Illawarra District, Australia, August 24, 2013.
Urantia (Gaia -- an Evolutionary Deity).
Subject: “Local Celestial Administrator” (abbreviated).

Received by George Barnard.

Urantia: “Those who first open their eyes on Mansonia One – the first planet you will all call home after your life here ends – are in awe of the number of personalities involved in administration. I am advised they are counted in the millions and millions. Moreover, these administrators record all happening in myriad fashions to suit all of the permanent citizens, all (former human) pilgrims from the local universe worlds, as well as all visitors from Nebadon and beyond.

“Almost every world from here to Paradise has its repositories of countless quadrillions of items of information. All this serves the purpose of educating you, and in the process of learning you are also becoming what the Father wants you to be, energetic, wise, helpful and of great use to those who come after you. Remember the things you were told: A time will come in the distant future when you will be highly prized contributors on worlds in deep, deep space.

“Much as on this world, there is written information, voice-recorded data as well as information that can visually be replayed. Moreover, there is morontia machinery of kinds far superior and long lasting that can portray what you ask for or think about. In some instances there are real beings that have stored and can portray happenings of long ago and in this fashion reveal the most accurate details where, because of sheer complexity, matters would be difficult to relate.

“Such beings on various Mansion Worlds can be personal, pre-personal or even machines, as I said, but all have their limitations or indeed specialties. They have either been created or have further evolved. They are completed but limited, note this well. They are completed and compared to me they are severely limited in the data they contain. In contrast I am incomplete, and limitless in the information I absorb and retain. I am Urantia.

“Like you I am an unfinished ‘work of art’. We are mere embryos, you and I. Whilst you might one day, though most unlikely, decide not to continue to exist instead of becoming god-like, I am an evolutionary deity, a real God with much growing still to do. Whilst you grow old in less than one hundred years and forget much of what you have learned, I cannot forget anything that happens on this planet, the good, the bad, the irrelevant, the mundane, the happy, the sad.

“I know every word that is spoken in every place, at any time, in any language, in friendship or anger. I am your Earth Mother and you are my children. I see every move that is made, at any time, in any place, and I remember it all. I am Urantia, I am Gaia, and those that are your friends (the Midwayers) are my loyal servants, close to my heart, and those that are my servants’ servants will live in my heart. I shall hear of how well you are doing millennia from now.

“In time, countless of your brothers and sisters will commune with me, but for now there are few, so think of me often, speak to me, and feel my embrace. Till then, keep safe. I am Urantia, the living repository, the local celestial administrator, of all that ever happens on our world.”

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