So Come. So Rest. So Learn.

Urantia, June 9, 2019.
Teacher: The Beloved Within.
Subject: “So Come. So Rest. So Learn.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved Within: “Be very gentle and loving with yourself. Each time you enter the holy of holies within your heart, you leave another aspect of your low self-esteem outside to be replaced by My peace and soul-rest. This is a subtle transformation.

“I entice you to reach out to greater progress, by leaving behind the worn out-modes of thought and judgment about yourself and others. Let us be practical in this training of elevating your thought processes on a more spiritually useful level.

“The past has become redundant. Leave your mistakes and disappointments behind. Only retain the lessons you have learned from them, and the blessings you have experienced.

Count those blessings and let them warm your heart on the rainy and windy days of trouble and disappointments, which will begin to lose their strength and importance the more often you come to Me, and feel My comforting presence within you.

“From this calm center, you shall go forth into your daily life to be a comforting presence to others, because you are learning to drink from the well of Living Waters, the Source that dwells within and yearns to become totally accessible to you.

“Only you can block My positive stream of thought, through and by a negative attitude, falling back into the old redundant pattern of fault-finding and judgment.

“Become increasingly more aware of your thoughts of how you think and what you think and even the simple reason, why you think in certain ways.

“Banish any and all negative thinking at once, so there will be more room for positive thought. I am teaching you the way of conscious living.

“So Come. So Rest. So Learn.”

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Operator of the Light Field – Part 3

Asheville, NC, US of A, June 09, 2019.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: “Operator of the Light Field” – Part 3.

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: In this third and final message in this series, we shall explore the most important factor in using the Light Field — to bring alignment with your will and vision with that of the Operator of the Light Field — your Indwelling Presence of the Father. The strongest potentials for success happen when your vision is aligned in some way with the Great Plan — to see that your vision promotes the progress of universe destiny in a way that will manifest in the form of a “collective growth.” Using your heart, you want to “feel” a collective vision — what is truly needed, and be understood, is that by wanting this vision to unfold for yourself, you are leveraging humanity’s collective desire to see its benefits are shared with all others. This is a “pooling of potentials,” but with a more focused approach.

An example of this would be finding a cure to a disease that plagues many people. A doctor might leverage the potentials in the Light Field by “feeling” the collective need of a multitude of people suffering from this disease. With a focused intention to serve humanity (collective growth), this doctor could begin the process of co-creating a cure, with his Indwelling Spirit, and pool the potentials in the collective consciousness to strengthen the vision in the Light Field. This vision would manifest in a series of opportunities and events that lead to the development and procurement of the cure. By developing this cure, the collective benefit is served and there is growth — Universe destiny moves ever closer to the reality of the Universal Father’s Great Plan.

The focused approach is the important part to understand. This requires that you understand you have a relationship with your Indwelling Spirit — your Thought Adjuster. Like working together with a great teammate, you collaborate your work by understanding that your ability to feel and visualize an idea comes to you from the co-creative endeavor between you and the Adjuster. Many people like to fantasize that if they wish for something, it will come. This is a fatal flaw in their thinking. The Thought Adjuster is a powerful partner, but only a partner and it is your responsibility to work with this Adjuster to “see your vision” and to work out the problems and understand how the relationship works between you and the Adjuster. You cannot just read about it — you must experience the synergy of the process and try different approaches until you get that “ah-ha” moment where everything aligns. When this occurs, you nearly sense that all the steps before you are already worked out and waiting for the opportunities to present themselves. This is a “solidified” Light Field potential.

Your imagination is the engine that drives the manifestation of any idea. The Adjuster provides the mechanics to project your vision in the Light Field, and it is your co-creative partnership (Spirit, mind, and energy together) that brings the vision to life, first in the Light Field, then in the theater (reality). You must understand that you live in a reality that is not the same as it is for a light being — light on your world is slowed down to a more solid form and you vibrate at a much lower frequency than do your angels.

It is required that you transmute light into the reality that you live in, and this describes the relationship and partnership of Light and Solid (the Adjuster and you). Prayer, working with your guides, and your Adjuster provides the light potentials, but you are to work co-creatively in the imagination and then in the actions needed to step into the manifesting opportunities that lead to the outcome. Please meditate on these words and understand them, for it is vital to using these tools in building a better world for you and your grandchildren.

Always in Light,
I AM Uteah.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
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We Are of the Same Age

Illawarra District, Australia, May 26, 2019.
The Damascus Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “We Are of the Same Age.” --- a shortened private message.

Received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “ . . . a marvellous example of the timelessness of eternity for me to impress upon you that we are, indeed, of the same age. As Thought Adjusters we both emerged from eternity to enter the realm of time. As a Personalised Adjuster I now make Myself useful in both time and eternity. As an Adjuster fused creature, which you will be, you will likewise concern yourself with matters of time-space as you will with matters of eternity. Aha! Of course, we are not equal, not by a long shot, not now, but we both found our origin in the timelessness of eternity.

“Time and again, the God-Particle that is Me returned to space-time from a stay in eternity to guide a human being through his or her planetary life to again be disappointed until the moment of a decisive and ethical choice by the one you call the Master, Michael or Joshua ben Joseph. That was the moment I left my ‘doings’ in eternity to indwell another human. This could well have been another failure that was foreseen but could teach me much. However, no, it was the son of man and the Son of God. It was I who taught him much. It was our Father who afterwards granted me personality.

