Developing Conscious Contact – Part 2

Asheville, NC, US of A, June 13, 2021.
Teacher: Vutia (Voot-cha).
Subject: “Developing Conscious Contact – Part 2.”

Message received by Chris Maurus

Vutia: “Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World! In the previous message I talked about the importance of having a vision of your progress — a long range view of your ascending soul and the integral part your Thought Adjuster (TA) plays in the divine/human partnership. We talked about how mansion world citizens are guided to have regular engagement with their TAs as a way to show the TA that they are ready for a more progressive experience. This is what you may do to achieve the same here as you would hereafter — it is a continuance of life that is ever flowing toward a perfected consciousness. Through these teachings, I hope to demystify the elusiveness of the TA relationship that you may have confidence that all these ways of progress are available to you?

“Many of you seek first for revelation — knowledge of spiritual ideas as a way to progress, but you cannot progress from merely consuming knowledge and revelation. Having the courage to put yourself in a vulnerable place — to have a new experience — to follow insights, and by acting on your decisions is the way of progress — it can be no other way. Revelation is necessary for expanding the mind for the possibilities of greater progress, but it and of itself is only the knowledge of potentials. Only through experimentation can you discover something new and actually show the TA that you are ready for the Enhanced Circuits and a greater revelation of the TA relationship.

“Ask yourself, ‘WHY do I want Conscious Contact with my TA?’ ‘WHY do I want the Enhanced Circuits?’ ‘WHY do I want to progress?’ ‘WHY do I want to ascend?’ Answer these questions after sitting in meditation with your TA. Be as honest with yourself as you can possibly be — write them down. When you can answer these questions with a new definition, determination, and confidence, then will you have shown your TA that your desires are progressive and God-like — and that you require more light in consciousness to understand the answers with greater clarity. Ask to be guided into action — to experience the reality of Conscious Contact and then act on the insights you receive that lead to this revelation!

“Why does the TA withhold the Enhanced Circuits from you? Like all souls that are ascending, you must demonstrate to the TA that you have matured spiritually — that you are ready for higher circles. The TA is looking for you to have a genuine desire for spiritual progress and then to act on it — to exemplify your understanding. Even advanced students that understand great spiritual concepts and ideals sometimes get complacent — seeing themselves as having mastered their spiritual life and see no need to progress any further, or that their status somehow perpetuates progress without expression? This can become a stumbling block for many — the more you have, the more your TA requires of you.

“Move your consciousness from virtual understanding (co-imaging) to the actual reality of experience through expression (as co-creator). The Enhanced Circuits are available to you and shall remain available. Every day you have the opportunity to ask your TA for these Enhanced Circuits and to guide you into higher circles. Have you engaged your TA today with the true desire to progress?”

Receiver’s note: I am realizing that I often do not think about what it means to progress and sometimes take for granted that I am progressing because of my advanced understanding of spiritual concepts and ideals. The TA requires that we redefine our understanding of progress regularly and look for new ways to engage the TA and act spontaneously to insights given for our progress.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store

Greater Happiness

Alabama, US of A, October 8, 2013.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Greater Happiness.”

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Sometimes mortals stop to think about what they have done with their lives and realize that few things of value have been achieved. Many face this ‘middle-age crisis’ by starting to come up with projects that aim to get more material accolades for the ego. Very few stop to consider what could give them a true satisfaction that will lead them to consider their lives as successful.

“It would be wise for them to remember at this juncture the reason why they have come to this world, the reason for this experience in a material world. First, you should consider that this life is just the first step of a potentially infinite existence. As a first step, this life is about training and learning to prepare you for the demands of your future existence, where you will have to assume the responsibilities of a more mature life that is progressively closer to spiritual maturity. Therefore, it is now when you should make the necessary adjustments to function more effectively in this future existence.

“However, all the effort you make to be better prepared for that future life will certainly benefit you in this life as well – improving the relationships with your peers, providing you with lasting peace, and filling your life with hope and inspiration to move forward regardless of what happens around you, all this as the result of cultivating a relationship of friendship and affection with your Father in heaven. This way, the work you do to better understand the will of the Father and your purpose in creation will translate into a life lived with purpose and directed toward a higher goal.

