The Truth About Lies

Oregon, USA, November 13, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “The Truth About Lies”.

Message received by Anyas.

Thought Adjuster: “A thorough and honest inquiry about the tenets of a situation divulges all relevant data to make a sound decision whose outworking won’t fall short of your fondest hopes and expectations. The one truth about lies is that they cannot materialize the claimed outcome, as their flimsy structure will collapse unto itself.

“Truth is the insurance policy you need to subscribe to before you go all out with your energetic investment — body, heart, and soul. Therefore, your first move should be a fact-finding one. Do not take at face value what others proclaim to be true with a practiced poker face. How can you be sure of their due diligence, considering that there is a real possibility that they may have fallen unsuspecting casualties to slick lobbyism?

“Personal integrity implies that your thoughts, feelings, and actions are ethical. Carefully program your inner world to sound the alarm on factual inconsistencies that may send you on a wild goose chase.

“Set high ideals for yourself and your world. Ponder frequently this altruistic vision so that it imprints itself in your entire being. Act accordingly! Do not compromise your integrity, and do not allow peer pressure to sway you. The Father never coerces anyone to embrace his ways, as the powerful synergy produced by the narrow collaboration of truth, beauty, and goodness produces the irresistible pull of love.

“Do not lose your spiritual footing in these confusing times where lies are manufactured in masse. Go within and reflect in the stillness — the best venue for soul orientation. You will emerge appeased and revitalized. From that home base, you will be able to wisely steer your eternal destiny, no matter which twists and turns life has in store for you. You will have developed an uncanny sense of orientation.”

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Why Faith?

Alabama, US of A, October 3, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Why Faith?”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “A religious practice always requires an element of faith. It is always necessary to believe in what is yet to be reached. This faith should not be a new experience for a human being. Children are educated to be better prepared for adult life. However, growing up is not a guarantee, it is instead a hope. A little one could think, ‘why invest so much effort at school if I am not even sure I will grow up?’ Looking at the infant mortality rates all over this world would give some validity to this thought. However, this attitude would be unwise. If the child is not prepared for the demands of adult life, he or she will have a great disadvantage compared to others. And even if the child dies before growing up, her life would have certainly been enriched by the acquired knowledge. She would have enjoyed many pleasant experiences during her school life and experience the satisfaction of mastering new things. Educating a child for the future is an act of faith.

“Similarly, some mortals may argue that the efforts to be better are not worthwhile when the idea of life after death is something that cannot be demonstrated beyond all doubts. But even if this life was all there is, striving for the perfection of being and the discipline to attain self-mastery will always have positive consequences in the lives of those who live this way, consequences that extend to those around them and even their entire civilization. Today you enjoy many comforts and benefits that were not available to your ancestors just because some of those who lived before you considered that what they did with their lives was relevant. Even if you were to never wake up after you die, living your life striving to be better each day, would have given you a more satisfactory life and ensured deeper and more meaningful relationships with your peers.

“But those who dare to look beyond the appearances of the material world will always have the comfort of the possibility of eternal life. To them this life is simply the first step in the preparation for a life full of purpose and in the service of a loving Father whose only goal in every endeavor is truth, beauty, and goodness. The proof and the certainty of the promise of salvation can only be found in your own heart, once you sincerely search for the connection with the presence of God that is already within your being. This certainty is possible and is available to all those who search for it, because it is not the intent of the Father to keep their children in doubt and uncertainty.

“Learn to trust like little children in the guidance of your Father in heaven, who whispers through His presence in your being. The trust, in this case, is not placed on a man or a woman, but in the most sacred space inside each one of you. If you learn to think independently and search within the highest and more beautiful thoughts that you mind can entertain, you will find the personal guidance you need to make your life a journey of progress toward perfection. This is how each person becomes his or her own master and manages to be able to see the truth in any form it is presented, without being deceived by sophisms or baseless human arguments.”

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As the Veil Is Slowly Lifted

Urantia, January 12, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “As the Veil Is Slowly Lifted.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “I am the satisfaction of your soul. I am the staff you lean upon. Remember these words, child, for these are the tools which lead you deeper into your beingness.

“Pay careful attention as the veil is slowly lifted, and a greater understanding becomes yours.

“A feeling of tranquillity beyond your comprehension is pervading you now. This is the inexplicable peace, which lays too deep for words to describe, and needs to be encountered and experienced to bring to light an indefinable blissful state – the precious togetherness of a soul with its Co-creator.

“Just remain seated and derive the benefits. Allow this purifying and healing energy to saturate your being. Experience this great seeming ‘void,’ outwardly empty, yet pregnant with untold potentials and possibilities.

