For I am Your Trainer

Urantia, April 16, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “For I am Your Trainer.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “You are precisely where you need to be at this point in time. By your personal choice and decision-making, you picked yourself a tough road to train on, to become a channel of My pure love, and to grow in understanding of self and others.

“In your earlier years you did not understand how you were being led into your life’s work. You only had an urge to become a channel for peace, although only your super-conscious mind knew for certain.

“The super-conscious mind knows what it needs to do through contact with the Inner Pilot. However, the human consciousness on this planet is not always in tune with the super-consciousness. This can only happen by your turning into the Stillness within to create a more harmonious balance between the higher consciousness and the lower consciousness, where self-will and ego reign.

“The choices and decisions made in the stillness together with Me, always lead to a greater balance, because of an increasing willingness in you to follow My leadings.

“You see, My beloved, I hold your destiny in My Being, but in order for Me to get through to you, I desire an unblocked channel for your cooperation, so I can flow My ideals for a perfecting character into your mind, leading to a much happier and harmonious life for you. In order for Me to do so, you are tested by Me in your growth, through the situations you find yourself in.

“So now you can see that everything has a purpose, as long as it brings you closer to Me. For this is My desire also, that you ‘turn the self out’ to become more responsive to My prompts.

“Hone your listening skills in your nearness with Me where you can begin to hear heaven’s music in your soul, for I am your Trainer.”

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I Shall Be Ready to Guide You

Illawarra District, Australia, January 15, 2006.
The Scribe (Sananda).
Subject: “I Shall Be Ready to Guide You.”
[A personal message].

Received by George Barnard.

The Scribe: “My terrestrial experiences here were at times when a written message could only be shown to one person at a time, or perhaps to one or two more. Look at the wonderful advantage you have today! You ‘scribe’ your messages and send them out to so very many all at once! Such progress is made on your planet! Such technical progress—a precursor to the spiritual progress that is to come as more and more in this near-free (almost costless) communication system can grasp another person’s ideas, ideals, and spiritual wonderment.

“We, my dear human friend, are colleagues, nevertheless. I know you as the wandering scribe (see note 1). You know me as the Damascus Scribe. We are colleagues! And so many times in the past without you knowing, our thoughts were One.

“I have visited you through your times of great success.
I have visited you through your times of great distress.
I have visited you on many a day.
I have visited you in both the home and away.
I have been with you when you were a part of the tribe,
And I nursed you when you were just the lonely scribe (see note 2 and 3).

“My dear friend in everything you do, keep in mind that one day, yes, one day in your long career, you and your Thought Adjuster will be one. We shall meet. We shall recognize and greet each other like old friends, and we will be together, exchanging great amounts of our carefully accumulated wisdom, our great experiences, and thoughts of our oneness with all we have come in contact with.

“Do on each day, I plead with you, allow the life-giving peace of your Master, your Father/Brother the Creator Son Michael to rain down on you aplenty. Do allow for Him to hold you close. Do allow Him the knowledge that you feel how much you are cherished. Do continue to be assured by Me and by all your Teachers that, that which you are doing is essential, is important, and as dear Machiventa once explained, once commented, perhaps even critical.

“This is your doting friend, The Scribe. Always, whenever the thought occurs to you, call on Me, for I shall be ready to guide you. I shall be ready to hold your hand. I shall be ready to inspire you and always, without a moment’s let up, I shall love you. Do remember to dutifully ‘scribe’ my message, and share it with all.

“I AM The Damascus Scribe.”

George: “Thank you my dear Friend. Thank you kindly.”

Receiver’s notes: (1) The Scribe is referring to “astral travels” and trips abroad. (2) The poem, coming really fast, assured me I was receiving, and did not need to doubt the clarity of the Scribe’s input. (3) The “lonely scribe” comment relates to my documentation of experiences—endless hours without people contact.

The Damascus Scribe (Sananda) is a personalized Thought Adjuster who served on this earth with both, Machiventa Melchizedek, and Jesus the Christ.

