Alabama, US of A, September 29, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “False Information”

Received by Oscar.

Receiver: “How can we deal with all the sources of false or downright strange information out there? How can we avoid confusion?”

Thought Adjuster: “You already know the greatest truth of human existence; the fact that the Creator Father lives within each one of you and you can use Him as guide, advisor, friend, and support for your journey in this life. You know that you are more than a physical body and that in the hands of your Father your life is protected for all eternity. You know that the Master Son of this universe — Michael — is also available to you and will serve all those who search for Him. These are the most important truths that have to be explored during human life. Everything else is not quite so vital to your future existence.

“Erroneous beliefs are normal at this stage of your existence, since you need to accept a lot by faith, for what you can perceive and understand with your mortal mind is relatively little. Many have heard the voice of their angels, their Thought Adjusters, or the Midwayers, and they decide to assign these voices to different beings according to their culture, their beliefs and their hopes. Others have received explanations about the nature of these contacts and they insist on interpreting them in relation to their existing knowledge, which at times can be far from reality.

“If one of your siblings offers you a message of hope, spiritual progress, or a new and improved way to live, is it really important if he or she tells you that the message came from a leprechaun, an alien, or God Himself? If the message makes sense and the voice in your heart confirms that it meets the criteria of truth, beauty and goodness, by all means follow the advise and grow a little more, thanking the messenger for having shared that message with you.

“Each one of you would benefit from searching and finding your own truths within your being, because the discovery of truth is the supreme adventure of human existence. Many hypotheses — beliefs, traditions — may prove to be false when placed under the lens of more experience and spiritual growth, but in all paths you will always find important lessons for your future in this world and beyond. Don’t be too concerned for those who follow leprechauns, extra-terrestrials, or the gods of Greek mythology. All of them will find abundant opportunities to achieve true spiritual growth if they keep this intent in their souls.

“You can be sure of one thing: Your Father speaks to the hearts of all men and women of this planet and those who listen will reap the benefits and progress in spirit. It is not important what identity you assign to His voice. What is important is that you listen and make decisions enlightened by the truth that flows from your heart.”

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