Unleashed Potential

Alabama, US of A, May 22, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Unleashed Potential.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The human potential is too great to be expressed during the span of a mortal life. However, the great creative power you possess is often restrained during your life in the flesh by false expectations and self-imposed limitations. These limits can be hard to detect since they originate on the false ideas you hold about reality, ideas to which mortals frequently and obstinately attach themselves.

“In societies of this twenty-first century, the main motivation to begin any task or create something new is almost always material. You always expect to get a reward for the efforts invested and if the reward is not immediate the ‘logical’ course of action is to abandon that effort and try something else. This is considered by the majority as the best plan to follow. However, when the main motivation for achievement are personal rewards and the exaltation of the material ego, the most important endeavors for the progress of civilization lose their value to the eyes of human beings and this is a sign of the impending collapse, stagnation, and cessation of progress.

“Many necessary endeavors do not fall under the classification of ‘immediate personal benefits’ to which mortals on Urantia have become so accustomed. Many of the complex problems in this world can be solved only through the harmonious efforts of many generations working toward the same purpose. Most likely, the first generations may not enjoy the results of their efforts, but mortal intelligence should be sufficient to understand that the sacrifices of today will bring about a better world tomorrow.

“The desire for personal rewards effectively limits the creative potential that resides within each one of you. Once human beings change their material motivations by the higher aspirations of the search for perfection and the understanding of the Divine Will, they will obtain the greatest and longest-lasting rewards for their efforts and the magnitude of their achievements will overshadow anything else that has been manifested in this sphere so far. It will be then when the true potential and power of humanity will be unleashed and they would have reached that tipping point that will promote the establishment of the age of light and life.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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Removing the Blind-spots

Asheville, NC, US of A, November 17, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Removing the Blind-spots.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “How do you heal your world from a seemingly endless cycle of confusion and suffering? To answer this question requires that you look not only at humanity’s deficiencies, but within your own soul to see where the blind-spots are that contribute to the collective dysfunction. While many are being of good service to this world and do not see that they contribute to the collective in any negative way, many however, do in fact carry deep repressed feelings born from living on a dysfunctional world that affects the young soul-personality here and hereafter. These deficiencies, sooner or later, need resolution — finding ‘wholeness;’ removing the blind-spots; and healing your world requires that you understand the cause and effect of these conditions and why it remains in you and in your world.

“To bring peace, love, and understanding to the world, the individual soul must come to a realization of its own immaturity and how the human condition contributes to the emotional turmoil of the soul and the collective. In the bigger picture of the Great Plan, where a conglomerate of souls is seeking perfection, the evolutionary worlds can be a place of great struggle and great progress. Unlike the human understanding of evolution, where progress is very slow and steady, there are in reality ‘leaps’ in progress and adaptation. Moving your world to a more enlightened era requires a ‘leap’ in understanding and the catalyst for that is already present within each of you — the Indwelling Presence of the Creator — the Thought Adjuster.

“The co-creative part of this ‘leap’ requires your participation and it requires of you to do the difficult work — to look at those parts of you that need love and healing — to understand it, forgive it, and release it. This prepares the soul for greater equilibrium with the Indwelling Presence of the Creator. The acceleration of your healing (and your world) can be achieved by working consciously with the TA to restructure the subconscious mind — that powerful part of you that creates and recreates who you are in any moment.

“How do you work with the TA and the subconscious mind? By frequent communication (relationship) through visualization of how you ‘feel’ about your present and future self. Acknowledge your immaturity and ask for guidance in bringing to the surface those parts of you that need healing and that lay deeply buried in the subconscious mind. Knowing you harbor repressed emotions tells the subconscious that it no longer needs to cover them up by manifesting a diversion in other areas of your personality or physical well being. ‘Wholeness’ is a place where missing pieces are found and acknowledged. This brings greater attunement with the TA and prepares you for the next phase in your Psychic Circle attainment — a new level of personality maturity begins.

“The TA is always working to prepare you for the next phase of your journey and wants you to contribute and ‘keep up’ with the lessons placed before you — to do your homework even when the lesson is difficult. Failure is natural and experiential — it is beneficial to a point, but requires that you comprehend the lesson and move onto greater understandings.

“Is there something within you that needs healing? Those that would say ‘no’ are the ones that have the deepest hidden wounds within the subconscious mind. Be courageous, my dear students, and uncover those feelings and look at them objectively. Seeing them for what they are will help your soul tremendously in its progress to equilibrium with the TA.

“Always here to listen,
“I AM Uteah.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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Peace Be Upon You!

Oregon, US of A, September 18, 2019.
Teacher: Christ Michael/Jesus.
Subject: “Peace Be Upon You!”

Message received by Anyas.

Christ Michael/Jesus: “As I walked this earth, and during My various apparitions after My physical demise, I greeted those I met with, ‘Peace be upon you!’ I always came in peace and love, as these are co-dependent for their survival.

“Love is peaceful and kind; peace is the place from which you can feel and express love. Looking at it from this perspective, you can grasp what is missing to bring your planet closer to its eternal destiny of Love and Light.

“The current planetary state of separation and divisiveness is the expression of the inner conflicts that plague the individuals who live upon her. Each one of you bears some measure of responsibility for this state of affairs — as I took on as the Son of Man.

“I came to bring good news to those who were receptive. I stressed that all of you belong to the same spiritual family and that it is time to overcome your petty sibling rivalries. How sad it is for a parent to witness the hostilities and jealousies taking place among their offspring!