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A Monumental but Inconspicuous Step

Oregon, USA, November 6, 2020.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Monumental but Inconspicuous Step”.

Message received by Anyas.

“And whatever it shall cost you in the things of the world, no matter what price you may pay to enter the kingdom of heaven, you shall receive manyfold more joy and spiritual progress in this world, and in the age to come eternal life.” [UB 137:8.14].

Thought Adjuster: “Jesus made this truthful prediction as one of the opening statements of his public ministry. He went straight to the objective of his human incarnation, rebuking various misconceptions about the basic requirements for spiritual citizenship in the heavenly kingdom while operating in a human form.

“Due to your unalienable free will prerogative, you are the determinant factor as to how and when you will enthrone God in your heart. Those who have taken this consequential initiative can vouch for the validity of Jesus’ prophetic words. As they invest their life force in support of the divine vision for all lives, they experience the deep sense of relief and thrill that rides on the coattail of worthwhile pursuits.

“The rewards of spiritual living are emotional and spiritual upgrades. You will wisely adopt the cosmic Golden rule as a reliable decisional standard. It will challenge you to remedy the weak areas of your character in need of an overhaul. You will strive to tame the rebellious side of your ego by lending a deaf ear to its selfish and unreasonable clamors.

“Over time, you will start harvesting to your heart’s and soul’s content the fruits of the spirit. You will look kindlier at others, knowing that they too are called to fight a fierce internal battle to subdue all baser and unbecoming propensities.

“What you first deemed to be a steep admission fee will turn out to be a token one—a low price to pay for the spring cleaning of your soul. It will fill you with immense gratitude—never regretting to have taken this monumental, yet inconspicuous step in the only sensible direction.”

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Become Aware of My Nearness

Urantia, April 4, 2021.
Teacher: The Beloved.
Subject: “Become Aware of My Nearness.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved: “My child, draw near to Me, so the cravings of your soul shall be satisfied. You need to come to Me first to become aware of My nearness.

“I know your innermost feelings, your struggles, your disappointments and your heartaches. Yet, these are also designed to bring you closer to Me.

“The human mind still rebels due to the legacy of the Lucifer rebellion, which taught self-rule, and humankind hates to give this up, rather than doing the Will of God.

“Self-rule in body, mind and spirit works only when true self-mastery has been achieved through self-discipline. Mastery of the ego is needed since ego means: ‘easing God out’. This was Lucifer’s rule.

“Emotions need to be covered, and weaknesses need to be administered to, much like any addiction.

“Consider the wisdom of this, and you will find many areas in which you can improve. Realize too, that honest and sincere self-examination are required to reach for hidden negatives, and bring these to your awareness.

“The Light of the Father that I am, will always show you the way to a greater harmony and balance.

“Always turn to Me, for My nearness encourages and strengthens you. I am with you in all your struggles, and the more often you come to Me, the sooner you will feel My nearness.

“I am your Guide, My child and I will never hand you more than you can bear.

“For I love you.”

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Understanding the Countermeasures

Asheville, NC, US of A, March 28, 2021.
Teacher: Vutia (Voot-cha).
Subject: “Understanding the Countermeasures.”

Message received by Chris Maurus

Vutia: “Greetings, I AM Vutia of Ponoptia, speaking to you from the 5th sphere. There are many things about your world that are unique in the universe with regard to the guidance Urantia receives in this, your Correcting Time, to counter the injustices of the Lucifer Rebellion and all the tampering that was done by your defunct Planetary Prince, Caligastia, to create a dark domain for rebel habitation — separate and apart from Christ Michael’s sovereign rule. To understand the countermeasures put in place by Christ Michael, you must first understand why they were needed?

“All consciousness requires ‘circuits’ to operate. Circuits are a way for consciousness to communicate and operate according to the needs of ascending souls; their evolutionary status; and the range of light that can be safely distributed to the mind and energy centers of its creatures. It is within this ‘range’ of light that human mind thinks and acts out its experiential exploration of life — making decisions within the contrast of that light that leads to progress (or not) in preparation for fusion with the Indwelling Spirit of the Father, the Thought Adjuster (TA).

