The Personal Focus of God within You

Asheville, NC, US of A, January 19, 2020.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “The Personal Focus of God within You.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: Most of you have heard it said that “God is within you.” What exactly does this mean — how does God live within you? To answer this requires that you ask yourself this question: “If God lives within me, then Who AM I?” When you sincerely ask this question, stop and think about who you are asking? Are you addressing your own mind and expecting an answer, or are you addressing someone who hears you — and if this “someone” hears you, then truly this someone must be listening intimately to your thoughts? For someone to listen intimately to your thoughts requires that they are with you at all times and that they have an “investment” in who you are (to be with you and hear you always) unlike any other. This “investment” in who you are IS the personal focus of God within you.

Let’s continue to ask questions, for in asking these deep personal questions is the beginning of an awakening to god-consciousness:

“If this God within is personally focused on me — monitoring my thoughts always, and is interested in who I am, then this God within must know everything about me — every intimate thought, desire, hope, fear, and longing?” “This is a level of intimacy that no other person shares with me — not even my partner, or life-long friends — it is replete intimacy!”

“Replete intimacy means that all my thoughts and life experiences are shared with this God within — even those things that are the most private that I may never share with any other person.” “Who AM I that this God within wants such an intimate connection with me?” “It’s as if this God within sees through my eyes, hears through my mind, and feels everything I feel — it’s as if this God within is very much like me, but never interferes with my decisions — this God within seems transparent, non-personal as if waiting for me to do something — what is it?”

This non-personal — non-interfering aspect of the Indwelling Presence of the Creator (God within) is waiting for you to acknowledge your intimate partnership — to begin a new life of conscious co-creation — to unify the non-personal with the Person (you). You may have acknowledged a Parent/child relationship with deity at some level, but this more intimate aspect of a conscious co-creative relationship is entirely something new. It means that you are worthy of receiving the Creator’s personal focus and because you have it (yes, you actually have it), you have a powerful partner that wants to express creation through your personality — through your thoughts and actions — through you! The question, “Who am I” is answered continually and it is revealed in greater levels of completeness as you express creation through this intimate partnership.

Will you now introduce yourself to the God within; acknowledge your worthiness to have the intimate attention of this God within and begin a life of conscious partnership? All your life this Indwelling Spirit of the Creator has waited patiently behind the scenes of your life for this moment where you become aware of this intimate partnership. Will you agree to allow this powerful Partner to have more expression in your life and to guide you toward a greater revelation of yourself? If you are looking for the words to activate this powerful relationship, I suggest the following:

“Hello, my Beloved Partner — today is the day that I willfully acknowledge our intimate partnership and I wholeheartedly desire that you express your Will through me and guide me on a path that leads to a greater revelation of myself — to know who I am and to lead me to fulfill the purpose of my life here and hereafter.” “In faith, I place all trust in your wise guidance and accept the lessons that not only show me who I am, but who I am not.” “My Beloved Partner, fill me with the treasures of your expression — lead me into all Truth — show me the Beauty of your creation, and help me to understand the Goodness of your likeness within me.”

Assisting always in your growth,
I AM Uteah.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
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Always within Earshot

Oregon, US of A, November 18, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Always within Earshot.”

Message received by Anyas.

Mortals at all stages of spirituality and on all worlds may find in the personal life of Jesus that which will strengthen and inspire them as they progress from the lowest spirit levels up to the highest divine values, from the beginning to the end of all personal religious experience.” [UB 196:2:4]

Teacher Uteah: “It is quite impressive that Jesus was able during a short lifespan to progress ‘from the beginning to the end of all personal religious experience.’ It is what made His life relevant to ALL human creatures.

“Jesus was born into an average Jewish family where He received His initial religious education that instructed Him in the many tenets of the Torah. He was spiritually gifted and talented and diligently applied Himself to master the spiritual curriculum that leads an embryonic soul from the entry-level of the seventh Psychic Circle to the attainment of the first. “Concerning mind, emotions, and cosmic insight, this achievement of the first psychic circle is the nearest possible approach of material mind and spirit Adjuster in human experience. [UB 110:6:15]

“Jesus’ religious living was practical. It is the reason why He affirmed to be ‘the Way.’ He set as an example a spiritual trail along which His infant soul grew to full maturity. He was a layman, thus making religious experiences available to the ‘common folks.’ He fully disclosed the supportive elements of His spiritual experience. He did not achieve the impossible but revealed the possible. It is the reason why His fully transparent life is so inspirational and encouraging.

“How else could He have exemplified the ways of Godlikeness? He did not institute a Mystery School for the benefit of a few sworn-to-secrecy initiates. No, He came for all, especially the spiritually underprivileged.

“No matter where you find yourself along your spiritual growth curve, you will always be within earshot of Jesus’ cheerful ‘Follow Me!’”

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David Zebedee and More

Illawarra District, NSW, Australia, October 29, 2016.
Midwayer Chief ABC-22 (Bzutu).
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).

Subject: “David Zebedee and More.” Shortened Transmission.

Message received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We are the Urantia Midwayers. Our ranks are swollen by our formerly delinquent brothers and sisters, now no longer seen as rebellious, thank heavens. As well, we have our foreign friends — Midwayer Mathew and some of his tribe you know well — shocked by what they found here, but satisfactoraly accustomed to Urantia’s human morals and mores, off-beat humor, pet peeves and a present-day election brouhaha that needlessly threatens to have swords swinging and bullets flying even across international borders. What endless worry you humans are to us, your doting cousins!

“Almost forgot I’m introducing the eminent Scribe here. Later.”

The Scribe: “Thank you to the one who can put a brave Midwayer face on all and every circumstance. We greet you both, my students and all you readers. It is pure pleasure for Me to answer your questions.”