“Now we come to the part where about we now communicate. There is nothing wrong for one high and one low to be great friends. I sorely felt your love for Me when you thought I might well be a long-ago departed Egyptian scribe who remembered all he wrote on his Papyrus scrolls. However, just you remember Michael’s words; ‘From a young age we taught you all those things you’re doing now.’ So don’t mind Me for suggesting that such work we may well be doing in the distant future and don’t mind My claiming that if we will be, we are doing so right now!

“I say it is such a common remark on this planet: ‘Don’t mind me.’ Well, don’t mind Me when I tell you that I follow your conversations and regularly check out your written words as well. That was an interesting pagan idea to have a tall glass bottle of clean sand inside a home’s entrance hall for intruders of the dark and spooky kind to stop and count all grains before troubling the occupants with their unacceptable behavior. Of course, there is never enough time before sun-up to count all grains, but an order is an order to ‘something’ that does not understand the limitations of time.

“Among your far-distant ancesters was one who figured this out or it was the lucky guess of one who had already tried everything else and chose something that happened to work --- a stroke of luck, perhaps. However, with the right intentions of an accurate count to be offered to the devil, it was effective in keeping the mischievous ones at bay. Although . . . it might have been suggested to you by the man who could recite so much of the Christian bible on rhyme (this receiver’s maternal grandfather). No, there never was a house plant growing in that old clay pot by his door.

“Till we speak again. This is the Scribe.”

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We are each other at our Spiritual Root Source –
ABC-22, January 1972 11:11 Store

You Are Transmitters/Receivers

Oregon, US of A, May 4, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “You Are Transmitters/Receivers.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “All of you have been equipped by On High to be Transmitters/Receivers (T/Rs). You may shake your head in disbelief, but how could you be sure that it is not so if you do not investigate this claim? Wouldn’t it constitute an incredible blessing if it were so? Wouldn’t it make perfect sense that the Creator, whose objective is All-Inclusive Oneness, has encircuited all His creatures in His vast network, outfitting them with individual state-of-the-art servers?

“Some of you have experienced your T/R abilities at some level without identifying them as such. Telepathy might seem to be the aptitude of just a few but it is in fact, an undeveloped potential in all. Moreover, it does not apply only to human consciousness.

“Consciousness IS consciousness. It is the common denominator of God’s sentient creatures on both sides of what is depicted as a veil. How else would your angels pick up on your thoughts and prayers?

“The digital age did not occur by chance. It is part of the Great Plan to provide you with more detailed information about the ins and outs of the mental processes. Modern technology enables almost instant long-distance communications. You trade e-mails; you text messages; you Skype.

“Aren’t you intrigued by your dormant abilities? They are part of your God-given personality kit. Don’t you wish to activate them? Such wishful thinking has to be followed by actions to enter the realm of manifestation.

“Your prayerful outreach should not consist of one-way monologues with Spirit. How else could you receive the solicited guidance? The Stillness Practice set the stage for your receptivity. The feedback may not necessarily be wordy; it could be ‘felt’ through the emergence of peaceful and soothing emotions in your being.

“Take time daily to hone your T/R skills. They will surely improve over time, just as babies slowly acquire basic language skills over the first years of their existence. The spoken words greatly enhance their rudimentary body language. Babies fuss when uncomfortable or hungry. They cry when they want to be held; they smile and coo when content. Their caretakers naturally pick up on these non-verbal clues. Doesn’t it tell you that you have it in you to engage in an expanded and rewarding dialogue with the universe?”

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Hymns of Glory

Alabama, US of A, April 19, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Hymns of Glory.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Very few people in this world feel the desire to improve themselves. However, each day a greater number of human beings begin to follow the inspiration to approach true spirituality and to be in touch with the Divinity that hides within each one of you – your Thought Adjuster – the Father’s gift to be in close contact with each of His human creatures.

“From ‘on high’ we measure progress by the number of souls that awaken to the reality that there is something beyond matter, that their existence is about much more than mere survival in this world. Day by day, we can assure you that one more step has been taken in the right direction, in the establishment of Light and Life, when some guardian angel reports that her charge has expressed the desire to find the Father.

“This is a perspective that you cannot experience from your point of view. For your limited vision and by the influence of the invasive media, it looks like your world is getting worse, and your civilization is daily moving towards barbarism and backwardness. Keep in mind that good news is almost never reported. When someone helps others, when a mother gives everything to the very limits of her mental and physical capacity to ensure that her children have a better future, when a teacher shares the truth that she or he has learned with the desire that those who listen find the inspiration to rise above their limitations, no one reports what has happened on the pages or on the screens of your media. And yet, we observe these things daily, and it is precisely these expressions of goodness and wisdom that are transmitted in the ‘celestial reports’, even reaching the Father, Who has knowledge of each individual effort of every human being to approach their true essence.

“Keep going forward with your efforts to spread the light of Truth to all the corners obscured by the confusion of your beloved planet. Every effort that each of you make, actually produces ‘Hymns of Glory’ on High. For the Father and for those who delight in doing His Divine Will, there is no deed more valiant, higher work, or sweeter gesture than that offered by a human creature expressing true divinity through a courageous and dynamic faith, motivated by the desire to be like the Creator Father and share His unconditional love.”

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