Breaking Free

Urantia, February 5, 2012 (date of formatting).
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Breaking Free.”

The Beloved One: “This lesson in a somewhat different vein is to show you how to break free from your spiritual inertia of your long-held beliefs, which are not totally true. It is when you open your mind that you let new insights come. The more you get used to opening your mind, just a little further to let ring the truth bells deep within you, the more you are breaking free of long held thoughts and habits which no longer serve you.

“This breaking free pertains to the urge in your soul to grow God-ward. It represents ‘the shaking loose of old shackles’, which have held you so long in bondage of fear, and ‘the way things have always been done’. You will dare to break free from your habitual tendencies to let your thoughts run through the familiar channels, so you are no longer afraid to entertain a greater truth in your heart and mind.

“Habitual thinking is regressive, turning the life you are living into the mundane and humdrum. Like the Master stated, ‘Search all things but save the best’. Of course you would not go searching for the ways to demoralize your soul. This is a given. In all manner of things seek to do the will of God, and in keeping yourself occupied in this manner, you will be led into ways which will break you free from your spiritual inertia.

“Such is the path of the ones who desire to increase their God-given light within. It is always your choice and freedom as to which path to pursue, but once you realize which path leads to a higher and better way in life, you will choose the way with the most love in it, which helps you to grow heaven-ward. This is the meaning and purpose of life -- to do the best you can in order to become the best you can be.

“It is the perpetual urge from Paradise which draws you God-ward and helps you to break through your reluctance to explore the higher things of value and meanings, without being stifled by former conditioning. In this manner, life offers a much greater freedom, a deep inner feeling of joy, and a rightness of life itself. In this way you will discover that all the lessons you are walked through have a much higher purpose than you could ever imagine -- a purpose which will become clearer with each of the many following stages of your eternal existence.

“It is your very goal to break free into becoming the perfected you”.

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Rest in Me

Mexico City, Mexico, June 7, 2016.
Teacher: Jesus (Michael).
Subject: “Rest in Me.”

Message received by Bettina.

Jesus: “Do not carry all the weight by yourself. I am here to make your burden lighter.

“There are so many things you care about, so many things you want to achieve and ever so many goals you desire to reach. I am here today to remind you that you are not alone in your journey on this Earth. I decided to come to this world to experience firsthand the true nature of human beings. That’s why I know how you feel. I knew you before you came here, I know you now and I will know you forever.

“Let go therefore of the burden that tires you and place it on me. I will help you carry it.

“When you learn to do so, when you learn to trust in My help and when you realize My living presence on Earth and in your life, the joy will invade your heart as will the certainty that everything that happens is well planned for your growth and evolution.

“Open your arms and receive all My love. Receive all My blessings. Let My love and help reach you. Live your truth, which is having Me with you and in you, always. That is the truth that will make you free from suffering and pain, anguish and resentment.

“If you accept My truth as your truth, you will see your life in a different color and joy will fill your days.

“Do not suffer any longer. Do not worry any more. I am here to walk beside you. You will constantly enjoy the path you took in your time on earth.

“I am here with you. Feel My presence. Live in My love, in My care and under My protection.”

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If you stop judging, you will find peace --- Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

Another Light

Alabama, US of A, July 29, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Another Light.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Finding the Father is always a personal experience. No two persons in all creation can find the Father the same way. Each one must create their own way to establish a relationship with God – with the God Fragment that inhabits within each person. This is a direct consequence of the fact that God has created us to be unique personalities – different beings destined to express a unique aspect of His will and His creative power.

“During meditation you should make an effort to calm your mind and to silence the flood of thoughts constantly besieging the human mind. The intent is to establish a clear communication channel with the Father. The intention to find God is primordial because it sets you in a receptive mode, opening the doors to divine inspiration. Many practice meditation with the sole objective of emptying their minds and even when some benefits can be derived from this practice, due to mental relaxation, the higher benefits are missed if the person does not have the intention and the desire to find God within.

“Communication with the Father only requires a sincere mind and heart, with the single objective of finding the source of the most noble aspirations of a human being, finding the Father, learning to know Him and discovering the purpose of life – His plan for your existence and your development, from an almost animal creature to a perfected being of light made to His image.

“This is an invite for you to abandon once and for all your belief that God is a distant being, that He is too high ‘up there’ to have anything to do with you. On the contrary, the Father is right here within you, as you read these words, and He is filling you with such compassion to confirm this feeling. If you ask Him to guide you and make you notice His presence, He surely will. He is not hiding. He just requires your attention and your focus to be able to speak to you with more clarity.

“Do you believe that the Creator of all beings and the Source of all Wisdom will not be able to find a way to reach you, to let you know that He is available and at your service? Every instant, with every opportunity, the Father speaks to you in a thousand ways, in your dreams, and in your thoughts. Learn to follow your highest impulses of your being and let your will choose to be the best you can be, the person most filled with unconditional love and wisdom that you can imagine, because this is precisely the will of God for your life. When your being is able to express truth, beauty, and goodness, you will be truly living in the age of light and life – and another light will have been lit in this world in dire need of more light.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

The Quirks of the Blue Man

Illawarra District, Australia, November 12, 2004.
Primary Midwayer, Andréa.
Subject: “The Quirks of the Blue Man.” [Part transmission only]

Received by George Barnard.

