Urantia, February 27, 2014.
Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson.
Subject: “The Starting Gate.”

Received by Lytske.

Mentor: “Allow my words to flow onto the screen of your mind and place them onto the screen of your trusty computer. Later you shall look back on your life on earth and realize how important that contraption and the internet were for you to be in contact with the outside world, especially your loved ones on the other side of the planet. To your Celestial Teachers this world is still considered to be so very primitive, really quite barbaric. Discoveries in technical and scientific areas have only just begun. Much invention and innovation is still subject to suppression, because of vested interests, and the question your Teachers most often entertain is: How long will these wars still rage on, on this wonderful garden planet?”

“When will you mortals as a group find the starting gate to reality and begin running the race of faith and trust the way the Creator intended? Truly, the exit out of the caves is as near as your minds will allow. Don’t you humans realize that with all the material knowledge you are gathering here in your temporary lives, there is also the part of you that is hungering for spiritual substance. This, too, is in the realm of possibility but has never yet been seriously investigated, as you still seem to be stuck in old, outdated belief systems that served your forebears for them to make a little sense out of life.

“However, your brains are evolving towards something much greater, so why not use your God-given brains for what they are intended? At present, too many mortals engage in low level materialistic thinking. Please feed your minds on some higher more spiritual thoughts, which will be of delight and benefit to your souls. The planet, too, will thank you when you start respecting her with better care, for as with higher level thinking you humans will become more thoughtful and compassionate in every way. This is what entails coming out of your starting gates. By observing this, others will come out and join you on the road to progress for themselves and for the planet.

“It is your belief, faith and trust in the unconditionally loving Creator God that will eventually spur you all on to start fulfilling the divine potential, each of you has been gifted with at birth. Do start thinking outside the box and discover that there is far more to life than meets the eye. In this manner, by running the good race of faith, and after leaving mortal life behind, you shall enter the starting gate of eternal life and carry on – with the values of truth, beauty and goodness you have gathered here on earth – with a life dedicated to the Glory of God. It is up to you how you live, and pass from this life with a minimum of regrets to carry on in eternal life.”

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“Open your eyes, my friends, and get to know your environment.
Now close them, and comprehend the universe.”
– Athena, a Celestial Artisan.

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