Alabama, US of A, September 28, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Time”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “It may be advisable for mortals to occasionally disregard time. Time can frequently exert a powerful influence over the way in which you think. We are talking about time in the way humans regard time — as dates, as the interval between an initial state and the next, as present and as future. We are not talking about the time frame in which mortal life is lived, in the space-time sense.

“One of the ways in which you measure time is by assigning an age. Children of a young age are assumed to be immature and having a particular inclination toward games and joy. Adults are assumed to be mature and serious, while the elderly often are thought of as frail, ill, and sometimes as humans of a lesser category.

“These considerations are exclusively human. The age of the body has nothing to do with the age of mind and spirit. If you open your minds and hearts you may see many young people among you who demonstrate a spiritual perspicacity beyond their years. You could also notice many elderly people who enjoy their lives like children and retain that constant joy. Even when human bodies reach maturity and start to break down with the passing of time, such does not necessarily happen to the mind or the soul. Mind and soul can continue growing, strengthening, and learning on a constant basis. It all depends on the interests and dedication of each individual.

“Another ‘time idea’ that you might well leave behind is the one about keeping up with changing fashion, forcing yourselves to adjust your behavior and culture to what in the present is accepted by the majority. A human being who exercises his or her free will should learn to think independently. It is disconcerting to many celestials to observe how many higher ideas and customs are replaced by others of inferior quality just because the latter ones are new and the former ones are considered out of fashion or old. Half a century ago the moral level of humanity was much higher than it is today. It would indeed be beneficial for this planet to go back to some of the customs of the 1950s and 60s. Many other things from the past could be beneficial today if you would only dare to consider them.

“You are human beings of space-time, but your destiny is eternity. You have to learn to live outside of time. The best ideas and the best spiritual impulses are valid, important, and beneficial to you and to others at any moment in time. The idea of loving each other as our Father loves you was of great value two thousand years ago, one million years ago, and it will remain millions of years into the future. Truth, beauty and goodness are constant and immutable throughout all time. Only your appreciation and your capacity to express these qualities changes with time. Live in time but keep your sights on eternity, striving to progressively better express the perfection within you.”

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