Co-creation and Inspiration

Illawarra District, Australia, November 1, 2011.
Midwayer Messenger Sharmon.
Celestial Artisan Athena.

Subject: “Co-creation and Inspiration.”

Received by George Barnard.

Sharmon: “This is Sharmon doing the honors this evening. I am here with you this evening to pass you on to Athena right now. My love to you all.”

Athena: “This Athena. For those of you who are not familiar with my task – the work that I do with many on your planet – I am a Celestial Artisan, a former human though not from your planet. I have taken the name, Athena, because my real name is unpronounceable to you. On my world I spend most of my adult life as a government employee busy with artistic work of all kinds, of pottery, of sculpture, of painting and of drawing including some interesting work and rather unusual things for an artisan – architectural models for building projects.

“My fusion is on hold, which is typical for very many Teachers that prefer to do creative and cooperative work with human beings. And for me it is a great honor to have many students on your world. All of you are entitled to Teachers and in addition all of you are entitled to have the input of a Celestial Artisan in a wide range of creative work. Many of you do not understand, or perhaps overlook, the fact that you are creators, co-creators together with that Fragment of God which inhabits you and it is possible for you to so create many things.

“I am not in this particular instance discussing the making of paintings or the production of sculptures. Creative work may involve cooking, it may involve mathematics, it may involve active problem solving in areas where nothing physical is produced but solutions are to be found. I encourage you to try finding a Teacher for your specific lessons and do your meditation until you have contact with this Teacher. In addition also request that you may be given access to a Celestial Artisan to allow you to solve the most complex of problems, to be creative to your utmost ability with the input of the advanced minds of the Celestial Artisans, who will make themselves available to assist you.

“This is Athena saying it is wonderful to be in touch with you again. My love will be with you all your days. Goodbye for now.”

George: “Thank you both.”

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Be Strong

Urantia, March 27, 2013.
The Beloved One.
Subject: “Be Strong.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Dear one, on this auspicious day, while the majority in this world ‘sleeps on’, you are reminded of the time when a young man spent this day with God in the hills surrounding Jerusalem. As had been the custom during the preceding years of His walking with the apostles, bringing the Good News of salvation to the Jewish people, Jesus and the apostles used the Wednesday as their day away from teaching and preaching the good News about the Fatherhood of God and His salvation. In this way they could refresh themselves whilst visiting family and meditating about what they had learned. This day would be the last free day of the Master’s life on earth pending His crucifixion. He well knew that His life would soon end, and He knew of the plans of the rulers of Israel, who had rejected His message of mercy and grace, as well as the reality of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man.

“The reason why I use this story in illustrating my message to you today, is that with the coming changes the people on earth are again reminded of how they can learn to be strong by turning within and learning to commune with the God of their being. It would be a most useful exercise to engage in, as strong characters are needed to be able during the coming times to weather the storms, inside and out. People need to realize what this life is all about, that it is not only about good food and entertainment, but that there is a great deal more. The inner life is hungry and clamoring to be fed and taken notice of. When will people wake up to the fact that there is more to life than just making money? Adjust your lives to your needs rather than wants. This commercialism has run out of hand. Take a breather once a week and start your inner journey to educate and reinforce this with daily periods of Stillness to commune with your Thought Adjuster Gifts from God, your Guides within.

“Dark clouds are moving in over the horizon. Prepare yourself to stand and be strong in the storms which are surely coming upon you all. No one will be exempted. Earth needs to be balanced and she will do her utmost best to regain that balance, even if it takes hundreds of thousands of years. This is truly meant as a warning from the celestial world. Remember or inform yourselves how Jerusalem was left desolate, as Jesus had predicted when they made ready to reject the Son of God and the Son of Man as well as His soul-saving message. All who have ears to hear and eyes to see, let them heed this message so they have time to become strong in their faith and belief in an unconditional loving and merciful Creator God!

“What are you waiting for? The change that needs to happen starts within each one of you.”

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The Springtime of Eternity

Michigan, US of A, April 7, 2013.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Springtime of Eternity.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today’s message is about tilling the soil of the soul to make ready for a new season of growth. Some of you have been ‘working’ at your spiritual growth by reading books and talking with others who are on the path – exploring the possibilities for greater awareness by observing how others have grown. All the seeds have been planted, and now it is time for you to experience that personal contact with the Creative Force of the universe by reaching out in faith and sincerely asking for what you need, to sprout the roots of divine assurance. The Indwelling Spirit has prepared you for this moment and now it is time for you to feel the rain of eternal life.

“It is quiet and you are alone – in solitude and in humble regard, you let down all the walls you have built for the protection of the self, and you are sitting quietly like a little child in hopeful repose. You have examined yourself, your life, and you have forgiven all, and see yourself as a child in need of parental affection with arms raised waiting for the divine embrace. Winter is over and the warm sun of spring is upon you. Ask the Father to embrace you and love you and to poor out His rain of eternal life that you may feel His life-giving unconditional love. Speak to Him and acknowledge Him as a reality, for He is the Creator and divine upholder of all there is, and He is the reality of all personalities. Know Him, for he wants you to have this intimate contact – He truly loves you and he truly knows you – everything about you, and he finds no fault in you – for you are His beloved child.

