The near-irrelevance of timing

Illawarra District, Australia, November 24, 2017.
Secondary Midwayer Mathew (33-3-33).
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.

Subject: “The near-irrelevance of timing.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Mathew: “I have come to advise you that your loved one is tired but just fine in the United States, that the Celestial members of your old 11:11 Emergency Platoon are all doing well and send their love and, most importantly, that our most eminently distinguished Damascus Scribe is here to speak with you. That’s it for me. Take care, my brother.”

The Scribe: “Greeting lonely one. Not long to go and you will once more be complete, an important responsibility will be taken care of and you may even find there to be as many as 75 minutes to the hour. All jesting set aside for now, for I have some somber almost brutal news for you. There needs to at least be an alliance of virtually all nations — not yet a one-world government — as that will come later and Monjoronson will surely have a hand in such. Your persistent one-upmanship and your doubtfully rational reasons for multiple wars won’t get you there by and through all-out hegemony.

“Your current path is likely to take you to all-out nuclear annihilation instead; a loss of countless unfinished lives and a huge karmic debt to ensuing affected offspring if any survive. One must certainly not overlook the eternal Father’s wishes for this world.

“There needs to be a very essential, worldwide consensus that, no matter who will come out winning, all will lose. At this point in time there are too many unsafe nuclear plants dotted all over your world, our world, and many more are in the planning stages when the production of totally safe nuclear energy is now possible.

“Also, and this is your great big PLUS, an increasing percentage of your world population is awakening and they want peace. It is going to be evermore important that they choose those leaders who are progressive and not entrenched with the presently ruling hegemonic drive toward world domination, which is losing or has already lost.

“You see here now what it is your Midwayer Progress Friends are working on — yes, that which they are best at — the subliminal input of a much-needed peace and honest and progressive representation.

“So, when will the ‘Mahdi,’ Monjoronson, appear to begin his age-long period of spiritualizing your, our, planet? Considering the near-irrelevance of timing in the eternal Father’s universes, when He deems Himself to be good and ready and at the appropriate timing. For now, I can give you all my best advice: For you to make better your world and to begin with yourself. I am the Damascus Scribe.”

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You will wear my insignia into Paradise — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

Love Is Life, and Life Is Love

Oregon, November 11, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Love Is Life, and Life Is Love.”

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “The idea came to your mind that our morning session is your spiritual breakfast. Indeed, it is the time when, by connecting with Spirit, you receive vital spiritual nutrients — your spiritual vitamins. Spirit never holds back on dispensing Love and Peace to those who take the time to receive these most nurturing energies.

“How can you give Love if you do not possess it in ample supply? Just as life is an energy that needs to be sustained by the Father’s Breath, so to speak, Love is another element of this energy, since, as far as the Father is concerned, Love is Life, and Life is Love.

“Dear ones, daily spend time with Me to recharge your beautiful energies as needed so that you can circulate them in your arenas of influence. Your heart’s capacity may still be very limited, yet, just as an infant receives his sustenance by suckling on his mother’s breast upon request, so can you receive the ‘royal jelly’ of Love by connecting to its source — of which I am a very real outlet.

“Breathe in My love! Take in My light! You will then become unstoppable, as you are fueled by the most sustainable energies. Such energies will ALWAYS support whatever you set out to co-create, provided that it is done in Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Anything else won’t get My seal of approval.”

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Not Less, uh, uh! More!

Not Less, uh, uh! More!
From the Desk of George Barnard.

Back in 2002 or 2003, (I forget now precisely when it was), we undertook to forward five celestial transcripts each week to all members. That won’t change. Even though a number of us have as many as 1.000, 2.000 or more transmissions, that will some day come out in book form or otherwise, we will carry on publishing some 260 transmissions approximately in a number of languages each year.

That said and hopefully made clear, we have been handed more work to do by all of our Teachers (The Damascus Scribe, Christ Michael, Orion, Machiventa, Ophelius, Samuel of Panoptia and all ourTA’s) and we have the Scribe’s undertaking that at the point where the task is half completed, Monjoronson will physically take over the running of it. He’ll be here, doing His thing, at last, and shouldering the responsibility for the organizational aspect of the (our) said additional task, which comprises fully clearing the Borderland.

I’m advised that we potentially have access to more than 60 first or second living languages among the 11:11 Progress Group subscribers. The material to be translated is here already in English, French and Spanish: Many other languages are required, as well as workers who know these languages to help us with the task of clearing the Borderland.

The Clearing of the Borderland is a once in a lifetime opportunity to actively bring forward Monjoronson’s arrival. Write to George at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you are interested in helping with the job and or require more details.

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My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store


Original submitted in English by the 11:11 Progress Group.

Illawarra District, Australia, December 27, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Human Responsibilities.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The following writing and more was requested by the Damascus Scribe and forms the basis of His request to make known in many foreign languages what must be done to clear the Borderland. Those interested will find their own Celestial Organizers ready to contact them. 11:11 Progress is not meant to assist you throughout, if at all.

The Scribe: “We will soon have come to the end of these continuous transmissions as I explain to you all that you, because of your having a collective karma, must therefore also have collective responsibilities. These concepts, possibly still outlandish to your minds, are nevertheless correct.

“The highly spiritually advanced members of your nations and congregations, of your tribes and clans, are the teachers and voices of your progressive groups, certainly. However, although they are much appreciated by us as individuals, without their voices being heard or their active teachings being noted or recorded, not much of progress is passed on to the group or tribe as a whole.

“We ask you to happily take on the responsibility to have this accumulation of messages translated into many of your world’s living languages in order for other groups to take on a part of this project and deal with those thought-forms that would otherwise not be reached to help chance their long-awaited resolution. I assure you that notwithstanding your experiences, I see you as sympathetic to this cause.

