No Appointment or Reservation Required

Alabama, US of A, December 6, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “No Appointment or Reservation Required.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your Thought Adjuster (TA) is always present and willing to provide what your soul needs. There is no appointment or reservation required on your part to take a moment to receive the presence of your Father within you.

“All human beings possess this connection to the spiritual world and above all to the Celestial Father, because all have inside their being a divine, uniform and limitless Spark from God. It is usual that while you sleep your mind is more receptive to the spiritual influences and it is then that the TAs plant their seeds of truth that will sprout later in life and when you are ready to reap their fruit. Most of the work of your TA happens during these periods in which you are not conscious.

“However, there is a lot you can do to increase your reception of the spiritual gifts. Through the discipline of daily calming your mind you can observe your mind and consciously perceive the truths that have been planted in it. Free yourself from expectations and simply dedicate your time to be in communion with your Father. Just as it happens in human relationships, at the beginning nobody knows how to establish a more intimate and personal relationship with another human being. It is something that must consistently be practiced and with time, a relationship will spontaneously grow as the people involved learn to know each other better. Take the time to establish this kind of deep and meaningful relationship with your Father.

“Your Father, the Spirit of Truth, your Guardian Angels and the Mother Spirit of the local universe are always available and alert to any demonstration of spiritual interest on your part. These spiritual influences will always offer the best of their resources for your every decision oriented to be better and living the will of your Father. Turn your attention often to the eternal realities and you will receive a constant flow of love and truth that will transform you progressively into the perfected creature your Father envisioned before the beginning of time.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

A Total Network

Illawarra District, Australia, November 5, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “A Total Network.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Continue to be My bellwethers you all in this growing group, for such a task will serve you well on this world and beyond. You could have been born on another world, lived to the age of 180 years, have been a servant of the Gods, a leader of your kin and an inspired indicator of the ways of the future. And, My human friend and co-worker, in all those long years as a diligent helper you would not have accumulated the goodwill that can come to you in one short year on Urantia.

“Samuel of Panoptia was one such who was a leader of minds, a bellwether of the Life Carriers, who invented ways and means to enhance nutritious effectiveness of important crops in his laboratory by being ever in touch with his human/celestial total network — so easy to do on advanced Panoptia of his days. Your harvest is still to come for you, the work is still to begin, Monjoronson is not far away now and your total network is there to make use of . . . as it makes use of you and yours.

“That which you have begun on this troubled planet with Cherubim and Sanobim, with Destiny Guardians all, with Midwayers of all ranks especially and their Superiors will be the order of the day on Mansonia. You will learn, retain all of what you have learned and progress. And you will assist in every way those of your kin, of your world, who will come up after you, for such is the experiential curriculum on terra firma and throughout the universes and onto Paradise.

“Now another matter and this is particularly because of the ‘newbee’ faces on the lists, although it is related to what we already covered here. It deals with the follow-up revelation you received when you questioned your likely tasks beyond your stay on Paradise, I say it was a follow-up revelation only because your text hints at it. Nevertheless it was in part delivered by the Eagle, your Spirit Fragment, in part by Midwayer Mathew.


You are requested to ‘publish’ this once more, firstly because it is actual revelation and secondly because it is appropriate for many to know that they will be skilled for and rightly receive important positions in our far-flung universes even beyond their sojourn on Paradise . . . and thus be part of a total network.

“This is a one-time Fragment of the all-knowing Father and the one who guided Michael throughout his earth life. This is the Scribe who loves you all without question or hesitation, unconditionally and ever more deeply.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

About Three-Pronged Outlets

Oregon, November 3, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Three-Pronged Outlets.”

Message received by Anyas.

Electricity must flow in a circuit. In a three pronged-outlet, power flows from the ‘hot’ right slot to the ‘neutral’ left one, and the hole below them is called ‘ground’. Grounding is meant to protect the users from electric shock. The prongs on a plug fit into these slots in the outlet.

Thought Adjuster: “The thought came to your mind as you were connecting with Spirit in your Stillness time that Spirit is your three-pronged outlet. Indeed, ‘high voltage’ spiritual circuits are continuously made available to you to flood your being with their uplifting energetic frequencies in order to keep your complex operating systems in an optimal mode of functioning.

“As you live in a physical embodiment, it is important as well that you remain ‘grounded’ to Mother Earth and her energies — the third prong of your spiritual connection that ensures you will maintain your ability to function on the physical plane, as it is your current job assignment and the classroom where you gather meaningful spiritual experiences.

“Being grounded means that you are present in your body and connected with the earth, allowing you to feel centered and balanced no matter what is going on around you.

“You are the three-pronged plug conceived to perfectly fit into the three-pronged outlet. Yet, many of you are unaware of that invisible reality and fail to spend time at their recharging station. You know what happens when the batteries of your electrical devices ‘run out of juice’ and ‘die.’ The device becomes useless unless you find an energy source to plug it into. You will then have to wait until the recharging is complete, which may result in some temporary suspension of the duties you were performing on the devices.

