability is wars’ proliferation, still carried out in many places on Urantia. Only the growth of a cosmic conscience on Urantia can bring stability, with the appearance of the Brotherhood of Man and Women based on the Fatherhood of God.

“Control — stability does not mean stagnation, it means security in midst of change. That is what is called ‘progress.’ Technique, the practice of controlling knowledge is the mother of Technology. Technology is advanced by the control of physical conditions in space and time. The levels of control are physical, mental and spiritual. Mind is able to control physical realities, and the spirit should guide mind by spiritual values. Real control is not about controlling others; rather, it is controlling oneself. Physical control should liberate man to achieve personal and spiritual control. When personal control is achieved in human existence, one experiences that desirable state often called ‘Peace,’ which reflects itself both in social and spiritual dimensions.

“Continuation — Stability needs to be secured with measures that make its continuation possible through time. Maintenance of stability basically depends on the continuation of those factors that make stability a reality. Maintenance has mostly to do with the administration of problems. That means that problems need to be foreseen, expected and solved. Foreseeing problems is crucial to prevent them; expectation of problems is not negativism but acknowledging the law of wear and consumption of energy bringing consequent disruption. Problems need to be faced with creative and alternative thinking and solutions. Sometimes large structural changes are necessary to make sure stability will continue. Human beings must not be afraid of thinking ‘bigger and better’ at each turn of their existence.

"In this way, my pupil, stability many times starts in your personal life with something you have experienced: conversion, new birth or a complete change in life that will determine the remainder of your existence. Urantia, your world, is in need of such a change to reach social and spiritual stability. Indeed, many times such changes come out of intense disruption of the status quo, but at other times it gradually emerges from slow cosmic growth. Either way, when stability is in sight, man should grab it and keep it as essential for achieving the so-much dreamed-of ‘Peace.’ Thus, I, Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher on High, wish for you personally and for Urantia, your world, this desired stability, saying: ‘Peace be with you both.’

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David Zebedee and More

Illawarra District, NSW, Australia, October 29, 2016.
Midwayer Chief ABC-22 (Bzutu).
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: “David Zebedee and More.” Shortened Transmission.

Message received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We are the Urantia Midwayers. Our ranks are swollen by our formerly delinquent brothers and sisters, now no longer seen as rebellious, thank heavens. As well, we have our foreign friends — Midwayer Mathew and some of his tribe you know well — shocked by what they found here, but satisfactoraly accustomed to Urantia’s human morals and mores, off-beat humor, pet peeves and a present-day election brouhaha that needlessly threatens to have swords swinging and bullets flying even across international borders. What endless worry you humans are to us, your doting cousins!

“Almost forgot I’m introducing the eminent Scribe here. Later.”

The Scribe: “Thank you to the one who can put a brave Midwayer face on all and every circumstance. We greet you both, my students and all you readers. It is pure pleasure for Me to answer your questions.”

  • An 11:11 Progress List subsriber writes, I have closely studied the Urantia Papers since the mid 1980’s, the unrevised bible prior to that time. Whereas the UB speaks of David Zebedee, the bible (German, dated 1912) only mentiones his relatives.
George: “The questions are, why is that so and also, how important was the work of David Zebedee?”

The Scribe: “I will answer your second question first of all. David was a man with the mind and the personality born to do the job that to his reasoning became truly important for him to do as a self-appointed helper of Jesus. There was, even among the Master’s Apostles, not one who would take Jesus’ spoken word as literal as would this young man, David Zebedee.

“Younger than most, he nevertheless knew better than anyone the difference between a parable and a solid prediction. As soon as the Master had died, David counted the hours till Jesus would resurrect Himself. At the appointed hour and place he notified his 26 runners to be on their way to advise their distant contacts that Jesus had risen and that the tomb was empty — the women said it was empty and they had also seen the Master with their own eyes.

“David Zebedee was a practical man, a rather gifted organizer, trustworthy, serious, clever and most humble. The universe had picked him for the job . . . or perhaps the universe had ‘designed’ him for the job. As others kind of fell apart, mentally I will admit, David Zebedee sent his runners out on their tasks and simply informed them the work was now done. They were now dismissed.

“In short, my friends, the Teachings of Jesus would not have fared as well without David, his organizational skills and his rather carefully selected physically fit and eager messengers keeping in touch with the believers so far away.

“The bible notes what mankind remembered long after Jesus’ time and thought to be worthwhile about His Life. The Urantia Papers give you more about his Teachings and the friends and helpers that surrounded Jesus in His days. On High, David Zebedee is admired for his clear thinking and persistence at his task, even during the grimmest of grim times.

“I go now, whilst I leave you my love. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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God is Pro Life

Oregon, US of A, November 11, 2016.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “God is Pro Life.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind that the womb has been meant to be a safe ‘deposit box’ for the fragile and precious embryo it shelters, just as the egg shell protects the soft egg within it or your hard skull protects your precious brain matter. There is so much softness and complexity embedded in all creation that the Father had to protect its integrity by allowing it to develop within the safety of wombs, shells, and cocoons.

“Yet, frequently these sacred spaces, intended to nurture God’s miracles, suffer great trauma without much deep thought being given to it. Whenever a cocoon is smashed by hostile behavior, the breathtaking butterfly will never see the light of day and its beauty will never be observed. Whose loss is it? The fact that it is perceived as a loss implies that the content of the cocoon was meant to be a precious gift — a gift that never got unwrapped in its own natural and divinely ordained timing.

