Seeing is Believing
From the desk of George Barnard – August 12, 2013.

More than 40 years ago, my colleague Tamara Chelsey and I taught the forerunner of the Akashic Construct to dozens and dozens of people. Some of these folks were hypnotherapy patients of mine, mostly they were Tamara’s own patients and sundry art students.

For some years we taught this visualization technique for a wide range of purposes, like producing better art, solving difficult problems, a career, healing patients and meeting one’s Teachers. It was interesting to note that those who particularly stated that they wanted to be healers, met up with their Teachers in the first or second session. Surprisingly that group included a young lady who was totally blind, and who could touch her Guide all over.

Not only did this eager little beaver learn to listen to her Spirit Guardian, she could feel him if he stepped close. Almost all students learned to see their patients and Spirit Guides. It would neither dawn on Tamara, nor on me that anyone on this earth would be unable to perceive at a distance, either their patients or their Guides, but occasionally that did so happen. Most of our students could witness events half a world away.

Perhaps it was only our attitudes that instilled the belief that these things could be done by simple closing one’s eyes and taking a few deep breaths. If so, it worked for some ninety percent or more of the students. For my part it was a gift that ‘ran in the family’. My grandfather could ‘see’ underground streams, my mother could ‘locate’ lost children in meditation. And one of my youngsters can clearly describe her Spirit Playmate.

‘Believe that you imagine that you imagine that you imagine,’ Tamara Chelsey used to say, ‘and let your imagination becomes reality. Not in your head, but in your soul, not in your mind but in your heart. Like in a dream, but while you are awake. Not an illusion, but truth as you will see.’ For some of us it is natural to ‘see beyond the veil, but others can learn when there is patience, belief, a prayerful request, the best of intent, a plan to do good to others, and love.

And it’s just a small thought from George Barnard.

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