Urantia, August 4, 2013 – (date of transcription).
Teacher: The Beloved One.
Subject: “A Private Tutor.”

Received by Lytske.

The Beloved One: “Whilst in meditation this morning, you thanked me for being your private Tutor, which has been true ever since at an early age you dreamed up the idea of doing something nice for someone, without your being prompted to do so. Such is usually the signal for Thought Adjusters to come and inhabit the mortal child who has reached that moment of altruism. Granted, we usually scout tiny humans well before their birth as we are fully apprised of their gifts and potentials for future development, so the life-plan which we bring with us is already charted ahead of time, but since humans have the gift of free will, these plans for perfection need to find fulfillment in eternity.

“This planet is singularly blessed when the Creator Son – the Ruler of the local universe in which your planet is located – chose to come here to finish his training as a Master Son. At the completion of the Son’s task, the Father Creator decided that individual Sparks from Himself were to indwell all thinking humans on the planet as soon they showed signs of altruism. Therefore, you are not only singularly blessed having a Creator Son choose this world out of a potential ten million worlds to complete his training here, but he also bestowed his Spirit of Truth here at Pentecost for all the worlds of his vast domain. At the same time the universe Creative Mother Spirit also gifted her Comforting Spirit, to all the planets of their mutual creation.

“Not many humans on this planet realize the significance of these blessed occurrences which this planet received about two thousand years ago. It is our desire to make these three stupendous facts better known so humankind will hopefully learn to pay closer attention to the fact that no one here is a cosmic orphan with your Spiritual Parents at the helm of this universe. So please come to some understanding that you each have a private Tutor indwelling you, who is attempting to adjust your thoughts to a higher and more spiritual level without any coercing on Their part as human free will is sacrosanct. Even your guardian angels take note of how you conduct yourselves throughout life. Consider these matters of importance. You have this earth-life given to you to make up your mind about choosing eternal life, to live by the golden rule and glorify the Ultimate Creator who in eternity decided to make the ascension journey possible for all His creatures of time and space.

“What glorious adventures are awaiting all those who make the choice to abide by the eternal God’s injunction to become perfect, even as Eternal is perfect. Truly eyes have not seen nor have ears heard about the glory which will be experienced by those who make the supreme decision to love God with all their heart, soul and mind and their neighbor as their selves. Therefore start loving yourselves as worthy children of God and live by the golden rule. Learn to call on your private Tutors in the silence of your hearts to guide you on your way.”

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