“Speak to Him and tell him about all your struggles, your successes, and your hopes for the future. Then, my dear one, ask him to fill you with His unconditional love and understanding, for love is what you need in this moment of sincere vulnerable quiescence. Your soul desires that divine embrace – to feel the assurance and the reality of God. Open your soul now and release all the doubt, and feel His loving embrace pour over you from head to toe. You are bathing in the light of the Father’s love and it is the most glorious, sublime experience you have ever had. Feel it filling you up, feel Him washing away all doubt and know that you are a part of Him.

“This moment is the new season for your perfection seeking soul to know and to love Him that created you.”

“Come to me child, for I AM here in any moment you seek me out, ready to fill you with my love and provide all that you need to become perfect like I AM.” “I have created the universes for you to explore and to receive from me my eternal promise.” “You are a diamond in the rough and I shall draw out the brilliance of your potential and embrace you as you stand before me in finality.” “You are a wonderful creation – a unique and cherished child that I love, and I shall never stop loving you.” “Come to me now and let me fill you with my love.”

“Dear one, this moment is for you. There is no qualification to receive the Father’s love, only your sincere desire to know Him. Reach up to Him and He will reach down to you. Go now into your room and close the door. He is waiting there for you – to water your soul and to give you new life in this springtime of eternity.

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
“The giving of self, the illumination of truth, and the relief of suffering
are the noblest paths to higher consciousness.” – Teacher Ophelius, 2009. Financial Support

Near Perfect Organization

Illawarra District, Australia, April 10, 2013.
Cherubim Frank.
Subject: “Near Perfect Organization.”

Received by George Barnard.

Frank: “It could be said that our Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek, has his finger on the pulse, but to the psychologists we are, this would not quite ring true. It would be better to profess that he is in touch with the total, or more accurate to state that he has a feel for the overal needs of the planet. Specifically, because 11:11 Progress is first of its kind in that it is all for progress, it is perhaps interesting for you to learn how feedback is achieved allowing the Prince to make the decisions pertaining to 11:11 Progress.

“Urantia is now in a friendly universe, no longer an imperfect local administration with a corrupt overarching planetary government. This we call the Time of Correction, an era of rectification, leading towards Light and Life. There are chiefly no secrets in the higher realms where even the most private of information must be made known to those whose business it is to assess, yes, appraise creature behavior. Your Angels pass on relevant information, and the appointed Progress Seraphim collate all data of needs and potentials.

“With this, from this, the awesome Melchizedek minds determine what each of the 11:11 Progress Receivers will hear from their respective Teachers. The Teachers are given their individual guidelines, whilst both their expertise and that of the individual mortal receivers is held in mind. It is for this reason subscribers will tell you that certain transcripts of transmissions match their meditation insights of that day, or that the message was just what they needed. The work sent out is then the best of what feeds 11:11 Progress needs.

“Whilst countless transmissions are yet to be formatted during the years to come, there is often still a request to resubmit an occasional ‘oldie message’, because more than a few subscribers need to be reminded. Besides, as a ‘week’s worth’ of celestial messages are lined up in advance, Personal Seraphim have ample chance to ‘manufacture’ suitable dreams to complement the message of the day. One can safely suggest that celestial organization functions near to perfection when one discard the concept of coincidence.

“It’s no great secret that much of this also depends on the tranquillity of mind the receiver can attain to be guided in the work. However, there is one more factor, as Chief Bzutu made clear: ‘They’re just good messages.’ So consider you are needy, a long way from perfection, and we, your kin in the invisible spheres, need to do what we can by functioning to near perfection. This is Frank and Alice, leaving you our love. Goodbye.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. Financial Support

Search for me in your soul

Alabama, US of A, February 18, 2011.
Christ Michael.
Subject: “Search for me in your soul.”

Received by Oscar.

Christ Michael: “Does the ease by which you ‘hear’ my words surprise you? Don’t you believe that, as the Creator of this local universe and all its inhabitants, I have the power to communicate with each and every one of my children? In this world, knowledge is still limited, but truth is being revealed. Everybody has access to Me, at any time, and anywhere at all, through the Gift from my Father (the Thought Adjuster). It is yet another way for Him to be in touch with His children. He has spoken to Me and has also spoken to you, and you can be sure that we both take the time to listen. The Father and I are always working for you, within you, and through you. It is in your creative endeavors that our influence becomes evident, when your impulses obey the will of the Father, and when your frequencies are tuned to the energy that sustains the universes – love.

“The need to be recognized is not something that can be found in divine personalities. I don’t become angry if you talk to me thinking that you are talking to My Father. He doesn’t become perturbed if you talk to Him using my name. We are one, as you and I are one. My words are His words, for they are the same. What does make a difference is that you try to hear us, so we can, and will, be there for you. Every time you think about Me, you think about the Father. What you admire about Me, you also admire about our Father. When I rejoice about your progress our Father also rejoices. We are one.

“How is it possible that two personalities can be one? Personality is a gift from the Father and personality is what registers life experiences throughout time or throughout eternity. A being without personality can’t know how much growth has taken place, how much it has changed, or how much experience it has accumulated. Your personality is also very different to mine, and yet I tell you that you and I are one. What joins us is that we share the same Cause and we will attain the same Destiny – God. When achieving harmony with Him we become alike, and once you have reached finality, in all the situations that we could face throughout the universe we may act differently but we will always do what our Father would do, if He were in our place. There will always be unity of purpose.

“Always search for me in your soul and I will answer. Stop searching for Me ‘out there’, but find me in your heart and in your mind, where I might possibly be more effective?

“Indeed, I jest. One’s worthwhile sense of humor never fades.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972. Financial Support