“Nurture the peace in your heart, as it is the springboard to love. I never rushed while among men because I was giving each one My undivided attention. I cared, and generously dispensed the love I harbored in My heart, thus lifting the spirits of those with whom I interacted.

“It is within your area of influence to do the same. Be on the outlook for opportunities for loving service. Indeed, love is the greater servant of all. It has a life of its own that wishes to flow through as many conduits as possible — human or divine.

“As you practice love-in-action, you will experience a real upgrade. Love is luminous and will infuse you and your world with its tell-tale radiance. Just as hate casts a shadow on the countenance of the haters, love brightens it, as it turns up the vibrancy of their auric field.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love.

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11:11 Troopers and Full Reclamation

Illawarra District, Australia, July 4, 2009.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Christ Michael.

Subject: “11:11 Troopers and Full Reclamation.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “Anytime is the right time for me to speak with you, my dear friend and co-worker in Michael’s army. At this juncture in my career, my daily life is all about ideas and plans, meetings regarding these plans, and the organizing and bringing to fruition of these same plans. In these early days of the Correcting Time the number of possibilities are almost overwhelming, and all potentials are dutifully considered. In as much as anything that could go wrong, effectively did go wrong on your world during the long reign of Lucifer, we also now have Michael’s far-reaching mandates to pull all former rebellious planets back into the Nebadon fold.

“At once, the efforts of the members of the growing 11:11 Progress Group are miniscule in comparison to the overall worldwide endeavors of Lightworkers of this important new age, whilst in its organization it is sound and impressive by its many sidedness, as well as its potential for extreme longevity through close cooperation with the Secondary and Primary Midwayers of Progress. A long-ago dream has become a certainty, indeed, that this celestial/human alliance will do three things: continue to grow, continue to run still smoother than it does now, and encourage ever more members to make close contact with their celestial Teachers.

“There … for now I palmed off my regular duties onto my brother Melchizedeks to be with you, to thank you, and your many 11:11 troopers, for the excellent work you do, and to assure you that there is no reason to doubt that you are on track and will achieve far beyond both your, and my, original estimations. Thank you. This 11:11 effort will never die. I am Machiventa wishing you well, and stepping aside now for you to receive a word from your Creator.”

Michael: “This is your Father/Brother Michael come to add his thanks and well-wishes to those of your Planetary Prince. We are grateful to be invited into your home. Thank you, my dear ones, for being so active, positive, and creative in my domain. Trust that many citizens from regular worlds envy you for the myriad opportunities that so present themselves here.

“Thank you, my dear receivers (channelers) for almost daily conveying your Teachers’ messages to thousands of my subjects. My gratitude goes to the dear ones who translate our words (into Spanish, French, Portuguese and Dutch), as my commendations go to those who diligently take care of the (internet) technology requirements, and follow-on lists. As well, and not in the least, do I express my deep-felt appreciation for the more than one hundred healers of varied expertise, who daily practice their gifts on those less fortunate than they. Continue to do this in my name, and according to the Father’s will.

“Finally, my heartfelt thankfulness goes out to those who outnumber you ‘better than’ ten to one – your celestial siblings of many kinds. Because of their essential dedication, the full reclamation of this troubled world is a certainty. Thank you. Thank you each and everyone. I am Michael. My love goes out to you all.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.

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A Personal Discovery

Urantia, December 27, 2014.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Personal Discovery.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “For those humans who have noticed that this almost past year has been one of learning, especially by those inclined to deeper thought. Hopefully and gradually this will be realized by many more humans that there are indeed changes afoot, more specifically in the spiritual ways of thinking as this planet is on the verge of important spiritual changes as the result of the Correcting Time instituted from on High and spiritual pressure which will gradually be increasing.

However, this will most definitely depend on the cooperation of those who are inclined to think outside the box, and perchance are able to wake up some dyed in the wool fundamentalists, who will slowly allow more progressive insights to be born in them. It will be like a wake-up call, when everything unexpectedly and in a moment’s time is able to turn everything inside out and upside down, so a new perspective of the present world situation can truly be born in hearts and mind everywhere.

And the question will be asked by the humans: “Why am I alive? And, what is the purpose of my life?” The short but searching answer will be: ‘to promote in your daily lives from moment to moment your soul’s growth’.

This has always been the purpose, but this inner work with outside results has never been seriously undertaken, except by a few thoughtful and dedicated souls, who early in their life started to honor the Creator of all. When looking up into the starry heavens of a clear evening sky, the question would form in the young mind: “Where do the stars come from and who made them?”

Such are the important questions that has send many a thinking human on a search to try and find and an answer to these so very important questions. Eventually after much searching and finding answers which did not totally satisfy their quest, they would turn within and find unexpected answers there. It was as if a new pathway of thought was being opened up and they did discover that the answers were waiting deep within and a personal connection to the Creator is made. (For each who seeks, shall find)

By adopting the habit of regularly going into the Stillness to confer with their ‘God-Spark’ within, those humans eventually do realize that they have found the ‘pearl of great value’, gaining an inexplicable soul-peace which is beyond understanding: to be able to converse with a personal Gift from God living within each thinking human, is the greatest discovery any one can make.

To have an actual Guide and personal Confidant and Pilot to help one through this earth-life, with the promise to in due time fuse with this Gift from God, to enable mortals to become perfect and immortal like God, by becoming one with this pre-personal Entity, who shares Its all with the human host. This is the choice God gives to all, who strive to become perfect like God is perfect.

Think about what this means for each individual mortal!

Little — helper

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire — ABC-22.

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