Justification Overload

Illawarra District, Australia, June 23, 2012.
Midwayer Chief Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Justification Overload.”

Received by George Barnard.

Chief Bzutu: “More than a few vultures are circling, and rather than feeling concern about the Urantia Mission and your part in it for those many decades, you should feel proud about others trying to emulate your efforts. Do you feel better now? That’s good! That’s fine! And we will get back to that later. Let me get comfortable on this here windowsill and cover a subject others know a lot more about, and here I speak of your learned Cherubim, Frank and Alice, and of course the good Doctor Mendoza.

“Should you wish to know, I have their blessings to give a critique on the subject of Justification. Justification overload, really, and I will first give you the wordly examples, before we cover those who must exasperate those close to our Creator Father before all other petty instances of justification of misbehavior in the extreme. Your propensity for justifying your spiritually malfeasant behaviors is legendary in this patch of the local universe, and especially is this the case among the white races as Dr. Mendoza earlier indicated.

“For ages have the more aggressive and forward-looking races subjugated the less advanced to the status of serfs, for later generations to unwisely, freely interbreed with these lesser tribes. And so it was for the white man and the greatly ‘diminished in vitality’ females of the blue race. It is to the greater part through the contribution of the latter that your race is visited by mental disorders, specifically, more so than is the case with any race that is to a lesser degree interbred with the blue race. Examples exist aplenty.

“The ownership of tools, equipment, or even currency on long-term loan, does not change from the lender to the borrower. How often have you heard the justification, ‘I’ve had this for long enough. It is all mine now.’ Such behavior tries to justify outright theft, and when such behavior is practiced by individuals, it is bad enough, but entire nations are so involved, with the freezing of funds and with sanctions, with piracy of shipments, and organized wholesale plunder. These are unjustified actions of man against man to the profit of man.

“It is ever so much the white man’s poison, but never as fatal to the soul as when theft, destruction, or ‘the thwarting of another’s good deeds’, is accomplished on behalf of their Creator. Neither the desecration at Bamiyan, nor the burning of Korans can bring you anything other than sadness to even the greatest minds of the Spirit World. And still, how some clamber over their fellow students to solemly declare, ‘Behold, dear Lord, I will serve You better than another can . . . and I offer You something You already own.’

“Be well in all ways, and let the task be evermore important than the self. This is ABC-22, not leaving for anywhere soon that I know of.”

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Chicago, US of A, June 6, 2012.
Teacher: Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Worship.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Andrea: “Worship is the most sublime activity humans can practice in their lives. While the act of worshiping itself is a personal choice, its capability in human beings, however, is a spiritual gift granted by Mother Spirit through one of her adjutant spirits, the Spirit of Worship, at work in the human mind.

“Human worship is subject to evolutionary processes, not only in its origin, but also in its exercise and individual development. Worship starts in human beings as a longing for transcendence. It first brought to primitive men a feeling of suspicion that there must be more to life than simply being born, to then live and die. Along with this vague and inexplicable desire for transcendence, there was at the time of primitive men, and even nowadays, the difficulty of accepting or coping with losses of immediate family members, creating the belief that the lost ones must still be around as ‘ghost or spirits’. Fear of the unknown always created in humans an overwhelming need to protect themselves from unknown, possibly harmful events. Showing respect and veneration towards these unknown forces was a form of primitive worship.

“The ministry of various celestial bestowals, which the evolutionary worlds are recipients of, improves human beings’ ability to worship. However, Urantia’s abnormal path of disappointment caused several inhibiting effects upon this ability. Firstly, our Planetary Prince, Caligastia, early joined the Lucifer Rebellion. Secondly, the Adamic bestowal went awry through default. Finally, the Avonal bestowals expected after the Adamic one was preceded by Michael’s seventh bestowal in connection with Lucifer’s Rebellion. Notwithstanding the accrued benefits of these events on Urantia, their irregularities, culminated in error, misunderstanding and confusion for Urantians’ worship. As a direct result there were numerous superstitions and mistaken notions about Deity, not in the least for Christ Michael to be considered the Eternal Son, rather than our Creator Son.

