This small part of a lengthy transmission dates back to the time when Iraq was being threatened. War had not yet begun. My concern was with pollution that later turned out to be the tons of depleted uranium dropped on that country. The Midwayer was more concerned about our ‘idée fixe’ about the world being overpopulated, when ‘vast desserts may bloom’ with the use of Source Energy. Below a URL about bio-mimicry and making deserts bloom.

Illawarra District, Australia, February 8, 2003.
Midwayer Chief, Bzutu (ABC-22).
Subject: “Massing at the Borders.”

Received by George Barnard.

George: “My concern is also with the fate of the regions surrounding Iraq.”

Bzutu: “The challenging circumstances we encounter today belong to but a chapter in the ongoing desire by few to manipulate and coerce in this war of words, to threaten and make accusations here, when all is centered on the ownership of oil and the control of supplies of same.

“Long ago, the planet could have moved towards the use of a ‘friendlier’ fuel for your ever-increasing energy requirements. We greeted the wise use of hydropower with excitement. The safe and prudent use of water, and its conversion to clean, useable gasses was explored ages ago, and the discovery of space energy (Source Energy) that constantly ‘rains down’ onto our planetary surface is also not new, and of the greatest potential and the cleanest available source when selectively applied by individuals and small groups.

“The ‘almost costless’ electricity produced can fuel many a range of appliances. In the end, the most useful application will be in the desalination of seawater and it will make your fertile deserts bloom without the pollution that is slowly making the environment uninhabitable.

“Either before this threatening war, or soon after, the people of this planet, irrespective of their political and religious beliefs need to unite, and inform their dictatorships and quasi democracies that there may be wars no more, and that the living standards of brothers and sisters all over the globe must be raised to minimum standards.

“Like you, we have no crystal ball to consult, and for us to predict what your leaders’ fickle minds will next invent to be the purpose for these days of slaughter likely to commence. An annihilating attack cannot be classed as a defense, your history will not reveal who threw the first stone, since they have been coming down on all heads for far too long.

“A time will soon come when there cannot be another war, for we will swiftly face the extinction, or wholesale regression, of the (human) species, though truly, we midwayers will survive, and our tasks here may even be at an end. And you, all, will survive and look forward to millennia of rehabilitation elsewhere. Yet, the goal of the ages, the continuation of the species, may then not be achieved.

“And, yes, we fear for Egypt, we fear for Turkey, and like you, with you, we also fear for the Jordanian lands, and more than that. The Muslim world brought into disarray will create untold millions to experience unrest, and it will herald the re-awakening and re-arming of many nations now in a peaceful slumber, to result in a great deal of ongoing damage to the western world as violence begets violence, and troops will mass at the borders.

“For those who feel that a pre-emptive strike will solve the problem, I assure you that greater minds than yours have estimated that this will create infinitely more of the same rebellion you have already experienced.

“We await the outcome of negotiations, and as our friend, Andrea, pointed out during the northern hemisphere summer, she would like to believe that brother will help brother to rebuild. She cannot see it. I cannot see it.

“My dear brother, at this juncture I advise for you to hold fast to the belief that in your prayers the Creator of All can bring sanity to the minds that will presently only entertain madness. This is your comrade. This is Midwayer Chief, Bzutu.

“It is wonderful to converse with you on this brand new day. “I say, Adieu. The love of us all is with you in your trials and successes.”

Note: In this transmission the Midwayer ‘touched on’ Source Energy, or Zero Point Energy. At present, some of us in the 11:11 Progress Group are experimenting with a product that uses Source Energy. More about it in this series of submissions in the days to come.

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