Illawarra District, Australia, January 17, 2014.
Teacher Samuel of Panoptia.
Subject: “A Marvelous Opportunity.”

Received by George Barnard.

Samuel: “Untold millions of you have the opportunity to make friends in distant lands with the use of your developing digital communications and filming. One of the most important means of enjoying planet-wide peace is to record family life and sharing your day-to-day experiences with families far away.

“You see, my dear brother, once you truly get to know those in far-off lands, you get to understand that they are just like you. They have their wants and needs. They want the best for their children, homes to live in, jobs to go to, food to eat and security, an education. Such things should not be beyond anyone, as long as there is peace, and without war and without major crime there is enough for all.

“So it was on my planet, Panoptia, where long ago two large continents collided to create a super-continent with a high east-west mountain range just south of the equator during my time. In time, those of the north, living in a more tropical environment, became somewhat darker of skin. Those of the south, where I had my home and laboratory were somewhat lighter of skin. The thoughts were that with such high mountains the south and north might estrange.

“Already there had grown to be considerable language differences, and if nothing were done, the two population groups would drift apart. Languages are constantly in a mode of change. Languages are alive, as are customs, and even your many languages vary ever more from isolated place to remote backwater. On Panoptia the potential of two very large populations drifting apart was forestalled by nationwide promotions of ‘adopting a family’ on the other hemisphere of the super-continent.

“Today, with your extensive social networks, your world has a marvellous opportunity to nurture such progressive undertakings. Apart from your seeing your siblings of different races and lands as your true brothers and sisters, it bolsters the populations’ determination to banish wars and skirmishes, and keep in check those in government who foster the oppression of others for gain. I am Samuel the Panoptian. Good day from Aaron and me.”

Notes: Years ago I was shown Panoptia’s super-continent, with its ‘rolling cloud masses both north and south of its tall snow-clad mountains. I saw its southern hemisphere’s wild mountain rivers flowing into wide man-made irrigation canals.

Samuel was an ethical genetic engineer of great ability during his long mortal life. Midwayers and Life Carriers were no strangers to him in his co-creative life’s work.

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