“The TAs require a minimum (threshold) level of light in the mind circuits to effectively guide human mind, thoughts, and volition. To see progress of the soul, humans, during their waking conscious life, must exercise their ability to choose and make decisions that lead to progress (more light in consciousness). The architects of the Lucifer Rebellion, however, diabolically tampered with Urantian mind circuits to effectively prevent humanity from knowing the Will of the Universal Father, via the Thought Adjusters. The rebels damaged the mind circuits in such a way as to filter out light in the waking conscious circuits below the minimum threshold needed for human mind to understand TA super-conscious insights. Without this light in waking consciousness, human mind would be deaf to Adjuster leading and subject to rebel influence in the circuits — to perpetuate a dark consciousness for humanity thus keeping the quality of consciousness hospitable for rebels and their continued secession from light.

“What I am about to reveal to you was sanctioned by Christ Michael that you may prepare for the activation of the enhanced circuits. Many will scoff, but none the less, this is necessary for you to understand how countermeasures for the damaged circuits were implemented to see that humanity would continue its ascension and progress to become god-like. This countermeasure is not without difficulties and was intended as a temporary mensuration until new mind circuits could be engineered to replace the rebellion damaged circuits. Construction of these new circuits began over 2,000 years ago on the Day of Pentecost with the arrival of Christ Michael’s Spirit of Truth and have continued until this present day.

“When TAs began flocking to Urantia to partner with human souls as fusion candidates, they brought with them Absonite personalities that would act as “translators” to see that human mind could understand the rudiments of TA insights. Every human soul that has a TA also has a personal Absonite translator that sees clearly the TA super-conscious insights given and then transparently translates (down-steps) these higher-level communications from the TA to human mind operating in a low-light circuit. If not for these Absonite translators, your waking consciousness would be nearly deaf to TA insight. Each of you have been intimately communicating (unaware) with Absonite helpers since the day of your Indwelling, and like the TA, they also function with varying degrees of experience.

“The TAs on Divinington, prior to your Indwelling, choose the Absonite translator according to the experience level needed to effectively guide their human partners through the life plan framework that potentially leads to fusion. Once the enhanced circuits are fully activated on Urantia, the Absonite translators will take leave of you. Human mind will then have the required minimum threshold of light in waking consciousness as do normal evolutionary worlds. When humans are functioning safely with enhanced circuits, they shall receive more than the rudiments of TA insights — with more light, a more expatiate understanding of Father’s Will — thus, Light and Life shall unfold on your world as it has on other evolutionary worlds.

“Please sit with this revelation, be discerning, and ask questions?

“I AM Vutia.”

Receiver’s note: It was also revealed to me that the TA, while in communication with our super-conscious mind (soul-mind circuits), has enough light to transfer the rudimentary meanings of TA insights directly to human mind. However, during waking consciousness, the gulf between the super-conscious and the conscious mind (working in a low-light circuit) requires the Absonite translator to help the conscious mind understand the revealed super-conscious insight. TA communication is thus never broken between the Adjuster and the soul. Progress and the requirements thereof must come from conscious decision making — not exclusively super-conscious understanding.

The Absonite translators help connect us to our super-conscious understanding of TA insights as a countermeasure for operating in a low-light waking consciousness circuit. This is why it is suggested that we practice stillness and meditation — to bridge the conscious mind with the soul-mind to receive greater understanding of the TA insights. When using more of the morontia mind (soul-mind) during stillness, the Absonite translator is even more effective because there is no mind chatter to interfere with the translation. Seraphic guidance is also helped by the Absonite translators to inspire consciousness operating in low-light. The enhanced circuits, when activated, will remove the light impediment between the super-consciousness and waking consciousness — insights become more fluid.

These Absonite translators live and operate in a mental realm — they do not have form and are thus capable of standing in the gap between the super-conscious and conscious human mind.

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