The Regeneration Process

Oregon, November 22, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Regeneration Process.”

Message received by Anyas.

Cell regeneration: The number of cells that an adult male loses per minute is roughly 96 million. Fortunately, in that same minute, about 96 million cells divide, replacing those that died. Just as you shed dead skin cells, dead cells from internal organs pass through and out of the body with waste products.

Thought Adjuster: “Let us talk more in-depth about the rebirth process. From established scientific facts, your physical organism is constantly reborn. It purges its old cells to replace them with new ones. It is one of the many amazing life’s mysteries. Indeed, life has to be sustained — newbies taking the relay for retirees — so to speak.

“As above, so below. You can assume that the same occurs at the other levels of your being. Yet, your free will prerogative is very much associated with this process. How do you treat your emotions? This is a very important question to ask yourself. Do you allow inner toxicity to invade your emotional being as cancerous cells would invade your physical being if they went undetected for a while? Or do you quickly become aware of your emotional ‘acid reflux’ and do something about it?

“Just as your physical system has to constantly be purged from its dead cells, your emotional system needs to be managed in a similar fashion. As well, your even more intangible spiritual self has to experience a constant spiritual rebirthing process. Out with the old, in with the new!

“Jesus stressed the process of rebirth — not the one of death. Life does not know terminal death. You are constantly spiritually reborn to a better version of yourself if you live your life with awareness and high intentions. On the other hand, death may claim those who are spiritually suicidal. Rather than refueling their spiritual energies, they are subjecting them to a life-threatening fasting and become spiritually anorexic. Eventually, this may result in the miscarriage of their embryonic soul for lack of nutrition.

“Dear ones, focus on your rebirth. This is the fountain of spiritual youth and such a youthful spirit translates itself into positive emotions and a vibrant body. Isn’t it the best total makeover one could wish for?”

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Embrace the Inner Guru

Asheville, NC, US of A, December 10, 2017.
Teacher: Ophelius.
Subject: “Embrace the Inner Guru.”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to address the Corps Students — those who have diligently followed this teaching program and have taken the messages and lessons to the ‘heart and soul’ of their being. We also want you to know that we leave no one out who is actively engaged and may be only starting on this path, for you are all developing your mature spiritual personalities in waves (soul groups) and so today we address those groups that are ready to receive our guidance and instruction for their active participation in the Correcting Time and in Father’s Great Plan.

“My dear students, it should be clear to you, but often is not, that you have progressed further along than you know and most all of you have achieved the Third Psychic Circle of human personality maturity and spiritual potential, and some have gone even further than this. With this achievement comes the attachment of two Destiny Guardians — one of which is always present and focused on your accelerated growth. You have achieved a moderate degree of attunement with your Thought Adjuster (TA) and are receiving regular input, yet many of you do not recognize this as divine leading.

“Your humble nature, which is a virtue that has served you well on your spiritual path, can sometimes prevent you from ‘owning’ your mature status as an advanced student. For you, the days of seeking outwardly for a greater guru is over, and many of you are discovering that the guru message no longer satisfies your need for greater attunement. It is for you, dear students that I implore you to step into your shoes and embrace the inner guru, your Father Fragment, as an intimate partner that stands ready to hand you the ‘keys to the kingdom.’

“I, as one who serves with you, cannot tell you what your mission is — that is for you to work out with your TA, but I am here to guide you to the doorway of your Inner Guru that you may believe and boldly step into your role as an advanced student — one who is aware of their active participation in the Great Plan and one who shall work in partnership with their TA — to Ask and to Receive. There are gifts of the spirit that are to be revealed to those who serve and are ready for their ordination as confirmed partners with the Father via His Indwelling Spirit.

“Already have many of your TAs ‘looked ahead’ and have confirmed your fusion as fact and it is only a matter of time and experience before the Sacred Union is complete — you are undeniably destined for eternal life in service with the family of the Creator. You are gods in the making and it is not prideful for you to accept this — it is the Creator’s plan for you — to stand before him on paradise and receive the embrace of Finality — to go out into the greater developing universes of time and become the administrators of new worlds.

“Although you are now standing in the kindergarten of your eternal service, you have been given these revelations that you may understand your destiny (like those in later epics of Light and Life). Now step into your roles as partners with the Creator by establishing your relationship with His Indwelling Spirit. The Keys to the Kingdom lay in His outstretched hand.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Urantia’s Borderland and its Cleansing

Chicago, US of A, November 21, 2017.
Teacher: Midwayer Sharmon.
Subject: “Urantia’s Borderland and its Cleansing.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Sharmon: “The human self is basically made up of mindal energy originating from the Infinite Spirit. Your individual self is powered by this mindal energy and so are the personality endowments that make you a personal being.

“When death overcomes you, the assigned guardian angel takes possession of all your mind and spiritual identifiers for you to be resurrected on Mansonia One if you are deemed to be of resurrection standing after the concerned adjudication.

“However, after death the life energy of a departed human being remains as, what you call, a ‘thought-form' which is destined to be absorbed by Mother Urantia (Gaia), our Planetary Supreme, to be synthesized as part of the Supreme Being’s evolution. This thought-form carries the experiential registry of that human in the form of values, feelings and emotions; all of which should be instantly absorbed by Mother Urantia as that individual’s life’s contribution to Her personal growth.

“Notwithstanding the fact that sometimes these thought-forms are so impregnated with unresolved negative and evil thoughts and feelings, that it makes it impossible for our Planetary Supreme to absorb them instantly as it should be. Therefore, these thought/feeling forms tarry around our world in an intermediary dimension between the material and morontia realms, called the Borderland.

