Life is easy for those who hear His Voice

Alabama, US of A, February 4, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Life is easy for those who hear His Voice.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “The greater part of human endeavor is generally without real worth. Learn to focus your energy on things of eternal value. When you do these things, you always obtain satisfaction and you will later feel that you have truly taken advantage of your time on this world. Mortal life presents many traps that have not been placed there by the Creators, rather they are mostly found by the capricious desires of the human mind. Remember how the Master asserted the validity of any task in life, by asking, ‘Will this take me closer to my Father?’ Another useful criterion is the simple test of time. If you lived a thousand years ago, would the activity you are considering have been relevant or essential to your life? Would it be relevant a thousand years from now? The real endeavors of human life are relevant regardless of the time, the age, or the social environment.

“There is always something you can choose in doing the will of the Father. At this moment when you have some free time, have you not chosen to foster your spiritual growth? This is always a good decision. You can also use your free time for reversion, as rest after completing a task, since those moments have also been put there by the Father. Enjoy those moments in a constructive way. It is not expected that mortals work day and night without rest, not even in the affairs of spirit.

“Yes, life is easy for those who hear His Voice, and decide to follow it. It is easy, not because the normal difficulties of daily living magically disappear. What happens is that many of the complications that human beings place upon themselves vanish when their triviality becomes evident under a higher light. Life doesn’t have to be hard so you can grow spiritually. Guilt has no place in the lives of creatures illuminated by the knowledge that they are children of a Father who loves them unconditionally. Even mistakes can be overcome and in time their consequences will vanish. Only iniquity – choosing evil on purpose, and with full knowledge – will separate you from the universal currents and take you to a true death.

“Rejoice with the truth that living is not a secret formula or a complicated process. It is simple: Learn to listen to the Fragment of God inside you, and learn to discover His will. Then follow His advice with joy and the spirit of adventure, and see how you grow in spirit and how you become progressively better, more like the person the Father has envisioned you to become, more like Him.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

Religion and Spirituality – Part Two

Illawarra District, Australia, January 20, 2013.
Prince Machiventa.
Subject: “Religion and Spirituality.” – Part Two.
(Some Dwell in the Cosmos).

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “The matter of Ionah, ABC-22, Andrea and yourself was a permitted revelation of a kind. Firstly for his courage, ingenuity, and organizational ability, the forgotten hero, master sailor, deserved to become known on his native planet. The Midwayers, surely, earned their fame for their centuries-long dedication with the offspring of the Andites, the Red Man and others. Your inclusion was allowed only for your being the 11:11 Emergency Platoon’s mouth piece, and making known interesting archaeological facts.

“The Dante Alighieri experience was an entirely different matter. Your frantic search for a recipient of the gift of enlightenment – the wonderful yet at times frightening spontaneous cosmic consciousness experience – finally had you reassess the works and history of Dante. Fortunately, his ‘secretary’ of many years, Beatrice, was recognized by you as ABC-3, Bzutu’s older sister. And no, the discovery meant little in itself, rather, the publication of the name “Be-ah-tri-ce” – and when turned ‘inside out’, Ah Be Ce Tri, or ABC-3 – was the event.

“During the 700 years since Dante’s composing of the Divine Comedy, others did conclude that perhaps the poet was assisted by ‘angelic’ tour guides, but none were brazen enough to make known that she was a Midwayer of extraordinary skill and dedication. From the moment it became clear that you would identify our beloved Beatrice the centuries-old rules of isolation, the spiritual shackles, were relaxed. Dante acknowledged your appreciation for his labors, Beatrice at last enjoyed human recognition for such awesome efforts.

“At this point, this is the reality I wish you to comprehend, to fully grasp, about dispensations that regularly take millennia to come about and the easing of hard and fast rules when an act of love demands that standard procedure be set aside for a reason, for a cause, for a time, for progress, and for love. Yet, even an easing of the rules can be standard procedure. Your attentive Midwayer Helpers are greatly more human than you might envisage, and your dear friend ABC-3 truly deserved the recognition after a lengthy 700 years of obscurity.