  • An 11:11 Progress List subsriber writes, I have closely studied the Urantia Papers since the mid 1980’s, the unrevised bible prior to that time. Whereas the UB speaks of David Zebedee, the bible (German, dated 1912) only mentiones his relatives.
George: “The questions are, why is that so and also, how important was the work of David Zebedee?”

The Scribe: “I will answer your second question first of all. David was a man with the mind and the personality born to do the job that to his reasoning became truly important for him to do as a self-appointed helper of Jesus. There was, even among the Master’s Apostles, not one who would take Jesus’ spoken word as literal as would this young man, David Zebedee.

“Younger than most, he nevertheless knew better than anyone the difference between a parable and a solid prediction. As soon as the Master had died, David counted the hours till Jesus would resurrect Himself. At the appointed hour and place he notified his 26 runners to be on their way to advise their distant contacts that Jesus had risen and that the tomb was empty — the women said it was empty and they had also seen the Master with their own eyes.

“David Zebedee was a practical man, a rather gifted organizer, trustworthy, serious, clever and most humble. The universe had picked him for the job . . . or perhaps the universe had ‘designed’ him for the job. As others kind of fell apart, mentally I will admit, David Zebedee sent his runners out on their tasks and simply informed them the work was now done. They were now dismissed.

“In short, my friends, the Teachings of Jesus would not have fared as well without David, his organizational skills and his rather carefully selected physically fit and eager messengers keeping in touch with the believers so far away.

“The bible notes what mankind remembered long after Jesus’ time and thought to be worthwhile about His Life. The Urantia Papers give you more about his Teachings and the friends and helpers that surrounded Jesus in His days. On High, David Zebedee is admired for his clear thinking and persistence at his task, even during the grimmest of grim times.

“I go now, whilst I leave you my love. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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The Lesson at Hand

Urantia, January 19, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The Lesson at Hand.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “In the Silence we share, no words may come, only a feeling – an intuitive sensation of being blessed by an indescribable blessing.

“It is the human partner joining the divine Co-Creator by exercising free-will choice.

“Yes, I understand that at times the human mind rebels, and wonders if all this is real, or just a figment of an overactive imagination.

“Trust Me in this, dear one. It is always the longing in your heart that desires a closer contact, when you come to Me in the Silence, and where I am waiting to note that you are listening intently enough to hear My Words.

“At times, there is much chatter and clutter in your mind, which needs to first be cleared away. Once your mind is clear, and you pay your respects to Me, you will begin to realize, very dimly at first, what a stupendous undertaking it is on your part to be faithful in your commitment to Me, so I can begin to count on you to turn up for your daily appointment.

“This is now the most important step in your life, because you do not only derive soul satisfaction in the process, but you also become a more steadfast character.

“These are moments that bring you much peace of mind, as they provide a readiness for the lessons at hand.”

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Illawarra District, Australia, January 12, 2020.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe and Others.
Subject: “Fulfillment.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “This is a lesson about fulfillment, indeed contentment at one’s chosen task, but as I see it, as self-actualization before I give it any other name. Every living creature, from the most basic of nematodes to the most advanced of our spiritual beings, desires fulfillment in life. Indeed, yes, I did, too, and all throughout the centuries of my on-again-off-again space-time commissions did I hunger for complete fulfillment. The nearest ever to this hunger being stilled was during the time Michael served in Damascus. It was in Damascus where my usefulness came into its own, where I triumphed and so did the Master.

“In Damascus, a busy trading city, and for a most enjoyable time, the Local Universe Creator Son and I, His temporary Guide and Teacher, worked hard, and in close association, representing all manner of people with their government and others; traders, employers, creditors. Michael’s thoughts were Mine and My thoughts were His and would that Michael had been an ordinary mortal, there and then fusion would have been so very, very likely. Personality attainment is high on the list of Thought Adjusters of all of many functions. For Me to gain personality status by accompanying a Creator Son on His final bestowal mission was the fulfillment of My dearest dream.”

Midwayer Mathew: “Midwayers that are created on normal worlds are entitled to a rather lengthy education for the simple reason that they function as teachers to a large percentage of the population on a great number of subjects, but always to a different species; humans. This is Midwayer Mathew, I am used to being regarded an alien on this world, but I’m also proof that the education your Secondary Midwayers were in need of was considerably longer than 20 years. Even if they were to specialize like Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8) Physiology and Psychology, Dreyfus (DEF-5) Politics and Beatrice (ABC-3) Spiritual Education, 40 years would be more likely. They managed virtually without education, so more power to them!

“My final fulfillment will be there when I arrive on Paradise but meanwhile this is much a worth-while planet and I will be content to work here for as long as Machiventa will employ me.”

Chief Bzutu (ABC-22): “I am a Secondary Midwayer, native to this planet. I was all at loose ends until long, long ago Primary Midwayer, Andrea, took charge of my education. For me the tasks I work through on this world is it – the tasks, yes, my underlings, colleagues, my superiors and my human students and co-workers. They simply are my fulfillment, for I already have the guarantee of life eternal.

“Fulfillment for the human may be problematic. At age 5 owning a draft horse may seem to be a sure fulfillment of life but she can neither house nor feed the animal. Neither can she come up with the purchase price. At age 12 fulfillment could conceivably be a guitar and a musical future now awaits her, but there are others in the house – most diligent boy students. At age 16 she will want to get married. And so on it goes and some never achieve fulfillment in this terrestrial life. We, your patient Midwayers, we continue to offer our services to assist you in your drive toward self-actualization, for we know we are each other at our spiritual root source. Good day from us all.”

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