Urantia, January 6, 2014 – (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Know that I Am also Waiting for You.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Wait before Me with empty heart, devoid of worries and concerns. Just you and I. Allow My mantle of peace to gently fall around you and My peace pervade you during your meditation. It is time well spent with Me in the Stillness of your heart – the Stillness so designed for you to reap greater benefits than you can presently imagine.

“Your greatest test is that of waiting, not knowing what to expect, and yet trusting Me enough to know that I am also waiting for you and expecting you. As yet you can have no knowledge of what this all means, this seeking Me and waiting for Me.

“For mortals it is a lesson in dedicated perseverance which helps build a dependable character. It shows the eternal God that the blueprint He designed for each human being is working. He gave each human the choice to activate their potentials. He also gave each mortal the gift of free will. Each chooses by the choice and decision making process how fast they will advance on their road of continuous discovery. Some apparently seem to be stuck at a lowly level depending on their genetic inheritance.

“Perhaps something may have happened in very early childhood, which blocked their advancement. Others seemingly forge ahead, undeterred by anything that may have happened in the past. It is all about recognizing handicaps and overcoming them.

“Sometimes an ‘early wake-up call’ motivates a mortal to forge ahead with determination and will-power to gain mastery over the self. This, of course, is a most ideal way as such a one is more inclined to ‘listen’ to his or her Inner Pilot – the still small Voice within.

This Voice may inspire them to think about what direction to take in life, and how to set goals for the self. Others take the longer path set before them to reach their ultimate destination, which is fine, also. It may take almost an eternity to reach perfection towards the ultimate goal of the attainment of God – to stand in His Presence as He is the Source and Destiny of every being, imperfect and divine.

“So yes, wait before Me so you can attain clarity and surety as to which path to take. I shall make your waiting worthwhile. It is the best time you will spend reaping innumerable benefits. As you go forth from your periods of Stillness, you will so much better serve your brothers and sisters. You will serve them with love in your heart, being mindful that they, too, have a Fragment of God within them to help guide them on their path – a path that will not be the same as yours, as all have their divine but individual blueprint to develop.”

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