The Times to Come

Quebec, Canada, January 14, 2019.
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizadek.
Subject: “The Times to Come.”

Message received by Michel Levasseur.

Machiventa: “Today we are going to talk about The Times to Come because, for those who follow the transmissions of Teachers, received through various ‘Tranmitter/Receivers’, the important topic of the planetary changes to come is addressed more and more frequently.

“It can be said that certain transmissions are discreetly alluding to them, while others are more direct about them, as well as about the times to come.

“Now let us be clear. There is no good way to tell you what changes are on the horizon because they are about to happen; It's one minute to midnight, my friends.

“Few people are ready to face what will happen and it is with sadness and a lot of love that it befalls us to inform you that you must prepare yourself as seriously as possible.

“The announcements made in the past have always been taken lightly by the population; know that there will be fewer warnings from now on; only one official announcement will be made; it will have to be listened to and taken seriously, because thereafter, the changes will begin as described in the prophecies.

“You think that the tone of my message is stern and very different from the usual messages, but you have to be solemn now and make sure that the current times are no longer dedicated to reflection but to action.

“Listen to what you hear because you will know when the bell will ring . . .

“I am Machiventa.”

English translation by Anyas Spencer.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22. 11:11 Store

Look Forward to these Moments

Urantia, February 24, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Look Forward to these Moments.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Never venture so far away from me that you cannot feel my nearness to you. It is my greatest joy when I feel your conscious presence. It is when you remove yourself from me that doubt assails you and uncertainty shows its face.

“Connect yourself more securely to me, so you will always know where to find me, even during your busiest moments. You might as well, as I am always with you. I will never leave you and am only a spared thought away.

“You ought to train yourself to remember this, so you can rejoin me once again. This of course is always dependent on your free will. I will never want you to feel that you are in any way obligated to me.

“Think about it in this way for a moment: you have fallen in love with someone, and right there and then you want to spend the rest of your life with that person, so you look forward to the next rendezvous, as this beloved is constantly on your mind, because you are filled with anticipation about the upcoming meeting.

“This is how I would like it to be and then much more so, because we do not spend a short mortal lifetime together, but for all of eternity.

“Think of how I look forward to these moments when you come to me in the Stillness, and I try to get you to know me and love me, for you can always be sure of my love for you.

“So why would you move away from me and be in denial of my love for you?”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

What about Health?

Chicago, US of A, March 5, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “What about Health?”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Dr. Mendoza: “Much of the lack of more effective health on Urantia is due to the incomplete Adamic Bestowal on the human races. Although the Andonic race was mostly pure, being the first race on Urantia, it lacked cosmic insight and effective resistance against diseases. Caligastia’s One Hundred gave humanity its first genetic boost with their superior plasma; however, the decisive one, the Adamic genetic up-stepping program was, unfortunately, aborted by Adam and Eve’s default. Since then, Health on Urantia is not a given, but rather a struggle, a result of an aleatory genetic inheritance, and social and scientific achievements.

Physical Health on Urantia has many variables, including geo-social ones; very often, good or bad health depends on income and location. Secondary Midwayers, like me, are in nature closer to humans than the Primary Midwayers, our lighter cousins. Accordingly, we have on Urantia a contingent specializing in physical healing, to which I belong. We have powers to manipulate material realities; we can, and sometimes do, physical healings. Our occupation is to attend human needs all over the world. Although we are lightning fast, we cannot help with all healing needs; therefore, we minister according to specific criteria from our superiors.

Psychological Health also is within our capabilities. We have access to the mind circuits, and with permission of your Thought Adjusters and your Guardian Angels it is possible for us to give you some insights to help with your psychological needs, including in situations of death. We may appear in human form and interact directly with our patients, sometimes engaging in informal or formal counseling, sometimes interacting with them subliminally, passing along suggestions that will help them with solutions to their problems. However, we do respect free will.

Spiritual Health is our most important involvement. When working in this area we have to deal with the human mores and religious beliefs — incredibly diverse on Urantia — not only in religions, but mostly in what individuals actually believe. Without favor to any evolutionary religion, we always try to propagate the Master’s teachings in all faiths. We mostly try to reinforce our birthright from the Father and obedience to His will within the beliefs people already espouse. Sometimes, we may operate ‘miracles’ with this goal in sight, and some of us, at times, even join you in your worship services.

“Therefore, my friend, Midwayers are very concerned about all aspects of human health. However, in general, each individual can do more for himself than we can. Aside of inherited diseases, physical deformities and accidents, most of the health care is about what you ingest and lifestyle. It’s imperative that Urantians realize the importance of an everyday healthy diet, exercises and rest. Addictions are scientifically proved to all be harmful to your health. Self-control, then, is a practice to be learned by everyone. The improvement of social conditions, especially infra-structure, will improve health conditions. I am your friend, Dr. Mendoza. Be blessed.”

Receiver’s Note: This message came to me after I received an “888” prompt, the number I assigned to Dr. Mendoza. This was the first time I received a message from him. I use various prompts as a kind of ‘note’ or ‘call’ from my Teachers.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
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We are Absolutely Beside Ourselves

Illawarra District, Australia, February 18, 2019.
Teacher: Midwayer Mathew 33-3-33.
Subject: “We are Absolutely Beside Ourselves.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “It will soon be 20 of your years since we joined your loyal Midwayer ‘tribes’, doggedly going about their business, unwavering, determined. The idea of being of assistance to our Urantia ‘colleagues’ had come up in Midwayer minds countless, yes countless times all over this local universe, because whilst you were totally isolated, we were often-times informed. Indeed, there were such occasions when unattached Father Fragments did travel to this planet and when more than idle gossip was made known to us. The one-time outrageous idea of living and working here became a dream of ours, then a likelihood and finally a dearly-wished-for reality.