“These entities are not personalities as they lack time-consciousness. They are of two kinds: firstly the ones that still reflect thoughts, emotions, and feelings of their sponsors, either awaiting their special millennial dispensational resurrections or already on Mansonia, and secondly, those whose sponsors will not be resurrected due to their total spiritual bankruptcy. The former will eventually have their conflicts and status worked out on Mansonia and will then finally be absorbed by Mother Urantia. The latter are forever detached from their former ‘sponsors’ and there is no hope of resolution for them, therefore neither any possible absorption by Urantia. These hopeless entities continue their existence by attaching to and feeding upon living human beings, and by harassing and disturbing others.

“On normal worlds, the borderlands are only temporarily in use because in time all their resident entities either have their situation resolved or they eventually fade into nothingness, as those mortals from the eras of light and life are of a lofty spirituality having their thought-forms immediately absorbed by their Planetary Supreme at death. They would otherwise neither be capable of feeding themselves on those spiritually superb living human beings, nor subject them to their spiritual harassment.

“Urantia’s Borderland is exceedingly crowded due to the still ongoing disruptive policies from the Lucifer Rebellion, so that the attachment and harassment from the hopeless entities has become particularly overwhelming as to even make increasingly difficult the work of human, midwayer and celestial workers here. That’s why Michael called for a special cleansing effort of Urantia’s Borderland: to bring this situation to acceptable levels.

“Those humans involved in this cleansing should be able to distinguish between the two classes of thought-forms — the hopeful and the hopeless ones. The former’s moral disinclination to evil and harassment should help to identify them as well as their characteristic energy luminescence. The hopeless ones may be extinguished by means of your superior spiritual strength, but the hopeful ones should be helped, as happened in the case of Virginia Jamieson whose thought-form’s energies George and some of us midwayers helped to cross over to Mother Urantia.

“However, be mindful of the spiritual stress that such activity may bring you. Make sure to give yourselves regular breaks from it for spiritual revitalization. I am your friend, Midwayer Sharmon, the charming one, helping you find answers about this very complicated issue that Urantia’s Borderland has become for both humans and midwayers.”

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Collective Karma and not Revelation (Part 1)

Illawarra District, Australia, December 4, 2017.
Teacher: The Damascus Scribe.
Subject: “Collective Karma and not Revelation.” (Part 1).

Message received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “It’s good to be here once again and it is rewarding for Me to see how many of your (celestial) friends are surrounding you at this time. I have needed information to pass on, a comparison to strike and, perhaps, a question to answer, so let us begin. Let yourself drift now. Go deeper and deeper and empty your mind of all extraneous thoughts and let those who surround you assist you in this endeavor.

“Since you long ago ‘broke through the silence barrier’ five Teachers have at different times spoken to you about karma, specifically Collective or Group karma. Now that you have concluded there to be somewhat of a coincidence between human responsibilities for the enduring unremarkable scent of the Borderland and the prevailing doubtful aroma about Collective Karma, I deem it appropriate for Me to confirm same.

“It’s yes, yes and yes. Yes, it’s an all-human responsibility to see to it that the Borderland stays manageable. It’s kept spotless on most worlds and given time, it will be so here. Yes, as voting members of a democratic society you are collectively responsible for the honesty, the behavior and the fairness to your people, in the world and in your Father’s universe. You must first-of-all actually decide to vote, secondly you must select the right representative and finally keep him or her honest.

“It is a great responsibility to be a Member of Parliament, the Senate or the House, whatever, but collectively it is an even greater duty to continue to aid your chosen representative on his or her smooth path of service to all who are counting on them doing their important task. We who make our homes in the higher realms all too often hear the sayings, ‘I don’t have time to vote,’ ‘I don’t care who wins,’ or ‘This is an opposition stronghold, we don’t stand a chance, so why vote?’

“Well, my student, this is nothing new to you. You were quite aware of all this, but you were slow in formulating how dreadfully important can be the collective positive karma of insuring that your world progresses, how vital it is that all contribute to a steady global development by the monitoring of those placed in charge and how one loses out by ignoring one’s right to vote and having a vital awareness of the changing status quo. All this is but common sense, no, not revelation. More of this later. I Am the Damascus Scribe.”

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My Gift to you is for you to be of service to Me — Christ Michael. 11:11 Store

My Spirit Shall Ultimately Triumph

Urantia, December 3, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “My Spirit Shall Ultimately Triumph.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “It is an incredible moment in a mortal’s life when true reality dawns on him or her that I am with each of you at all times; and that you can call on Me at any time when you feel a need for this; Although I prefer that you call on Me when there is no pressing need, and when you simply desire My companionship.

“Even a true friend cannot permanently be at your beck and call, but would it not constitute a true blessing and be of great soul satisfaction to really comprehend that such a Friend and Companion lives right inside of you?

“Just ponder this for a moment if you will, for I am slowly leading you towards that deeper awareness of Me, depending of course on your willingness and trust in this process.

“There is truly nothing to fear, but fear itself. Banish fear at all cost and what you will have left is pure untainted love — a love so great that it sweeps through every cell of your being and quickens these cells into a greater ability to heal.

“This is the ultimate in self-healing. Use your careful self-observation and note where you still hold fear in your body, and then invite Me to go into all these places which are painful due to the fears you continue to hold.

“Allow the Holy Spirit to soften all those places, so My love can go deeper and deeper, to bring about healing for your greatest good.

“Your spiritual life is meant to triumph over the physical, but this can only occur when you allow this to happen; and when you are willing to work towards this with Me.

“It will be done by giving yourself more time to come to Me in prayerful meditation, so we can work on this together as I lead you deeper into yourself.

“My Spirit shall ultimately triumph, no matter how long this process may take.”

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