Illawarra District, Australia, March 15, 2015.
Secondary Midwayer Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8).
Subject: “Healing the Human Fetus” (shortened transmission).

Received by George Barnard.

George: “Thank you for coming.”

Dr. Mendoza: “Having you as a student is important for the very reason that some may glean a little information, learn a few things about physiology and perhaps progress a little from a spiritual point of view. From a selfish viewpoint, I confess, it is to me more important that you are my friend and of some years. As I go around the hospital wards and diagnose those who are mis-diagnosed and as I influence the surgeons to reconsider, I delight in their realizing that they now more clearly identify the symptoms.

“Seeing you are well and taking the time to converse with you is a much preferred occupation to the numbing routine of finding so many treated for what they do not have and being overlooked for what truly ails them. We now come to the point about the mother-to-be, Monique, and the danger to her baby and perhaps to further offspring suffering from that dreaded personality disorder.”

(George explains: Monique was a psychology student who shared some of my normal psychology workshops. That’s how I knew her and through our regularly comparing notes. Her boyfriend — soon to become her husband — came from a family severely troubled by a psychological disorder. Monique and I stayed in touch. She married her boyfriend, quickly became pregnant and panicked about his family’s obvious genetic problems.)

Dr. Mendoza: “Following your request I conferred with a Life Carrier and we covered the area of the fetal brain that might possibly remain under-developed and thus give rise to that recurring personality flaw. Allowing energy to that genetically disadvantaged portion of the gray matter should bring positive healing results. In fact, in some unusual way, all that your ancestors were, you still are.

“It was decided that I would, or another Midwayer Healer should, visit the lady each morning to firstly calm her and to secondly provide extra ‘enlivening energy’ to that tiny portion of the fetal brain that needed proper development, not likely to occur without help. We Midwayers left our (11:11 time prompt) calling cards each morning so the young woman would know we were at the task.

“It is our opinion that in time and with Life Carrier guidance we can count on our becoming more useful in preventative medical care and in such efforts as with Monique’s offspring. In essence, the process is not all that far removed from the ‘neuron bridging’ that is activated in those with mild to somewhat more serious head injury. However, just like Angels and other Celestials, we are almost always overlooked, even by such long-time students and helpers as this receiver.

“This is Dr. Mendoza. Peace and love to you all.”

(Monique gave birth to a boy and almost two years later a girl. She was delighted she never missed the 11:11 prompts during both those times. Typical indications such as shyness, clinginess or an exaggerated fear of strangers — so typical of every one of her husband’s siblings when they were little — were not observed in her children. I last checked on her in 1998. I lost contact with Monique after that.)

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