The Law of Vibration – The Order of Universe Realities

An Excerpt from Chris Maurus’ Upcoming Book on Universe Realities

The soul and the continuity of consciousness will always make use of a “vehicle” (a form) to suit the realm of its current place of development. As the soul ascends from world to world, realm to realm, system to system, universe to universe, the vehicle must change to suit its environment and to facilitate the unfolding of the soul’s potentials, which may include sensory abilities that are above and beyond our current understanding.

Not only will this vehicle change from this physical form we understand, but it will become less dense and lighter (higher in vibration) as we move inward through the multiverse to a more pure spirit form. We can expect to have semi-physical type vehicles in the early phases of our ascendant life that will change to a more spiritual type vehicle in the later phases of our near god-like development.

These developmental stages and realms in the hereafter are purposeful as to segregate groups of souls that have achieved similar vibrational status. Unlike here on earth, where we are “in the mix” with all types of individuals at various stages of spiritual development, from the highly enlightened, to the darkest deprived and deranged minds, in the developmental planes of the mansion world system, all souls “go unto their own place.” Souls will find themselves in realms where they belong with other souls having attained a similar spiritual and vibrational development—some only moderately more enlightened and others less so, yet all as a group make up a community of souls of similar awareness.

Those souls who belong to the lower vibrational realms cannot go into the higher realms until they have earned that “rite of passage” by perfecting their consciousness and thus raising their vibrational signatures enough to move inward to the finer higher energies of the successive vibrational realms. These less developed souls residing in the lower realms would find it very uncomfortable to approach the boundary of the successive realm because of the differences in vibrational quality.

Since each successive realm is of a higher vibrational quality, you might expect that it may be similar to placing one’s hand in a microwave oven—the higher frequencies would cause the semi-physical bodies of the less developed souls to heat up to an uncomfortable level, preventing them from approaching the boundary of the successive realm. On the other hand, any soul may visit a realm of lower vibration to assist and teach those less perfected souls how to improve their state of consciousness so they too can move into the higher realms of light. Inversely, souls from higher realms would find the lower realms colder, darker, and denser than their native realm of existence, yet tolerable. This “soul-charity” provides for the continued opportunity for those of dissimilar vibration to learn from each other as they progress and ascend the training worlds of our local system.

Note from Teacher Ophelius: “Make good use of your time here on earth while you are ‘in the mix’ where you have the opportunity to perfect your consciousness and raise your spiritual vibration.” “That way, you can participate in the co-creation of the Great Plan rather than standing at the sidelines struggling to understand it like so many who are living on the surface of life.”

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We are each other at our spiritual Root Source – ABC-22, January 1972.

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