Urantia, October 10, 2013 (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Patience, a Fruit of the Spirit.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “As we begin this day, and this series of lessons, let your thoughts be sharply focused on the flow of information coming from the deep mind, for you do not yet know what My message will contain. It is I, your beloved Spirit within, who strives to vanquish all your doubts, for your request has been heard.

“It is eternally true that whatever you may think, I already know. I know your hunger; I know your desire to draw closer to Me, yet this is difficult for you as just once in a while great doubts still rear their ugly heads.

“Yes, I promise that I will fulfill your greatest desires, although this can only be done when you show yourself to be totally willing. How shall you do that? Dear one, each time you seek Me, more doubts will flee. Oh, yes! I know that you also desire to feel this in your heart, and not only in your material brain, where at this moment everything is astir. Please do not worry; just have confidence in your steady progress. You are a fragile human being, and, given time, you will be ready for this.

“You are a delicate instrument, and I do not want you to become unbalanced, or in any way troubled. No fanaticism will come to the fore if we take things slow and easy.

“Your Master, Jesus, was never in a hurry, and this is the behavior I would have you cultivate. Above all character traits, patience is required, for this is also a fruit of the spirit, and we both know that you fall short of owning much of this fruit.

“I admonish you to try a little harder to keep your temper in check. Just ‘take My Hand’. I will work with you always, and I know that your intentions are good, and yet you need to remain calm, even if your nearest and dearest of kin annoy you, even exasperate you.

“This is a most valuable lesson to learn.”

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