“Dear ones, this is a good metaphor for what happens when you neglect to recharge your spiritual batteries. The spiritual aspect of who you are fades away and eventually, you forget that you are a spiritual being having a physical experience since you are completely disconnected from that experiential layer. This is the reason why some of your material achievements may fail to ‘full-fill’ you. Indeed, you will never taste that feeling of overall contentment if one of your operating systems is out of service or idling. You will only get in touch with a small part of the greater you.

“Visualize that you have a reading device that display the current charge level of your spiritual batteries. What does it reveal to you? This is a reading you should perform daily in order to monitor your connection to Spirit and take necessary action to top up your spiritual energies and keep this precious connection going. You remember to plug in your digital devices. Isn’t it the least you could do to cater to your spiritual well-being?”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
No matter what the question is, the answer is always Love. 11:11 Store

An Almost Entirely Human Affair

Illawarra District, Australia, November 18, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “An Almost Entirely Human Affair.”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “Compared to what you will come to understand to be a truly enormous amount of time, I say to you with great assurance, my multi-faceted task has only just begun, although it has been 2000 years since the Master was crucified. My ongoing instructions to you take up a mere fraction of my regular routine. Quite simultaneously myriad Thought Adjusters converse with me and I with them. We ensure that everything and everyone that counts in the borderland project are ‘on the path’ and that their actions continue to conform to the overall plan.

“As explained to you on several occasions, your Midwayer brothers and sisters have hardly deserted you; they continue to make their fleeting visits as you know and your loved one is well protected whilst away (Midwayer Mathew, Alverana and others). Their big task is to monitor the troublesome events on the east European border and other places, so an accidental occurrence will not place us in the midst of WWIII with Monjoronson’s appearance close at hand but potentially delaying his appearance and his good work.”

George: “I’ve been racking my grey matter to come up with a good method for weeks.”

The Scribe: “You have found one way already. Take heart. And incidentally, there are fully 60 minutes to the hour, but we will send the likely workers to you for the ongoing borderland clean-out. Have no doubt it is Michael’s intent to see the task through on this occasion and after countless near-failures of the past.

George: “We need more ongoing protection. I can see our Progress Midwayers and our imported ones, armed as they used to be, taking care of at least some of the riff-raff that is bothering us, mostly at night when regular people, like us, used to try to sleep.”

The Scribe: “We hear you and sense your humor. It is under consideration, be assured. Keep in mind, always, that the borderland unrest is almost an entirely human affair. That is all. You have my unconditional love for all eternity.

“Meanwhile always rely on Me for the answers you may need. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
You will wear my insignia into Paradise — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

You are Living in a Time of Change

Asheville, NC, US of A, November 26, 2017.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “You are Living in a Time of Change.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Dear Students on the Path, there is an opportunity for you to take advantage of the changing energies on Urantia that are mutually beneficial to the attunement process — the process of integrating more fully the Thought Adjuster’s influence in your mind and thoughts. These new energies make it possible for your subtle fields to evolve with the Planetary Supreme as She makes Her transformation to Light and Life status. You live on an experimental (decimal) world and because of the uniqueness of your sphere being the bestowal world of Christ Michael, and with the importance of the Correcting Time initiatives ongoing, there are certain opportunities for energetic changes that may be had by those who are participating in the Great Plan.

“You may ask, ‘am I participating in the Great Plan?’ The Great Plan is broken down into a series of smaller plans that all coalesce in time to move everything closer to the Father’s Intention that all things and beings would come to relative perfection and completion in the current age — the age of the emerging Supreme Being. Your part in the plan, being on Urantia at this time in its evolution, is to correct the path of planetary development — to move from the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion to a path that is on course with other worlds in your system that have not been subject to rebellion — a path to Light and Life.

“Each of you have influence in your circle of relationships and it matters not how many. What is important is that you hold the desire for a better life for all humans on your world and consciously act on that desire by doing what you can, according to your abilities, to make changes in your lives and in your thinking that may positively affect others to change their lives and thinking. When you partner with your Thought Adjuster (TA) to co-create positive change, opportunities begin to show up that lead to the next step required to unfold the vision and fulfill the desire for a better world. It can happen one soul at a time or it can happen to millions of souls who may benefit from the co-creative ideas you set in motion!

“If you are inclined to participate more in the transformation of your world, connect with your Thought Adjuster and ask for the upgrades that may be available to you, according to your spiritual maturity, and your TA and guidance teams shall assist you in this ‘energetic makeover.’ Your TA wants you to expand your mind, your awareness, and your creativity through greater attunement. ‘Your relationship with the Indwelling Spirit is key to all progress and spiritual maturity. Ask, my dear students, and it is given. Your spiritual progress is dependent on your participation in life and in your relationships with others. To be consciously aware of this participation brings many benefits.

“You are living in a time of change like no other on your world — a time where you can experience real transformation of mind, energy, and ideas far beyond what was available to those living on your planet just a generation ago. Get in touch with these changing energies, my friends, and experience the synergy of unity with Urantia and with all those souls who are participating with you to make a better world.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store