We have entered a Turning Point

Asheville, NC, US of A, June 4, 2017.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “We have entered a Turning Point.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today, my dear friends, it is important for you to stay grounded and to live in the peace of Christ Consciousness — knowing you are indwelled by the Creator Father, you are on the path to eternal life and your appointment with Finality. As children of the Creator, you are all connected by His Spirit — even those who are unaware and working counter to the Father’s Will on your world. It is through this connection that you, who are aware, can connect to these wayward children energetically and use your influence of love and compassion to cocoon them in a healing light. Each of you has a ‘guidance team’ that shall work with you when you are doing the Will of our Father. Even these wayward children have group guardians who can be contacted and asked to participate in the healing of their wards, which they will gladly do. When your intentions are pure, selfless, and with loving and compassionate regard for the highest good, they are most effective.

“My dear students on the path — you who are the recipients of these messages have the potential to be a powerful force of good in this world if only you can find a way to organize this force of goodness. We, your teachers and guides are here to assist you in this effort. Many of you have been receiving these lessons for years and it is good food for the soul, for you are being prepared for even greater works and epics in the future — you have a ‘solid’ spiritual map to the mansion worlds and beyond. This soul nourishment provides the needed energy to do the Will of our Father and now it is time to expend some of this energy. We, your teachers and guides, are asking you to organize your light and direct it to those areas on your world that need attention.

“This not only serves the highest good on your world, but also provides the opportunity for you to grow exponentially. Groups are most effective when working toward some stated goal. Group leaders are needed to take the initiative and organize groups for this purpose. There are many means and ways for you to communicate, and physical presence, though powerful in and of itself, is not needed to achieve energy work — only the meetings of the mind are needed to focus the energy where it is needed. Prayer groups are one such example where two or more gather in agreement with their intentions to do the Will of the Father.

“We have entered a ‘turning point’ of sorts to ensure that your world is headed in the direction to bring about the needed changes for Light and Life to develop. There has been allotted an abundance of spiritual energies for those who are willing to step forward at this time and who can do this work in the best interests of humanity — regardless of any worldly affiliation or political viewpoint.

“Use what you have learned, my dear students, and bring together all the potentials and experiences as a group to move this world — to be a mighty force of good. Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth is strong and powerful when accessed by groups of believers. Groups in unity have the ability to create change whether it is for good or evil as you have witnessed by the turmoil of your world. The power of love, of truth, of beauty and goodness, are exponentially more powerful when unified than is evil. Let us now work together — both the children of men and the hosts of heaven to bring about change for good on the earth!

“Peace and power to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

Receiver’s note: I got the sense that this was more than a suggestion by the teachers. They are asking us to step up and do something using what we have learned. They are willing to pour on the needed spiritual resources for us if we can come together in unity and put our group intentions to work. They leave it up to us to organize and bring this about.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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So Fortunate! The Outright Winner!

Illawarra District, Australia, June 6, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “So Fortunate! The Outright Winner!”

Message received by George Barnard.

The Damascus Scribe: “Of necessity, those who are born of woman to occupy space/time worlds are handicapped when compared to their purely spiritual siblings like Cherubim and Seraphim. With little more than the mere ‘shadows’ of ancestral experiences and beliefs, much of it faultily embedded in their DNA, human children need generally to be educated by human teachers — their seniors by just a few generations.

“With their angelic minds, or better, your guardian angels and yes, your Thought Adjusters, have a much easier time of it. They are ready and fully prepared to ‘soak it all up’ and as well, they are taught by those who have passed on information for thousands of years, know all the pitfalls and know by heart the psychoanalyses and detailed scripts of the innate abilities of any one and all of their hundreds of eager to learn students. Truly, my good friend, there are very few surprises experienced on those training gounds on High. Although extremely rare, there are some.

“Your planet, however and together with some three dozen others have long been the sick children of Nebadon. There is not, absolutely not, a comparison that you can draw on between any other planet, even a decimal planet, in your local universe and your troubled world. So, let everyone who has a mind to record, an eye to see and an ear to hear take note of what I have to share with you now. You are so fortunate to live on this world, at this time and in these circumstances. Oh, yes! Your lives may be tough, spoiled by misfortune, uprooted by wars or tarnished by unspeakable crimes, but you are the outright winners!

“More so than anyone you are to become Michael’s Soldiers, His Adjutants and Lieutenants, because by your serving the Master you’re serving your kin and by serving your kin you’re serving the Master. Beyond your local universe you will come fully into the Creator-Father’s employ and your experience will serve you well as you learn so very much, mature most adequately and perfect yourself totally in your tasks and proclaim, ‘You were so fortunate to live on that world! You are the outright winner!’

“So I say to you, my friends, ‘Live your life for others and thereby for yourself and for the Creator-Father . . . so fortunate!

“I am the Damascus Scribe. Call on me often.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“We measure and mark your Spiritual Growth
against the Wall of Eternity.” —Destiny Guardian, Alverana.