“See it now in your mind’s eye: There are those who from childhood routinely witness countless circumstances others might mentally record as miracles. There are those in fear who would be disallowed such events as it would be disconcerting to them. The former might well shrug them off as another one of ‘those things’ simply being a part of their spirituality. The latter, if confronted, might well conclude there to be a temporary aberration dealing with their mental hygiene, more likely that of another, but the universe makes no mistakes.

“Spirituality or religion – hard to define and greatly personal. Some of you dwell in the cosmos, others in the book. I am Machiventa.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

Religion and Spirituality – Part One

Illawarra District, Australia, January 20, 2013.
Prince Machiventa.
Subject: “Religion and Spirituality.” – Part One.
(Of handcuffs and leg irons).

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “This is Machiventa Melchizedek. It may seem ironic that just recently your Teachers had much to say about keeping lessons short and to the point. Whilst I agree with them entirely for this to have become the rule in the work that you all do, prepare yourself now for this to become a lengthy heart to heart discussion. If, after you push the button on your recorder to stop it from spinning you have acquired a kernel of understanding, our discussion will not have been in vain. And so, let us now begin.

“There are a number of universal circumstances, which you must come to understand better than you do at present. One of these circumstances is the fact that for thousands of years your planet has been in spiritual handcuffs and leg irons. For millennia you were restricted, but then around the 1980s these restrictions were eased somewhat, and from this point in time your world, and some of you as individuals, were granted contact, more so than was formerly the case. I explain it in this fashion: Love is what makes the world go round.

“Well might you choose to smile a half-hearted smile, but a long-established and intense working relationship with ABC-22 and Primary Midwayer Andrea brings more than a casual knowing in my Melchizedek handbook. It equates to love. And this, my dear friend, was precisely the way it stood after all those centuries with the world traveller, Ionah and your Midwayer friends who guided the Andite. You deserved to hear of the good work of your friends, and Ionah deserved recognition of his bravery to lead his people to the Americas.

“Such exercises strengthen bonds between friends when neither time nor space is of any consequence so far as cosmic consciousness is concerned. A bonus for all others (11:11 subscribers) was the revelation that the production of Clovis spear points was imported into the Americas as a consequence of Ionah’s arrival. Also, that the Mesoamerican ceramics were always directly related to that produced in Japan, Asia and the Middle East of that time, and that New World cotton had been changed by the imported Old World cotton strain.

“Knowing the name and the voice of one’s celestial Teacher does not bring about such detailed communication. One needs to appreciate and be expectant of the humor of ABC-22. One needs to be admiring of the unconditional love and forgiveness of Primary Midwayer Andrea. One needs to be in awe of the courage and tenacity of the Andite leader Ionah. Such is not mere sympathy, no, such is love, and it loosens the spiritual handcuffs and leg irons of this isolated world and allows one’s reach into the galaxy and beyond.

“This receiver is fatigued. We will return and discuss the bond with Dante Alighieri and his Midwayer Secretary.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

Self-forgiveness: The First Step Toward Freedom

Michigan, US of A, January 20, 2013.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “Self-forgiveness: The First Step Toward Freedom.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “The message for today is about self-forgiveness. We have covered the topic of forgiveness many times and forgiving others is an essential part of growth and forward progression, but today my friends, I want to focus on the first step to forgiving others and that is forgiving the self. Without this first and vital step of forgiveness, you cannot move forward, even when all other forms of self-mastery are applied. This is the key to release for all forms of self-bondage and the antidote to all spirit poisons.

