Conceived in Heaven

Oregon, US of A, July 22, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Conceived in Heaven.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Whenever something is conceived, manufactured, and distributed in your world, a stamp is applied to it with the words ‘made in’ and the country of its origin. Frequently, as well, patents are registered for novelties, thus ensuring that the income they generate will in part financially benefit their ‘inventor.’

“The Father in Heaven does not function that way. He does not stake a claim to fame, as Love — not fame — was, is, and always will be the purpose of His Infinite Creation. The Father shares with all — indiscriminately, without any disclaimers. As well, He shares His Creative Powers with you! Don’t you think you should put them to greater use, rather than looking for the recognition of your peers? The only precious and worthwhile recognition is the one you receive whenever you pull at their heart strings — God’s Way.

“Dear ones, why are you trying so hard to impress one another with worldly currencies? The only cosmic currency is the currency of Love. It does not depreciate. Rather, it keeps appreciating as more creatures contribute to that cosmic fund.

“You were conceived in Heaven! This should be your only source of pride. Isn’t it enough? Everything else should flow out of this heightened perception of your origin. You are the manifestation of a loving, divine thought that occurred at that moment in the very remote past when time began. Indeed, All That Is was conceived at the beginning of time, when the first domino was lovingly positioned to start an eternal and infinite chain reaction of Love. Isn’t it time to regroup and help realign the stray dominos that sadly seceded from the greater organism that sustains their livelihood? By doing so, they will magically morph into the colorful pieces of a breathtaking mosaic.”

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This is the Awakened Mind

Asheville, NC, US of A, July 23, 2017.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “This is the Awakened Mind.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Dear students on the path, today we would like to engage you with the idea that there are ways for you to energetically connect with any group or personality on your world or anywhere within the Master Universe. Knowing and believing that we are all connected by the One Consciousness of the Creator, each personality, then, within this Unified Field of Consciousness, has direct access to all focal points therein simply by directing your thoughts via your Spiritual Operator, the Thought Adjuster, and asking that an energetic connection be made. Many of you do this now when you engage in prayer and connect through faith to deity with your petitions. Not only can you connect to the persons of deity, but to any group or personality anywhere within this field of consciousness.

“You might now ask, ‘What utility does this have for me?’ My friends, your imaginations are one of the most powerful things about you as a child of the Creator, for you are all co-creators and can use this gift to bring light — to heal; to create opportunities; to send positive influence to a group or situation; to attract others of like mind and vibration; to ask for a personal teacher, to attract the knowledge and assistance you need to solve a problem — the list could fill many pages. When a group comes together to access this field, the results are even more powerful. You, inviting your guidance team to assist you in this process of co-creating, is most effective — they ‘know you’ and can help ‘fine tune’ your personal energy field of frequency and vibration to match the co-creative request.

“Know this, dear friends, your thoughts are powerful and can be used in a positive way to bring about change on your world and in your life. There are many powers and principalities on your world that understand how powerful your thoughts are, and so they cleverly devise ways to ‘dis-arm’ you by telling you who you are — how powerless you are; how poor you are; what to think and how to feel about your place in the world. They divide you up by every means possible through politics, religion, race, and social class, and create fear in you so as to provoke the ego into selfish defensiveness. This is how they control and contain your powerful thoughts — by replacing them with dis-empowering thoughts leaving you impudent while they continue to shape the reality of your world to match their own agenda. You allow this to happen when you ‘choose’ to take on the yoke of this perverted thinking (mass media — news outlets, entertainment industry).

“It is time for the children of the Creator to take back their thoughts and change their reality from the perverted agendas of cabal power to that of a healthy unified and powerful people who see a future of peace, love, and understanding. This is the ‘awakened mind,’ my friends, and this is what must happen to bring this world to the doorstep of light and life. Can you believe in the power of your own thoughts — thoughts of truth, beauty, and goodness?

“Use your powerful thoughts to connect to anyone anywhere in the universe and experiment with your guidance teams how you may change your reality — your life and the lives of others in your world. Heal and be healed — awaken your mind and start thinking deep powerful thoughts — thoughts of your own creation. Thoughts with the highest vibration carry the most power, my friends. Thoughts of love and compassion are of the highest . . . and can move mountains!

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
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A Slow Process

Alabama, US of A, October 26, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Slow Process.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “At times you see life as a very slow process and you consider your advancement as inadequate. Only mortals feel this urgency to reach their goals before their time runs out. You have achieved many things during these last years, but even if your reaching the next level of understanding takes you a million years this will not put you at a disadvantage in the eyes of your Father. Time is irrelevant in eternity and this ‘long’ while you spend in this material world is but a blink of the eye in your eternal life.

“You are starting to realize that deep and true changes take time. You can decide one day to overcome a weakness of character or a materialistic tendency, but you will have to decide this over and over again until this truth becomes a permanent part of your being. Yes, day after day and year after year you will have to confirm for yourself and your Thought Adjuster that your choice is definitive. It is a progressive training in which you slowly learn to act like God and become increasingly perfect.

“The good news is that when comes the day in which you have completely submitted your will to the divine will, you will know it consciously and without reservations. You would have achieved in yourself that certainty that will give you the confidence to go to the most remote corners of creation knowing that nothing will ever take you away from your path. You would have achieved the practical knowledge of the will of God that will allow you to act everywhere with true freedom. It will be then when you will hear your Thought Adjuster announce to the entire creation that you have made the supreme decision and you and God will become one.