“Dear ones, life is precious. It is a gift from God — a gift that none of you will ever be equipped to independently replicate. Why do so many of you take the misguided initiatives to destroy the precious life force contained in the gift? Human beings are ‘beings.’ The Father invests so much in each one of His creations. Do you think that He would choose to abort His own miracles in the making? Do you think He would meticulously, knowingly and lovingly endow His creatures with facets of Himself if He did not bless them with a bright eternal future? The Father’s creative process undergoes many phases, the first one being the ‘pre-conception’ phase. He thinks BEFORE He acts. The only impulse He follows is the loving impulse of His heart that can only ‘pre-conceive’ Truth, Beauty and Goodness. He then acts upon it by following through with the actual ‘conception’ phase.’

“A helpless baby growing in the maternal womb deserves protection. It is a work of art that will be unveiled at birth. Destroying such miracles in the making because they are inconvenient is worse than vandalism. Have you ever looked at it this way? What if you were spending nine months diligently investing yourself 24/7 in creating a beautiful work of art, only to see it shattered by unappreciative vandals who relish in destroying beauty? How would you feel to see the fruit of your labor thus unappreciated and annihilated?

“Children of the Earth, your shortsightedness is what leads you into trouble. Evolution is constantly happening as everything ever created is meant to move toward the fulfillment of its potentials. Whenever you eliminate potentials, you deprive your world and your life from many loving adornments that came as a kit for you to help put together as co-creators — not co-destroyers. How many geniuses have been thus aborted who could have contributed to greater planetary progress? What if Jesus had been aborted as an inconvenience? God’s modus operandi is immutable. What about yours? Wouldn’t it be much better to ‘consciously’ conceive a child rather than viewing it as an unwanted and expendable consequence of shortsighted self-centered impulses? Do you view yourself as an accident or as a miracle? If God wasn’t pro life, what would be the point of it all? All lives matter.”

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Release and Let Go

Urantia, November 19, 2016.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Release and Let Go.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “This subject line from an old hymn has been on your mind: ‘I release and I let go, and let Spirit guide my life.’ This is a wonderful line as it opens the door to spirit-communion when recited from the heart and not from the head only. Often words are shallow and almost meaningless, without any deep feeling behind them. Spirit always knows the truth of every thought but mortals simply have no concept of how intimate and important in their lives is the Spark from God within.

“However, over time these circumstances are about to change but sadly, many mortals will still not learn until proof is placed right in front of their faces. And this often happens unawares to them through profound circumstances beyond their control. The coming times will bear this out when the only way to carry on is to flex their faith muscles and call on Help from above. The celestials are waiting in the wings, so to speak, for when the citizens of this planet pull themselves together to get out of the starting gates and sincerely run the race of faith, belief and spiritual growth will be set before them.

“There is a reason why you humans are on the planet at this time in history. There are great changes in the wind and it will be up to you and your progeny if these changes will be successful. Many of the old ways have become redundant because they don’t work and thus need to be released and let go of. This will be the only way to clear the deck and make for a clean ship.

“Peaceful cooperation is now being called for. New ideas will germinate in human minds, as these will portend progress for all including the planet herself. It is time the old redundant laws be replaced by socially more effective ones, so all citizens will be able to enjoy a better quality of life, never mind what race, color, creed or sexual orientation. Remember that you are all God’s children and therefore each other’s kin. In God’s eyes there are no borders to keep others out.

“However, it is expected that each person adheres to the laws of the land, wherever they find themselves. Everyone ought to be able to live in peace and harmony with their neighbors. This can be done when each lets go of negative tendencies and then allows their Spirit within a voice to inspire them with insights towards individual growth. They are meant to seize the opportunities through education of being accepted as equals. This would be the ideal situation the celestials expect to see develop in this pivotal Time of Correction.

“Individual awareness is expected to improve when slowly on at first more of the earth’s citizens start realizing that they are capable of using far more than the 5% of their conscious awareness they presently experience and live their lives with. Human beings are far more capable than they can even begin to imagine through their using the gift of free will and making their Creator-inspired choices and decisions in all sincerity and honesty.

“You as God’s children live, being created by the method of evolution and therefore there is no limit to your potentials or possibilities, if you chose eternity.

“Therefore, please release and let go of the old and allow Spirit to guide you to become the real you . . . you are meant to be.”

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A World of Extremes

Alabama, US of A, September 5, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A World of Extremes.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Currently on this world two different extremes of civilization and spirituality can be found. On the one hand there is barbarism and savagery at a level that rivals the primitive eras of this planet before the arrival of the Planetary Prince. On the other hand, many among you are achieving higher levels of understanding about their origin, their destiny and responsibilities in the creation of the eternal realities — their duty to the Supreme Being — and the expression of truth, beauty and goodness.

“This is one of the reasons that make your world so interesting to the rest of the universe. Those who have been born on this sphere possess a wide range of choices and therefore the weight and the importance of their decisions are a lot bigger. On a primitive world the spiritual progress that is expected of each individual is very modest. On an advanced world much more is expected of its inhabitants but the possibility of going below a certain level is not there. Very few worlds offer the extremes between the animal and the spiritual that your world offers.

“The tension between these two opposites can make life very hard and confusing for many. However, the same help and the same inspiration that can be found on advanced worlds are already available on this world. The Thought Adjusters assigned to human beings on Urantia have been tested in everything and have a wealth of experience. This means that anybody who wishes to be successful in his or her spiritual career can do so and every opportunity to achieve this will be provided.

“The only requirement to move from the animal to the spiritual is the sincere desire of the human soul. The conditions into which you were born or your environment are irrelevant. These things can certainly influence you, but if you decide to overcome your fears and doubts — and when as a good scientist you start to explore the spiritual realities — you will find the experiences that will reveal to you the truth and the love of the Father. Despite the great confusion of this material world, there are legions in the higher realms that are just waiting for any of you to peek beyond the curtain, to then offer you their services and welcome you to the universal family of the awakened children of God.”

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