The Best Resolution Ever

Oregon, US of A, January 1, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Best Resolution Ever.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Tithing. I am not talking here about monetary contributions, but about time allotments. What about dedicating some of your time ‘re-sources’ to foster your relationship with their Source — the resources’ Provider?

“Let’s do some math: There are 8,760 hours to a year — a rich trust fund of time. At the onset of this brand-new year, wouldn’t it be the smartest and best resolution ever to plan how you will manage your time? Shouldn’t your tithing have everything to do with making wise ‘investments’ of your time to generate some long-term spiritual ‘dividends’?

“It would amount to tithing 876 hours yearly to God, i.e., 2.4 hours per day. Just as you should budget your limited finances to prioritize your sustainability by setting aside what is ‘needed’ to pay your household bills before making some allowances for your recreation, so should you carefully scrutinize how you ‘spend’ your allotted 1440 daily minutes. How many of those do you dedicate to higher service and how many do you squander in dead-ended self-gratification?

“To plan for a productive spiritual ‘fiscal year’, you need to come up with a workable ‘budget plan.’ It should be a forethought — never an afterthought. The Father dedicates His entire time and attention to His creatures. What about returning to Him some of the favor?

“Dear ones, any moment in time is perfect for a new beginning. The threshold of a new year is a wonderful opportunity for a ‘closing of the books’ of the completed year, which includes taking an objective year-end inventory to determine your profits and losses accurately. Why not hold a ‘Board Meeting’ with your Celestial Spiritual Advisors? They know the Mission Statement of the Cosmic Organization and will help you make the best-informed decisions for your life.

“Do not just give it a try. Give it your all! Aren’t you eager to witness how it will propel you to unprecedented heights of spiritual achievements and inner fulfillment? You’ve got adequate ‘seed-money' to yield the fruits of the Spirit.”

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Forgiveness And Compassion

Urantia, January 13, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Forgiveness And Compassion.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is true, my child, that in order to completely forgive, an in-depth understanding of the wrongdoer’s motivation is essential. This understanding on your part needs to be thorough, so no bitterness or resentment will remain in your heart.

“Only one Mortal understood this principle perfectly, when He in his agony, whilst being nailed to a cross, could say: ‘Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.’

“Long ago you learned that the most careless word, and practically every reckless act was unintended, because it thoughtlessly surfaced in the mind to be impulsively acted upon.

“There exist not a soul on this, your planet, who is not being tested in like manner to you in your daily trials. They are your time/space experiences that bring you the wisdom you seek. They are the needed lessons which will grow your soul when you take them to heart.

“The more pure in thought you become, the more sincere in your endeavors you will be. And the more you will be troubled by the real and perceived impurities of your mind. When remembering and realizing insincerities in actions of the past, a deeper insight will be dawning in you about that which is not ideal.

“Therefore, slowly and often painfully, step by step, the human being will learn to experience compassion towards others, as he or she learns compassion for their very selves.

“In order for you to progress, the forgiveness of self, the acceptance of self, and the loving of self are mandatory!

“Should you not love, accept and forgive yourself the way you are, the way you progress and the way you mature, you will likewise fail to love, accept and appreciate others, who are traveling their own rock-strewn path to perfection.

“Ponder these thoughts and gather the wisdom of your human entitlement, My most treasured child.”

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The Indian Student, Ganid

Illawarra District, Australia, January 2, 2019.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “The Indian Student, Ganid.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Should your local universe Father, the illustrious Michael as the man, Jesus, have fused with an Adjuster towards the end of His earth-life, there would be only one to tell the story of His earthly stay. He would! The Master Himself! A rather ridiculous thought of yours, my human friend, for Michael already was God. However, you are right in one sense; with My sharing every single moment of His waking life and His dreams, there truly are now two of us to tell the story if anyone wishes to know.

“Moreover, and how you enjoy taking it so far, should the God-man, Jesus, have survived — and fused with a Thought Adjuster — there would now be three of us to tell the story of that daring Nazarene who knew he would live forever even if his body died. You worked that out long ago and said, ‘No dice’ to the entity, Jesus, surviving’. Still, you know you cannot ever be sure there was no sublimenal input from your then Teachers — the 11:11 Progress Platoon of Midwayers — but you rightly claimed to know there no longer was a human Jesus.

“Let us in summary look at the Indian youngster, Ganid, and what he took away from the Master’s lessons.

George: “I’ve imagined hearing the Master say to Ganid, ‘Well, my youthful friend, truth be told, I’m actually the Son of God. The land you’re standing on, it was mine, I made it, but it’s all good now, for I gave it to the Father for people’s general use, so feel free . . .’ ”

The Scribe: “The Master’s teaching was right for that time and right for the young man, Ganid. There was only one God and Father and you should love Him with all your heart and mind. As well, you should try your best to love all His other children as you love yourself. This God created everthing you see and there is an ‘aspect’ of this Creator living within you. What I’m saying to you is that the teaching of Jesus was right for that time, but it’s even right for right now.

