According To Your Faith

Urantia, December 17, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “According To Your Faith.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “The truth is; that I never give you more to carry than you can bear.

“The reason why so many mortals buckle under the strain of daily living is because they do not lean on the Rock of Ages; who can be their Savior. They persist in carrying their load with their puny strength because they have not yet found Me.

“You know the better way because I told you when you came to Me, that I AM always with you so why would you go through life without My loving comfort and strength? All you have to do is turn your heart and attention in My direction. The more time you spend within with Me, the easier your load becomes, because you can hand it all over to Me and then carry on with a lightness of being.

“The greatest barriers that exist between mortals and God are fear, doubt and unbelief — unbelief in My mighty Presence within them. I, who hail from Paradise, am a Fragment of the One who sent Me to indwell you — a tiny mortal on a miniscule but oh so important planet in the depths of space.

“Remember that the One who placed all the stars in the heavens and knows them all by name and number; is also aware of and knows all hearts that sincerely seek for the Creator of all.

“Let go of fear and doubt. Banish these forever, together with unbelief. Would the hand of the One who so lovely ministers to the stars and everything else in creation, forget to strengthen you? I am here to remind you that Something far more powerful resides within you and is truly at your beck and call, as long as you come to Me with an open and trusting heart.

“Pray for these and believe that you will receive. For according to your faith it will be done unto you. Then pray for more faith and trust so together we can make the most of your beginning existence here on planet earth — the start of an ages-long ascension journey towards perfection.

“And please, don’t forget that I love you.”

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About Worship

Alabama, US of A, December 7, 2012.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Worship.”

Message Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Every person has their own unique way of worship and there is not a uniform method to turn your attention toward your Father. Today there are still many remnants of the primitive methods of worship, from the times in which human beings thought of our Father as a jealous God or a king demanding the adulation of His subjects.

“Those who have taken the time to get to know God better and have discovered in Him their Creator Father, know that God never demands anything, because this would imply the abolition of free will. Our Father desires the love of His children, as long as this love is sincere, spontaneous and natural. A human father would never be content with reverence and fear from his children. A human father would desire a relationship with his children, filled with friendship, trust, respect and above all, real love. If a human father can expect and deserves this superior kind of relationship with his children, how could our Celestial Father expect and deserve any less?

“A human mother enjoys when her children come visit her on mother’s day. This is a very special occasion for mothers because it represents an opportunity to spend some time with their children, talk to them, know about their lives and enjoy each other’s company. Imagine a mother’s disappointment if her children came on mother’s day just to honor her, perform some ceremonies, offer some gifts and then just leave without allowing even a couple of minutes just to talk.

“Songs, praise and other practices, are not something bad, but they should never replace the personal time each person should dedicate to cultivate the connection with their Father — to establish a relationship of friendship and authentic love with the Creator. It is during those moments that your soul is more perceptive to the spiritual influences your Father wants to provide and when you receive the spiritual sustenance that will help you become increasingly more like God, the object of your true and intelligent worship.

“The social aspects of human religions are not bad either, as long as they don’t become a substitute for personal religion — the individual effort to know your Father’s will and to try to manifest this will in your life. Once a person has awoken to the true nature of the relationship with God and to her position as a child of this loving Father, she will start to worship in a more spontaneous and natural way, free of rituals and superstitions that don’t add any spiritual value to life.”

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About Sandpaper

Oregon, December 4, 2017.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “About Sandpaper.”

Message received by Anyas.

“Devote your life to proving that love is the greatest thing in the world.” [UB 2047:05]

Thought Adjuster: “The above statement appeals to you in its simplicity and practicality. Indeed, if you embrace it wholeheartedly as your spiritual mantra, you will lead a great life in alignment with its divine purpose. Love is the cause, the way and the destination of all creatures.

“As immature human beings, you are constantly tossed around emotionally, as you live in an imperfect world and your ‘roommates’ are flawed as well and these personal flaws act as sandpaper, causing personalities to at first painfully rub against each other.

“A woodcraftsman has a plan for the piece of wood he works with. He has a vision for the beautiful finished product that he will cause to emerge from the raw block of wood. With the help of his professional tools, he painstakingly carves his project. Then comes the time when he sets about polishing his artwork with various grades of sandpaper. Indeed, it would be wasteful and foolish to start with the finest grade, as the sandpaper, not the project would be polished since, at the onset of this labor, the wood would be coarser than the sandpaper.

“This is how the Father polishes you. He too has to start with the coarser sandpaper and help you to work your way toward self-realization by polishing your character with ever-finer grades of sandpaper. This is what occurs in your relationships. Many of you may experience ‘rough’ first personal encounters, but by keeping in mind the beautiful and rewarding potentials of a successful relationship, you make personal adjustments that help you relate better to each other.

