Accepting the Difference

Chicago, US of A, June 19, 2012.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Accepting the Difference.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Andrea: “What makes a melody a melody? Basically it is a difference in musical tones. If a melody were to be made of only one note, it would obviously not be melody, rather a monotonous repetition of just one note. Similarity and differences make the melody with which God created the Universe of Universes. Consider the Trinity: Although one God, the Creator is uniquely different, being represented in three Persons. Differences are what make us distinct from one another. We all have features that make us particular individuals; we are all unique beings, although greatly similar. Notwithstanding our similarities, it is not easy for Urantians to deal with the differences in others. Why is that so?

“Primitive man had one main struggle in life: survival. To that end he would incessantly look for food and protection. Later, humanity acquired relative safety in survival by the individual managing to first control himself, then the environment and lastly others. The result of this increasing control is what today is called civilization. Civilization is the art of controlling human presence on this planet through governance. There is not much in the way of diversity that government can tolerate. In society, uniformity is essential to control. There can be no governance when anyone is allowed to freely act on his or her own impulses.

“Life is all about similarities and diversities, and in keeping the balance between these two extremes lies the secret of harmony. Each one must accept others the way they are. Mature and responsible individuals are not to be subjugated, or subject others to controlling behavior. Yet, to accept people’s differences does not mean you may support them in any wrongdoing they might be guilty of. However, it does mean for you to respect their free will. In society, humans are all subject to the Law and its officers, a condition commonly called the Social Contract, which prevents chaos and affords communal living, besides ultimately exemplifying the sovereign will of God. Accepting the differences in others is to live and let live. It is, as the Master taught, ‘to neither judge, nor be judged,’ but to allow and respect the freedom to be, to think, and to act responsibly. Acceptance of diversity is primordial to overcoming the many kinds of prejudice against others that still plague all Urantian societies.

“To you it would appear that we Midwayers could easily control people in your realm, given our immaterial attributes of being; this is true only to an extent, since no real control can be exerted without permission or violation of free will – the latter being expressly forbidden to us. There is a limit to the exercise of control over others; even the Gods do not use constraining means to achieve divine goals, rather they bring beings and circumstances to the consensus of the good, acceptable and perfect will of God.

“I am Andrea, your new friend from the Midway Realm. I share your evolutionary origin and life on this world, but I am different from you in many ways. Even so, I am, like you are, part of the universe family of God, in which we are all loved children of a loving Father of all. Peace to you!”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.

A Lesson on Continuation

Urantia, June 14, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Continuation.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “We have discussed a great number of subjects over the years. We will continue to do so, but not always in the same way, as each phase of life is different -- each new phase building upon the previous. Before you actually realize it, you will have progressed in your spiritual unfoldment, thus in the evolution of your soul. You are assured by now that life goes on after the dissolution of your most marvelous instrument, the physical body, and temple of your spirit. You have also been told that spirit does not die, but lives on, providing there is something of substance to continue on with.

“Your soul, your spiritual counterpart, develops by the positive choices and decisions you make from moment to moment. Although in the beginning, when you are yet little, you are hardly aware of the consequences of those decisions, yet somehow they affect your future. Increasingly, you become more aware of how life is shaping up for you, and there are always those deciding moments of awakening provided, for you to start paying attention. Especially when one reaches around forty years of age, having lived perhaps half of one’s life, it’s time to seriously think about how to live the rest of one’s life to make it worthwhile in order to garner satisfaction and look back on a life well-lived. It often is the time when one seriously desires peace for one’s soul, so one’s thinking gains a deeper level to ponder the deeper mysteries of life.

“Of course everyone is different. There are people, who due to severe illness or accidents of time, are earlier jolted into the reality and meaning of their existence. Each one of you mortals sooner or later decides that there is more to life than mere existence, and when the question must arise, ‘what is it that I am here to do?’ Ideally, you will have searched and found that glorious inner connection with the All That Is, so you can continue to build on that most wonderful of all relationships. The feeling of having found your inner anchor will grow stronger as time passes. At least, this happens when you take the time to pay attention to your Guide within. This has been made possible for all of you, and is a Gift from the eternal God, as soon as you made your first ever choice for good.

