Alabama, US of A, April 29, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “A Lesson about Purpose.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Purpose is simply the expected result of doing something, of building something, or creating something. The purpose of creatures’ existence is what is expected to be achieved by their existence. In the case of mortals, what is expected is the production of beings that are like God, whose loyalty has been proved ad infinitum, without sin or doubts ever being found in them. This is your noble, wonderful and eternal purpose.

“When we talk about the purpose of existence, we are referring to a project that extends throughout eternity. It is not expected that creatures achieve this magnificent objective during their lives in the flesh. However, your existence in this moment and on this planet has a temporal purpose as well, for the Father never does anything without a motive. Everything in creation is a piece that fits perfectly into the mosaic of eternity.

“It is up to the human beings to discover their purpose for this life. If there is something that the Father intended to achieve by placing you on this world during this particular time, this purpose will not be hidden from you. Still, you have to make the decision of knowing it, of searching, exploring, and once you have found what you searched for, decide if you will dedicate the effort and resources necessary to accomplish your objectives. This is equivalent to attempting to know the will of the Father and then consecrate your self to that will.

“Those who want to know their purpose – the will of the Father for their life – will always be successful in this endeavor. Maybe they will not be able to manifest all that can be expressed by their personality – the actualization of all potentials – but they will gain great spiritual growth and wisdom by aligning their will with the will of the Father and participating in the creation of reality.

“Be aware that the purpose in life may have little to do with a profession, or with the talents you may think you posses. It is likely that when you learn the will of the Father, the path you decide to take has nothing to do with what you have been prepared for in the material world, or maybe it would require you to explore talents that remain unknown to you. The things the world asks us to do rarely bear any relationship to the things that God expects from us.

“You may have to live in this world, taking some of your free time to do your spiritual work. You may have to fight the battles of life on two different fronts. This is the reality that spiritual beings face while living in a material world. However, your struggles will find a reward, and your efforts will turn into experience and wisdom for the achievement of your true goal in your journey beyond time.

“How can I find my purpose, you may ask? Our Father will not tell you ‘this is what you must do’. He will not contravene your free will. Your purpose is a general goal that can be reached by different paths, and here is where you can exercise your creative faculties. There are always signs and clues, many more than those you notice. The Father, through your Thought Adjuster, is always inspiring, guiding, and motivating you. He is always planting desires in your heart. When you fight against these desires that is when you suffer; when you feel like something is missing, or when you somehow perceive that an opportunity has been lost. Yet, if you really want to know your purpose, these desires will become more evident and will not leave you until those true needs of the soul are satisfied.”

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