Illawarra District, Australia, February 27, 2014.
Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “The Rewards of Millennia of Isolation.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “The time of Elanora was of the long-ago past when I was born on Panoptia’s southern continent. Whilst you with your Urantian patriarchal ways might wonder at the woman’s readiness to take the reins in crisis circumstances, Panoptians did not. Our well-blended races were one, women gravitated towards organizational and community tasks, and your overall conclusion should be that we were of a rather cautious, even somewhat depressive kind. This is Samuel. Our dear friend, midwayer Mathew, is doing the honors.

“By our birthright – having taken the side of Michael of Nebadon against the flawed celestial government of our world – we are the revered ones in the local system. In all fairness, great feelings of importance are hardly what I experience. These, I rightly feel, are appropriate for those of Elanora’s time, not the likes of me, who came well after that fateful decision. My ever busy thoughts are with your world and also with the other troubled planets that fell head over heels for the bravado of Lucifer and his first lieutenant in Satania.

“Panoptia now finds itself in Light and Life whilst Urantia, like the restless pendulum that she is, still swings back and forth from peace to war, and from compassion for sufferers to utter thoughtlessness for its minorities and the repressed. For millions, countless millions, life on Urantia is ever so much more difficult than was life on Panoptia in my time, and so many of you are troubled. To the minds of those in my realm, the difficult conditions for many on your world are deserving of great acknowledgments for your overcoming your difficulties.

“Stay true to your plan, all of you, to serve the Creator Father through thoughtfully living to the guidance of your Creator Fragments. Always remember that you are one with all of creation, not individual creatures without any connection to others of same or different kinds. Forever see the Angels and Midwayers as you brothers and sisters, for you have parents in common – Michael, Nebadonia, Urantia, even the Life Carriers – the very scientists-designers-biochemists and promoters of the flora and fauna evolution on your planet.

“Carry on my dear friends in spreading Michael’s truth in this world. Stand ready to assist a brother or sister in need for in giving care to others you are also giving to your God. Great rewards will be showered upon you, who live but short lives in such harsh conditions, for you are those who can remain true even for millennia of strife and isolation, and for which you will wear Michael’s insignia into Paradise. Ask for us. We shall wait on your beckon call. Aaron and I now say Adieu.”

Note: By depressive (paragraph 1) is meant careful, cautious, unassuming, humble, not disheartened or dispirited.

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