“Everyone goes through this momentous event with the capacity to think. This is your signpost that you have become a bona fide cosmic citizen with the potential for immortality. It is by your personal free will, and of course by the Grace of God, that this is made possible. There results the continuation, the building up of your individual spiritual counter-part. It is not what you do, but what you strive to do, that leads you heaven-ward. We have often discussed that doing the will of God is the way with the most love in it, and to go about doing good without any thought of remuneration. It is the road of becoming self-less, rather then being self-absorbed. It is allowing your Guide within to lead you on the path of righteousness with increasing sincerity and understanding. It is a path to a growing inner joy and a deep sense of belonging.”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.

Spirit Finance

Michigan, US of A, May 13, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Spirit Finance.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “The message for today is about investment and recognizing the greatest value there is – the time-value investment in the growth of the self. There are many experts on your world who know nearly everything there is about making money – how and when to buy stocks and securities, when to sell, ‘when to hold them and when to fold them.’ It has become a well known science that is studied much and a great deal of resources are allocated to knowing how to generate wealth, yet so few of these financial experts, and amateurs alike, spend any time on personal growth – knowing the self, growing the soul, or investing in things of eternal value that accrues and grows exponentially here and hereafter.

“‘What profits a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his own soul.’ This statement by the Master over 2,000 years ago says much about the state of humanity in the world today, and much of the trouble on your world comes about by the lack of strategic planning for the future estate of the soul.

“How many actual minutes in your busy day do you spend working on self improvement (self-mastery), communicating with spirit, praying, healing, or uplifting your fellows? For the average person on Urantia, it amounts to as much as the interest on a savings account – very little! For you students on the path who are learning to ‘save your treasures in heaven,’ you are adding to your wealth by investing more time in the growth of the soul, and this my friends, is the highest earning interest there is.

“Spirit finance is quite different from monetary finance – one is eternal, one is finite and short lived. If I were to show you a presentation on the ascension path of two souls – one who spent most of his terrestrial life immersed in the illusion of accumulating material wealth, and one dedicated to the growth of the soul, both would easily recognize the value in the investment of the soul as the greater value.

“Both would see, given the opportunity to see into the future, the difficulty in the afterlife of how investing poorly in eternal values can produce a weak soul that may not understand the importance, the meanings and values of continuing the ascension and achieving the greatest prize there is – eternal life as co-creators of the universes.

“What is the difference between these two souls? Faith – the hope in things unseen. For one demands proof and is unwilling to explore the larger half of his true nature – the soul, and the other accepts by faith the temporary estate of the material world and the eternal estate through the increasing awareness of the growing soul. How do you increase the awareness of your souls? By feeding them with love, mercy, compassion, understanding, kindness, trustworthiness, loyalty, self-forgetfulness, and all virtues that lead to growth and progression.

“Spend more time investing in the self today, my friends, and you will enjoy blissful tomorrows here and hereafter.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

Finding the Ultimate in Security

Illawarra District, Australia, June 12, 2012.
Midwayer Messenger Sharmon (MNO-6).
Subject: “Finding the Ultimate in Security.”

Received by George Barnard.

Sharmon: “It could be said that humankind evolved to be the top predator amongst all predators that existed on our world. Someone said just that, and I am merely repeating his words as I bring you a message from Chief Bzutu, who is elsewhere occupied right now. This is Sharmon, one of the prettiest and best-dressed Midwayer Messengers that calls you two her beloved friends.”

George: “Please congratulate Bzutu on his promotion.”

Sharmon: “Later, my friend. Right now just keep recording what I have to say. This lesson is about fear and making safe. It is about security.

“The most important and yet deleterious aspect of your primitive emotions was, and still is, fear. Fear caused you to roll large stones in front of your caves’ entrances to keep you safe from bears and cats and human marauders, even cannibals. However, fear of non-existent dangers also caused you to sacrifice some of your very kin, deplete your tribal numbers and actually make you less secure. Fear is what caused you to build palisades around your villages, and high walls around your castles and towns to feel secure within your shelters.

