Alabama, US of A, December 8, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Wisdom”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “Any study about wisdom will be incomplete if the presence of God within human beings is not considered. Since the very beginning, both religion and society have valued wisdom and extolled its attributes and benefits to the group. Throughout history human beings have always searched for a ‘recipe’ to achieve wisdom, and to basically learn to think in a more productive way that would bring personal and collective improvement.

“The attributes of wisdom have much been defined and re-defined, many times being corrupted depending on the intellectual and spiritual level of a particular period in history. Some features, which at a particular time are considered appropriate for wisdom and intelligence, are at other times severely criticized or completely ignored.

“In a few words, wisdom is the ability of men and women to use their resources -- physical, intellectual, and spiritual -- to live in this world while preparing for life in the next. The results of a life lived in this fashion are evident in those who live such lives. In this definition of wisdom there is no mention of intelligence (IQ), or the social or financial status of the individual. Often people thought to be ‘important’ due to their careers or influence, are thought to be wise. When judging the value assigned by society to these individuals you should always ask, ‘How have they prepared for their lives in the next world? What have been their contributions to eternity?’

“This simple definition of wisdom clearly illustrates where effort should be invested during a human life. Wisdom helps us to live in this world. Human beings should learn how to adapt to their environment and live in a way that preserves their physical existence and emotional balance. A life limited to survival is not a life of wisdom. The time dedicated to work, and contribution to society, must be balanced with time for enjoyment, to stop for a while and contemplate the road traveled and make decisions about the future. The efforts for survival should be mitigated by the contemplation of existence, knowing that there is a reason for the sacrifices and there is a purpose for what we do.

“It is during these times of contemplation that the second aspect of wisdom can begin to be explored: to prepare for life in the next worlds. Human beings enjoy the presence of God within their being. Life on this world is only a step on the long path to eternity. However, it is an important step that will be the empirical foundation for the activities of the future. If humans shortsightedly choose to dedicate their lives to the physical, a great opportunity that will not be repeated, is wasted. A life lived this way would be like a dream that is forgotten upon awakening -- just wasted time. Living with wisdom is taking advantage of the experiences life daily offers to build a new, higher, brilliant and truer being from the present human embryo.

“Living with wisdom is living with one’s feet firmly on the ground and one’s sights steadily on celestial realities. Like Michael said, ‘It is living in this world without being of this world.’ A life of wisdom is a life that is really enjoyed, because the things that to some are troubles or obstacles upon the road, are opportunities sent from heaven to the wise. Wisdom in the end is a refreshing, original and courageous way to see life, which is stimulating and attractive to those who have the chance to witness a life wisely lived.”

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A Lesson on Teamwork

Urantia, May 28, 2012. (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Lesson on Teamwork.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Teamwork is an art that requires mutual co-operation. One could see teamwork as a form of co-dependence, when one has to depend on others that certain tasks be accomplished independently. Inter-dependence is a more accurate term. I assure you that the universe, yea all of creation, depends on the service of all beings that inhabit it. In fact, teamwork is the watch-word of the universe, as each being fulfills that particular function, which no one else fulfills. All creatures must necessarily fulfill their personal life function. The sooner humans find out what it is they are here for, the sooner they will find themselves in harmony and cooperation with the universe itself, feeling at peace with their inner selves also.

“It is an interesting thing for Me to watch some of you slowly becoming more aware of the important part you play on the stage of life, doing this without aggrandizement of ego importance, always reminding yourselves that the work is important, the self is not. Such an attitude is a must for successful cooperation with others, and it is truly a rarity to find a measure of such understanding cooperation between two or more people -- working independent of each other, and yet slowly coming to a mutual understanding that this is a requirement for growing their individual souls, to work as a team, and at the same time investing in the growth of their souls for life eternal.

