Chicago, US of A, March 14, 2015.
Teacher: My Spirit Within.
Subject: “My Guidance to You”

Message Received by Valdir Soares.

Spirit Within: “My child, I welcome the opportunity to present this message to you once more in a conscious way, even a written way. The fact that at times you may not be conscious of my messages to you does not mean that I am not providing you with guidance for I simply do not tire My incessant work associated with your mind is to offer you guidance by countering your every thought with thoughts that reflect the perfect will of the Father in all situations.

“Most often, though, the realization of the perfect will of God is beyond your grasp and your ability to practice. You really only perceive a modified version of it, according your own way of thinking. My guidance to you is perfect, but your perception of it is other than perfect. I have patiently worked with your thoughts, every one of them that is of spiritual import. The progress accrued, considering the maximum benefit possible, is in fact little, but considering your short and overwhelming materialized life on Urantia, it is above average and you have come a long way.

“My work with you in this life is not finished, although you sometimes think it is when in fact, it has only begun. There is much, very much, you can yet accomplish in the spiritual arena of your life; you have discovered the primacy of love in life, but the reason why your progress comes to a stalemate sometimes is due to your over-attachment to your conscious and material life. Come, my child, reach the upper room, where the mind of the Master resides with Me; where the truth imparted by the Spirit of Truth is not only intellectual, but also empowering. Dare to let go, for you will be safe with Me. Come to commune with Me, your Spirit Self, because from Me the ‘rivers of living waters will flow.’

“I will never stop working in you, my child. You have already tasted what I can give you. There is much more in store for you — infinitely more. Although I reside in you, in connection with your mind, we are now still ‘next’ to each other, but the day will come when I will be one with you. I will be you, and then my revelations to you will be shared in God, the Supreme, and further beyond, in God, the Ultimate. While you should not try to artificially force yourself into the ‘next level,’ reaching it should be your constant goal. My resources and abilities have long been ready for you; will you use them?”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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