Michigan, US of A, March 15, 2015.
Teacher I AM (Thought Adjuster).
Subject: “Wholeness and Realization of Completeness”

Received by Chris Maurus.

I AM here now, and we are of One mind and One heart. For more than half a century of your life in time have I waited for these moments where I can directly tap into your heart and where you can recognize my still small voice. I speak the language of the heart — with the vibrations of love, for in this heart space is the chamber where we unite; where there are no walls that divide; no mask to wear, and no expectations to fail. You are completely open and desirous for my words — you have entered into the temple of the Father — the hallowed ground. Feel now, the unconditional love pouring over you, for there is no greater love than this — you are my Beloved — the One I have chosen — the One who shall scale the universes. Stay still for a moment, close your eyes and feel these vibrations course through you.

Tears begin to well into your eyes in reply to these divine vibrations, for what you feel is beyond words — your whole world disappears and there is only this moment here and now, together as One. This is where I strengthen you to weather the storms of material life because each time you come to me, you understand more about the eternal union and that nothing in this world can bring harm to you. You are loved divinely — your soul is safely sealed in my light and you shall never be alone. If only more people would find this hallowed place within them, there would be no harm to give another — only love, peace, and understanding. How could it be otherwise, for in this moment of communion with me you are complete and in need of no-thing? Think deeply about this feeling of completeness and what it means.

There are so many on this planet that will never share in these tender moments of Oneness with their Indwelling, yet I tell you each one is capable if only the self-will would allow it and awaken from the conditions of unbelief. Each one on this world feels the yearning of completeness, yet in frustration and desperation do they seek for the material consolation or the insatiable hunger of ego gratification that will never satisfy the divine love yearning of the soul. Only after great trial and tribulation where all material consolations have been removed do some awaken to the wholeness and realization of completeness within. There is no need to suffer child, for your wholeness is complete and you are reminded of this each time you break from the distractions of “doing” and come into the holiness of “being.”

To be “holy” is to be “whole and complete” and only can you be this way in union with me. Now that you know that you are whole and complete can you go and “do” the Will of the Creator Father in this world because you lack nothing. Only the lag of time delays your perfection in godlikeness, but it does not prevent you from achieving it. Your decisions, actions, and experiences move you closer to finality, yet the speed at which you sail is determined by the quality of the moments that you live. I AM — you are — We live.

Live in Love,


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