“Such partnerships will eventually become more commonplace although at first certain things or issues are not clearly understood by either one, or both, or even all. It is a matter of sublime trust that whatever you are engaged in will ultimately not only benefit yourselves but also countless others. No true endeavor ever goes un-noticed. Even when separated by great distances, such partnerships can occur, thus the sum total of a lone working servant’s achievement in the service of his/her Creator, can become exponentially more important, even when the work is carried out on the other side of the globe in a mutual, unspoken and unwritten agreement. More and more may join in, not one knowing the other, yet all may be bound together by the common purpose to work for the progress of all. A small group can become larger and larger, as the silent call goes forth to be of service to the upliftment of the planet. This is teamwork of the realm of spirit manifesting itself on the material world.

“However, the greatest service anyone can render is by seeking the Stillness in their heart, to affect cooperation with their heavenly Partner within. Indeed, to affect such a measure of cooperation that, unwittingly at first, they become a mighty partner in the most important teamwork anyone can engage in -- a partnership with the Indwelling Adjuster of their Thoughts. This is the ultimate partnership in teamwork one can achieve in one’s material existence. This, eventually, is a requirement for all humans but to affect this of your free will, driven by an insatiable hunger to be of service is the triumphant culmination of a life well lived. Here dwells the greatest satisfaction amid the storms of life -- the inner feeling that you, too, can cooperate with your Spark of God within. Rest assured, you could not wish for a better Partner than the One who lives right inside of you. Trust and have faith that in time this partnership will become more divine in teamwork and mutual cooperation.”

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Free Will is Paramount

Chicago, US of A, May 26, 2012.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Free Will is Paramount.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “While personality is one of the most difficult universe phenomena to be defined or explained, it is possible to know what its basic vehicle for expression is: the human will. Will, in evolutionary creatures is a product of the adjutant spirits’ ministry and can be found in several gradations elsewhere in the universes of time and space, always according to the level of evolution. However, when in a world human will evolves sufficiently to acquire a purposeful consciousness and moral status, it always prompts for the reception of a bona-fide personality -- this being an exclusive endowment from the Paradise Father. God’s purpose in giving personality to His creatures is to allow them to fully share and enjoy the perfection of His plans for this Universe of universes. In exchange He Himself shares our experiences in time and space through the Supreme Being and His Spirit Fragments.

“It is almost impossible to adequately emphasize the universal importance of human will. Let us just say that moral will is paramount, anytime and anywhere. Although the Infinite and Almighty God expresses Himself even impersonally, His personality and will attributes are the very source of all that is, because He is the great “I AM”, the source and center of all. Will and personality turn God’s creatures into individuals with total autonomy. There is no will, but free will. God grants personality to His myriad creatures, and in doing so, He makes them potential partners in His caring for Creation; He gives them total personal free will. No one is to interfere with the exercise of free will by His creatures, even if they choose against the will of their very Creator.

“Will is paramount, and any will-creature may choose to do or reject the will of God; that is, to follow or decline to follow the path of perfection the Creator directed us to follow when He proclaimed: “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.” He even gives a Fragment of Himself, the Spirit Within, to guide us on the way, ever saying: “This is the way, walk in it.” Notwithstanding, any human being can refuse to do His will, and may choose to cease to exist as a will creature in the Father’s Universe -- and if this is such a creature’s wish, it will be granted, to be their loss, because personal will is paramount.

“On that distant but certain day, the will of God will be done in the universes of time and space, as it is now done on Paradise, and the supernal glory of God will fill all the universes ‘as the waters cover the oceans.’ On that glorious day, all creatures high and low, in all worlds of all universes, will know that the most paramount will of all is the will of God.

“I am Prolotheos, your tutor and teacher, glad to once more exchange thoughts with you. Call on me --any time -- and my thoughts will be with you.”

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Be Great or Be Useful

Alabama, US of A, November 30, 2010.
Unknown Teacher.
Subject: “Be Great or Be Useful.”

Received by Oscar.

Teacher: “It’s only fair that shelter and food should be universally provided for everybody as a birth right. However, at this time, this idea would bring chaos, and in the span of one generation it could bring the total collapse of civilization. The idea is a good one, but it is not the right moment to implement it if we consider the current moral level of the majority of the population.