“However, the nature of worship is never affected by the troubles a planet may suffer, as long as it retains its essential transcendental element. Our Father in Paradise accepts sincere worship from any human being, in every religious or spiritual tradition, no matter how much he or she might be mistaken about His identity. In time a more progressive understanding of Deity will bring to this planet a better understanding of God, as our Father and the Ultimate Source and Center of all.

“Although worship is all about God Himself, the worshiper always enjoys the pleasures of being in communion with Him, and the blessings this brings to life as whole. Worship is a function of the soul, assisted by the guidance of one’s Adjuster. As a practice, it does not require any external apparatus, but usually it is better expressed with an attitude of meditation and contemplation of God’s unique attributes. In its most profound expression, worship is for the sake of worship itself, nothing else.

“I am Andrea, your Primary Midwayer friend, enjoying this first contact. My love is with you. Peace.”

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


The Circle of Love

Michigan, US of A, June 10, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Circle of Love.”

Received by Chris.

Teacher Ophelius: “Today we would like to recite a prayer, for it is important that we take time out to communicate at the highest level with the Creator and feed our souls. Prayer is a way for us to elevate our spiritual awareness, and to strengthen our relationship with our Indwelling Spirit, who connects us directly with the Universal Father on Paradise.

“Let us clear our minds now and ask that our Indwelling Spirit and our Guardian Angels participate with us to make that direct connection with the Creator. Please take a moment and ask for their participation.

“Now, please read these words from the heart and not the mind, for sincerity and authentic desire to reach up and make the connection is the power that amplifies the communication in both directions.

“Let us pray: Father, I come to you this day with great joy in my heart, for I want nothing more than to enjoy this connection, this moment, this time alone with You -- to feed my soul, to come back to center, and to present myself as your humble child who wants to feel the shower of your unconditional love.

“Fill me with Your light Father, and see me as I am, imperfect, yet wanting to be more than I am, more like you, Father. All my life experiences I share with You. See through my eyes, hear through my ears, speak through my lips, and walk with me through my days in this world, Father. Let your love and your spirit be with me, in me, and through me, and help me to distribute your love and light into this world.

“I desire your divine embrace and wait patiently to receive it. Every in-breath I take, I breathe in your love, and every exhale I make, I send it back. This is the unbroken intimate connection I have with You, and as I breathe, I will always be reminded of this Circle of Love -- the Parent and the child.

“As I breathe and meditate on You, Father, I am aware of your presence, and I feel every cell in my body is in harmony with you through this constant connection we share. I shall now go silent and listen for your gentle voice to teach and guide me. I love you. AMEN.

“Sit in peace and silence for a moment and receive from the Creator.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.


The Interconnection of Life

Chicago, US of A, June 8, 2012.
Teacher: Gaia (Urantia).
Subject: “The Interconnection of Life.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Gaia: “The crow you saw outside your window is one of my dear creatures. To you the bird seems unimportant today, as would multitudes of other little ones, even the microscopic beings that share this world with you. However, all of these species, once played an important role in the evolution process that culminated in your species – the human race.

“A Deity of Supremacy, I am a daughter of God the Supreme, sharing with you the benefits of evolution on this planet. It was a long journey of intricate processes until free-will finally emerged in this world, and universe identity was granted to your first human ancestors – Andon and Fonta. I could then start to draw on higher values of purposeful expression of truth, goodness and beauty by capable, will-endowed human beings. Therefore, I am connected with you and with all life on Urantia. I am ‘the rendezvous point’ of all life-sparks, now well-evolved, but long ago implanted on our planet by the Life-Carriers of Nebadon. Through me, and through the extensive, but not-yet-finished evolutionary cycle – human, animal and vegetable – all life is interconnected in mutual dependency.

