True Scientists

Alabama, US of A, January 24, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Scientists.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Your concept of reality is very limited. In this world you depend almost exclusively upon your five senses to perceive your reality – those things you consider tangible and real, and with which you can interact. Even your science with its great advances continues to mostly be based on the same five senses, using only extensions to these senses to overcome limitations. You use telescopes to see things that are too far away, and microscopes to see what is too small for your eyes, but these instruments are just extensions of the sense of sight.

“On the mansion worlds you will be endowed with twelve senses. Imagine how your perception of reality will then be enhanced. As you keep ascending in spiritual progress, you will be provided with still more senses, and your comprehension of reality will be ever more complete.

“A true scientist can’t simply disregard what he or she doesn't know just because it can’t be perceived. One who can hear can try to describe the sound of a beautiful song to a deaf person, and this person will have to take on faith that what her friend is saying is true. The existence of a certain fact is independent of whether you believe it or not. In nature, there is lots of proof of such facts. Just a few centuries ago the belief that microscopic organisms were the cause of most diseases could have been seen as mere superstition. Today the majority of the population accepts this as fact, even when they have never seen a microbe.

“Those who reject believing in the possibility of a spiritual realm are not true scientists. Finding the Father is in the heart of every human being, and it is a real and authentic experience. Those who have experienced this know that His presence is there even though they have never seen it. This is all that is needed to open the doors to a world of wonders that help these fortunate ones to become more and more like their Creator, and ready to explore the great hidden potential within them. The shortsighted and lazy-of-mind man and woman avoid what they don’t know, but true scientists give themselves the opportunity to explore, discover, learn and grow.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

A Little About The Borderland - (Part Three)

A Little About The Borderland (Part Three).
From the Desk of George Barnard – November 11, 2009.

I didn’t know what was coming, I rarely do, and I almost let it be known to Midwayer Chief ABC-22, that I wasn’t all that interested in strange ‘happenings’ that cannot be explained. ‘Ghoulies and ghosties’ don’t trouble me, they never did, and I probably sleep too soundly for ‘bumps in the night’ to bother me at all.

I ran those recordings again just now, and I’m sure he was joking when he intimated that my writing about ‘Approximate Truth’ earned me the reward of getting something I don’t really care about. The stripe for my tunic is welcome, but I’ll paint it on permanently in case I get a demotion. He won’t be ripping that one off.

However, seriously now, among you more cautious subscribers to the 11:11 Progress List transmissions and sundry writings, there are a number who in the past have fooled with so-called spiritism when seeking a more rewarding spiritual life. The Chief’s comments, I feel, were directed at some that have had bad experiences with Ouija boards (use them for firewood, please). There was also a distance healer who recently had a bit of a scare.

I hope I got it right, pretty sure I did. It paid for me to be in a prayerful state. It’s always a concern when a transmission includes snippets of revelation to our realm, and may frequently contain approximate truths, because we simply don’t have their ‘in-the-thousands-rated IQ’s’, or the concepts, to be able to grasp the intimate details. However, my loud parrots behaved themselves with the Chief in the room, there were no traffic noises, and I was deeply relaxed. Perhaps all truth must basically be logical, also.

Today something came to mind that brings some logic to the claim that Borderland ‘unrest’ exists because the time-space Deities – The Deity Supreme, the Deity Infinite, and the Deity Ultimate – will not, or must not ‘take in’ that which is unresolved. Intimately connected with the Creator of All on Paradise – in fact the time-space reflections of the Paradise Trinity – ultimate resolutions would be prerequisites for these time-space Deities.

Imagine the raised eyebrows if any of us would turn up on Paradise’s doorstep still imperfect (unresolved).

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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A Little about the Borderland - (Part Two)

Illawarra District, Australia, November 7, 2009.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22).
Subject: “A Little about the Borderland.” (Part Two).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “We’re back to discuss some more on the subject of the Borderland. Firstly we need to acknowledge that human beings are amongst the most complex creatures in the universes in that their forward striving minds, together with the Spark of the Creator produce progress for the soul. It is this soul and the Spark of God that carry on after the biological machine that is your body is worn out. However, in your earthly lives and beyond, you are productive of recorded experiences that are ‘absorbed’ by the evolutionary Deities – The Deity Supreme, the Deity Infinite, and the Deity Ultimate.

“These are the evolving Gods of time in space and may appropriately be seen as the time-space reflection of the Paradise Trinity. Therefore it is correct to suggest that the Paradise Trinity is reproducing Itself in the Universes of time-space, and they are the total of positive experiences of you, and me, and everyone else, that evolve these still embryonic Gods. Our combined efforts in the case of our solving of the Virginia Jamieson problem served the embryo of our Planetary Supreme, Urantia, or Gaia, on behalf of whom we Midwayers constantly labor.

“There is another way of describing this for perhaps an even fuller understanding. The Virginia Jamieson ‘packet’ or ‘bundle’ was due for release, as the soul and Thought Adjuster of the real Virginia Jamieson dwelling on Mansonia had finally overcome the extreme trauma of her violent demise, forgiven in full, and so it was time for Urantia to absorb both experiences – the horror and the satisfactory resolution. Be assured these events occur on other, normal worlds as well, but not to the degree they occur on this troubled world. Remember also the great joy you felt after completing this long-ago project with me. That joy was soul-felt, and yet, at that time, you had no idea about how, or even why, we used you.