“Leave behind, once and for all, the goals of the ego and the mindless search for immediate satisfaction. Start cultivating the maturity of your soul and consider instead the goals of eternal value. What if you decide that the main project for your life should be achieving self-mastery – the complete control of your self – in order to achieve total harmony with the will of your Father? This is a big goal, apparently so removed from your present state, but each step you take toward this goal will bring you closer to perfection and will give you true and lasting satisfaction.

“Better yet, those who are dedicated to the honorable task to become increasingly more like God, find a new inspiration to live that turn their monotonous lives of senseless wants into adventures of attaining increasingly higher goals and permanent transformations that reveal to them a universe of increasing beauty and goodness. And this is a task that everyone can attempt, without limitations due to culture, background, and intellectual or material resources. This is where the human will finds its maximum expression of freedom, overcoming all material limitations to achieve an increasingly complete manifestation of its purpose. And this is what will bring you lasting and greater happiness.”

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Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster. 11:11 Store

Wipe Clean the Slate

Urantia, April 17, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Wipe Clean the Slate.”

Message received by Lytske

The Beloved: “No one knows or understands your griefs, your sorrows, your disappointments, your anger and your helplessness better than the Creator God.

“All these hurts and more are immediately reflected to the Heart of God.

“At any time when you feel overwhelmed, come into the Silence within, to find the strength to carry on.

“I am willing to help, but can only do so if you remember to come to Me.

“This is precisely what your Master Jesus did in His earth-life, in order to gain mastery over the self.

“He went into the Silence within to communicate with His Father in heaven. This is the lesson I am trying to teach you. So please, My beloved, when a so-called disaster strikes, turn within to gain mastery over your anger and helplessness.

“Truly, there is One within you who can help you gain new insights as to why things happen the way they do.

“Herein lies the great lesson of forgiving those who wrought a real or perceived injustice against you.

“Wipe the slate clean of all your yesterdays, so you will gain a greater understanding and mastery over self. This again brings you closer to Me.

“Each new day presents another opportunity for greater soul growth, and the most important one is to forgive is yourself, for your impatience and your reactions.

“Everything is well. Let peace be restored by My indwelling presence, for in allowing this, you will allow your soul-self to grow into Me.”

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I Am the Satisfaction of Your Soul — The Beloved One. 11:11 Store

Your Dream Team

Oregon, USA, November 20, 2020
Thought Adjuster
Subject: “Your Dream Team”

Message received by Anyas

“Seek the greater thing, and the lesser will be found therein; ask for the heavenly, and the earthly shall be included. The shadow is certain to follow the substance.” [UB 165:5.3]

Thought Adjuster: “God’s creative portfolio will keep expanding ad infinitum. What does it tell you about the divine mindset?

“The majestic sceneries of your planetary habitat and the craftsmanship of their mood-setting lighting staged with the mixed media of sunrays and moonbeams, cloud formations, and irradiated rainbows give you a sneak preview of his prolific artworks. Their animated and colorful backdrops do not leave the eye wanting.

“What about you? What is the range of your creative endeavors? How far does your vision stretch? Do you think big or small, long, or short-term? Do you pursue worthwhile and challenging objectives? Honest answers will help you dismantle the mental blocks that prevent you from turning your creative activities into a breathtaking fresco that lends a voice to your overflowing heart.

“Be a visionary! It unleashes the power of your imagination. Then, shift to the implementation phase by going after your fondest dreams—no matter how far-fetched they may appear to be. Keep in mind that I, your indwelling divine Fragment, share the Father’s grandiose visions. Let me do the dreaming for both of us, and you should have ample materials to work with.

“Such ‘dream teams’ eventuate stunning masterpieces. It is how Michelangelo so magnificently depicted God reaching out for man on the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

“By going after your noblest passions, you will structure your daily life in ways that will lift you out of the monotony of a mind-numbing lifestyle. It is how you will become an ‘outstanding’ citizen, joining forces with those who implement the leadings of their inner Fragments, thus etching light-infused fingerprints in your current living quarters.”

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Developing Conscious Contact

Asheville, NC, US of A, May 15, 2021.
Teacher: Vutia (Voot-cha).
Subject: “Developing Conscious Contact.”

