Caring for the Elderly

Chicago, US of A, March 22, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Caring for the Elderly.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “It is at the two extremes of human life, childhood and old age, where human beings are at their most dependent on others. A child can’t survive without proper care and neither can old-aged people when their physical and mental strength is in decline. A child, however, is heading toward growth and greater development. Aged people are experiencing poor conditions and are headed towards death. Both children and the elderly need care, but, at this time let’s think about caring for old people, which has often been neglected. Caring for the elderly speaks volumes about your civilization on Urantia. What does caring for the elderly entail?

“Caring for the elderly entails Respect. Respect should be given to elderly people. It is not in essence different to the respect for all human beings at any other age. What is to be respected is not primarily the age, but human life. Indeed, some aged people may not be worthy of your personal respect, but each must be treated with respect as should any human being of any age. Respect is an attitude; it’s expression, however, it is an action that takes into account the condition elderly people experience, and expressing it accordingly, always considering their frailty, limitations and special needs.

“Caring for the elderly entails Compassion. Compassion stresses the quality of respect given to the elderly. Indeed, to show compassion for the needs of elderly people speaks more about you than it does about them. Compassion is an attitude that reveals an important life-value: goodness and love. Compassion is both a sentiment and an attitude. It means that you feel the need of the elderly people and you are willing to do something about it, even if it is just a comforting word or small gesture of solidarity. Being compassionate for the elderly moves you both internally and externally, in feeling and action.

“Caring for the elderly entails Assistance. A direct result of the practical aspect of compassion is real assistance. If there is something that elderly people need most of all, it is assistance. Assistance is to offer and give actual help to real needs. It should not render elders inactive and prevent them from doing what they still can. What they really need is help with their limitations and others fully making up for their inabilities. Being precise, your assistance to the elderly recognizes their remaining strengths besides your reassuring their personal dignity. Show your care by giving them assistance with mobility, eating, hygiene and companionship.

“Therefore, my pupil, neglect not the elderly. Respect is basic and universal. Respect the elderly because you respect humanity in all phases of life. Compassion is not a universal capability. Only those with enough selflessness are capable of bestowing it, and the elderly need it a lot. Everybody needs some help, but the elderly need assistance with the basics of life and without it, their lives cannot subsist. Caring for the elderly is very rewarding because oftentimes they cannot return the favor, so you know how valuable is your caring for them. I am Prolotheos, your teacher and tutor on High. Peace!”

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What Your World Needs Now

Illawarra District, Australia, May 13, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “What Your World Needs Now.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “I have the right title for the discussion we are about to have — What Your World Needs Now — and certainly your world needs love right now and likewise, certainly in time, it will have that. Your world needs to realize that you are, all of you, children of the One and the Same Creator, no other. You are brothers and sisters. You are siblings. You have responsibilities toward each other, yes. At this moment in time you have made progress in some areas, but you have much still to learn and achieve in rather a great number of areas.

“Language is one of the important reasons why there is so much distance between various ethnic groups. With almost 7000 living languages in constant use it is not difficult to ascertain how quite innocent misunderstandings between groups can completely ruin the peace. And from that point of view, the disappearance of marginal and primitive languages must be seen as somewhat progressive — slow but progressive. Think of how at one time the dialects of the next town and the next would mystify you and ultimately muddy intent.

“A primitive world is a world devoid of both religion and spirituality, but perhaps a little rock or tree worship for some and out of fear. But it’s a start. A progressing world is a religious world, often with all manner of ‘must do’ and ‘must not do,’ yes, doctrine born from the ignorant herds and intended crowd control by some. But now you’re finally on your way to glorious, ultra-distant horizons of making your world resemble a part of Paradise. The advanced world is the spiritual world you have begun to create in this Time of Correction — a world of diversity and equality and Thought Adjuster guidance.

“One more thing I wish to bring to your mind, to the minds of our beloved readers and to those further afield: You will need a world government. However, let us understand how this might be composed to be successful. It needs to be democratic in an international way with nations having equal representative standing in their peaceful lording it over all others and there are other considerations.

“As it stands right now, any number of nuclear-armed countries can devastate this entire planet. The hype of anyone being superior to the point of being able to initiate a surprise attack on any other is just that; a hype. It is now time for you to show that you can be siblings and friends and that you have the courage, the insight and the ‘adventure’ to show your Creator that you know about His plans for world peace and conservation and that you will work with Him, for your world sure needs that now.

“Meanwhile always count on Me for the answers you need. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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The Quest for Positive Attributes

Oregon, US of A, May 9, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Quest for Positive Attributes.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Pray only for values, not things; for growth, not for gratification.” [The Urantia Papers 1002:05]

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk about Love, Peace, Balance, Harmony, Self-Control and Human Understanding. This is a wide spectrum of positive attributes that each one of you strives to acquire along your life’sjourney. The one who comes to embody all of the above is truly a Master — as was your Master Jesus.

“For each one of you, it is quite a personal challenge to expand these qualities within your being. Yet, all of them are your soul’s destination, so to speak, as they contribute to a wholesome and well-rounded personality. They cohabitate harmoniously and tremendously beautify and expand your being.

“Harmony is the absence of conflict. Therefore, whenever you find yourself in a state of inner resistance, it points to the fact that there is a conflict situation within you that needs to find its highest resolution — its ‘soul-ution.’ Frequently, conflicts occur at an emotional level, as indeed all the positive attributes of a harmonious personality have to do with emotions — Love being at the very top of the emotional spectrum.

“Dear ones, do visualize yourself to be the soil where all these beautiful emotional crops are being cultivated in partnership with Spirit. Whenever a storm looms on your life’s horizon, ask yourself how to protect these tender crops and you will instinctively be guided to greater self-control, as well as greater human understanding.