“Most humans in their excessively self-centered lives of today fail to realize how much their existence owes to the rest of creation, even to these little, and by you thought of as insignificant creatures. However, they are dearly loved and sustained by me. You are all interconnected; but yours is the responsibility for caring for this world, which was so generously bestowed upon you. This means for you to care not only for your species, but also for all living beings on it, as well as for the planet itself – your habitat in common.

“You alone, among all living creatures on our world, have the power to change our home for the better. So, I plead with you, my children: Please consider you are not alone on our beautiful Urantia. Care for each other, and for all life around you, through which you all are connected to me, and interconnected with each other.

“I am Gaia, your Urantia Deity, ever busy in sustaining life on our planet, wishing to continue to do so until that glorious day when all time-space universes will be settled in Light and Life. On that day God the Supreme, whose offspring I am, will acquire fullness of supremacy to rule over all the worlds of Orvonton. I am always with you, my children. My love is indeed with you in all ways.”

Notes: The appropriate name for Gaia is ‘the Planetary Embryo of God the Supreme, Urantia’. The name ‘Mother Earth’ is also frequently used.
Orvonton – the Super-universe in which our planet Urantia is located.

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Try coming out of the shadows, a little at the time—TA.


A Non-physical Component -- (Part Two of Two).

Alabama, US of A, December 9, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “A Non-physical Component” -- (Part Two of Two).

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Without faith, this spiritual component of the human being remains a mystery. Nothing is known about its origin or function, as you likewise don’t know anything about your origin and destiny. However, through faith you can choose to believe that it is God who lives in you. You can give a chance to this idea and start to seriously explore this aspect of yourself. The good thing is that once you have dedicated your time to this endeavor, many things will happen to reinforce this undertaking, increasing your intuition and spiritual discernment. Then, what was once just a leap of faith becomes a certainty, the supreme experience of the human life – to discover our Celestial Father, the Creator of the universe, within ourselves and to start to become like Him. This is how a human being can escape from the chains of the material world and become more real and spiritual, even while living in this world.

“These are the major steps in the journey of a mortal towards spiritual achievement:

  • “The mortal receives a Thought Adjuster. The Thought Adjuster starts to motivate the creature to consider spiritual realities.
  • “The mortal experiences for the first time spiritual curiosity.
  • “At some point, the mortal decides to overcome doubts and to explore spirituality. The Thought Adjuster starts to attempt to answer his questions. This is a level few attain in this world since it requires independent thinking and moving beyond what is traditionally considered to be religion.
  • “The mortal is slowly gaining certitude that there is something beyond the physical and she (or he) starts to receive answers to her questions. She starts to experience ‘spiritual hunger’, and starts receiving according to her potential and her level of spiritual attainment. Here the mortal realizes that something is changing inside of her, and her spiritual hunger inspires in her the desire to be better, to emulate the perfection that she considers to be worthy of God. She starts to adore.
  • “A transformation is observed in the mortal creature. He is increasingly more identified and in harmony with the divine presence and with the will of the Father. Unconditional love starts to be expressed through the mortal. The Thought Adjuster has more power to influence in the decisions of the mortal due to an intelligent submission to the will of God. The mortal becomes co-creative and contributes more actively to the universal experience – the Supreme – and to the actual manifestation of the potentiality of the Father’s will.
  • “The Thought Adjuster determines that the mortal has reached such a level of alignment with Him that there is no possibility of discrepancies under any situation in eternity. The fusion with the Thought Adjuster occurs. The mortal is one with the Creator and becomes immortal, eternal and on the path to perfection. The details of aligning the human will with the divine will have been satisfied. This new being is now prepared to start the long journey to better understand the universe and deity. This journey will bring this new being back to the Source, the origin, the presence of God. From there on, the perfected human being will continue discovering and experiencing new expressions of deity while actively participating in the creation of new realities.”


The end of “A Non-physical Component” Part Two of Two.

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You lit a Flame, and it will become a Raging Fire—ABC-22.