Illawarra District, Australia, January 15, 2015.
Life Carrier Orion.
Subject: “Decimal Planets’ Explosive Potential”

Received by George Barnard.

Orion: “This is Orion. I greet all those present on this occasion of group meditation. We, your Life Carriers are not so big that we think ourselves to not derive benefits from exercising stillness with others — Midwayers, Angels, humans and our kin — instanter, close by or at great distances and all to the recognition and delight of our Father Creator. We will now reflect on evolution on a decimal world and I re-assure you that a Life Carrier’s comments are not always to be considered a guaranteed or complete answer to your hypotheses.

“Decimal worlds like worlds numbered 596, 606 and 616 and so on — all numbers ending with a 6, to be sure — are of great interest to many creatures and to Life Carriers more so than to most others. New non-decimal worlds are generally populated by us with suitable plants, animals and humans derived from established and promising worlds, similar in makeup to such new habitat. Consider this to be an enormously complex task with every opportunity for us to overlook any of thousands of chances for miscalculations.

“Decimal worlds are a different matter entirely, since here we have an opportunity to adjust the Mother-Spirit-enlivened products of our on-high laboratories. It would be inaccurate to say that the implantations we brought to this world had great potential, indeed, no, their potential might well be seen as ‘explosive’ so many varieties of plant and animal it produced. Take a worthwhile good look around on your world and you will see but a small percentage of what the life implantations produced. Much is hidden, yes, I agree.

“Many, many times more plants and creatures developed than what is present today. Some of them were so unlikely, so impractical, they could not possibly survive. Some of them so voracious, they might well make life impossible for the most promising of species. We stayed and cared for this ‘zoo’ by protecting most and encouraging some with the energy that is innate in us. We observed and in some instances utterly destroyed some species that could lay waste to our entire effort of millions of years.

“This now fully answers the question posed: The decimal planet life implants really do have almost infinite potential to give life to a vast range of species. Those species threatening all others and thereby the environment can be eliminated by us, even during the period when creature energy still promotes growth and diversification at a very high rate. However, at the time we note that a species may finally evolve into a creature that will at some time worship God and acquire wisdom, this super-high potential for all other species is tempered.

“This explains why some of my order have worked here for millions upon millions of years. A decimal planet is quite a task and indeed a university of learning where we often find species or product of good use elsewhere in Nebadon and beyond.

“This is your lone resident Life Carrier, Orion. Be well, my students. You are evolutionary creatures and whilst I may perhaps confirm your theories, I may not provide you with revelation. We leave you our love.”

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