“All human beings must accept the responsibility for contributing to society in some way. Even those who lack the ideal physical or metal attributes can find a function to fulfill, to help retain the level of civilization. Altruism and compassion are valuable. Loving service to others should not be forgotten, but the young must be educated in such a way that they learn the value of work as a civilizing agent and as an expression of the self.

“Work has two purposes that are equally important: to serve as a generator of income by producing what is required for the satisfaction of material needs; and to provide a service to the group – our personal value to society. Using these two attributes several occupations of your modern civilization can easily be identified as useless. At the same time, many occupations considered as unimportant and of little worth in today's world, can be re-evaluated. Many among you are busy in activities that are only good to make money, but don’t provide any added value for the group. Others work tirelessly without any kind of recognition. The difference is that the first group could disappear without consequences for the future, while the absence of the second group would be immediately noticed.

“The danger of the current situation – the selfish pursuit of fortune without concern about producing something useful, together with the underestimation of certain roles so very valuable to society – is that future generations focus their efforts towards satisfying their ego instead of trying to do something to leave a better world for those who come after. The mindset after the horror of the Second World War was to improve the situation of those times, but today’s civilization is dangerously focused on the satisfaction of pleasures for the self and the achievement of immediate and temporal goals. This is the reason why you can observe a regression in morality and spirituality in contrast with that of the nineteen-forties, fifties, and sixties.

“One of you once said, ‘Many are trying to be great, but few are trying to be useful.’ Open your eyes and let the light of the Spirit within yourselves show the way. World changes are born in the hearts of human beings and it is there that our Universal Father lives and waits to guide us. Those who seek to know the Will of the Father become useful to their siblings and thus are really great in the eyes of God.”

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Momentary Eternity

“Momentary Eternity”
Something long ago forgotten
by George Mathieu Barnard – May 23, 2012.

It was a relatively warm winter’s afternoon in late June of 1995. Robert Harrison, Chester Newland and William Forester, three mature-age university students, were catching the last of the sun’s warm rays on the steps of dormitory block B.

     I was late for supper, scurrying towards the mess hall when one of them said, “Hey guru George, give us your definition of eternity.”
     I disliked being called a guru, but that was their idea of what ‘a clinical hypnotherapist doing more psych in college’ was all about.
     I stopped and explained to them the nature of eternity and how from eternity time space arrived – words along those lines. They sat there on those steps, mouths open, eyebrows raised in disbelief, but I was surely more surprised about what had come out of my mouth than they were.
     My words had been most explicit and utterly soul-felt.
     There was only a icy cold ‘though better than nothing’ apple pie left in the mess hall, but when I got back to block B, just minutes later, Chester Newland had left. Only Robert and William were still sitting on the steps sharing a last cigarette.
     They stopped me again, wishing for me to repeat my answer to their question about eternity, for it was gone from their minds.
     Well! Neither could I remember those exquisite phrases out of thin air, so I pointed at the sky and told them it had all been sent to my brain and mind from way, way up there.
     And until last night, the memory of the event was gone as well.

* * * * *

Thought Adjuster: “To you, the subject of my future personalizing, our eternal life for us both to be enjoyed, and our prospective oneness, this communication of importance. Well might you question if there was any reason at all for the four of you to understand, if even for a moment in time, the concept of eternity. There is no great prize for guessing that for one of the people at that short meeting the entire effort was a waste of time. However, even in the spiritual realm where a wasted effort can be foreseen by me, the ‘doing of the right thing’ must be observed, even by Thought Adjusters.

“The aim of the exercise was not for you to fully understand the concept of eternity. It was not meant for your friends to understand the concept of eternity. Such is presently, and possibly for a long time to come, an impossibility in respect of the mind endowments any of you can support. What happened there on that afternoon was an opportunity for me to get them thinking about their eternal lives. Only through the cooperation of their own Thought Adjusters were they capable of momentarily comprehending -- mind you I did not say understanding -- the reality of eternity. Indeed, just for a time.

“I thank you for documenting the eyebrow raising event.”

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