Engineering and the Past

Illawarra District, Australia, March 14, 2017.
Teacher: Celestial Engineer, Isaac.
Subject: “Engineering and the Past.”
(A very much cut down transmit.)

Message received by George Barnard.

Isaac: “It has been some time since we shared our deliberations with the people you call the 11:11 members. We, you and I, have conversed in passing, yes, many times in the past few years, but now I do want to say a few words about Celestial Engineers. There is much about time and space, energy and matter and God’s workers that make their offices and workrooms out in these ‘touchable’ places.

“There you have the Celestial Engineer as an example. My being one of them, I would dare say, makes me an excellent contact for the purpose of clarifying their functions. Space is wonderful for space-bound creatures and at some time a planet advances sufficiently to find the need for our services. We are the ones who connect the mind circuits of all kinds, a task that can take weeks to complete. And there you have something in the way of abilities where we excell.

“We can carry on with a task without a second’s break for weeks, taking on energy as we proceed. We can conclude the answer to complex mathematical problems by simply taking in all of hundreds of math components and the complex answers simply ‘come into existence’ in our minds after a time. When the task — lengthy or short — has been completed, we are scheduled to be relieved of our duties for a comparable length of time. Presently I’m nearing the end of a eight day holiday of mindal reinvigoration . . . remaining sane, if you like that idea, or 100% real.

“Mostly I travel to Urantia for this kind of ‘R and R’. Urantia is the Master’s famous bestowal planet and I also meet many ‘visitor types’ here. I also like your high mountains and beautiful beaches and as well, yes, best of all, I have friends on this planet.

“Celestial Engineers of the local universe of Nebadon are almost as old as the universe herself. I first arrived on this planet when it was still a hot cinder. Long after, I saw fauna and flora come and go. It succeeded and then it failed. I saw diverse hominids come and go — yes, some you don’t know about even now, and some whose DNA is not even slightly present in yours. Some smart apes and lemurs mutated positively in antiquity only to come to a luckless ending without any progeny.

“I can contain and retain all this information of century after century, and when my body is renewed, my gifted mind rejoins the new me, quite intact, for I awaken as I previously was.

“Now for the answer to the question posed. The European (Bosnian) pyramids are real. Ask any engineer. I quite frequently watched them being worked on over an enormous spread of time. Understand that revelation does not normally digress for no reason at all. Is there an urgent need to know? If not, why complicate the revelation? You are clever, you can find out for yourselves.

“I am called Isaac the Celestial Engineer. Till we meet again.”

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My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

What does it mean to be on the Spiritual Path?

Asheville, NC, US of A, March 19, 2017.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “What does it mean to be on the Spiritual Path?”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Chris: “Teachers, a reader asks: What does it mean to be ‘On the Spiritual Path?’ So many people speak about ‘Mind, Body, Spirit — Mind, Body Soul,’ interchangeably — participating in Yoga, healing, and meditation groups — or joining churches — practicing religion? Being on a spiritual path sounds like a more unified concept? Could you please speak about this?”

Teacher Ophelius: “Simply put, the ‘Spirit’ is the Indwelling Presence of the Universal Father — your Thought Adjuster. The Soul is the emerging morontial being that you are becoming — all the life experiences and values that your Thought Adjuster has gathered and deemed of survival value are retained in the soul like a container for all things True, Beautiful, and Good — your ‘true self.’ It is this growing and emerging part of you that survives and lives on into the hereafter where you shall continue to ‘walk the spiritual path.’

“Let us look at this phrase ‘on the spiritual path.’ A path is an identifiable, marked, and guided trail containing many symbolic signposts. The Spirit, as you now know, is the Indwelling Spirit of the Creator within you. It is this Spirit that guides and leads you while you journey on this path and assists you in understanding the signposts — a spiritual map for the ascending soul. Where does the path lead? It leads back to the Source of Creation — to the Universal Father (ascension).

“At first, the path is not all that well marked, it is overgrown with many weeds and thickets — storms sometimes leave fallen trees across the path barring your way for which you must use your insight, knowledge, experience and wisdom to find a way around the obstacles and pick up the trail once again. Your courage and the whispering Spirit help you to find your way and continue. Faith is the ‘undefinable knowing’ that moves you to explore what lies beyond the next hill or mountain.

“Each newly discovered vista reveals another layer of the Creator’s Great Plan. That plan is to bring all of creation to a relative state of perfection — all souls, all planets, all systems, all universes. It is in the journey of this Great Plan, of which you are a part, that all values are extracted — all experiences are lived — all ideas explored. ‘All’ in this case is relativity as it relates to the time/space creation. Every soul participating in this Great Plan contributes to the emergence of the Supreme Being — the God of Experience — that part of the Creator in the domain of time and space that enables Him to be free from the fetters of infinity and to answer the primal question, ‘Who AM I?’

“What does it mean to walk this path? To walk the spiritual path means you are actively and consciously participating in creation as a partner with the Spirit (a co-creator). You understand that all your siblings are here as potential participants in the Great Plan and all are indwelled by the Spirit of the Creator Father — each one occupies a different place on the path for which you are in service. Being ‘in service’ is in essence doing the Will of the Creator, for without service, the Great Plan stops and is then incomplete. All things are to progress and ‘move’ according to His edict, ‘Be you perfect, as I AM perfect.’ It is ‘on the spiritual path’ that souls move from imperfection to perfection (ascension) and offer their gift of experience from the journey to the Universal Father. The embrace of Finality, as you stand before the Creator on Paradise, is your gift from the Creator Father as having answered his edict for which you are entrusted with the Divine Mystery — and for which you shall have become truly ‘god-like.’