Andréa: “We, too, can occasionally run low on energy, my dearest friend, especially so when we allow our human-like feelings to come into play, when we witness an unsuspected turn-around in Earth’s slow but steady progress. However, since you notice I’m still here, you will understand that we do not ever give up or give in. Indeed, this is our livelihood, and the pay-off is enormous in our personal, and group satisfaction in us serving our Hero, Michael, and thus serving the Father through serving Him, by serving others—our sole function.

“Your question is deserving of an answer, but it is not a simple one. There was a time, perhaps, when warring parties could have made peace, and the blending of Nodite and Adamic stock could have proceeded to show you an entirely different picture of extraordinary progress today, and that might have been about the only chance that ever presented itself. As it is, you have not blended, and calculations by better minds than mine can assist you with, have brought us the conclusion that this is no longer preferable.

“You are now faced with having to come to terms with the talents and quirks of those races that remain. Your Red Man is a greatly spiritual being, but he can be provoked. Your Yellow Cousin is a peaceful one, but he will defend himself, and an attack on one sibling will motivate the entire “family” to take up arms.

“It is the White Man who inherited more of the Adamite, but the Blue Man’s traits of old “shine through”. It is the White Man of today who will initiate, discover, and forge ahead in many new fields. It is also he, who will change his approach to what is often not ethical; invent new paradigms and the preferred new language and terminology to go with these drastic changes that perhaps justify, yet rock the world time and again.

“These, by and large, are the quirks of the latter-day Blue Man, his licentious behavior, rampant inbreeding, and his unusual, growing ability to justify almost any unsavory behavior by calling this something other than (what) it was. This is the Correcting Time, my dear brother, and it is the time to see, to realize, to expose, and to correct these racial, these genetic anomalies, in the person, the family, the wider community, and your governments.

“All needed help is with you, but for you to show willingness, intent, to better your world, our world. This is Andréa. My love goes out to all.”

Note: The question dealt with the predatory behaviors of big business, and our politicians in government, especially as it relates to the Middle East.

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Ascension towards Perfection

Chicago, US of A, November 10, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Ascension towards Perfection.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Perfection is a divine value meant by the Gods to be shared with their creatures, even with those of the lowest evolutionary origin, like you on Urantia. The ascension scheme spread throughout the seven super-universes is the means by which you can become a perfected being and finally reach Paradise. However, while on the ascension path — which you have only started on Urantia — perfection is a goal and living is the technique by which to process it, step by step — if you have indeed chosen to live by the will of God. This process includes the desire of a pure life — to be like God — by the practice of certain purging attitudes in life.

1 . . . Understanding and Tolerance. “Mind helps you to understand things in life, but it is conditioned by your ‘wisdom frame’ which can be distorted or even nullified by selfishness, prejudice, and intolerance. Understanding is more than simple assessment: it includes an attitude of acceptance without defiance. That is not necessarily to agree with it, but tolerance when it is against your views. Intolerance prevents a real comprehension of others’ views and an interaction towards peaceful, caring and productive relationships. Purge your reactions with understanding and tolerance.

2 . . . Restraint and Respect. “Your evolutionary origin poses many life challenges dealing with your inherited evolutionary animal traits, such as survival, bellicosity, selfishness, as well as pleasure and easiness seeking. All this calls for the necessity of restraint if one wants to progress on the ascension path. Animal urge restraint is to apply self-control both in consideration to your spiritual growth, and the well-being of others. Respect comes from the sense that your neighbor deserves as much consideration as do you. Respect sees you as a partner in life among others and others as fellow humans with a will, rights, and choices which must be respected, although not always necessarily condoned.

3 . . . Peace and Goodness. “Urantians still have a civilization status far removed from their being considered peace-loving human beings. However, as individuals on the ascension path, you can cultivate this love for peace and goodness which does add to your efforts for spiritual progress. Peace comes from the practice of loving your neighbor as yourself, combined with the realization you all belong to the same humanity and share the same spiritual status as children of God, brothers, and sisters in the Father’s household. Goodness towards creation and fellow humans springs from a peaceful and caring regard for nature and your neighbor. Loving peace and goodness are beyond the obligation of duty, it's a progressive attitude of those who want to grow in perfection on the ascension path.

“So, my pupil, purity of heart is neither magical nor mystical. Rather, it is the result of spiritual attitudes towards a living marked by a desire to spiritually progress on the path of ascension which culminates in the Paradise perfection. Understanding and tolerance will help you to build a peaceful and productive relationship with your fellow human beings. Restraining evolutionary animal urges coupled with genuine respect for others will make you a fair and considerate person. Being a peace-loving individual along with promoting goodness to others is your personal contribution to the world to eventually make it a planetary reality, I am glad to contribute to your growth in your ascension towards your Paradise perfection; I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Peace!”

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