Alabama, US of A, May 26, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Apathy.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “During your entire lives you have all been so influenced by your material desires that a life without them may seem inconceivable. To many, leaving those desires behind seems like a sure result of apathy, the lack of motivation to achieve anything when nothing else is needed. However, this is not so. We need to first of all clarify what those material desires are. When we talk about material desires, we are not talking about those basic human needs – food, shelter, rest, clothing – which can be counted on the fingers of one hand. Those needs will always have to be satisfied and they will continue to play an important role in your life on this world.

“When we talk about material desires we mean those things that have no eternal value and don’t provide true and lasting happiness. Here we can include riches, fame, power, and one’s physical appearance. These are the things that vanish once mortal life is over, and they are not needed in order for you to live a fulfilling life with great prospects of spiritual development. Life has been designed by the Father so all can enjoy the same opportunities to grow and become the best they can be. Everything you need to achieve your purpose is already within you.

“When your goals are in harmony with the plan of the Father, when your will is in alignment with the Father’s will, your desires do start to become more real. The materialistic motivations of the past will not affect you so much and you will start to feel the inspiration to achieve greater things in the eyes of God, not in the eyes of man. Apathy has no place in the lives of those who are motivated by their inner Voice – the presence of God within. These mortals consider only the necessary desire for spiritual progress, which is where true happiness can be found and where their hidden potentials can be discovered and developed.

“Do not be afraid to leave behind those material desires that have brought you to where you are now. You won’t need them anymore, because a new being is now growing within you, and this being needs to express the self on a higher plane. The Master talked about this when he said that a new building could not be built upon the foundations of an older one. It was better to tear down the old building entirely in order to build something better and more beautiful in its place.”

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