“A deep harmonizing and balancing is infused into the human soul during these moments of silence, and all restrictions disappear as you become ‘at one’ with your Partner and Co-creator – the Indwelling Spirit – the Adjuster of your thoughts – the Controller of your destiny.

“Let us enjoy this brief moment in eternity.”

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Asked and Answered

Oregon, USA, November 5, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Asked and Answered”.

Message received by Anyas.

“Jesus taught these men all they could assimilate. He did not make the mistake of over teaching them. He did not precipitate confusion by the presentation of truth far beyond their capacity to comprehend.” [UB 137:7:14].

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus deserved his reputation as an outstanding teacher of men — an uncompromising truth revelator. He taught with confidence and authority because his teachings were factual and experiential — not merely intellectual.

“From an early age, he had an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He was a precocious independent thinker who asked pointed questions and never took anything at face value that did not correctly add up in his rational mind. By definition, a contradiction consists of a logical incompatibility or incongruity between two or more propositions.

“Jesus cleverly tailored his lessons to benefit a widely diversified audience from all venues of life: rich and poor, healthy and sick, educated and illiterate, Jews and gentiles.

“He first familiarized himself with the background of his listenership so that he could interject thought-provoking materials that would support their soul growth. He taught by asking leading questions that prompted his listeners to amend their opinion based on logical trains of thought.

“You all know how it feels to be overwhelmed by data overloads. Too much, too soon, can backlash as a deterrent. Progress occurs whenever a pertinent question receives an enlightening answer.

“Jesus acquired his tremendous experiential wisdom over time. You are no different. All that it takes is to live with awareness and curiosity — the making of academic excellence coupled with street smartness. Indeed, the purpose of a good education is to improve your quality of life by enhancing your decisions' quality. Well-informed choices are truth based.”

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My World, My Life, My Progress

Illawarra District, Australia, December 15, 2004.
Primary Midwayer, Andréa.
Subjects: “My World, My Life, My Progress.”
                “Identifying Your Tasks.”

Received by George Barnard.

Andréa: “Many of you consider the plight of our Secondary Cousins and the countless centuries they have labored on this world. Fewer of you tend to spare a thought for the lesser-known Primary Midwayers that have been here so very much longer. Indeed, the lifetime of my beloved co-worker, ABC-22 (Bzutu), makes him but a youngster in the field of doing Michael’s and the Father’s work.

“However, this planet is his home, and it is also mine, rocky, troubled, polluted and still full of human anger and distrust, yet beloved and cherished by us, by me, as it will always be my treasured home from where I look back at the many Celestial Visitors I have accompanied, guided and enlightened around and about the places to see, the people to visit.

“And no matter how far they have all now traveled towards their personal perfection and future union with their Creator Father, we are in touch, we deeply love each other, and we feel as one. Not in the least do I hear from my many human friends and co-workers with whom I have toiled to spiritize this world for so many millennia. They are all dear to my heart, as are you, your co-worker friends, and all those who read the progress transcripts, I adopt them now, and will in the future, ever.

(Responding to a comment) “Oh, no! No, do not pity me, George! You must envy me, rather, for the great life I live, and the love I receive from all over our universes. I am Andréa, my own person, and I feel that there is not another anywhere as blessed as I am. This is my world, my life, my progress.

“They were the Grecian blue-eyed blonds that were my co-workers, the Red Man of Asia and the Americas, the pre-Viking races of the northern European lands. They are your friends and there will be many to come, each with their own personality, each with their own goal in life, each a piece of the puzzle, and each a tiny stone in the mosaic of the Great Creator Father’s eternal work.

“Truly, my dear friends, with my overview of the long ages, I say to you, trouble yourselves not about the paths you tread, be they difficult-to-survey forest trails of loneliness, or wide-open spaces with companionable fellow travelers. It is by your heart and your soul that you must be guided — carry on regardless with the work placed in front of you.

“There may be many ways in which you may proceed as one of the many crossroads in your lives present themselves. Feel certain, and ‘convinced to the absolute’ that the directions you sense, and are given to you, are to fulfill your lives’ goals and are but to the greater glory of the Creator Himself, Who has found a niche for you, and you, and you, and as He does for all others.

“From my age-long viewpoint of His Planning and Forethought, His Love and all-knowing Wisdom, I can see no wrong in your merely occupying your places to form a part of the whole. Indeed, you can do no wrong if you will listen, ever, to the Guiding Voice inside of you, and you identify your tasks with care.

“This is Midwayer, Andréa, and I am so very pleased to be welcomed once again by your open arms. Be you loved. Be you blessed. Be you treasured as I am treasured. I say Adieu.”

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