“Peace to you and god-speed on the path,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Hope’s Infusions

Chicago US of A, March 8, 2017.
Teacher: The Spirit Within.
Subject: “Hope’s Infusions.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

The Spirit Within: “One may well be puzzled about the fine line between certain concepts, like hoping and wishing. Some people cannot see the difference between them and they use them interchangeably. All people can have wishes, but sadly not all are able to hope. Some because they never learned to, others because they never wanted to and yet others because they are tired of hoping and are disillusioned. Wishing is a function of the will, but hoping is a function of the soul. In order for a wish to become hope, the former must be infused with some ‘booster shot’ of superior elements.

“Firstly, Hope requires an infusion of Faith. Without faith, hope is shortsighted. It lacks transcendence, it cannot see beyond matter, beyond problems, beyond challenges. Faith is the boost that hope needs to go beyond the possible and reach the impossible. With faith, hope has no limits, without faith, hope has no spiritual strength. That is why it is that without faith you cannot survive spiritually, because then you are unable to really wish or want or long for life eternal. Without faith, you cannot even be certain of life beyond death. To hope is believing further.

“Secondly, give Hope an infusion of Trust. You can sincerely believe in the existence of God, but you may be utterly unable to trust Him for whatever reason. Trust means that you entrust somebody with something from you. If you trust that God is good and ultimately looks after your wellbeing, you entrust Him with your faith. It is impossible to trust somebody that you personally hate, or are indifferent to. In the least you have to sympathize with a person to start to trust him or her. Hope needs to be infused with trust because hope and trust go together.

“Finally, infuse Hope with Persistence. Hope that does not persist is not hope, but a whim, a childish wish that will soon be forgotten and replaced by some other form of entertainment. If your hope is not able to overcome walls, take the long way, remove obstacles and then it is not hope, but merely an inconsequent wish. Hope is desire empowered with all powers of personality to never give up. Harness your hope with perseverance and make it as strong as your faith and trust. Disappointments, even failures, will beset the lives of every person, but they will not permanently harm you if you have genuine hope. Real hope — not doubts — does persist all the way.

“My child, some things you know intuitively and then there’s no need for an explanation, but sometimes it is profitable to stop and consider how things work, how they are composed, so you can bring to your conscience and your awareness the essence of what you are observing. Certainly, these infusions into Hope are not outward fabrications, but rather they are resources that every human being already has in their soul — all you need to do is invoke them and they will become realities to you, making mere wishes become hope. You heard my call, and this is my message. Infuse it into your life.”

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Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos. 11:11 Store

True Freedom

Monterrey, Mexico, March 28, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Freedom.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “You were born to be free. No matter where you came into being, neither your religion nor the government of your country of birth can enslave you. In your human-divine nature, all of you are free.

“Although from your birth or through the course of your life, and for various reasons, some of you have lost physical freedom, freedom of movement or freedom of expression, you will always have the freedom to think, to believe, to dream and to love.

“Your thoughts are entirely personal. You decide whether or not you will give your freedom of thought to others. Today many want to steal this inner freedom of people, and many are not alert or awake and give their freedom of thought to others. This is how they stop being themselves and start to think what other people want them to think.

“It is very important for them to return to the center of their being, and regain their freedom of thought, their freedom of belief and their freedom to be.

“Therein lies their true divine nature, and even in being human, they can at all times connect with the Father, and live spiritually connected to Him.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

My Silence Does Not Imply My Absence

Oregon, US of A, March 11, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “My Silence Does Not Imply My Absence.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “As you are settling into the Stillness, the thought came to your mind that it is your turn to be the silent partner in our relationship. Indeed, throughout your days, your mind is quite busy formulating a multitude of thoughts or revisiting the many thought patterns stored in your memory vault.

“Whenever you are immersed in your inner monologues dealing with your life’s preoccupations, I am relegated to the role of a Silent Partner. By many others My silence is perceived as being My absence, but this is far from being the case.

“I am NEVER absent. I may just be silent, waiting for a window of opportunity to speak My Mind in order to provide you with higher thought forms that will take you out of your mental rote.

“I rejoice when you turn within and quiet your mind with the intention of being receptive to higher leadings. This is My cue to step in and grab the inner microphone that you are so kindly handing over to Me. Indeed, by so doing, you are giving Me the floor. Be assured that I will not pass up this golden opportunity to speak to you, without having to ever raise my Still Small Voice — My ‘indoor’ voice.

“Throughout your day, I am monitoring your thinking. This makes Me very well informed about what goes on within you, whether or not you choose to verbally share it with others. The said, as well as the unsaid, motivates Me to provide you with My Input on a need-to-know basis. Rather than feeding your mind with ready-made answers, I strive to teach you to pick up on the clues I provide you to facilitate your homework — to learn to think independently while I plant new thought seeds in your mind for you to bring to full bloom.

“Indeed, dear children, the Father never promotes indolence and laziness and this includes your thinking. An active mind entertaining positive and creative thoughts is the incubation chamber of future realities. This is how powerful you can be if you would only enlist yourself for active duty.”

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