Alabama, US of A, October 6, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “True Greatness”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Human beings often consider things that have no eternal value to actually be great. When you consider the value of a person’s life, think about what will be the eternal implications of his or her life? What did he or she do for humanity? How did that person contribute to elevate the spiritual level of his or her peers? This is the main question you should ask when considering someone’s legacy.

“Beyond money and material things, a true legacy is something that survives the test of time. The things that today are sold everywhere will be obsolete and out of fashion by tomorrow. The corporations of today that are the most powerful in the world may not be there tomorrow. And if they are, they will very likely be in the hands of others. If what you have done disappears with time then it has no eternal value — real value.

“Now consider the mother of a family in any of the poorer regions of this world. This mother struggles all her life to sustain her children and to offer them the chance of a happy future. She doesn’t want greatness for her children — privileges, honors, exaltation, material wealth — she just tries to keep them alive and healthy until they can fend for themselves. This mother lives her life dedicated to this purpose and years later she dies without anybody other than her family remembering her. After a few generations nobody will know if she ever lived on this planet.

“However, her children will have descendants and they in turn will have descendants. In just 2,000 years — an insignificant number compared to eternity — the descendants of this woman could be more than 2 million people, assuming their descendants double in number every century — a very conservative estimate considering the population of this world has tripled during the last 75 years.

“Two million people will owe their life to the anonymous efforts of this unknown woman. After these considerations, how could you label the life of this woman as insignificant? Maybe this woman also helped others around her while she lived. Maybe this woman also had a job where she helped create products and services that helped others achieve greater things. The impact of a human life is almost impossible to measure from the limited point of view of time, but from eternity, the One who sees the end from the beginning knows perfectly well how valuable and important each one of us really is.

“Do not focus your attention and your efforts in trying to emulate the achievements of those whom the majority considers as important. Right there where you are and with your own resources you can make things that are truly great for the future, just by making an effort to be the best you can aspire to be — the struggle for perfection — and by following the guidance of the Voice of the Father within you, who truly knows the results that your decisions and actions inspired by truth, beauty and goodness can achieve.

“Find your place in the world, do the best you can do within your circle of influence and leave the outcome in the hands of the Father.”

Edited by Linda.

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