“Much as the Urantia Midwayers are united in what they do, we, your ‘foreigner’ or ‘imported’ or ‘refugee’ or ‘alien’ Midwayers — as we’ve been called by you although understood in jest — have ‘psychologically blended in’ with the local troops. Even though I am dedicated to you both and you rely more on me as you are getting older, for each time we meet and liaise, the Damascus Scribe is still your Number One contact, hold this in your mind, always.

“However, the important reason by far why I speak with you today is to tell you, nay to heartily impress upon you, how thankful I am and how thankful we all are to be able to work directly for our Creator Son on this once totally isolated sphere, His sphere. For most of our working lives we were aware of the necessarily rough deal that was meted out to your world in it remaining isolated, being under-educated, under-staffed, restricted and in many ways quite poisoned in an ongoing batle with fake information and bogus rules. How we wished to assist you all! And how grateful and pleased we were to be introduced to this world.

“See it now in your mind’s eye, my friend, that on a well-ordered planet where three or six colored races are well blended and present a physical psychological and intellectual norm of a kind there is less to do for 50,000 workers than there is for 1,111 or even 1,984 Secondary Midwayers on a world where everyone is ‘an outright study’, no two are the same, a thousand languages are spoken and not one individual has a clear grasp of basic spirituality.

“To us, celestials, looking at it from your point of view, we see you as doing it tough. We see you as having a rough time, a hard life. When we consider our own situation, we are, after all, the professional problem solvers, the trained trouble shooters. We are absolutely beside ourselves to have been given this opportunity to so do our utmost for Michael and for the Father.

“Think about it, though. Make it through this short terrestrial life and labour in His name and similar rewards to ours will be yours. Au revoir.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972. 11:11 Store

Be an Instrument of Father’s Will

Asheville, NC, US of A, February 24, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Be an Instrument of Father’s Will.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “Greetings Dear Students,
You are all dearly loved and cared for by the Creator Father. By His grace do you have life and are you given the opportunity to live eternally — to ‘become perfect as he is perfect.’ His love for you and all others is without condition and He is no respecter of persons. For some this is a confusing statement that is sometimes misinterpreted. Many believe that if they are to become perfected they must gain Father’s favor and will spend their time doing good deeds as a way to ‘prove’ that they are worthy of Father’s blessings. Many also believe that prosperity is proof that they are in Father’s favor. Although doing good is a part of Father’s will, it is the intention behind the act that determines its eternal value to you and others.

“Doing good as a way to secure ‘favor’ with the Father could be seen as a positive act that promotes goodwill. Although it ‘appears’ to serve others through the act itself, it is really intended to give the ‘doer’ a preferred status where they expect that they will be blessed for the doing of the ‘good.’ This thinking of being ‘preferred’ is just another form of separation and division from your fellows. It is a form of righteousness through sacrifice. It says, ‘Look at me, Father, for I do these good deeds for You — my sacrifice (my time and resources) proves that I am doing your will — can you now bless me above all others?’ ‘See how I help these poor unfortunate souls — see how much greater I am than they are for the doing of this service?’

“Jesus admonished his disciples to ‘Do your good works in secret — don’t let the left hand know what the right hand is doing.’ He would point out that some religious leaders would go out into the market place and blow a horn to draw attention to themselves and then throw money into the alms basket to display their piety above all others. Jesus warned that their only reward was from their own sense of self-importance. To truly serve and do Father’s will is to be selfless’ in service to your fellows — that in serving others you are doing something that will help make your world a better place for all or will relieve some form of suffering. The Great Plan requires that ‘all souls’ become perfected, not just ‘some souls.’ Giving of yourself in service to others is a reflection of Father’s love in you — it demonstrates to those poorer in spirit that Father’s love is real and it can become the very thing that gives them the courage to do good unto others. These are acts of the soul (from the heart) — not from a mind that expects something in return.

“You may ask, ‘Does the Father bless those who do good deeds?’ The better questions to ask is, ‘Does my good work benefit the Great Plan?’ ‘Am I doing my good work for Father’s favor; or to be seen by others as being great; or am I doing this good work for the benefit of my fellows — to demonstrate Father’s love?’ When you are engaged in benevolent service to enrich the souls of others, your own soul is blessed. Those that have the courage to demonstrate Father’s love are given more ________(fill in the blank) so that they may be of greater service. This is not favor, but a wider channel to accomplish the goals of the Great Plan. Where a way opens to bring love and light into the world, Father, by providence, will use that channel as an instrument of His will.

“Do you want to be an instrument of Father’s will? Be courageous and open your heart to the love of the Father and be a reflection of that love by outpouring that love into the world. The wider you open the channel, the more love will pour through you. Staying dedicated in service is to become like a vessel of Father’s love. Vessels are meant to fill the cups of those who thirst. See that you are filling the cups of your fellows and Father will see that your vessel is always replenished. That, my dear students, is a true blessing.

“Peace and love be yours,
“I AM Uteah.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store