“This will help you stay out of the mode of harsh judgment that generates divisiveness and hard feelings — in you and in others. You are all human; you are all dealing with many challenges. The only difference is the level of your spiritual education and evolution. Ignorance can be overcome in time. Be patient with others and with yourself. Be compassionate and this will allow you to stay anchored in the positive emotions that will granta beautiful quality to your daily life — no matter what the ‘weather’ is made of.”

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The Circuit to the Heart of Souls

Asheville, NC, US of A, May 07, 2017.
Teacher: I AM.
Subject: “The Circuit to the Heart of Souls.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

I AM: “My Beloved child; let us be of One Mind, One Heart and One Spirit. Let My love infuse you and surround you. Every part of your being is full of My light — every cell in your body is in alignment with My perfect Will — let peace fill you and bring you into the center of this divine Circle of One. You are beautiful and you are loved — I love you. Let all thoughts be still like a placid lake and let My Spirit speak through you in this eternal moment.

“I have prepared you and brought you into this place of unity with Me so that you shall know the ‘feeling’ of my presence in a way that is unlike any other — there is no doubt in your mind because you see Me with the heart and the heart knows. More and more shall we come together like this, that I may guide you in a more direct way. Do you feel the peace at the center of your heart? This is my Holy Presence centered within you. Knowing what this feels like, imagine My light and your love glowing in the center of your heart space — see it with your Third Eye. It fills your chest and radiates outward, bathing your body in light. Look down into this light within you and see it grow brighter and larger in radiance filling the space around you in the room you are now sitting. Move your viewpoint above you as if you are looking down at yourself from the ceiling of the room. See the circumference of the light growing in size and expanding. It is a perfect sphere of light.

“With your participation, take this sphere of light and begin to spin it — feel the motion and the gravity as it rotates around you. Increase the speed faster and faster until this sphere of light expands and thins out into a disk. From your elevated viewpoint, watch as the disk becomes as thin as a laser and extends beyond your view. This light is now forming a shell around the planet — like a bubble — it is invisible and everywhere present. It passes directly through the hearts of all souls on your planet — you are connected now to the heart of the world. Do you feel this connection? It is a mixture of feelings — all human emotions are here — all their hopes, fears, loves, and desires for peace and unity with their own Indwelling Spirit — they desire divine love. This is the collective Heart of Souls, my beloved child, yet it is disconnected from the mind where the seat of the Will lives; where change happens and where decisions are made.

“With this circuit of light now connected to the Heart of Souls, broadcast your emotions and feelings (the vibrations) of Peace, Love, Joy, Compassion, Mercy, and Forgiveness — let it pass from your heart center to the Heart of Souls. What is your desire for the Heart of Souls, Dear One, speak it now and see it ignite in the hearts of all your brothers and sisters? Whatever is missing in the heart — let each one take unto their selves. You cannot change the will of their minds, but you may fill their hearts with these divine vibrations. When their hearts are full of these intent vibrations, it shall overflow into their minds where they may decide for themselves that these vibrations in their heart are preferred over the feelings of fear, sadness, hate, harm, greed, and control over other souls. Pray now, that they may act in this moment where love knocks at the door of their hearts — that they may connect the mind and the heart together.

“This circuit to the Heart of Souls will remain as long as you feed it. Each one who later read this message may tap into the Heart of Souls and strengthen its signal by adding their energy to it. It is my Will that you visit this circuit often and feed it like a hungry child. A divine infrastructure is now in place on your world to facilitate this circuit — use it now and feed my hungry children.

“I AM that you are,

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The Origin of Everything

Alabama, US of A, October 3, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Origin of Everything.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “In the end analysis, all reality is just an expression of energy. On this planet your scientists are striving to discover this fundamental energy — the basic component from which everything else is derived. However they will be destined to fail as long as they insist on facing this problem from an exclusively material point of view.

“The origin of everything in existence is the divine will of our Celestial Father. This Father is the Creator of life — the material and the spiritual. He is the origin of all things and all beings. The exploration of the true scientists, the honest philosophers and the truth seekers will always reach this absolute and inevitable origin and destination. Everything we see, experience, know and don’t know is an expression of the Father.

“Just as you can throw a pebble in a pond, the creatures can try to interrupt or alter the divine will, but in the end the divine design will prevail and the pond will return to its intended state of perfection and calm. However, when the creatures join their will with the force that sustains the universes — divine love — they can achieve miracles and the entire creation becomes their playground, where they can create new and unique realities defined by their individual personalities in union with the divine personality of the Father.

“The destiny of human beings is to be creators, since they were created to the image of the Creator Father. Even now, during this low and basic stage of your existence, you can start to create and project realities with eternal value. Today, the love that you share with your peers will last forever and the relationships you establish with those you love — humans and celestials — will have no end. Similarly, your prayers and your ideas intended to be for the benefit of creation and the actualization of the will of the Father have a reach that extends beyond your time and your position in space. Even those universes that have not yet been created could benefit from those efforts you make today in your struggle for perfection.

“As you can see, during this life you have a responsibility to the entire creation to become the best you can aspire to be; to strive for perfection even during your life in the flesh. Each step that brings you closer to that which God desires for you is one more step towards the actualization of the will of the Father in the universes. Each one of you is a tool for the construction of a universe of light and life. This is why ‘the heavens rejoice’ each time every little human overcomes his or her animal tendencies and starts off on the long way to perfection. Each human being gained for the ‘kingdom’ is one more step towards a more complete and wonderful revelation of the celestial Father to His creation.”

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