Alabama, US of A, May 31, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson About Resisting Change.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Truth will always come forth in the lives of human beings, since all have the influence of the Spirit of Truth and their Thought Adjuster – the divine presence of God in men and women. There will always be writers, politicians, activists, fathers, and mothers, who will feel a calling to lead higher lives, and become more awakened and more conscious about their actions, their decisions, and their relationships with their neighbors. Thereby the truth is expressed throughout their writings, their words, or their actions, inspiring their peers to find a better way to live their lives.

“The establishment of the age of Light and Life does not greatly depend on the intellectual understanding of spiritual realities, or the paranormal experiences of a few. In this world, the necessary spiritual ideas have already been expressed and understood by many. The revelations and the important messages have been delivered to you long ago. The delays are solely due to resistance to change, a trait more or less common to all mortals. Human beings fear the unknown. Many cultures even accept as common sense the idea: ‘Better a known evil that an unknown good’.

“One needs to awaken from the dream of resistance to change and strive for real progress. There is nothing wrong with trying new ways to find innovative solutions to the problems of old. The fact that a problem may have existed for a long time is no indication of the unlikeliness of finding a solution for it. Wars among people and nations have been a reality since the beginning of humanity itself, but this does not mean that it is a normal thing, or a required part of human life. The solution to every conflict is forgiveness – love that turns into action through mercy – and this is a very simple solution that many among you have discovered since the beginning. In fact, you already have all you need to make this world a true heaven on earth.

“The key here is mental openness – the ability to accept ideas free of prejudice, and the will to explore and experiment. It is truly difficult for a person to change from one day into the next. Fears do not vanish overnight, but you are not alone at this task. Within each one of you lives the Flame that illuminates the path toward eternal life – a Fragment of God. It is in this fragment of the greatest perfection and wisdom where you can find the strength and courage to face your daily challenges and turn the defeats of life into lessons that will finally transform the wounds of the past into victories, since it is only through real experience that human wisdom is forged.

“First accept that God is truly within each one of you, and then take advantage of this great resource that has been given to you. Reject from now on the idea that you are defenseless creatures at the mercy of chance and randomness. You are in truth agents of God, His representatives in the world, and everything that the Father would do if He were in your shoes you can do, thus becoming co-creator of a more beautiful reality. Be the hands and the feet of the Father and contribute with your individual efforts to create a world of light. This is what is expected of you.”

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“Open your eyes, my friends, and get to know your environment.
Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, Celestial Artisan. 11:11 Store