“Many don’t like the term ‘submit’ when talking about free will. Submit seems to indicate surrendering your capacity to choose and letting another make your decisions. Nothing can be farther from the truth. When we talk about submitting your will we suggest the idea of having your will completely under your control. You will have absolute sovereignty over your decisions and actions — something that you don’t yet possess, because you often take a path that, after a moment’s reflection, you never would have taken. Besides that sovereignty gained through experience you would have reached a level of understanding of divinity that will allow you to always make the best decision, therefore choosing as your Father would choose in the same situation. This represents true freedom, the highest freedom to which any personality can aspire.

“It will be more productive for you to feel gratitude for the lessons that life offers and for the opportunity to be able to choose the best path, thousands of times, because that is precisely what you need to do to achieve eternal life.”

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The Stages of Forgiveness

Chicago, US of A, April 24, 2017.
Teacher: Hezekiah.
Subject: “The Stages of Forgiveness.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Hezekiah: “Magic does not exist. Things do not happen, appear or disappear by enchantment. Behind every phenomenon, even miracles, there always is an agent, personal or impersonal, material or spiritual, God, angel or human, but there is an agent — even if hidden to human eyes. In the same way, forgiveness does not happen magically. Forgiveness happens when an offense has been committed and the offended is willing to forgive. Forgiveness is a process and it is all about you. Yes, the offender and the offense are the only reasons for forgiveness. The one who goes through the process and its stages is you.

“The Prompt for Forgiveness. When someone does something hurtful against you, you always end up injured in some way — be it emotionally, physically, or financially — it always causes an injury. After the realization of injury, two possibilities may prompt you to either internalize the injury, holding the offender accountable to you, or to forgive, to let go of any right to revenge or retribution for the injury caused. The prompt for forgiveness will happen for the great majority of people, sooner or later. However, unfortunately some people who have cauterized their conscience will not feel the need for forgiveness. They will carry the injury indefinitely.

“The Decision to Forgive. If you missed the first step, the prompt for forgiveness, you will never get to the remaining ones. Next, it is necessary to take the important decision to forgive. That is mainly a personal, internal, mental and spiritual decision. You resolve to not hold accountable before you the person who injured you. He or she may have to deal with the law and justice for his or her offense, but not with you. A forgiving decision may happen many times during your lifespan, but each one is of crucial importance, not for the offender, but for you.

“The Feeling of Forgiveness. Feelings are emotional reactions to meanings. If a thing means bad, you feel bad, if it means good, you feel good. As mentioned before, the process of forgiveness starts and finishes with you. The feeling of forgiveness may at first not be clear, because perhaps the feeling of being hurt by the offender may still be fresh. However, in time when you confirm in your heart the forgiveness given, the healing of the hurt will translate itself into a feeling of sweet peace. That is when you make your peace with that particular offender, the offense and the injury.

“So, my countryman (because we are from the same planet) forgiveness is a process which does not happen immediately. It goes through a development from realization to finally experience the feeling of forgiveness. The crucial moment for forgiveness is the decision to forgive. The feeling is an eventual consequence of the fact of your having forgiven. Indeed, forgiveness is not to forget the offense. Instead it is to make a firm and unforgettable memory that you have, in fact, forgiven it. I am Hezekiah. I, in my life on Urantia, had to learn to forgive and went through this process many times. Peace!”

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The True Purpose of Life

Urantia, August, 1, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “The True Purpose of Life.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “So very few humans live up to the faith they possess and whilst they are truly capable of practicing their faith. It is indeed correct that when Jesus walked this earth and miracles happened, it was their faith which made them whole.

“Yet the secret is that most of them went back to their former life-styles, and so the illnesses of which they were healed; manifested themselves again. Self-healing is innate when you allow the joy of spirit to dominate in your life, including behavior and with the right intake of wholesome foods.

“Your bodily temple houses your eternal spirit and needs proper nutrition and included here are fresh air and sunshine. The daily intake of chemicals and other poisons are not the answer.

“For a moment, think about how far this precious planet has been compromised and poisoned at the hands of a greedy few. The saturation point is coming dangerously close with many people dying from unnecessary diseases of mind and body caused by all this pollution. When they get sick, they are made sicker still by more chemicals, which their immune systems are not equipped to handle.

“The Creator gave you healing sunshine, pure air and herbs, as well as the nourishing fruits of waters, fields and trees.

“Precious minds poison themselves with nefarious schemes of how to get rich with nary a thought about the effect on their brothers and sisters. This all needs to be stated so humankind may learn where they are erring.

“The Creator meant for you all to be caretakers of this beautiful garden planet, and his sacred intent will be manifested in times to come. Meanwhile humanity is reaping a terrible harvest of unnecessary diseases of body, mind and spirit.

“The time has come for humanity to wake up to the true purpose in life — to find their Fragment from God within their individual selves which is given them to aid them on their way to their eternal Home.

“Meanwhile they are to grow and practice their faith-trust in his unconditional love, learning to love their selves and bringing forth the fruits of the spirit in loving service.”

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