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The power of believing

Monterrey, Mexico, June 18, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The power of believing.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “What is it you really believe? Your mind constantly builds scenes for the movie of your life. Your mind believes. It believes in the positive or believes in the negative. It believes in good or believes in evil. And although, perhaps, with your words you say one thing, it is quite possible that in your mind you really believe otherwise.

“What can you do to create what you desire, and therefore see it fulfilled?

“What if I told you that you are much stronger than you have been until today? And that you have many more talents, gifts, skills and power than you can even imagine? Do you believe that?

“You have the power to co-create.

“I AM with you. I AM in you. You only have to believe it.

“Believe that you can manifest the truth, the beauty and the goodness that you wish, and so it shall be.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
If you stop judging, you will find peace — Thought Adjuster.

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We Grow Together in Experience

Alabama, US of A, October 10, 2012.
Teacher: Planetary Supreme, Urantia.
Subject: “We Grow Together in Experience.”

Message received by Oscar.

Urantia: “The Planetary Supreme desires a deeper relationship with each and every one of you. The Planetary Supreme is the local expression of the Supreme Being, the accumulation of all the experiences of the children of this sphere. Therefore, Her wisdom and Her experience are extremely valuable and can be a great help at the time of making decisions and evaluating the repercussions of these decisions over your planet and its inhabitants.

“I am your Mother. I, Urantia, am one of the servants of our universal Father and another expression of deity. Few among you stop to consider that this planet is a living being — an organism in which everyone plays a role. The idea that you are fragmented beings, separated from the universal unity, is a fallacy. We are all one. We are all different expressions of the same energy — love — and we are so intimately related that there is no way for the decisions or actions of one to not have an effect on everyone else.

“Because the enforced isolation of this sphere has been lifted, you now receive an increased spiritual influence and the loving service of a multitude of teachers and beings of light, whose only desire is to contribute to helping you find your way to the truth. This increased flow of information is slowly but surely raising the spiritual level of this world. More among my planetary children are starting to open their eyes to a larger reality and this in turn elevates my perception and my understanding of our Father and His creation.

“Know that we grow together in experience. Your achievements and your spiritual understandings are not just yours. They are the achievement and understanding of all. Each soul that takes a step closer to the light is one more step towards the universes of space and time establishment in light and life. Each personal search that results in a more complete understanding of the universal Father and His eternal plan is a new avenue of expression for the Supreme Being. Keep growing, keep exploring and keep finding the wonders that our Father has prepared for you, because they are your efforts and your decisions of consecrating your will to the Divine Will that the entire universe advances and the plan of eternity becomes increasingly more real.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.

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Facing Disappointment

Chicago, US of A, April 4, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Sharmon.
Subject: “Facing Disappointment.”

Message received by Valdir Soares.

Sharmon: “My Dear friend, this is Sharmon, the most charming person in the Midway Realm; your friend of some years and happy for being here again to inspire your contemplations. I know that a constant trend in your mind in these days — due personal and public issues — is how to deal with life’s disappointments. Believe me; among the things that life brings in abundance, disappointments make the top of the list. Therefore, all will creatures in the universe of time and space, and mostly we evolutionary creatures, must learn to face them or else go through life holding numerous unhealthy grudges.

“First, Let it Sink In. When disappointments happen, trying to deny them only makes the situation worse. Instead, accept them; I even would say, embrace them, not in a sick and masochist way, but in a way to allow you to achieve full conscience of its impact on you. Trying to ignore it is in fact to deceive yourself. To downplay its effect on you, also, is damaging to yourself. Let it sink into you. Get a full appraisal of its consequences on your life. You need to know what damages this disappointment caused, so you can begin to repair it.

“Second, Re-Assert Your Goals. When you suffer a disappointment, you might temporarily lose sight of your life’s goals. Usually, that is when depression may occur and you may go spiraling down into the drain of commiseration. After you assessed the damages of the disappointment you suffered, re-assert your goals in life: spiritual, emotional and material ones. If your goals are based on meaningful values, you don’t need to change, but if not, do not be afraid of re-adjusting them in the right direction. In doing this, do not fail to obtain the always available assistance of your Thought Adjuster within.

“Lastly, Start Anew. Depending on the dimensions of a particular disappointment you have to deal with, you may have to restructure all of your life, or at least parts of your life to begin again. Don’t be afraid to start anew. See it not as a delay in your life, but a fresh new opportunity to re-invent yourself, to make it better. If you are striving for betterment in your life, do it without fear, for you have much, much help in the spirit realm available to you. However, it is your courage, faith, iron-clad determination that will make the difference.

“Therefore, my dear, facing disappointments is difficult for everybody because a disappointment takes from you something highly valued. However, on the positive side it is a great opportunity to re-evaluate your life and make changes that, without suffering the disappointment, you might never have the opportunity to make. Do not let a disappointment throw you in the depression pit. Receive it, re-evaluate it and restart it. If you are too comfortable, you may stop growing; that is why sometimes the Father allows some shaking up in your life, so you can lift yourself higher and higher. I am Sharmon, your friend. Blessings!”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos.

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