About the Peace Molecule

Oregon, US of A, December 6, 2019.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About the Peace Molecule.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Pray for tranquility of spirit and cultivate patience.” [UB 192:2.8]

Thought Adjuster: “How do you feel when you are in the presence of a high-strung individual? The nervous intensity exuded by that person unsettles you, which is quite understandable when looking at it in terms of vibrations and frequencies. An energetic skirmish is taking place.

“All of you are frequently engaged in battles of the wills. But there are other versions of interactions between individuals that do not operate within the same energetic and spiritual planes.

“How do you ward off such energetic Trojan horses? Your first initiative should be to immediately become aware of the impending emotional threat. When the sky turns ominously dark, you quickly look for a safe shelter from the elements about to get unleashed. However, many of you fail to detect threatening emotional takeovers and realize too late their detrimental influence on their overall wellbeing.

“Whenever you are at peace, take emotional snapshots of that sublime state of consciousness that invades your being at the molecular level. Doesn’t it feel wonderful? Isn’t the “Heart-quarter” from which you should operate?

“Instead of blaming external agents for your states of anxiety, do come to realize that you control the thermostat of your emotional weather patterns. Find shelter within My Tranquil Presence and drink of My Rejuvenating Peace.

“Someday, you will have mastered that divine attribute, and it is the reason why you will be officially inducted into the Cosmic Confederation of Co-creators. By then, all your creative endeavors will get the Divine Seal of approval, as they will be firmly anchored in love and peace — the two essential prerequisites for all divinely-inspired creative processes.”

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It’s a Grand Old Show

Illawarra District, Australia, February 4, 2015.
Secondary Midwayer: Thuroc the Entertainer.
Subject: “It’s a Grand Old Show.”

Message received by George Barnard.

Thuroc: “It is I, Thuroc. Greetings all.”

George: “We were hoping you would come. Welcome to our Evolving Souls Community party. We are especially pleased to receive a contributor from far-away. Welcome.”

Thuroc: “It’s a big, big world to you, a hop, skip and jump for me. In this greatly Melchizedek-organized era, most of us Secondary Midwayers have stations — group homes you may call them — and mine is in North America. However, my friends, I travel to where I am needed to uplift the minds, mores and moods of my brothers and sisters. Incidentally, you and all other volunteers have the love and greetings from Secondary Midwayer Chief Brusque and his entire … well, platoon. And for you to go easy on tsunamis as they have enough mischief to deal with in Europe right now. A very much similar greeting reaches you now from China.

“This Evolving Souls Community is something new in my area, so let us see what we can do for them. I hear from my friend Bzutu that this segment has much to do with information, freedom and what is needed to attain it and retain it. Well, you know the saying that one cannot be a little bit pregnant. Yes. You also cannot fight a little bit of a war, or get a little bit involved in politics. Sanctions are war, not merely bullying, financial war is war, cyberwar is war as you have recently discovered with one of your websites being ravaged. However, your trying to produce better criticism than others’ criticism has you involved in politics. Like pregnancy, you cannot be a little bit into politics, although soon you may actually need to be.

“When will nations learn? During my life so far I have witnessed the rise and fall of many nations. When the larger proportion of the population made something, mined something, grew something or sold something their lives were good. When they went to war a few gained, but most lost, because their failing belligerent governments, unsuited to their real tasks as they were, knew quite how to steal from the common people. It’s such a grand old show, again and again. I guess a time will come, you’ll see, when as a population you will finally find those who will serve you well.

“It is hoped that you are now so advanced that you will leave the pitchforks in your barns and the guillotines in your museums. It is always profitable to remember that the greediest of bankers are meant to, just like you, travel that rock-strewn path to eternal life, that the most heartless of politicians may well have a caring touch for his or her offspring and may still manage to slip into the Mansonia 101 lecture theater. Likewise, your bought reporters may redeem themselves and we all are bound to one day read of beauty and goodness, but truth first and foremost.

“Meanwhile, my dear friend, and this is personal, as long as you are still licking your plate you must forego complaining about the food. This is Thuroc returning to regular boardings, leaving you all his love.”

George: “Thank you brother. Always good for a laugh. Have a safe trip home.”

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A Noble System of Change

Urantia, February 17, 2020.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Noble System of Change.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: We shall do things a little different this time around since we are embarking on a new system of putting down the words as you are transcribing these words you receive in your mind. This again is very much a way for you to try and use the same method but slightly different than before. It serves to open your mind to a deeper level of thinking.

Be very mindful and intent on listening as now your focusing also comes under the looking glass. It has very much to do with the upliftment of the thought-patterns on this planet so more progress can be achieved within a better timespan, rather than the slow speed which has somewhat stagnated in the masses and over the centuries. I Am speaking of course about the spiritual thoughts of humankind. Materialistic thoughts are proliferating in sheer abundance and there is no doubt about that.

However, spiritual thoughts are going to be the system of change, and not just change but great changes in personal enlightenment if this planet is going to right itself out of the darkness of evil and sin. This will happen one person at a time.

There are different ways to live and methods by which to climb out of this abysmal state-of-affairs where brothers and sisters still fight and are at war with each other, never mind what country they belong to. It is about time to realize that only by waking up to the fact that you are each other at the root-source of your existence, that a greater love can flourish which will culminate in a greater respect and understanding for each other.

Having said that, let us examine the methods available to achieve this purpose of affecting a favorable change on this planet to move humanity forward towards a recognition of those special Gifts they have been gifted with from on High. Most live on in oblivion, never having realized that a most powerful heaven-sent Entity lives within them.

Throughout this new and lengthy series of short messages, we will continue to enlighten those who are willing to peruse these little gems and think about them for further edification.

