Michigan, US of A, January 18, 2012.
Teacher Ophelius.
Subject: “The Mirror Effect.”

Received by Chris.

Ophelius: “Today, my dear friends, I would like to talk about ‘The Mirror Effect.’ What is The Mirror Effect (TME)? It is an attraction principal that draws to you an experience; a state of being; condition, or person of like mind when you match the vibration of that desire which you seek. You might think of the mnemonic TME = ‘To Me.’ This effect has been built into the fabric of the universes by the Universal Father to bring His created children full-circle and into His Presence on Paradise. You might think, ‘What does TME have to do with perfection attainment?’ It has everything to do with becoming god-like, for to attract those experiences, persons, and teachers needed to learn and become perfect. One must ‘put on the robes’ that identify you as one who would attract that experience, condition, person, or teacher needed to fulfill the desire.

“There are many of you who would like to change the circumstances of your life, yet you feel stuck, defeated, impoverished, or unloved. When you feel this way, TME does its job and continues to bring to you those experiences that match the vibration of your state of being. If you wish to change it, then change how you feel. Emotion is the engine that drives TME and when you feel stuck, defeated, impoverished, or unloved those feelings set up the vibration that magnetically draws the experience to you (TME = To Me). Not only do you need to change your thinking, but you must change how you feel and this is where your God-given power of imagination works for you. If you are not feeling it, then imagine what it feels like and focus on that. If you cannot imagine it, then focus on the steps needed to bring the feeling to life — move in that direction. The higher the vibration, the faster does TME bring the matching experience.

“All sentient beings in the universes want to be loved and love is of the highest vibration. Why is it that so many feel alone and unloved? It is because they haven’t figured out how to ‘feel love’ in a way that will manifest the experience of love. To feel love and to attract love into your life, you must ‘put on the robes’ of love. If you cannot imagine or induce a feeling or state of love, then you must pursue the steps that will lead to that feeling — you must ‘do something.’ Improve the condition of your mind so that you can ‘become love.’ Read a self-help book; watch a warm-hearted movie where the characters become the models of love; or do something outside your normal mode of operating — be kind to others and smile — do a kind, selfless act. All these little steps can bring you into the feeling of love, and when you feel love you will attract it into your life.

“If you ‘feel’ unattractive then you will ‘be’ unattractive. Switch the gears, my friends, and ‘feel’ how you want to be — feel attractive! If you cannot imagine feeling attractive, then do something to get you there. Healthy is attractive — get healthy! When you ‘feel’ good inside, you will exude the vibrations of vitality and become attractive outside. This is not something only for ‘others’ to experience — it is for you, for the Father has made it so! Feel it and become it — TME works for everyone. Now that you are aware of it, you must do something about it. TME can be applied to attract all kinds of experiences. Try it and you will see!

“Peace to you,
“The Circle of Seven.”

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