“Even today we note high steel fences, the upright members of which resemble spears or lances. And even the production of atomic fall-out shelters is again on the increase – such fear! So why is there no attempt to placate the other parties, also armed to the teeth with your most unmentionably barbaric of nuclear devices. Talk! Negotiate for a win-win situation to make yourself safe with those that are armed as well as you are, and guarantee reciprocal obliteration to any belligerent party. So much for your need for security and shelter!

“The most ill-begotten offspring of fear is greed…” (Here followed a lengthy interruption to the above typing).

Sharmon: “(Hours later) OK, let us proceed by recording the remainder. This is Sharmon, happy to be back with you again.

“Fear gives birth to greed. It is advantageous to preserve seed corn and grain for the next season. It is profitable to dry some fish in the sun for the next day, when the catch may not be great. Soon mankind learns to barter for what it needs with what others want. Not long after currency comes into vogue, and shells or the tusks of wild pigs will buy almost anything a tribe may require. To have many shells or many tusks brings security, or does it? Before long a coinage is struck, and mankind creates the ability to trade far and wide.

“Ever-present fear makes for individuals to collect more, and more coins, producing a shortage for others, and all of this in the name of security. Fear of being without, makes for this search for security. Exaggerated fear makes for the accumulation of great wealth for those who work hard, for those who are greatly talented, for those who are brilliant in manipulation, and for those who just must have at all cost – the predatory -- leaving many with insufficient goods when this world is adequately provided and all could live well-cared-for lives.

“Deep down fear makes one search for security, but security is never quite achieved. As fear turned to greed, greed turned into a fear of loss, and individuals, tribes and nations arm themselves to defend a privileged status. What a waste of effort, coins, shells, and tusks!

“It is here that I remind you to consider more clearly, to consider more actively, frequently, the fact that you all can make a life of better decisions by asking for advice. And the best adviser, the greatest mind you will ever encounter, is your Thought Adjuster, living right inside of you. In owning great quantities of material goods, security will always elude you. In your cooperation with the Gift from God who lives within you, you’ll find the ultimate in security.

“To answer your question now, Chief Bzutu has not been promoted. He is still in charge of the (two) original groups. I thank you for your attention. I wish you Adieu. This is your messenger, Sharmon, loving you both ever so much.”

George: “Thank you both.”

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You Create Your Future

Alabama, US of A, December 16, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “You Create Your Future.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “There is a lot of uncertainty in these times due to economic concerns. These are the moments some use to take advantage of the fear in their fellows, and attempt to foster more fear with fatalistic forecasts in order to strengthen their control. Many of you follow the news closely and observe how everything seems to be getting worst.

“You should know that you are the masters of your destiny. It is you who can decide what next will happen in this world. You are the ones who can create your future today. The decisions of the past -- your collective decisions -- have brought you here. Will you keep thinking the same thoughts and employing the same methods expecting different results?

“In a society as globalized as the present society on Urantia, the mistakes are no longer just the responsibility of a few leaders. Many countries have democratic systems to varying degrees. Many leaders of the most powerful nations are elected by the majorities in their respective countries. It is the duty of every citizen to be informed about the policies and the way of thinking of the leaders they are voting for, since through their being elected they decide the course of action they are supporting, and they are creating the world that will meet future generations.

“This is only the first step, but one that is often ignored by those who don’t take the time to inform themselves, and later blame their governments for the policies implemented -- policies which they supported with their votes. The next and more important step is the internal progress -- spiritual elevation -- where each individual attempts to be better through the intelligent adoration of the Celestial Father and through the progressive communion with the presence of the Father in the heart and mind of each individual. This is the true engine that will move progress of civilization to heights not yet conceived in this world, when the government of men will move aside to install the government of God on Earth, because every human being would have reached self-mastery, self-governance, and will be motivated to serve their fellows by the spontaneous love that overflows each heart. On that day all problems will disappear.

“The solution to the problems of today, the complex problems festering in this sphere, depend only on a personal decision of each person in this world, or a significant majority. When a human being decides to search for the Father within, and therefore starts to become the best he or she can be, a new step forward is made towards the age of Light and Life in this world. This is the task facing each one of you today to improve the world you live in. Make your decision.”

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