Alabama, US of A, October 25, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Human Body”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “During relatively limited periods the human body will tolerate adverse conditions without suffering any disease or being significantly weakened. The ability of your body to recover is truly remarkable. It would take many years of negligence — of progressive poisoning and abuse — to permanently damage your body.

“This has to be carefully considered, because the resilience of the body can deceive you in two distinct ways. The first way is for you to believe that nothing can hurt you; that you are somehow invincible. Young people in particular are quite open to this idea. They may abuse their bodies with damaging habits and toxic substances, because by the next day they will feel as healthy as they did the day before. The ability of the human body to recover diminishes with age, however, and the results of accumulated damage are experienced over time.

“The second aspect that affects many of you is the irrational fear of getting sick, of losing your health and vitality. Your body comes with a preliminary blueprint for its expression during your life. Sometimes genetic mistakes could be included in your genome in different ways, maybe caused by the habits of your progenitors, or because of unhealthy foods. It could be because of the environment in which you live, or because of certain events in your remote past. Such ‘bad programming’ can manifest itself in your body in the guise of different diseases without there being any control on your part.

“However, do not be overly concerned about your health because your body has been made to function in an optimal way with a minimum of care and adequate nutrition. A life of healthy habits contributes more to your health and vitality than does an exercise program, surgical intervention, or any kind of drug. Be aware of the three levels in which human beings live: soul, mind and body. It is in this order that you should focus your efforts to grow and to develop productive and edifying habits. A soul that searches for the Father will produce a mind filled with peace and positive thoughts, which in turn promotes the expression of a healthy body.”

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