“This process is an inner process, as Spirit ‘refines’ your being. Any personal work pays off in so many wonderful ways. No matter which grade of sandpaper you may be at right now, you can be put to higher service, as both coarse and fine grade sandpapers are needed in your Divine Art Studio.”

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Discrimination against Race, Gender, and Views

Chicago, US of A, November 3, 2017.
Teacher: Prolotheos.
Subject: “Discrimination against Race, Gender, and Views.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “Almost everything different about someone, his group or his views can become a reason for discrimination. Discrimination starts with a dislike and develops into antagonism of un-accepted differences. Being different is not a license for anyone to become inconsiderate. To oppose differences because it is different is a conservative attitude that resists change. Differences will exhibit changes and changes are essential to growth and diversity, necessary to prevent crystallization and stagnation in life and society. Three major targets of discrimination on Urantia are race, gender, and views.

“Race is not an accident or aberration. It is an important evolutionary feature used in life implantation in all seven universes. Generally, different races appear in due course in the evolutionary cycle with the purpose of bringing diversity to the human species in a given sphere. Racial diversity contributes to social evolution as it challenges human beings to tolerate living amidst people different to themselves. There are two ways to react to racial diversity: to resist it, rejecting and discriminating against it, which promotes conflict, or embracing it, looking beyond appearances, accepting differences as contributing factors and learning to tolerate it by dealing with it. It’s ultimately up to the individual which path to adopt: love or hatred.

“Gender is more than a reproductive endowment in the human species. It determines important differences starting with maleness and femaleness. Those differences are accentuated at intellectual, emotional and personal levels. In your world, women have been discriminated against, subjected and abused by men simply for being women. Also, any individual of either gender that asserts and lives a different sexual orientation to those dictated by genetics and society suffers fierce discrimination. Sex and gender discrimination is particularly wrong because it targets something the individual has neither control over nor choice in the matter — a birth endowment. Besides, gender discrimination wants to restrain the legitimate freedom of choice of individuals, the right of living a different sexual orientation.

“Views are opinions, perspectives or visions, uniquely private and characteristically personal, different from everybody else. Having a different view, expressing it, and even defending it is part of your right to free speech. But since any view may spark disagreement, the door for discrimination against this is open. Any freedom comes with responsibility for either speech or action. Any individual should be held accountable according to the law for what he or she says or does — if it incites or causes the law to be broken. But none should be discriminated against for having and expressing different views from others. Even God respects our views and thoughts. He sends His Thought Adjusters to adjust your thoughts to the Father's will. He does this with your cooperation, but in no way against your will. You may disagree, dislike or even combat others’ views — it’s your right of choice — but you shouldn’t repress them, or prohibit them from having these views just because you don’t like them.

“Race, gender, and personal views are endowments of creation and personality. It’s impossible to discriminate against any of these attributes without causing violence to human nature. A neutral acceptance, that is, indifference to any of them is not enough if you want to live according to the Golden Rule. Unconditional love loves and accepts the person as he or she is, although you may not love his or her life choices. Love despite race, gender or views and kindly disagree with the manner of how people use or deal with these endowments if that is the case; but do not stop loving human beings because of it. I am Prolotheos, your teacher, and tutor on High, wishing you higher understanding to deal with people’s differences — with love always.”

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Seek To Become Like Little Children

Urantia, December 10, 2017.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Seek To Become Like Little Children.”

Message received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “‘Except ye become as little children, ye cannot enter the Kingdom Of Heaven’ was the injunction of your Master Jesus, when He walked the earth more that 2000 years ago. This saying, my child, has been grossly misunderstood and never seriously put into practice.

“This simply means to have a trusting, happy faith in the loving over-care of your heavenly Parents, like a well-balanced child trusts its earth parents, who safeguard and provide for their mental, emotional and physical well-being.

“The spiritual nature of a child ought never to be forced into the adult system of beliefs with its do’s and don’ts. Children by their very nature will naturally develop a trusting faith-filled relationship with the Creator God, according to the example set before them by their parents.

“A child learns by example and does not seek to know the future, as it intuitively knows that this will come to pass, as sure as day follows night. It is learning to trust and have faith that this is so, as it daily accepts this outworking of the natural laws laid down in nature by the design of the Creators.

“To seek to know the future is to rob faith of its sweet reward. ‘According to your faith, it shall be done unto you,’ said Jesus, when He healed the people, when actually it was their personal faith which accomplished their healing.

“Seek to become like a little child that is filled with glad expectations, and does not question its parents loving over-care.

“Do become more carefree and know that all is well. Become less critical and judgmental. Be open and friendly towards all.

“Learn from the example of the Master, who was never in a hurry and had an uplifting word of encouragement for all he met in his travels.”

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