“There’s nothing about Angels or Midwayers, Melchizedeks or Life Carriers that Ganid mentions. None of that. Do we need them? Still, 2000 years down the track, your religion ‘about the Christ’ taught you all about your mortal soul, Hell, Purgatory, when there was no clear explanation about the Thought Adjuster. Perhaps the riff raff — forgive me, to which you all must have belonged — were not Thought Adjuster endowed like ‘the religious elite’. I jest, my human student, but agree with your notations that a king-size blunder was earlier made.

“This is the Damascus Scribe, Sananda, and we will speak again.”

Receiver’s note: Jesus Teaching Ganid: and scroll right down to a short No 10.

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We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

About Attachment

Alabama, US of A, March 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Attachment.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Most human dissatisfaction and sadness has its origin in misguided expectations of insisting in courses of action that do not provide true hapiness nor help one grow. This is the realization the Budha had a long time ago when he declared that the source of unhappiness is attachment — the obsessions of your mind. However, the advise of leaving all impulses and motivations behind is not productive.

“There are purposes to which your mind should be attached. The purpose of attaining progressive perfection and understanding the will of the Father is a valuable one, that should not be abandoned when the first challenges and defeats are experienced. The purpose of loving more your peers should not be forgotten when you face ingratitude, mistrust and the attacks of those who still have not awakened to the realities of spirit.

“It is wiser to let the mind focus its attention and resources in the eternal goals and to let behind the temporal enterprises in favor of those things that will bring you closer to your true being — your purpose in life. Human beings need a purpose, a motivation to elevate their lives above the animal level. When this motivation aspires to the supreme achievement of a human life — establishing an effective relationship with the Creator through His Divine Presence — the energies that transform a material creature into a potential spirit are unleashed.

“It is you who has the control and the ability to choose where to invest your time and energy. Those who invest their treasure in material things end up in spiritual poverty, because everything that is material is tied to the matter and will be left behind when you move to the next level of existence. But those who invest their treasure in eternity are smart investors, because they have placed their hopes in a bank that will never fail and their wealth will be safeguarded by the Perfect One through eternity.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

Collect those Gems and Store your Treasures

Asheville, NC, US of A, January 6, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Collect those Gems and Store your Treasures.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: “Today, my dear students, we shall explore our feelings at the soul level of our being and I shall lead you to discover those deep heart-felt thoughts and feelings that are present within you, but are sometimes buried behind the wounds of your temporal existence. Living on a world like Urantia, at the present time, it can be difficult to maintain a peaceful loving outlook when many are having to struggle just to survive. Many are themselves dealing with the dysfunction of relationships that are also suffering from a disconnect with their souls stemming from a similar disparity. Let me guide you back to a place where your love of life still exists and where compassion and mercy lives within you. Let us consider the common ground of all humanity and you will see that you are not so different from one another.

“Understand that you were born in a world of confusion where little information is given about the soul life of a human — it is only available to you when you look for it. It is not something that is taught to you from birth or in your education systems. You must construct this soul-life from the pieces of your experiences here that touch your soul in times when you and others have discovered a common exchange of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness (TBG). These can be rare exchanges in a human life or they can be abundant — it depends on many things and conditions and personality traits. It is not your fault or your ignorance of such things, but your awareness to the feelings that you have when an experience reaches into that deep place within you. What you do with that experience and how you ‘file it away’ in your soul can make all the difference on how you use that experience when living in your world.

“Become aware in these moments of TBG when they touch you and learn how to incorporate those experiences into your personality as a reflection of the agency of the Indwelling Spirit — the Thought Adjuster. When you discover that you can have an actual relationship with this Indwelling Spirit of the Father, you can share these moments of TBG within and take note that these unique experiences and exchanges with your fellows, that matter, are something worth keeping for eternity. When you begin to build a library of soul-worthy experiences like this they become the values that you reflect out into the world and in the relationships you build with others. You shall soon begin to notice that you attract more of these deep soul-touching experiences the more you become aware of them.

“Recognition of these values is a very important part of soul and personality growth. Take pause in those moments when something extraordinary happens when you ‘feel something’ and share that ‘something’ with your Higher Self. Let it sink deep within you and recognize the value it has. Experiment with how you may attract more of these special moments by reflecting these values out into your world and in your relationships — the TBG of those things that have touched you deeply.

“Start collecting these gems throughout your life, my dear students, and you will have a much richer and more exciting life — even here in one of the most challenging places to live. The paradox here is that the opportunity for having these deep reaching soul defining experiences are more abundant on Urantia than on many worlds in the universes of time. Take pause to consider when you have just collected a gem and hold it up to the sun and let the light shine through it into your naked eye — see the glistening beauty in it and then hold it close and show it to others that they may also want to collect such a gem and cherish it.

“Collect those gems and store your treasures, for they shall serve you well here and hereafter.

“Peace and love to you,
“I AM Uteah.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store