Urantia, December 5, 2014.
Teacher: A Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “Self-Love and Self-Respect”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “It is just a momentary observation followed by a foregone conclusion of any visiting Celestial that what this planet lacks most is its inhabitants’ love and respect for themselves and each other. Can you even vaguely imagine what this planet would be like if everyone would have some love and respect for themselves and if all at least attempted to follow the golden rule of doing unto others as they themselves would like to be treated?

“This world would be so changed that wars would cease almost instantly, because of the fact that God’s rule of loving and respecting self and each other, would finally have a chance to become a reality. Women at last would be accorded their rightful place in society which would have the effect that children also should be recognized for the little growing persons they are. Simply the idea of having loving and responsible parents would already border on utopia. Can you even begin to entertain the image of what a balanced and harmonious household would be like when every member would be treated lovingly and fairly?

“On other evolving planets this is truly the aim of all society, to grow and educate their children and early on to make them aware of their responsibility towards becoming worthy citizens. A great deal of effort goes into educating their young who grow up with a strong sense of belonging. There are no ‘throw-away’ children on other advancing planets; as potential couples must undergo training before marriage to become suitable partners and parents. This is mandatory in advanced societies. I am endeavoring to give you a glimpse of what is possible.

“From the celestial point of view, even though this planet is advancing in years, a deplorable barbarism as an insidious poison still persists among supposedly educated mortals. They see ‘others’ only as the enemy who needs to be subdued. They seem to have a mental block bordering on mental illness for refusing to open their closed minds to recognize all people as their brothers and sisters, and therefore kin.

“Those who do not recognize this most important fact are in all layers of society. Suffice to say that some extremely wealthy among you are especially infected by the noxious poison of thinking themselves above everyone else and even regard them as common slaves to be done away with when they get in the way of achieving their nefarious ends of ‘world power.’ Truly now, how come no one uses their God-given brains for the welfare of each other, which means for every man woman and child?

“Therefore, instead of allowing the situation to get even further out of hand to point of no return, and even hatching the nefarious idea of poisoning neighboring peaceful planets with evil intent, there is never any need to bring weapons into space, as these so-called aliens are also your brothers and sisters, even though they are different in appearance, they also possess a soul that strives to grow and glorify the Creator of all, and adhere to the same golden rule of loving God first and secondly loving and respecting themselves and all others.”

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