It is a gross mistake and wicked thought to think of God sitting somewhere on a cloud with a ledger in His Hands keeping tab on the wrongdoings of all mortals.

Indeed not, the opposite is true. You are all mortals to whom great potential is given. It’s just that your thoughts don’t elevate you above the daily grind of making a living and you are simply loose cannons when not disciplined in your thoughts and habits.

From here we will focus on ways for you to improve yourself. Meanwhile give some thoughts as to how you think in a habitual way.

Editor’s Note: This is the first of some 2000 plus transmissions forwarded to me from Lytske. I shall date these on the day I edit the language.

God bless . . .
George Barnard.

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One.

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Experience “The Way”

Asheville, NC, US of A, February 9, 2020.
Trinity Teacher: Uteah.
Subject: Experience “The Way.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Uteah: Dear Students,
The lessons you have been given by the mansion world teachers, myself, and other beings of light during this time of correction are advanced spiritual instructions, yet compared to a world that has entered an enlightened age, these kinds of lessons are rudimentary and would be taught to very young children. Along with these teachings, children would also be trained in various faith building exercises that require contemplation, meditation, communion with Spirit, service, and manifestation — the receiving of and appreciation for blessings. You have an opportunity to participate in and experience what children of an advance world would call “The Way,” and this sets you on a path of extraordinary (on your world) development that leads to the attunement your Indwelling Spirit requires you to have to prepare you for universe service and citizenship in the hereafter.

“The Way” is an all immersive experience of living in the awareness of an ascendant life where you and every other citizen is participating, in unity, for the betterment of society and your world while at the same time working on personality development and harmony with the Indwelling Spirit. “The Way” is a magnification of Spirit Gravity — a deeper and more guided awareness of universe destiny. From birth to the day of graduation — fusion with the Indwelling Spirit, these citizens of Light and Life understand the meaning of brotherhood and service, for in the pursuit and application of these tenants of Light and Life, the personal experience of attunement (consecration of will) with the Indwelling Spirit is achieved, freely expressed, and shared.

It is difficult to imagine, from your perspective, such a world where peace, love, and understanding are common values that are inherent in the fabric of society, but for you students, it is something hoped for. The contrast and value for you is to experience some of this in your everyday life and relationships with others. You weren’t raised from childhood to know and understand these things — your world is not enlightened, yet you strive to understand them now — that “striving” to know, to dream, to experiment and apply; to want these things for yourself, for others, and for your world is valuable to achieve growth and attunement with your Indwelling Spirit. This is “The Way” for you to participate in the Great Plan and prepare for eternity while living in a time of correction.

When you live “The Way” you live and work alongside your Indwelling Spirit. Spirit is an endless supply of energy, knowledge, guidance, and assurance, and to have a relationship with this gift of invaluable tutelage is to experience life more abundantly and with more joy. As you live and experience “The Way,” the ripples that go out from your wake in the world multiply and change the reality around you. As more and more people begin living “The Way” this shall have a profound effect in unifying the mass consciousness of your world — this is how you get there — to Light and Life.

Those that want to experience “The Way” can begin today — it is the way of abundance — it attracts opportunity, adventure, and leads to satisfaction. Faith in action is believing that all things are possible while applying the tenants of peace, love, and understanding — then seeing the results manifest and multiply. “The Way” is fluid — it moves freely with you as it becomes you. You know that you have entered it when you let go of the expectations and fears of failure and see life as a gift that provides what you need when you need it — even the hard lessons become gifts of enlightenment.

“The Way” is both unique and universal — it is your personal expression of Spirit in a universe filled with expression. Experience the joy and astonishment of discovery when you dare to express that deeper part of you — the Spirit within.

Here to show you “The Way” always,
I AM Uteah

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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Turn your Attention Within

Alabama, US of A, June 14, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Turn your Attention Within.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It is a good idea to often stop during your day and simply still your mind and re-orient your intent to attain the goals of eternity. The busyness of daily life can be a powerful distraction but, when you turn your attention within and search for the communion with the Fragment of the Father, you start to get a higher awareness about a reality beyond matter.

“In this way, your mind will more often be tuned into the spiritual frequencies. This is how you ‘open your eyes and tune your ears’ to see and hear the truth that is sent from Heaven. Then you can start to follow more effectively the guidance of your Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, your Seraphim Guardians, and your Celestial Teachers, working together in perfect harmony to promote your spiritual progress and the development of your soul.

“It is a fact that a human being is only capable of perceiving what her mind is prepared to receive. Your scientists have performed many experiments about your perception and have repeatedly demonstrated that when your mind is tuned to search for something in particular other stimuli are effectively ignored, regardless of how obvious they may be. This is an important attribute of the human mind because it makes focusing on the present task easier, but sometimes it can prevent you from expanding your horizons and perceiving things that may be foreign to your daily life.

“Spiritual signs are often something foreign to the daily life of most humans. Many are so focused and distracted in the material world that they cannot perceive anything else. The subtle time prompts attempt to break from the routine and many times people receive the numeric prompts for years until they realize that something strange and outside of their normal flow is happening. Others have been observed and they get the prompts because they have started to search for answers and their minds are open to perceive a higher reality.

“Focus your mind and your attention in your Father and inevitably you will find Him, in everything around you and mainly within your own mind. Observe how often your thoughts answer to unknown impulses that guide you toward higher goals and tune your ear to listen to your Father whispering His advice and His guidance from the deepest of your being. This is the real faith of those who find God. It is not blind and fanatic belief in what you cannot see. It is cultivating the hope of getting in touch with divinity that inspires you to keep searching and prepares your mind to listen. Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope. Only those who search will find and only those who hope to find something will be motivated to search. Give yourself the opportunity and begin this internal exploration that will open the doors of the entire creation.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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