Illawarra District, Australia, December 22, 2014.
Machiventa Melchizedek.
Michael of Nebadon.

Personal Message for Linda Abell:
“Welcome to the 11:11 Progress Group.”

Received by George Barnard.

Machiventa: “Dear Linda, this is Machiventa Melchizedek. I wish to welcome you to the 11:11 Progress Group, which is directly under my tutelage. I congratulate you on your being able to see where this little 11:11 gem in the crown of my personal career needed help.

“The members of this progressive group were years ago (2,000) informed that at a future time their endeavors would be important — perhaps even critical. That critical time is here now and you have joined at this time when there is much unrest, needless competition, even hatred and resulting inaccuracy of transmitting amongst like groups.

“For some time your Guardian Angels and their Midwayer contacts have recommended for you to be entered into this group, to become part of it, to contribute to its welfare and success, not in the least overlooking your preparation for further (Morontia) lives to come when one of the main aspects of your spiritual progress will be your capacity to work in, and for, ever larger groups.

“In keeping with the rules of Urantia Progress, two Secondary Midwayers, a pair of many millennia, have been appointed to your care. It is of importance to greet them when you set about your 11:11 task or when you are otherwise reminded of their presence. To you I may seem far away, but I can reach out and influence to the positive many changes in your world.

“I say ‘au revoir’ and I now pass you on for you to hear from your Maker.

Christ Michael: “My dearest daughter, this is the Nebadon Creator Son Michael and I also speak on behalf of my all-time, time-space Consort, Nebadonia, the Mother of all local universe Angels and myriad other species. We call you our dearest daughter because in all the far-flung universes there is only one just like you. Speak to us when you are in need or when you just want to talk. Our door is always open and you can address us by the names that have the most comfortable ‘ring’ for you. Imagine you have climbed onto Nebadonia’s lap, when you need her care and it shall be so.

“To help with the transmission work of Lytske, Oscar, Valdir, Chris and George is a noble, soul-growing undertaking, but always recall that you were granted free will at birth and your decisions are yours alone, as they are for all personalities of evolutionary origin. Whatever path you may take, understand that we both know you, and know you well, for long have you searched. And a time will come when we will both embrace you in a higher sphere. Until then, stay true to your calling.

“I am Michael.”

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