“I am the Damascus Scribe asking you all for your assistance in this important organisational progress project.”

December 22, 2017.

Most people on this irregular planet hold the Gods responsible for whatever befalls them. On regular planets the citizens know it’s they who determine their future.

For those who choose to listen to their Spiritual Teachers, the everlasting, ever-loving spirit world opens up. For those who like so many others demand that the Gods take notice of their instructions, life can become an endless course of perceived rejections.

The 11:11 Progress Group listens to their Spiritual Teachers and understands that the Gods experience their lives through us and also that our experiences are those which slowly evolve the time-space Gods like our own Urantia also known as Gaia or Mother Earth.

Extraordinary events, expressions and thoughts that happen to the citizens of this world are the materials that contain the valued information of Urantia’s education and evolution. The mundane is of no interest. Aggressive physical exchanges or thoughts and like expressions are rejected by this time-space deity — still an embryo of a God in the making. These aggressive, hateful thoughts continue to exist in the Borderland, called “packets” by the Midwayers, “thought-forms” by most people.

Urantia does not wish to and can’t entertain these thoughtforms and over the millenia they have crowded the Borderland. These thoughtforms are of human origin and therefore of human responsibility. The local Universe Creator Son, Michael, wants the entire Borderland cleared of unresolved matter and humans must do this as follows:

Group One. Comment by Lytske.

In December 2016 a life change happened when I offered my free will to the Universal Creator of all. I received a ‘download/assignment’ at that moment when I ‘heard’ Father Michael answer a question from a being, who turned out to be Life Carrier Orion, Michael said: ‘Ask this receiver (of celestial messages), who knows and understands.’

When a celestial and mortal conceive of a similar Idea, Heaven moves them together to make that a reality. This new assignment I accepted for the further duration of my life.

The method of collecting names to be released from the Borderland are done by my computer whiz friend, Bruce, who searches lists from the past of thought-forms which might exist in the Borderland. Like those with unresolved Conflict Shocks, Trapped Emotions and those who suffered horrendous deaths, like hanging, burning, torture, wars, prisoners of concience and drownings, etc.

The lists are send to me and I transcribe onto paper each day 1,111 names, which are blessed early the next morning while invoking them in the presence of a Celestial, who at that very moment sends the energy of these names to wherever they are needed for further processing. Those, whose names are called have the choice of choosing eternal ‘life’ and carry on to Group Two.

(The celestials taking turns at present are Orion, a Life Carrier Specialist, Manovandet, a Life Carrier/Melchizedek and Manovani Melchizedek).

As for the search for names by Bruce, the writing of these names by Lytske (allowing the Celestials to pick up the ‘sound’ of names from human thought) and the next day’s Sevenfold Prayer of Creation, is a method by which collaboration between Celestials and human can occur. In a vagely similar way Group Two does its task.

Group Two. Comment by George Barnard.

The members of Group Two are skilled in addressing the many thousands of thought-forms that have potentially accepted the suggested resolution of the Life Carriers and others. These members direct the thought-forms from their timeless waiting rooms to many individual elevators to ‘go up’ (‘go home’ to be acceped by Urantia).

In a collaborative way Group Two members were aided to create their ‘inter-dimensional’ waiting rooms and elevators and it is a simple task to convince the occupants of the waiting rooms to enter the elevators and press the single button marked ‘HOME.’

Group Three.

These members seriously trouble the dark side, if needed, to produce a workable environment for Group Two.

Other members of the 11:11 Progress Group and a number of associates could aid the above two groups.

I note that those members who are using given spiritual names or who use imaginary names, tend to see this work through without interruptions. When using one’s real name regular attacks by the dark side (black witches and elementals) can occur.

General additional Information.

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Chris Maurus --- --- and for additional information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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To the Best of your Ability

Urantia, November 26, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “To the Best of your Ability.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “In order for you to clear your human mind of its baser creature tendencies, you are advised to stay as close to Me as possible. Do often come into your inner sanctum where stillness reigns and where the clamor of the world is not invited.

“Here is where true healing takes place. Here is where true rest is to be found for your tired and stressed-out nerves. It is here, where I am waiting to help you shed your less desirable behavior and where you can cultivate positive habits.

“It is here where you gain new insights; discover deeper meanings and important values; as well as the real purpose of living this life in the flesh, and even why life is worth living to the best of your ability.

“I reiterate that this terrestrial life is only the tip of an enormous iceberg, with all its hidden gifts and treasures still locked up deep within you. Only when you are totally open and trusting, can I show you glimpses of the life to come. However, it is often your preconceived opinions and doubts that keep My door closed and even hidden from view.

“It is only to those child-like trusting minds that the mysteries of the Kingdom are revealed. Overmuch mundane knowledge and superficial understanding often bar the way to the rich wisdom of eternal values. Knowledge can be food for the mind, but leaves the soul undernourished, indeed starving.

“See to it that whatever you read can be both, of knowledge and nourishment. If there is nothing in it with a semblance of deeper meanings and values, much precious time will be wasted.

“When you do become more serious in being about God’s business, and wanting to seek His will, you will become more discriminating as to how you spend your time.

“Most time on this planet is spent in idle pursuits, and yet people everywhere are getting more and more stressed, because they live on the fringes of their consciousness.

“If humans would only learn to dive deeper into the cool waters of Stillness, they would find themselves refreshed in mind, body and soul. Many of the present day maladies would not arise if people would learn to lean on the staff of their everlasting Creator God.

“This is the practice that makes life worth living, each to the best of their ability.”

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I am the satisfaction of your Soul – The Beloved One. 11:11 Store