Alabama, US of A, April 5, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “An original way to go back to the Source.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “Everyone can express their diverse concepts of the journey of life in a unique and personal fashion. Even when the goal is the same, the steps you take to reach it will always be unique and original. This is the value of each life, each experience – an original way to go back to the Source and find the Father Creator.

“Life can be a journey full of wonder and surprises to those who have started to hint at the magic hidden behind everything. Those who have begun to perceive the invisible hand of the Creator Father and His myriad agents working for a collective reality, can see flashes and shadows of things beyond the material realm. This is simply just one’s becoming more attuned to the frequencies of spirit. If you focus your attention on the present you will notice many things that earlier remained unnoticed. Is it a coincidence that a bird came to rest on a post just outside the window of your office? Is it a coincidence that this happened while you were thinking about the signals that life provides? Or was it the bird who reminded you about these signals?

“Many of your invisible adventure partners leave signals so you can realize you are not alone. There are the time prompts you see on your digital watches, cell phones and other electronic devices. At other times, it could be the breeze upon your face, a smell that brings back a memory, or even the pain in some part of your body. There are many ways to communicate and even if you don’t have the genetic capacity to be a seer, or a telepath, your Angels, your Teachers, and above all the Father Fragment that lives within you, will find a way to help you receive their messages, their inspiration, and their love.

“Ask the Father to be more often present in your life. Ask Him to use your dreams to help you receive the lessons you need. This will not make the Father work more intensively for you, since He is always doing what is best and what is more perfectly adjusted to your needs and wishes, but praying this way will open your mind and your soul to receive. Turn your sight towards the light. Only thus will you be able to receive its brilliance, its warmth, and the thirst inside you will be satisfied in the very way in which only the Father can do it.”

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