Urantia, August 23, 2013.
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “Indwelled by the Light.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Thank you for following up on my suggestion to have a blank page before you and typing my words as you hear them. Please be reminded, that each new day is like a blank page, especially when you let the eternal God play a part in your day. The reason why I choose the subject of Light is that all people have part of the eternal Light in them. Life itself would flow so much easier if, at the beginning of every day, each human on this planet would only remind their selves of the Light that is within them, and remember to give this Light a chance to burn just a little brighter.

“Sufficient messages have gone into the world for some humans to be grasping that truth is something which lives and works in them. Only where the spirit of God is, is there life, and God’s spiritual energy is everywhere, for without it, there would be no possibility of life to exist. God’s Light and energy is even in seeming voids, like the blackness of outer space, which is teeming with Gods energy, waiting for potential evolution into matter to take place. Some of you finally understand that you are beginning seed-souls, therefore let us use the example of a lowly tadpole who, when newly born does not know anything about its surroundings, but trustingly it begins to swim and grow and over time becomes a ‘venerable’ frog.

“In like manner your souls will grow, and readily do so on this earth. You have been given a mantle, your physical body, to serve as a vehicle and temple to allow your seed-soul to grow and expand safely. However, your seed-soul does not just automatically expand. It needs your free-will decisions to allow this to happen. This is the purpose of life on earth, and it is all your doing and responsibility how you develop and learn during your life on earth. By passing over into eternal life, your seed-souls will be the true sign and example of all your efforts. On this foundational earth life; you will continue to build your eternal life, and in all the transitions to follow on the more advanced Mansion worlds you become a young spirit, eventually to be qualified to venture beyond the confines of the local universe where you had your beginning.

“Understand clearly that everything of value you have build up in time, will become your spiritual counterpart in the life hereafter and when all that is worthless has fallen away, remember that you are beginning creatures, bound to make mistakes, yet that is how you learn. This earth is your kindergarten playground, but please, don’t stay to long in the sandbox. There is serious work to be done in the classroom, and the more you apply yourselves with love, honesty and sincerity; the more fun time you are going to have with only pleasant memories, and no regrets, when you graduate. Please, remember the Light in your seed-soul and help it grow and expand.”

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