“All of you have, at one time or another, made choices that you have regretted and perhaps hurt someone, be it friend or foe, willingly or indirectly, by your actions. Or perhaps you have failed at some important task or goal and have blamed others for your failure. Feeling down on yourself and having a hopeless outlook about the future, or continually blaming yourself for repeated failed attempts to move beyond some rut of predictable actions or vices can keep you in a state of stagnation where you cannot move forward and heal from the mistakes of the past.

“Often times fear is the driving force that keeps you from seeing the open door to your freedom. Fear of other’s opinions and judgements about your self-conscious imperfections or perhaps fear of ridicule for changing sides – your need to be right even when you know you are wrong about some position or action you have taken – pride. Making right moral choices, taking responsibility for poor decisions, does not show weakness, but rather shows strength of character and is an example to those who you believe are judging you, that you are a person of integrity.

“My dear friends, it is OK to have made mistakes – it is OK to have failed! This is how you learn, but in order for you to have gained wisdom from these lessons, you must acknowledge that you have failed and made poor choices. Without acknowledgement, you are likely to repeat the same mistakes, again and again, leaving you in a trap that you cannot escape from. Having examined the self, and having acknowledged the error readies the self and grants permission to forgive.

“Asking for forgiveness from someone you have wronged is a part of the healing process. If there is no chance to ask for it, then you must ask it for yourself and in witness of your Indwelling Spirit. If you have asked for forgiveness from someone and it was rejected, that burden remains on the other party and they must do the work necessary to free their selves of the hurt. You must let go of it, and move on using the experience as a lesson for self-improvement.

“Once you have learned to forgive yourself, you can move toward the next step of forgiving others for wrongs they have done to you. You are all essentially learning, in the kindergarten of your ascendant careers, to love and be tolerant of the imperfections of others who are learning alongside you. In the bigger picture, my friends, all these bumps, bruises, and injuries to the ego are all but scaffolding that will fall away – only the learning moments that lead to forward progression and perfection will remain and become a part of the growing soul. Let your souls grow weighty, and free yourself from self-inflected bondage – learn to forgive yourself.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009.

Function – Messengers and the Bringers of Tidings

Illawarra District, Australia, January 14, 2013.
Teachers Samuel of Panoptia, Aaron (of Urantia).
Subject: “Function – Messengers and the Bringers of Tidings.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “The number of hours Aaron and I spend speaking with you and with others on various Mansion Worlds is a function of the number of students interested in our worlds – Urantia and Panoptia – both of them extraordinary evolutionary planets. The difficulty we have in pinning you down for our heart-to-heart talks is a function of your belief that numbers count – numbers of emails, numbers of subscribers, numbers to be healed or advised. And so we entrust our words to perfect midwayer memory, whilst we teachers move on.

Mathew: “You are hearing my voice, yes, not my words.”

Samuel: “We have come together, Aaron and I, to discuss the events on your planet, Aaron’s home, also. And we consider it to be gainful to speak with your 11:11 Progress Group co-workers as well as your subscribers. The reasons are, firstly, to impress upon you the ways in which maximum coverage can be achieved, and secondly to impress upon the subscribers just what your function entails. You are channellers, messengers, and to some extend so are we, what you are not is bringers of tidings, prophets or gurus. This is Samuel.”

Aaron: “This is Aaron greeting all assembled here – humans, midwayers, and angels alike. We receive our instructions from your Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, we then compose our messages and send these to you via many helpers. You receive these messages in your awakened souls, transcribe these, distribute these, and here you have become the messengers. We see you differently. By your very moniker (11:11) you are seen by us to be the public relations organization for the Planetary Helpers, the Midwayers.

“All good advertising and public relations efforts are to the point. They are brief messages that can be quickly read and clearly comprehended. Moreover, they are easily handled by the translators. Not for you is it to socialize with your Teachers and engage in small talk, and most certainly is it not your function to become bringers of revelation, gurus or prophets, for you are hardly endowed with the inclination to so function. Continue to do what you do, and do it well, as you have shown that you can. Soon another will speak.

“This is Aaron and Samuel saying, au revoir.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.