Alabama, US of A, March 29, 2011.
Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Plant the Seeds of Truth.”

Received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: “There does not exist a preferred method for meditation. Just as you all are different and original, the methods to get closer to the Father are varied and personal. Some practice meditation in the hope of overcoming stress. Others search for spiritual illumination, without having a clear idea of what it is they are searching for. Very few meditate with the conscious intent of finding God within themselves and deepening their relationship with Him.

“In this Correcting Time the main goal – the message – is to make everybody realize that they have the presence of the Father in every moment of their lives. You have never been alone. God has always been there listening, giving His love and waiting for your attention.

“This is the truth that you need to reveal to your neighbors. Many may consider this strange, and they may reject your words or even reply with animosity. Be concerned only with planting a seed in their hearts and letting time and experience be what makes the seedlings of truth sprout inside these confused and hungry souls.

“Even when your words may seem to fall upon deaf ears, they will remain, and one day, when the situation is more appropriate, these words will surface again in the minds of those who heard them and they will be able to initiate the changes that will bring them closer to their eternal destiny.

“Just as the Father works for you – slowly, with infinite patience and love without conditions – you should work for your neighbors. The age of Light and Life will only become a reality when finally the hearts of each one of the inhabitants of this world are opened to the truth and to the increasing influence of their Thought Adjuster. Plant the seeds of truth and let the Father take care of the harvest. If you plant today you may not live to see the fruits you planted. However, if you never plant – if you don’t put one seed even upon barren ground – how could you expect to obtain the fruits you desire for yourself or your children?”

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