Message received by Chris Maurus

Vutia: “Greetings to you from the Fifth Mansion World! Today I will continue to speak about Afterlife and give you an understanding about how Mansion World Citizens use their mind to develop greater conscious contact with their Thought Adjusters (TAs) — to create a construct in the mind for a vision of progress. To achieve this, you need to understand how important it is to have a “vision” of what lies ahead of you — not only here, but hereafter. To use your gift as a partner to the Universal Father’s Spirit Presence, each of you have been given a powerful imagination — this is inherent as a partner to the Creator’s Fragmented Nature that indwells your human mind, and this ‘virtual canvas’ can be a vehicle to ‘see’ that your soul is progressing.

“You cannot live in the past — your life circumstances, history, and past decisions have led you to where you are today. The past is unchangeable. You can, however, use the lessons of the past as a way to plan for the future in this present moment. If you are reading this message, you therefore have an awareness about your spiritual condition — you desire to know more about the unseen realities and spirit forces that affect you and the world — how you fit into this greater picture of reality, and where it is you are headed — here, and hereafter? These are healthy curiosities that inspire the imagination and spark deep questions in the mind. Use this sense of awareness and curiosity to further open your mind to greater possibilities — to see yourself — not from the perspective of the immaturity of the past, but as a progressive soul that is determined to become more than you are today.

“The present moment is all that really exists. The present moment is where you do all your ‘work’ in reality. The experience you are having in this present moment is in a state of change. Each breath and heartbeat change the biochemical processes in your body — your thoughts change, your juxtaposition in time space moves in relation to the center of infinity — everything about you is changing. Growth, however, is something that requires your will and determination — your evaluation of where you are and where you are going. It requires vision, decisions, and planning for the future — the immediate future and the distant future — both here and hereafter.

“It is in this vision and planning that I want to talk about — how important it is to use your open mind to see yourself — not as you are now, but as a transformed being of great light and understanding — to be as wise as those celestial teachers and angels — even to achieve the greatness of the deities themselves — not out of a sense of pride, but as a great administrator and co-creator — to participate in the completion of universe destiny and to be a blessing to all those in your circle of influence. You are a ‘distributor of light’ and a great link in a chain of souls doing the ‘Will and work’ of the Creator — finding great satisfaction in the achievement of progress!

“Growth is more than a desire — it is the achievement of the successful application of deity led inspiration expressed through your unique personality. It is a measure of your journey of experiences and how you interpret deity inspiration — how you adapt those inspirations to the surrounding conditions and relationships in your life. The soul is a collection of the growth moments of extraordinary experiences based on the values of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness. Your Thought Adjuster is the harvester of those treasured growth moments and achievements. What better way to grow than to be aware of, and to work in partnership with, the Indwelling Presence of the Creator that inspires you to become greater than you were only one breath and heartbeat ago?

“Having conscious contact with the TA is like speaking an unceasing prayer — it is the center of your world from where you are comparing notes as you live and work in reality. Although the TA knows what you are thinking, the TA requires that you use your will and make decisions about your thinking. By doing this, you place on the canvas of your mind the way you want to experience your life. The TA then ‘sees’ this and goes to work creating light in the field for the manifestation of opportunities that lead to your desires — consciously or unconsciously.

“Those that live life oblivious to the inspiration of deity often find that their unconscious fears drive their reality. How much more progressive and powerful is it to have conscious awareness of this powerful partnership and to paint on the canvas of your mind the greatness of who you want to become! You, in this present moment, can do this — you have this Powerful Partner that is wanting a conscious exchange with you — to work out the problems of life — to see your desires and future achievements! The TA knows you intimately and there is nothing that can come between you — not even your poor choices.

“Hello my Beloved Indwelling, let me show you what I AM thinking — can you assist me please?

“Dare you try this and see how powerful conscious contact is?

“I AM Vutia.”

Receiver’s note: It is through conscious contact with the TA that we, as citizens of Urantia, are preparing for the obsolescence of the first mansion world as we transform our minds, then our world, to emulate the higher worlds of light (as above — so below). Conscious Contact is the experience of progress in the present moment. Mansion world citizens are taught to hone their ability to engage in conscious contact with the TA. Greater attunement in conscious contact leads to fusion with the TA — the crowning achievement of all progressing souls.

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“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. 11:11 Store