Chicago, US of A, July 31, 2013.
Teacher Prolotheos.
Subject: “Consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion.”

Received by Valdir Soares.

Prolotheos: “The Lucifer Rebellion, although known on your planet from long ago, has not been understood in its real dimensions. In your world it is thought that the Lucifer Rebellion was against God, the Father, when in fact it was against Christ Michael, your local universe Creator Son. The Lucifer Rebellion was also thought to be a universal rebellion, when it affected only one system in the Nebadon administration – the one in which Lucifer was the then ruler. Also, there remains a misunderstanding about Lucifer himself. Lucifer was the leader of the rebellion in his system, but he was not the one who directly sponsored the rebellion in your world. That evil task fell to Caligastia, your former Planetary Prince, counted among the first to adhere to the rebellion. These misconceptions very much contributed to the mistaken ideas of what the Lucifer Rebellion was about. In fact, these mistaken beliefs greatly exaggerated its extent. However, it deeply affected your planet, its consequences altered the course of your world, and its injuries persist till today. In this lesson let us consider just three of these, perhaps the three worst.

“Firstly, the Lucifer Rebellion resulted in an abnormal administration on Urantia. A normal administration, conducted by a Michael Son, follows a regular pattern originating in the divine nature of these High Sons of God. Therefore, it is perfect in its ultimate goals. Caligastia, by adhering to the Luciferian program, distanced himself and the administration of Urantia from the normal, regular and perfecting rule by defiantly issuing his own set of laws against the divine pattern.

“Secondly, immediately after the proclamation of this rebellion, the Constellation Fathers, in order to prevent a further spread of the rebellion, ordered the isolation of all rebel worlds in Nebadon. All communication circuits were cut, isolating the rebel worlds, and denying them the benefit of the their spiritual broadcasts. As a result, all celestial beings stationed on Urantia were cut off from their original supervisors, subjected to the deceptive directions of the rebellious Caligastia.

“Finally, Urantia’s government was intentionally modified to oppose the godly direction from Salvington. It became a government with the selfish purpose of aggrandizing Caligastia, who proclaimed himself to be the God of Urantia. Caligastia opposed and diverted the ‘rule and guidance of the Most Highs’ on your world to proclaim to the Urantia peoples ‘freedom to assert their own destinies’, a liberty for which the primitive peoples of Urantia were not in the least prepared. That brought an overload of divisions, conflicts and confusion on your planet, the signs of which are still visible today on the most inefficient system of all – sovereign-autonomous nations.

“Therefore, my pupil, your world suffered two major setbacks caused by the Lucifer Rebellion: first, the derailment of Caligastia administration from its divine tracks, and secondly – also engineered by Caligastia – the default of Adam and Eve, who were meant to be your racial up-lifters, but whose mission was cut way too short. As a consequence, your world, notwithstanding the recent bestowal of Christ Michael, still remains sadly backward and confused. Although Machiventa, the one-time seer of Salem, and Abraham’s teacher, is now your Planetary Prince, conducting the Correcting Time, Urantia is still in need of the further ministry of another Paradise Son, already announced to be the Avonal Son, Monjoronson. Only then can your world be effectively healed from the maladies of the Lucifer Rebellion and return to the normal path of a Nebadon sphere towards the Light and Life Era. I am Prolotheos, your personal tutor on High, glad to once more bring you, and all who will hear it, this lesson. Peace!”

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