“Human lives leave their detailed imprint on the Thought Adjuster as well as on the evolutionary Deities, but not one of these is in the least interested in the negative. Neither should you be interested in . . . fooling with these packets of unresolved anger, fear, denial, and rampant emotion – least of all call them demons or devils, for the latter are here no more. They are fully rehabilitated, or have been vanquished. However, do not expect the Borderland to be fully disinfected in any great hurry, even in a few thousand years from now. Stay balanced and prayerful, knowing that a Spark of the Creator that indwells you, also protects you, you lucky humans.

“This is Midwayer Chief ABC-22, suggesting my human loudspeaker put down his recorder, and allow himself some well-deserved rest. Goodnight.”

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A Little about the Borderland

Illawarra District, Australia, November 6, 2009.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC22).
Subject: “A Little about the Borderland.” (Part One).

Received by George Barnard.

Bzutu: “You, my dear friend earned a stripe to be sewn onto your tunic for your writing on ‘Approximate Truth.’ We have all read it, enjoyed it, and it is with special permission, well-earned by you, that we broach the subject most of us do not wish to converse about. We know its there, but we avoid it. It’s unbelievably complicated, so we generally prefer to not talk about it. It is in fact a can of worms we try to keep the lid on, another approximate, imperfect truth. However, we are prepared to give you a little about the Borderland, as a relatively little is all you will comprehend.

“The Borderland is something that can impact on your lives, if you let it. The Borderland is something that can impact on our lives, but we don’t let it, yet we can be instrumental in cleaning up some of it, when the time is right, and when we are instructed to do so. And here you need to accept that there is a form of physicality about everything in time-space – your body, my body, your thoughts, my thoughts, your emotions and mine – all these have physicality of a kind. And still, what would this universe be without an exception to this rule – the Spark of God that indwells you, which remains pure spirit, yet penetrates time-space? The wonder of it all!

“The Borderland is not a place directly between your (linear) dimensions and the Midway realm, where we Midwayers live. In a manner of speaking, it is off to one side of both of us – an oddity. As well, there are three distinct areas, which as a group are classed as the Borderland. And yes, they can impact on all of us in some way, even on the angels, if we let them. So, here let me give you some healthy advice: Do not jump from an airplane without a chute if you love your family; do not wander out on thin ice if your life insurance payment is overdue; do not cross the freeway blindfolded in peak-hour traffic, especially if you are proudly wearing your $500.00 suit. I jest, of course! However, more important than all this: Do not fool with Ouija boards if you value your sanity.

“That which occupies the Borderland realms is awaiting resolution in higher spheres. We do not have a word for you to describe them, other than to call them packets, bundles of information, which have no personality, no soul. Perhaps somewhat more important about their inability to help resolve their status quo is the fact that they have no realization of the passing of time. There are many kinds of these packets or bundles of three distinct kinds, and all are in some way too troubled to be allowed to be absorbed by the evolutionary Deities of time-space.

“You are here not brutally thrown into a killer whirlpool from a tall cliff, oh no, because you and I as a team with many onlookers were instrumental in helping resolve the Virginia Jamieson case. I suggest you prepare for making it available somehow.

“We’re done here for now, and all is well if you should be wondering when you transcribe. I say Adieu, and I’ll be here when you are ready for more.”

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Human Associations

Chicago US of A, November 15, 2012.
Primary Midwayer Andrea.
Subject: “Human Associations.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Andréa: “Human associations come in two broad types: Those that are predetermined, and those that are chosen, meaning freely chosen by you during your lifetime. Some of the predetermined associations can be said to be of the primary type, like those originating from parentage or progeny; others may be seen as secondary, as they only relate to you because they are related to the primary ones. The purpose of this lesson is to reflect upon the ones called ‘chosen associations’, since they reflect an individual’s choices and preferences. Let us examine the nature, function and benefits of chosen associations in people’s lives.

“Notwithstanding the fact that culture, dress, status, religion and family, besides human mores and institutions, try to regulate voluntary human associations, they are in essence chosen – mostly the result of the exercise of free will. Although time and space conditions do play a role in human associations, as to offer the chance for them to happen, they are not the cause of these associations. Even if two people regularly share space and time, they might not become closely associated, despite being contemporaries. There must be ‘commonness’ between two people for them to become true associates.

“There are human associations over which individuals have little or no control, like the ones that originated from parentage, geographical nearness, profession, and other chance circumstances. However, personal beings are capable of nurturing associations that are totally independent of such logical factors. Humans should look for associations that will benefit both sides, because mutual benefit characterizes the ideal relationship. Faulty relations are the ones that are characterized by parasitic functions, where one depends exclusively on the other. Restrict relationships where one uses another as a constant means to the accomplishment of selfish objectives. It is not wrong to associate with others to fulfill your personal needs, but enduring, strong and satisfying relationships come forth from the selfless desire to help, instead of being helped.

“Evolution endowed humans for male-female associations, specifically to assure species preservation and continuity, but gender does not regulate other human associations, rather, they are the results of both common and individual needs among people. Chosen associations, despite attempts at social control, will unavoidably feature all sorts of relations between the two genders, since morality depends on personal ethics and the level of tolerance by different societies. Diverse gender associations, besides the heterosexual one, result from other than the reproductive requirements, among them the uniqueness of one’s personality, which may simply choose differently from the majority, or the socially acceptable.

“Humans are free to associate between themselves in any way they want, as long as genuine love, respect and responsibility are reciprocal among them. Progressive societies increasingly and consistently will embrace diversity of associations among their members, as individuals also become increasingly spiritually enlightened. There is a divine wisdom in universe diversity: It stimulates appreciation of beauty, genuine love, respect and tolerance among personal beings. I am glad to be able to associate with you to bring forth this lesson. I am Andrea, your primary midwayer friend. Love to you all.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.