Alabama, US of A, October 13, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Material Success and Spiritual Achievement”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Many among you are wary of mixing the spiritual with the material, mainly because of your beliefs that material things are inherently ‘bad’ and should not be combined with the spiritual. However, are you not a creature who lives in two different worlds, in two different planes of existence? You are material as well as spiritual and to say that your material part is somehow evil is to say that your Father has placed evil within you. Of course, you know this is not the case. So it may be time to leave behind that absurd concept.

“Those who progress in the achievement of their spiritual circles become more intuitive and creative when facing the problems of daily living. They seem to find solutions with greater ease than do others and they feel the impulses of inspiration more frequently. This is simply the result of having a more relaxed and awakened mind that can pay attention to those things that were always there, but remained unnoticed due to the many distractions with which a scattered mind has to deal.

“The search for material success seldom brings with it achievements in spiritual goals. On the other hand, spiritual development and the increasing communion of a human being with the divinity that lives within his or her being have frequent positive effects in other areas of life. This should not be a great mystery. A human being with a more relaxed mind, an adequate perception of himself or herself, a heart open to spiritual input, a high degree of self-mastery and with a highly moral value system, will have an increased probability of finding material success.

“When an increasing number of inhabitants of this world discover the rewards of a more dynamic and fulfilling spiritual life, this will become the norm in society and not an exception for a few eccentric ones. When relationships among human beings develop into true kinship — a brotherhood governed by love — you will discover that you can perform great endeavors that defy the present limits of knowledge and material achievement. The great problems of the present will become trivial for those evolved human beings and life in this sphere will be truly pleasant and productive in evolving worthy souls for the universes.

“Imagine how painful it can be for your Celestial observers to see how day after day you hit the wall of your own false perceptions and trip over the same stones of your lowest selfish tendencies, while having the solution so close and so evident. The fact that so few among you achieve material success is due to fabrications of your own imagination and false beliefs. It is not a rule of the universe. It is you who need to change and start dedicating your personal and shared resources to the truly important goal of existence, which is the progressive effort needed to achieve perfection — to be the best you can be.”

Edited by Linda Abell.

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