Michigan, US of A, March 8, 2015.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Doorstep of Fateful Elections”

Received by Chris Maurus.

Thought Adjuster: I AM with you and always will I be, for you are my beloved who I have nurtured, watched over, and inspired since the day of your indwelling. I AM the one you call “Beloved” and I AM the Father’s presence within you. Come to me child, and bring your concerns — those things that trouble you and perplex you and we shall work together to find a “soul-ution” that brings you to a place of greater understanding. In these moments when you come to me and speak the words, “Let us be of one mind and one heart,” I grow closer, and the gap between divinity and humanity narrows, for in this space is where you experience unconditional love — the higher love, and the peace that surpasses all understanding. In this place of communion can you release all the tensions of worldly life and step into the mind and heart in unity with Spirit and feel this beautiful vibration — the Word of life.

You are a new soul experiencing a life of difficulties and hardships where many decisions must be made; not only for yourself, but for those you love. Remember always, my beloved, that you have an extended family who loves you dearly and are always at the ready to help you through those important decision and difficulties — the family of Spirit. We can see where you cannot, and we can go and prepare the conditions for those decisions that will move you beyond the threshold of your present development and into a greater place in understanding of the wider vistas of time and eternity.

Let me remind you, when you are caught up in the dramas of life, that these difficult things, people, and circumstances are here in your life as a theater for you to work on those qualities of personality and soul that are necessary for your continued growth. I AM preparing you for your next assignment — the next phase and level of your birth into Spirit where you will continue to explore and experience the wonders of the universe with greater intellect and understanding, yet to do these things must you experience a deeper love for me and for all the creatures in this universe that are all working out their own imperfections. You are beginning to understand the complexity and the simplicity of the Great Plan as all life flows toward perfection and completion of an age.

Though you may feel alone and abandoned at times in your life, and you find my voice very small and difficult to hear, know that the decisions, the mistakes, and the triumphs of your life that you are making and experiencing are necessary to bring you to this next step that your soul has bid for. Yes, the real you — the true self — the developing soul has made decisions about your future and where it desires to be and so must you — the conscious you, in time and space, accomplish those things in the theater of life that will lead you to the doorstep of those fateful elections.

Come to me often, my beloved, and let me guide your feet on the path that leads straight to your hopes and desires. There is no need to repeat painful lessons when you come to me in faith and listen to the heart where I speak softly. After a long and cold winter, I am like the first bird of spring to joyfully sing the song of warmer days ahead.


Receiver’s note: After experiencing one of the longest and coldest winters in Michigan history, I sat at my laptop receiving this message on a cold but sunny Sunday morning. Near the end of the transmission, I heard the first bird of spring chirping outside my window — it was the most beautiful song I have ever heard. How very wonderful — like a wink from the universe.

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are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

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